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What Turns a Guy On Sexually about a Girl?

What Turns A Guy On Sexually About A Girl?

Ever wondered what turns a guy on sexually? Here are 20 of the biggest sexual turn ons that no guy can resist. Try them and you’ll know what we mean.

When you’re a guy, just watching a great girl is a turn on.

But if you want to turn on any guy with the slightest effort, here are a few pointers on what turns a guy on that could point you in the right direction.

What turns a guy on?

For a guy, getting turned on is all in the head.

If he’s experiencing the stage of infatuation or watching a girl he doesn’t know, he’d get turned on in no time.

If he’s in a relationship with you, it may take just a wee bit of effort to get him high and mighty.

But in no particular order, here are 20 things that would definitely turn on any guy, no matter where he is.

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#1 Skin and skimpy clothes

Give a guy a little peek-a-boo or flash him a bit of thigh in a flimsy skirt when he least expects it, and all he’d want is more.

#2 Lingering touches

Guys love it when a cute girl gently touches them. It doesn’t have to be sexual, but as long as the touch tingles his sensation, he’ll feel tight around his jeans.

#3 Close proximity

Ever found yourself standing in an elevator with a guy you like? Stand close to his side, and he’ll have a lump in his throat. Stand in front of him and graze your butt against his pants, and he’ll have a lump way below his throat.

#4 A girl who flirts

Any guy gets helplessly drawn to a girl who can smile, flirt and laugh back with a twinkle in her eyes. It makes him feel more like a man. And it also makes him wish you were his. [Read: How to flirt with a guy without really flirting]

#5 A sexually confident girl

A sexually confident girl is a huge turn on for any guy. Getting the opportunity to date a girl who can take control and dominate him in bed is a fantasy that all men dream of.

#6 A girl who’s not sexually confident

Men love the helpless damsel in bed. As much as they love a sexually confident woman, they also get extremely turned on by a virgin who knows nothing in bed. It works two ways. He can please her like no man ever has. And no matter what, he’d always be great in bed.

#7 A shy girl who’s not so shy after all

There’s something about the cute girl next door with her little cute books and her cute attitude that guys like. But when a guy dates this sweet girl and sees that she’s got more of a sexual wild side than he could ever have imagined, he’d be tight around his shorts for many days to come!

#8 A girl who can surprise him

Surprise your man with a few sexy tricks up your sleeve and he’ll love you for it. Open the door for him with nothing on but your sexy lingerie. Strip yourself off for no reason out of the blue and ask him to take you. Shock him, awe him and surprise him and he’ll desire you and get turned on by you forever. [Read: How to dress for sex]

#9 Two women together

There’s almost nothing that turns a guy on more than watching two girls together. A guy may like a girl. But bring two girls who can get touchy feely with each other and his mind might just explode.

#10 Accidental touches down there

Have you ever bumped into a guy and accidentally touched him down there with your hand? Or have you sat down next to him and scribbled something on an iPad or a notebook when it’s on his lap? If his member can feel your hand’s pressure, we assure you, he’ll reciprocate with his own pressure upwards.

#11 Accidental boob graze

It happens all the time, when you hug a guy, when you accidentally walk into a guy or when a guy tries to catch you as your foot slips a stair. If a guy gets to feel an attractive girl’s breasts, there’s little that can stop him from growing down there.

#12 Accidental kiss

Accidental kisses don’t happen all the time, but when it does happen, it’s something a guy’s little head will never forget. [Read: How to kiss a friend accidentally]

#13 A girl who’s good in bed

You don’t need to be sexually dominant or submissive. As long as you’re hot stuff who can excite a man in bed, he’d get turned on by you no matter what.

#14 Lingerie and high heels

This one’s a lethal combination. It’s so sexy, there’s nothing any guy can ever do to resist a girl wearing lingerie and heels. If you ever find out that your man had a one night stand with a random girl, there’s a good chance that she was wearing this. Or perhaps, just a trench coat and a hat.

