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How to Feel Sexy and Desirable All the Time

how to feel sexy and desirable

Want to know the real secrets behind feeling sexy and desirable all the time? Use these 14 tips on how to feel sexy and you’ll see the difference.

Sex appeal and desirability.

Some of us have it and some of us don’t.

But what’s the real difference between a girl who oozes sex appeal and a girl who looks pretty but isn’t sexy?

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How to feel sexy and desirable

If you want to know how to feel sexy and desirable all the time, start using these 14 easy tips in your everyday life.

And even before you know it, you’ll start to make guys sweat around you and drool as you walk away from them!

#1 Like yourself down there. Well, we know girls have been taught to keep their hands away from their underpants from a very young age.

But if you want to feel sexy about yourself, you need to fall in love with your vajayjay and spend some alone time with it now and then.

After all, it’s the one thing that defines your sexuality. How can you ever feel sexy about yourself if you feel awkward about how you look down there or feel weird touching yourself down there? [Read: How to turn yourself on with your senses]

#2 Smell good everywhere. Great smelling fragrances always make a girl feel sexy. Use fragrant body moisturizers and perfumes that leave a whiff of your sexy presence no matter where you go or who you walk past. It’ll make you feel sexier and get you more attention too.

#3 Dress sexy. Wear clothes that make you feel good and confident. What looks good on one person may not look great on another. Experiment, pick the colors that look good on you and fill your wardrobe with clothes that makes you look good and feel good.

#4 Confidence. Your body language and your confidence can make all the difference between a sexy girl and an average one. Appear confident and elegant, and always remember to be graceful in your gestures. [Read: 10 tips to be graceful and elegant]

#5 Get a great body. Physical attractiveness is the biggest asset in a girl who looks and feels sexy. While sex appeal isn’t all about appearance, having a perfect body is half the job done in increasing your sex appeal and desirability.

#6 Wear clothes that accentuate your assets. If you’ve got it, don’t feel shy or awkward to flaunt it. When you’re appreciated for your flattering assets , it’ll make you feel more sexy and confident about your sexual self.

#7 Groom yourself everywhere. Don’t give yourself an opportunity to feel awkward about any body parts at any time, be it your body hair or odor. Always appear like you’ve just stepped out of a salon, whether you’re being your casual self or at a red carpet event.

#8 Get experienced. Flirt whenever you get the opportunity. It makes you feel sexy. Have fun and enjoy yourself with the opposite sex, be it while having a conversation or making out in bed. [Read: How to make out with a guy like a sex goddess]

#9 Wear sexy underwear. Sexy underwear always makes a girl feel sexy. It doesn’t matter if others can see what you’re wearing inside. As long as you know that you look like a million bucks in your negligees, it’s all that matters to feel sexy on the outside.

#10 Don’t be prudish. You may have been taught that it’s better to be shy and naive than be outspoken and aware. But if you want to feel sexy, don’t be prudish or judgmental about different people’s sexual interests. Have an open mind when it comes to sex, and you’ll enjoy your sexual experiences a lot more.

#11 Eye contact. Be willing to lock your eyes intensely with a cute guy. Have a strong and unwavering eye contact when you’re flirting or talking sexy with a guy. It makes you seem more confident and sexy even if you’re not talking dirty or making it obvious that you’ve got sex on your mind. [Read: 10 subtle eye contact flirting tips]

#12 Clubbing. Party often and don’t think twice about painting the town red. Have fun and be the cynosure no matter where you are. When you’re enthusiastic about having a good time with the opposite sex, it makes you more sexy and desirable without even trying. [Read: Tips to grind with a guy sexily and discreetly]

#13 Feeling sexy is all in your head. More than anything else, how you appear depends on the way you feel inside. If you feel confident and sexy while chatting a guy up, you’ll make the guy feel the same about you. So instead of overindulging in skimpy clothes or flirty moves, just learn to feel sexy about yourself by believing the fact that you’re indeed sexy and desirable.

#14 Attention from the opposite sex. Stolen glances and flirty conversations with the opposite sex always feel good. And it definitely makes you feel sexy. Enjoy having conversations with the opposite sex and don’t shy away from any attention you may be getting. Instead, learn to enjoy the attention.

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If you want to know how to feel sexy and desirable, just use these 14 tips on feeling sexy on the inside and the outside. After all, when you feel sexy, any guy you speak to will feel the same way about you.

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2 thoughts on “How to Feel Sexy and Desirable All the Time”

  1. Rose says:

    This article was ok, until I got to the part where you suggested getting a perfect body! What the heck are you trying to do? You’ve just basically told everyone of us insecure, self-criticising women that we are right to feel unsexy unless our bodies are perfect. I know your comment is probably aimed at the overweight (coz, everybody hates them, right??) but what about those who are disabled, or have stretch marks and a saggy tummy from childbirth, or those with scars, or those with saddle bag hips that just will NOT change shape without surgery? It is articles like this that cause people like me to search the internet for more articles to undo the damage you just did.

  2. Kaworu says:

    For me, feeling sexy seems particularly elusive. That’s kinda bad, when I lean towards the notion that a sparse sex-life is an indicator for how “the human race considers you unfit for reproduction and a waste of common ressources”.

    The feeling I get depends on the perceivable quality of the carbon-based lifeforms purporting that my physical presence affects their circulation and cognitive patterns.

    When a fat, old man says he wants to fuck my ass, I feel degraded right there… that he has the audacity, to even suggest, I might settle for an uggo like that? Like he thinks that *I* am equally worthless and only here for his abuse and amusement?

    When a photogenic and pretty, but not otherwise attractive guy requisitions for my services, I feel a noteworthy disinterest, but not as much as compelling guilt, pertaining to the idea of saying no to a perfecly good (looking) boy – if I really, really hated him and wanted him dead, yeah, then, I could refuse him the sex he wants.

    But when I don’t “desire” him, he will, by default, be more of a “settler-for”, than a “choser”, and the value of his choice of me, consequently, remains in the shallow end. It doesn’t euphorize me, it gives me nothing (beyond the technical occupation of sex). I don’t “trust” in that context – for my trust and sense of security, I must feel “my enemy’s tears”.

    Only when a lean, young boy gets under my skin, where I get turned on/maniacally elated by the very contemplation of any kind of sex-like activity with him – when my conviction that “other people would certainly covet the sex I get” (the aforementioned enemy’s tears) becomes unshakably solid…

    Only then, could his sexual desires generate this feeling of “I am okay, good enough” within me.

    Now that I’m well into my thirties, my hopes that I will one day come to feel good about myself seem more dismal than ever… Considering how few sexy young boys will give an adult man the time of day, much less a blowjob.

    What happens to people that don’t succeed? If you keep feeling like your body is not worth looking at nor worth touching/caring for…? I fear I will snap and become a rapist monster instead (when the option of being human, i.e. fuckable, has been ruled out by the verdict of young boys).

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