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25 Inspirational Tips to Get Motivated and Work Out

25 Inspirational Tips to Get Motivated and Work Out

All of us want to look good. But hardly a handful of us do anything about it. Learn how to get motivated to exercise and stick to it with these tips.

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and held your belly in your hands?

And when you let go of your belly, do you watch yourself in disgust as it wobbles a few times before coming to a standstill?

Do you like what you see?

Of course, you don’t.

All of us want to look good and feel good.

We want washboard abs and toned legs that seem to stretch forever in perfect definition.

But hardly any of us ever do something to achieve those dreams.

Think of it, how many of us will ever have the opportunity to boast of having perfect six pack abs at some point in our entire lives?

How to get motivated to exercise

Take a good look at yourself. Are you happy with the person you see in the mirror?

[Read: How to stop lying to yourself]

Getting the motivation to exercise is all in your own head.

If you make up your mind to stick with your exercise regime and a healthy lifestyle, you’d definitely feel better, look sexier, and live a lot longer.

If you want to know how to get motivated to exercise, you need to understand the power of acceptance. A cigarette smoker will never quit unless he realizes how badly his lungs are damaged. And similarly, an overweight or obese person will never get motivated to exercise unless they realize that they have a serious problem dealing with their weight.

Learn to accept your flaws. Acceptance is the first step that leads to motivation.

And once you accept that you’re not happy with the way you look in the mirror, it’s time to get motivated! [Read: Tips to love yourself more]

25 tips to get motivated to work out

Yes, working out is hard. In fact, it can feel like a gargantuan task to begin with. But what you have to understand is that all you need is just a few months of exercise to battle all those years of bad diets and high calories you’ve consumed mindlessly.

Wouldn’t you love your physique if you could work out for under an hour a day, eat healthy and look like a million bucks in about six months?

Isn’t it worth it? Isn’t all that confidence, sex appeal and defined cheekbones worth the effort? [Read: How gaining weight affects your relationship with others]

If you’re looking for ways to get motivated to exercise, here are 25 tips that can help you get motivated and stick to your workout all the way.

#1 Answer this big question truthfully. Don’t you want to look good? Why are you holding back from achieving your full potential when all you need is a few sacrifices that may eventually start to become a positive addiction that’ll favor you in every possible manner?

#2 Pick up an old pair of jeans. It’s always easy to see how time and bad eating habits have affected us by just picking up an old pair of now-tight-jeans. Try fitting into your favorite pair of jeans and make up your mind to fit comfortably back into it.

#3 Look at your old snaps. Almost all the time, you’d have a better defined face, higher cheekbones and a sexier body in your old photographs.

#4 Don’t change your life overnight. Don’t ever overdo your exercise regime. Start slow and spend a few weeks warming up to this new lifestyle change. If you try too hard too fast, chances are, you’ll burn out and hate working out in no time.

#5 Compare yourself. Do any of your friends have a body to die for? If you have a friend or an acquaintance that has an incredible physique, secretly tell yourself everyday that you’d want to have a better physique than that friend. [Read: 10 golden rules of the gym]

#6 Hold your fat areas in your hands. It’s an insulting thing to do to yourself. But it’s the easiest way to see just how fatty you actually are. Do you still want to look the same way for several more years before you start working out?

#7 Watch a few before and after videos on youtube. There are thousands of proud fitness freaks who didn’t all start out looking like Greek gods and goddesses who’ve uploaded their videos and stories online. Watch it and inspire yourself.

#8 Learn from experiences. Speak to a friend who had to deal with being overweight once upon a time. Or read experiences of people online who have transformed their lives after just a few months of working out.

#9 Don’t expect magical results. This is a big mistake that most people come to face when they begin a new workout. They work out for 30 days and expect miracles. Seriously, you piled all that weight over several years. Do you really expect all of that to vanish in four weeks? And another thing you need to remember here, there’s no such thing as spot reduction. [Read: How to look sexy without trying to look sexy]

#10 Pick up a calorie counter. Even a sugar coated donut can pack in several hundred calories. While you don’t really have to avoid all foods you like, it would feel good to watch your calories burn away as you work out. Strapping on a heart rate monitor and calorie counter watch on your wrist while exercising will always motivate you to burn more calories, one calorie at a time.

#11 Buy a dress that’s two to four sizes smaller. Start exercising and once every week, on your rest day, try putting your dress on and see if it fits better. A few months down the lane, you’d see that your once-tight dress would feel just perfect to wear and walk down the street.

#12 Get a workout buddy. A workout buddy can do wonders for your motivation to exercise. Not only will both of you push each other, but there’ll also be a lot of competition in the air to look fitter than the other person.

#13 Show off your results to people that matter. If you find yourself getting slimmer or more buffed, stand in front of the mirror and share your thoughts with a loved one. Sometimes, all you need is someone else to notice your improvement to feel better and get more motivated to exercise. [Read: 16 do’s and don’ts to make your boyfriend want you more]

#14 Take before and after pictures. Start off by taking a before picture of yourself. And once you start exercising, take a new set of after pictures every month. Give it a few months for the changes to kick in and compare your photos. Chances are, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see the new you.

#15 Eat healthy. Eat more. Stock up your refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables. You’ll feel light and great after every single meal. And your skin will be glowing and radiant in just a couple of weeks. Isn’t that worth the effort?

#16 Don’t starve yourself. You need a lot of energy to work out and exercise. By starving yourself, you’ll end up feeling fatigued and tired all the time, which will only discourage you further.