#15 Well fitting clothes

This sounds rather refined and clean. And it really is. Guys get turned on by a girl who looks really hot in clothes that fit her well. Just watching a girl’s breasts take shape in her perfectly fitting tight top is a definitely turn on for any guy.

#16 Sitting on his lap

Have you ever sat on a guy’s lap? Try it. As long as you sit in the right place, you’d feel something hard forcing its way up in less than a minute, even if the guy’s trying hard to concentrate on losing the erection. The next time you click a picture with a cute guy, you know where to sit now, don’t you? [Read: 10 tips to seduce a man who’s not yours]

#17 See through clothes

Sheer white shirts and black bras on girls are every guy’s dream, especially when it’s wet. Guys love it when a girl wears sheer clothes that are so thin and flimsy that all they need is a light source on the other side to see every curve on her body through the light.

#18 Stiff nipples

Va va voom! Stiff nipples are a sight that no guy forgets, be it on a girl on the street or on the girl next door. It’s every guy’s dream to pinpoint the exact location of a girl’s nipple. Help him out with that and his little member may just rise to give you a standing ovation. [Read: Top 10 sexual fantasies for men]

#19 Boy shorts

Guys love boy shorts on a girl with never ending legs. The little sneak peeks of her cute butt when she bends low are almost always etched on a guy’s mind, never to fade away. Wear one the next time you pick a piece of paper on the floor. You’ll probably find his jaw on the floor when you get up.

#20 An aroused girl

Guys try so hard to turn a girl on with stolen glances, flirty words, and soft touches. But when he does get to see a girl that’s already aroused, be it on a dance floor, on a date, or even in his bed, there’s nothing he can ever think of but his swelling little head and a way to take her to bed!

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And there we have it, the 20 girl things that’ll always turn a guy on. So if you’ve ever been wondering what turns a guy on sexually, try these tips. You’ll surely have a lot of fun watching a guy experiencing the pleasure and the pain of having an unforced erection!

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54 thoughts on “What Turns a Guy On Sexually about a Girl?”

  1. James says:

    I agree that an older relationship may numb the turn on just a wee bit. I mean, things can start to slow down in bed after a while. But as long as she knows how to surprise me and keep her sexual attitude upbeat, I don’t see why I wouldn’t get turned on by her.

    And lol, A girl sitting on a guy’s lap, it really would be an embarrassingly pleasurable experience!

  2. Two women? says:

    I don’t understand this fetish of men. What is with men and two women? Men hate watching two men together, but they love two women making out. Why is that?

    I just think it’s gross. If a girl likes being with another girl, why would she even care about what a guy thinks or how he can turn her on? Ever thought about that, men?

  3. Millie says:

    Great news for me as I hate my short legs. Seems LEGS are everything for guys. I’m short with awful legs. I wish there were more boob men out there as I have no trouble in THAT area.

  4. Lisa says:

    Small breasts are JUST AS HARD-ON INDUCING AND HOT AND SEXY AND ATTRACTIVE AS BIG ONES, GUYS!! Why do the boobs HAVE to be big to be considered “great”????? I swear, men just freakin’ baffle me….

  5. A Butterfly named Bob says:

    Not every guy is a “leg man” or “boob man”. Many men have different areas of the body they prefer to “enjoy” more than others…some may call it a “fetish”. A “foot fetish” is one of the top “other” places men like to look at, for example. And guys WILL “inadvertently” glance at what they like most about a woman…make no doubt about that (I shouldn’t say, but I’m always looking at women’s hands/feet to see the part(s) that turn me on the most πŸ˜‰ )

    When you’re talking to a guy, look at where his eyes flicker to. He’ll likely steal glances at what he likes most about you, I guarantee it (men are visual creatures in that aspect). Your challenge, should you accept it (and him), is to find out what he’s staring at, and cater to it. Maybe you notice him catching quick glances at your legs. Maybe you can show him a little more leg, and ask him if he likes what he sees.

