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How to Get Your Life Together: 10 Mind Tricks to Regain Control

When life is out of control, it is easy to shut down and pull the covers over your head. Make small changes, and you’ll see how to get your life together.

how to get your life together

It takes very little for life to derail. Suddenly, you’re going full speed in the wrong direction without knowing how to change course. The good news is that knowing how to get your life together might not be as overwhelming as you think. A mindset, it is all about small and incremental changes to find the reins to reel it all in.

There are some of us who have things come naturally and others who don’t. Luck, however, is all in perspective. If you want to know how to get your life together, it might be about removing the hurdles you constructed in your own head.

How to get your life together – Little steps for big results

We all practice a little self-sabotage without knowing it. Saying things like “I can’t” or believing that things won’t work, probably ensures your negativism becomes your reality.

Turning your world around is all about positive thinking, making incremental goals, and stopping the downward spiral leading you down the path to destruction.

#1 Start telling a different story. Think about when you tell someone the story of your life. Do you tell them a tragedy or a triumph? There is mounting evidence to suggest that we all mentally construct our own “life story” and that we make our own reality. We have all heard of those people who made it through life an imposter.

Be an imposter, but in a good way. Tell the story of the person you want to be, the triumphs you obtained, and the future self you intend to be. Write your own story of positive endings instead of a recount of failures, mishaps, and grief. [Read: The top 20 ways to stop feeling like an imposter in your own life]

#2 Think all things are possible. If you don’t think all things are possible, then you aren’t ever going to try them. If you want to be a doctor, sure it will take a bazillion years of schooling, but if you tell yourself you can do it—guess what? You can.

Stop telling yourself what you can’t do and convince yourself that with some hard work and putting your all into it, nothing will stop you. Roadblocks are all in your head. Where there is a will, there literally is always a way.

#3 Stop using negative speech about your future. The secret to understanding how to get your life together is impeded when using the negative. Saying things like “I can’t,” “It won’t work,” “I don’t have ___,” or just “There is no way,” are all limiting verbiage. They stand in your way of getting your life back on track and going full speed ahead to where you want to be. [Read: How to stop the negative thoughts dragging you down]

#4 Always look for the silver lining. In every bad situation, there is always a silver lining. So, what if you lost your girlfriend, job, and apartment all in the stretch of a month.

Consider yourself lucky you found out about your girlfriend early on, that you aren’t stuck in a dead-end position, and, lastly, maybe it is smarter to consider buying something or taking the opportunity as a sign to move on for a fresh start.

For every bad situation, something good shines through. Sometimes you have to look harder. If you make a positive out of every negative, you pave the way to success.

#5 Stop the madness by reorganizing. If learning how to get your life together is difficult, it’s time to get organized and make a plan. When my house is a mess, there is usually a reason. It reflects what is going on in my life.

When you feel out of control or overwhelmed, the best way to rein in the madness is to stop and make a list of all the things that are too much, then make them realistically manageable.

When you make a list of all you must do and check things off one by one, not only do you get the chaos under control, you make conscious steps at altering your life in a positive way. [Read: 12 keys to finding your second start in life]

#6 Make incremental changes every day, just one percent. If you want to take back your life, stop thinking of all you must do. If you make one small change every day, only one, soon you’ll find you create overall change. You are no longer the person on the same destructive mission that you are now.

Little changes like making your bed, eating healthier, or working just one extra shift a week to make more money are all ways to create big change with small incremental steps. Stop thinking about the total transformation and focus on doing one small thing to improve your life daily. You will be shocked by the major change.

#7 Break your grand dreams into smaller realistic ones. Figuring out how to get your life together again is hardest when you don’t know where to start. Like someone who needs to lose 100 pounds, it sounds super daunting.

But, if you break up the goals into smaller attainable ones, then you feel much more accomplished. It encourages you to continue for bigger challenges. You can have pie in the sky dreams, but they are rarely attainable until you break them into smaller and realistic benchmarks. [Read: 8 daily habits to change your mind and life]

#8 Eliminate bad habits. Those vices you think help get you from day to day really do more harm than good. If you want to get your life back, then you stop the self-destructive behaviors working against you.

If you feel good about what you are doing, altering your life and setting goals is much easier. Stop waking up with a hangover from the day before. Start each day without the bad habits that keep you stuck.

#9 Eliminate bad friendships. Sometimes we lose sight of our goals in life because those around us aren’t the most motivating. If you have friends who are seemingly going nowhere and are okay with it and aren’t lifting you up, it is time to find some friends who push you to do better and achieve your dreams.

Bad friendships are one of the worst distractions in life. Friends are supposed to support you in wanting more. If that isn’t the case, find supportive people in your life to take their spot. [Read: 15 ways to get the friend you need in life]

#10 Take a leap of faith. Sometimes we feel out of control in life and are afraid to be all in just in case things go south. If you aren’t happy with where you are right now, throw caution to the wind, and set a course that you can’t back out of.

If you don’t believe in yourself and give it all you have, then who else is going to? Take back your life by believing in your own capabilities.

[Read: 17 ways to welcome positive energy in your life]

It doesn’t take much to get us off path in life. But for whatever reason you lost your way, knowing how to get your life together again is a journey to get back on course. With some determination, drive, and belief that you are worthy of good things, you’re capable of finding and earning them.

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