    Just one guy’s perspective…

  6. Aldo says:

    If a woman catches me glancing at her legs and then teases me by exposing a little more that’s a HUGE turn on. However, if she then says ” want to see more” that kills it. I don’t want to hear that because then it’s like she’s doing it just to turn me on. It’s like it’s not natural. A woman who is natural in her movements will excite me to no end. If she subtly stretches her leg out and sensually teases my level of excitement is sometimes unbearable. Don’t kill it by saying. ” you wanna see more” yuck! Also, regarding #16. Sitting on a mans lap? That is the biggest turn off ever. What is she a little girl. I’m not her father, that shit is old fashioned in a bad way. Awkward as hell. Unless she’s sitting on my lap with her legs opened facing me (way different). Never sit on my lap like in the way your describing. Uggghhh. Now, if she wanted to rest her legs on my lap kick her shoes off and told me to massage her feet, YES!!! Use my lap all you want just don’t sit on it. Way too submissive.

  7. CrushHaver says:

    Oh my son christ the king, if my pants touched my crush’s ass while she is in front of me I’d melt faster then butter and then freeze up faster then nitrogen cooling

  8. Mishka says:

    #5: So wrong. So very, very wrong.

    #9: It’s only arousing if I know they’re warming each other up for me. Otherwise, eh…

  9. Urusigh says:

    What’s with the “fetish” of liking two girls getting physical? Uh, that’s an easy one. If one is good than two is better. It’s two girls in his field of view, so twice the body to visually explore. It’s girls getting physical, which at least implies a willingness to get physical with him (and with two of them, his odds of doing so with at least one just doubled). There’s the meta-thought that women rarely do this purely for their own pleasure, so it’s presumably being done for his benefit. That’s a signal that even the densest man can usually read as a green light to make a move. Best of all, there’s no competition here. He can picture himself with either girl (or both) (exploring all permutations of which will pretty much consume all his thoughts for some time) without feeling like he’s being measured against someone else.

    @Lisa. You are correct, boobs are totally sexy, whether A’s or F’s. That said, A’s are hard to see or imagine properly while clothed. Once the clothes are off… you have every right to expect the little man to stand at attention and salute in respect. πŸ˜‰ This worry is really more of a girl thing than a guy thing. A boob in the hand is worth more than all those that aren’t, even if they aren’t conducive to playing “motorboat”.

    If you prefer some peer review, the only guys I know who insist on big breasts are kinked toward the BBW body-type, so it’s really just that they feel “bigger is better” overall, not only across the chest. For the rest of us, the average opinion seems to be that much more than a handful is a waste. This works out to the B-C range for most guys, though most of the guys I know are on the tall end and have correspondingly large hands. You’re not one of those girls who refuses to date short men, are you? Smaller sets also have the advantage of not going droopy in a few years, which is something guys looking for a long term relationship sometimes take into account. Preferences seem split between round mounds, cones, and funbags without any clear winner. Several men of my acquaintance do insist on natural breasts, feeling that the majority of women with implants are excessively insecure, shallow, or manipulative. Women with implants are sometimes the but of jokes and derision if that fact becomes overly obvious, such as when she runs. If you’re looking for a long-term love, you’re better off with natural A’s and some confidence than fake F cups.

    BTW: Start sitting with your hip against his… turn to apply shoulder boob when you whisper something into his ear…your hair laying ever so lightly against his shirt (he’ll inhale just to smell your shampoo)… your lips just brushing his earlobe… your hand on his thigh to steady yourself… I got aroused just writing that, any man on the receiving end will be lucky if he still remembers to breathe.

  10. shibby says:

    Lisa, the bigger ones are typically considered better I think simply because they are more fun to play with as you can do more things with them. Also larger ones are more easily imagined and produce larger curves (men love curves). Basically they are just more obvious. My personal personal size range preference is Large B cup – Small D cup. Giant boobs are a turn off for me as are A cups especially small A cups, I’ve always wondered why they make bras for small A cups women. They really don’t need it, aside from padding their nipples from view. Here is a strange one for ya, I’m not a fan cleavage hanging out, but at the same time I can’t not look. I’ll be honest with you, some of the things that turn guys on is strange, not easily understood, and can range from really tiny things, to large things like giant cleavage or a thong showing. We are odd, and we don’t even understand it. I mean I arrived on this site because i was researching why men like boobs lol. I don’t get it. I can explain how I feel and what turns me on and such, but don’t ask why because I don’t have a answer.

  11. tom says:

    I’m in love with this girl and her small feet turn me on to the max! holding hands also never felt so good before and that got me aroused in less than 1 minute. kind of weird but boobs are no factor for me..

  12. celena says:

    Tom baby you are every girl’s dream !

  13. Lock says:

    So true

  14. LuLu says:

    I have tried all the suggestions. Spoke to him early in the relationship as soon as I saw it. Clearly explained the respect, value of me being his girlfriend, uncomfortable and message it sends to others around us (like he’s available).
    He explained and admitted to doing this and said “I can still look, it’s the only thing that’s legal and it’s the last thing have left”. To me it sounded like being in a relationship (which he wanted) was a fate worse than death! After it continued, I told him he wasn’t going to win on this subject it either is controlled especially when I’m with him or it’s over. He said he would try harder, because I meant so much to him.
    So now what he does is speak about a store or a bunch of birds that are in the direction of women whether it be the front of them or the back of them, so he can look at them as he has
    been without the excuse of the store or birds.
    I followed that up with dressing even sexier than I do now. Lower cut tops, tighter clothes,
    even more see threw tops without a camisole just a sexy bra. But all that did is catch the attention of other men instead of my boyfriend. In all the time I’ve been with men I have never
    had this experience with a man. Being one of many beautiful women with curves in all the right places and a little waist; it seems meaningless to this man (who chased me with such so called “good intentions”) that likes all types of women no matter what they look like.
    Frankly, I’ve never felt like I had to compete and I am dropping out of this man’s race. I feel it’s
    rude, disrespectful and it also feels abusive on some levels. Looking as in a quick glance is one thing but staring and ogling is quite another.
    I will have to say goodbye Joey, the man who claimed that I was “the best girlfriend he
    has ever had”. Go figure, cause I’m tired of trying to analyze sh**. Yawn!!

  15. Ian says:

    I think a girl shouldn’t turn a man on in public. He will be really embarrased with his Johnson sticking out. But if there’s nobody around-go ahead! πŸ˜€

  16. Lydia says:

    I’m meeting a guy for the first time in a coffee shop, but we have been somewhat “sexting.” No nude pics but dirty talk and suggestive pics. He requested that I wear a low cut top and something to shape my ass nicely, because I get that he’s an “ass man.” Says he has a panty fetish as far as thongs and lacy things; not the dirty, soiled panty thing. What can I do to appear sexy to him but not trying too hard. I don’t want to totally freeze up and it be awkward, either. Any guys’ opinions on this are welcome.

  17. Lisa says:

    What if an attractive girl happens to have SMALL breasts?? Can a man STILL grow down there? Sheesh…why do breasts ALWAYS have to be big for this??? Can you say UNFAIR????

  18. Lisa says:

    It’s all rather childish really. If this lust was true more than half the population would be single. You can actually be any shape & size (this goes for both sexes) & be attractive. Take a walk down any city street & look at the couples holding hands, nothing standard about them. Short, tall, chubby, big/small breasted, funny, serious. Who really cares. I’ve found as a 35 year old women that what works for me & my man, is not focusing on ridiculous lists such as this one, but focusing on what makes us happy, in & outside of the bedroom. & I had breast surgery last year, not because of low self esteem but because of traumatic scaring after a horrible experience in my life. My partner loves my new breasts, just as he loved my old. So, not all women, who have surgery are self esteem cripples.

  19. davy gravy says:

    This i really hot: When a girl adjusts her shirt or by put her arms above her head and revealing her waist and a little belly button> My question is do girls do that on purpose or not> Because its been happening to me a lot lately. For example I was at the gym the other day and a girl is walking by and I saw her adjust her shirt or lift it up a little and showing her belly button ring and hips but she didnt know i saw her from the corner of my eye> But when I did look at her walking by and she saw that she did it again? hmm… also today at the gym i was looking at the next to me and she popped her shirt up a little beween sets when i looked at her. ALso last night I was at a girls house I was dating and her friend was over and her friend lifted up her arms to like stretch revealing her belly button ring for about 20 seconds at a time.. not sure but is that a subtle flirtation with women… or am i looking to much into it. Im not sure if im just being a creeper or not, but its really hot and a big turn on…

  20. Ashley says:

    ok this question might be a bit irrelivent but what should i do when the guy i like tickles me and uhh touches me (not my private parts but like my curves and stuff) in class? should i laugh or ignore or should i touch him back?

  21. Peter says:

    My favourite thing is to walk up behind my teenage girlfriend and cup her firm little breasts, while nuzzling her neck. I then slip my other hand down her pants to feel the lips of her vulva. I imagine she is my daughter (I am 40s) and she needs to please me. If she is receptive I usually bend her over a bench/couch and mount her. As I cum I say, ‘good girl’ a lot. It’s hot!!!

  22. Lucy says:

    I am fourteen and I was at a party. My dad’s friend was there he always is looking at me and my figure. I am always brushing up against him,dressing sexy etc etc and it drives him wild. But one night he came into my room and began touching me between my legs and on my breasts. He pulled out his penis and rubbed it until he came all over my face and chest. It was pretty gross.

  23. Adrian says:

    There’s nothing hotter for me than what’s described in point number 6 – a cute, shy, slightly under-confident girl, just so sexy in her own little way, who’s body language just begs for you as a man to take her in your strong arms and make love to her like she’s never felt before.

  24. airy says:

    I only wanted to figure out why a guy I met a few months ago turns back to look at me while I watched him go, its not like he could check me out as I faced him, but anyway…. I’m really attracted to him. I feel a huge pang just watching him shake hands with his mates and give them a quick hug. He won’t give me his number yet he pays a lot of attention to me and loves spending his time with me. I just wish I knew if he secretly liked me or not.

  25. Justme says:

    Legs, boobs, face, hands, feet, butt – every guy has his ideal of what HE likes. It isn’t applicable to every guy, just him.
    When we got married decades ago, my young woman had the most beautiful legs, though she is short. Her breasts were not large and expanded a bit with children, but I still love them!! I still admire smaller breasts on women and fondly recall my girl many years ago, but I still love hers now.
    As long as she can still some man in me and wants to be in bed with me, that’s all that really matters, so long as she is happy. I never want her to be unsatisfied with our sexual relationship so I work out several times a week and keep myself healthy.
    All I am trying to say is, if your guy thinks you are too large, ditch him for someone who will appreciate you as you are. If you think you are too small breasted, be patient because there are heaps of nice guys out there who admire a smaller build woman. Each guy is different and if you go changing yourself just to make him happy, you may well lose your own identity to please someone who wants Maddona. or Rhiannan or Julia Roberts or Dolly P@rton.
    My woman may have lost her shape and gained scars from giving child birth, but she still loves the gentle touch, the warm cuddles and reacts the same as she did all those years ago, with shivers of delight and passionate kisses.
    Being attractive is one thing, being loved is another.

  26. Jboy says:

    I personally like yoga pants!

  27. shara says:

    Hi what do you say if your partner is sooooooo turn on by all his exs and has had a veryveryveryvery active sex lifeThat is untill he meet you and now5 years down the line you have sex 1 evrery 6 months if your luckey and it isnot that you are not all that because other blocks are always comeing on to you.I had a message from his ex with pictures of him and her and she was very very very vocal about what they did and it made me fill sick and now cant look at him with out seeing the photos ofhim and her NOW WHAT WOULD YOU SAY ABOUT THAT////////////.

  28. Butterfly says:

    Guys i seriously need your advice. Here’s this guy (my coworker actually) i sometimes caught him secretly looking at me. But he is so puzzling
    At times he would speak without as much as looking at me. He is a well sought after bachelor and girls are usually very pleasant towards him, but he is very shy.
    Now my question is is he really interested in me because he sometimes sneaks a look at me. And whenever we r in an elevator he always stand right behind me regardless if elevator is crowded or not. He could easily move to another end of the elevator where he would still be out of my sight. But he always manages to stand right behind me.
    Needless to say that i like him very much but i have never given him an indication of my interest.

  29. Cage says:

    I am a guy and i find skinny girls attractive, to me the sexiest thing on a girl is her face, and her adequately size breasts. I find that smaller breasted women are the most attractive, not only that but for me skinny maybe a little muscular legs on a girl is the most turn on thing. Big boobs are a turn off for me, anything above size B is over doing it. The most i would go for would be a size C, but above all the aspect of the girl being skinny and not curvy is important.

    For me The perfect woman would be Irina Shayk, she has a very attractive face, B cups, and a height that brings out her legs especially in dresses.

    So to all the chicks on here stressing over their insecurities of being thin and having small boobs, don’t. There are plenty of guys like me who not only prefer but actually want women with small breasts.

    Regardless, strangely another thing was that, for me i have found that every smaller breasted girl i dated had an amazing unique personality, and for some reason every girl i met and dated who had bigger boobs was a typical run of the mill boring type person. Something for scientists to research on πŸ˜‰ lol

  30. liz says:

    Any help on this…I am 19 yrs old…I haven’t been dating or having any sort of relationship with a guy…but lately I came across a guy who happened to be my joke friend…the way he acts when he is around me most times turns me on…he sometimes touches me on my hip and stares into my eyes for more than five seconds…and m really into him…but when I try to text him he hardly reply my texts…m just confused does he like me or he does dat to satisfy his desire.??

  31. Teresa L. says:

    So I have this friend named Troy at my work, and everytime I bend over, (to pick up a paper at my office or something) I always catch him looking at my ass. (btw I’m 22, short, and very curvy). He had done it so many times, and sometimes I can TOTALLY see his HUGE boner! Its crazy!!!!
    I was at the club one day and I saw him. I wasn’t drunk or anything, but i went to him, (to go make my move… sorta). He started flirting with me, then he whispered in my ear, “Let’s go to my place…” with his lips on my ear, after I gave him a provocative, sensual, hot lapdance. I left the club secretely without him knowing, and I never went back to his place….. I feel like it’ll be very awkward when I go back to work and see him. My nice, round ass, paired with a thong and (sheer) yoga shorts will be GREAT for teasing him when I get back to work. I’m not ready for the D yet….. πŸ™‚

  32. Alex says:

    Alot of good points but… high heels? No way! That’s a huge turn off! Don’t do that to yourselves girls. They look really stupid and ruin your feet, which is not what men are looking for.

    Wear some sexy sneakers or allstars that actually fit your feet (hell, even wear uggs if that’s the only way to keep your feet warm, we actually love that).

  33. Ahira says:

    I’m an every-type kind of guy, I can’t fully describe what or who I find attractive until I see the girl. I like Taylor Swift-like women, tall, pretty face, long legs and also short, big breasted types and not necessarily in that exact combination. The thing is all guys like different things and have various definitions of beautiful. I kind of like everything with the only common factor being at least a 6 out of 10 face. Don’t go beating yourself about the head @Lisa. I know many guys like me who will appreciate your looks no matter. The only problem is commitment of course, having 5 crushes at the same time and what not.

  34. Aaron says:

    Okay so reading this.
    I do not prefer #6 or most of the shy fetishes.
    My personal turn on’s are breasts large or small, legs, short or long, Wide curvy hips, nice big butt, and maybe just a couple extra lbs. (not excluding skinny girls either)
    Never really cared about high heels that much, it always felt like a retro fetish to me.
    I don’t fully understand this list. I think the biggest turn on for any guy is feeling safe with the woman he likes. Not feeling self conscious around her, or never feeling un-loved.
    Constantly showing your man you’re still crazy for him is all you really need.

  35. Victoria-Elizabeth Ripia says:

    I personally think, that what turns a guy on, is talent and intelligence , I think what would turn a guy on, is having his deeper emotions and heart stolen,
    like these suggestions are just an invite for a trashy relationship , which would probably make one guy get turned on, but all his friends…what would they, and all the other guys AND girls think of you??

  36. Victoria-Elizabeth Ripia says:

    oh and obviously beauty and a toned body, lol

  37. Mike says:

    I agree with you. If your lady doesn’t show or give you the attention you feel you need you will be more apt to look some where else even if it’s just a one time thing the next day you will feel guilty as hell but if you have told your partner what you need from them and he or she doesn’t respond what are you suppose to do

  38. Migred says:

    This stuff is pretty much spot on girls…

  39. Becky Taylor says:

    Wow thanks a lot. You do realize you made every girl with bigger boobs like me feel like crap right? I understand everybody has their preferences but hopefully my big boobs and lack of long stilt like legs doesn’t mean I’m boring.

  40. Becky Taylor says:

    That really sucks I hope other men don’t have your opinion because sitting on a guys lap is a turn on for me.

  41. Becky Taylor says:

    That turns me off too and I couldn’t stand a man that was attracted to it either.

  42. Critic121 says:

    Okay, most ladies have the upper hand over us guys, even the gentlemen ones or the idiotic ones. Most of you ladies, don’t even know the power you have over men, but be careful and not over do it, know the limits and don’t invite trouble. Do you know that a not so good looking girl with her famine charms can easily melt a guy’s heart. Most of us are suckers to a lady’s gentle care and feminineness.

  43. Mark Bluhd says:

    I agree ????. Most of the suggestions were a little pervy as if the only goal is to give a man an erection

  44. The Truth Hurts says:

    Loyalty, intelligence, and a halfway decent body. I’d marry that.

  45. The Truth Hurts says:

    Ignore him, it’s just one opinion. I don’t care about body part sizes and I’m a male.

  46. The Truth Hurts says:

    Only men with a child’s brain need over-sized breasts on a woman. I take what she offers me and I’m happy as long as she has a brain in her head.

  47. The Truth Hurts says:

    Men with emotional problems want two women at once. It makes them feel like they’ve accomplished something if they can have two at once. It’s a flaw in their ego. I like one woman at a time because I don’t share my intimate time with my girlfriend with anyone else whether it be man or woman.

  48. The Truth Hurts says:

    I guess when you get older, you need some kind of different mental stimulation to get aroused because the old stuff gets boring. Your thoughts belong to you, so, who are we to judge you?

  49. The Truth Hurts says:

    I like every size of breasts as long as they’re attached to someone who cares about me for being me, I don’t know why some men are size-queens.

  50. The Truth Hurts says:

    I am not a teen so I don’t get hard every time the wind blows. I don’t just walk around with erections at the supermarket.

  51. The Truth Hurts says:

    I think that’s illegal in first world countries.

  52. the_spiral says:

    Turning a guy on sexually isn’t rocket science, it’s pretty much exactly what they’re designed for. Just primp yourself up to look as cute as your genetics allow and act like you might be down for some sexytimes. If he’s heterosexual and you don’t resemble an angry bridge troll, there’s usually nothing more to it than that.

    Maintaining that attraction over time is the more challenging task by far.

  53. Anna Watt says:

    I’m really unimpressed by this. Surely in the 21st Century, after recently celebrating International Women’s Day! we’d be slightly more aware of subtle sexism. Your ideas about how women should degrade themselves to please men are disgusting. The revolting way in which you describe women’s bodies and how they should work them like slaves for the lustful pleasures of men really upsets me. And people wonder why there’s so much abuse/domestic violence/sexual violence in this world. You want to know how to romantically interest a man who’s worth it? By being kind, having great personality, being selfless, being intelligent, dressing modestly: a real guy who truly loves you will pursue you without hints of skin and will be intrigued by the mystery that you are, so don’t settle for anything less!

  54. make your duck big picture says:


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