#17 Don’t go on crash diets. Most women love a crash diet when they see one. But all a crash diet does is starves your body of calories and nutrients. Instead of losing your fat, you’ll end up breaking down your muscles and shrinking them. Your body will go into starvation mode and save all the fat instead of burning it down when you exercise. [Read: Tips to increase your stamina]

#18 Watch and work out. Cardio workout videos are the best kind of burn your fat without beefing you up. If your intention is to lose weight and look toned and ripped, watch a few workout videos and follow the steps. Watching the good looking fitness experts will motivate you to look lean and fit, just like they do.

#19 Plan for big events. Commit to preparing yourself for a big event that may come up in a few months like a wedding or a reunion. But give yourself at least four to six months to see a better transformation.

#20 Choose a great playlist. For some people, good music can help motivate and energize them during a workout. Pick an adrenalin inducing workout playlist, push play and work your butt off.

#21 Mark your calendar. Motivate yourself by marking the number of days you work out by crossing out the days when you completed a perfect full workout. It’ll definitely push you further to exercise harder and more regularly.

#22 Switch workouts. Too much of the same thing can be boring. Buy a few workout DVDs and switch between them every few weeks. It’ll help your body get an all-round workout and avoid any chances of you getting bored of the repetitive exercises. And you’ll also be excited to try new exercises all the time.

#23 Buy attractive workout attire. Working out is all in the head, but when you look good while working out, you’ll work harder to get rid of those ugly areas.

#24 Join an online community. Online communities can be a great help when it comes to motivating you to exercise. After all, there are several other people in the community who experience the same problems as you. Share your issues, get inspired, motivate each other and grow as individuals. [Read: Laptops and its shocking impact on your health]

#25 Measure yourself. Don’t always weigh yourself. Weighing yourself may seem like the right thing to do to see success, but more often than not, using a measuring tape can reveal better results. One pound of muscle takes less space than one pound of fluffy fat. On regular weight checks, you may weigh the same because your fat is being burned and replaced by muscle, which may discourage you. Instead, measure your body at different positions and you’ll see how much you would have shrunk in less than a few months. [Read: How to be perfect in everything you do]

If you’re looking for ways to get inspired and motivated,  just use these 25 tips on how to get motivated to exercise and you’ll end up feeling better on the inside and looking a lot better on the outside.

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    I thought i would stop thinking abt him and would focus on my career but the more i try not to think abt him the more i do……i know he’s ignoring me because i am fat, dumb and sometimes clumsy …..i am not as good looking as his mom and sister are…..Dear lovepanky plz help me to groom myself …..plz help me in burning that extra fat……I wanna become really sexy , sophisticated , highly irresistible , delicate and sizzling haaawwtt !!!! I wanna be the women any man would love to die for!!! i want to be the it girl that every guy dreams of and can’t have…..I believe in stable relationships and want that the guy with whom i ever be with finds himself to be the luckiest guy……so that ifme and the one previously mentioned don’t get together he would repent this loss till his grave ……Also i wanna groom myself from everything from my way of managing my hair to the way i conduct myself so that every guy in my vicinity craves for me and every girl just gets burnt up in the fire of jealousy…..

  2. Anushka Tyagi says:

    Also tell me how to stop intimidation on oneself …because as i am.fat everyone around me just tries to intimidate me by saying that i am good for nothing ..People do intimidate me because of my obesity i don’t have much choices to do and wear….and then girls beautiful and slim laugh and make fun of me…and goof about me pretending to be my friends ……i
    am also a very relationship and psychology conscious person……. When i ask any of my friends any help they behave as if they are lending me money ,make faces and take no interest which they do to intimidate me….many a times it happens that ppl shout on my face and go away and i can’t even a single letter to them because i cannot retaliate so quickly to ferocious ppl like that……I am never calm from inside because i am always in the turbulent storm of emotions and thoughts abt what ppl think about me which actually gave me a huge study setback because earlier this fuss wasn’t so big .I was a very good and talented student but as soon as um gaining weight i can’t stop thinking about myself due to which i am not even able to cop up with my studies due to which my parents scold me because i get low grades….help lovepanky !!!!!Help me to work on a tight diet and exercise schedule to burn those ugly calories so.that In a few years i become the girl of my dreams….. I can’t control my hunger and crave for good saucy junk food and chocolates and choco chip cookies…….help me out!!!!

  3. Dr. J. Azlam says:

    One of the best tips is to start slow and make continuous progression throughout your program. There’s nothing worse than seeing a patient who threw themselves at an advanced-level program after a sedentary life and obesity. They were asking to be injured from the first day. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with choosing a lighter activity in your earliest stages because you’ll be able to springboard from them over time. Don’t neglect nutrition, either. Active bodies require a higher caloric intake to sustain activity. You definitely can and often will eat more on a diet combined with exercise. Provided it is healthy and balanced, it won’t impact on weight loss results!

  4. Cate says:

    Do you recommend a low carb diet? I’ve heard so many of these plans as the key for weight loss, but I’ve also heard a lot of things that go against the idea. A few of my girlfriends have tried it and they’ve actually lost an impressive amount of weight in a short time, but they quickly gain it back and sometimes a few extra pounds to boot. I don’t want to go through the misery of dieting just to get skinny and then fat again. Let me know Dr. Azlam.

  5. Dr. J. Azlam says:

    Thank you for your reply, Cate. Yes, I do recommend low carbohydrate approaches, but they must be doctor monitored. This sort of dietary approach can and often does create silent health issues that most of us are unaware of because they don’t tend to last very long (four to six weeks maybe). However, anything that’s planned for months should be confirmed with your family physician and I wouldn’t recommend something like Atkins for that sort of time frame. If you don’t want to see your doctor for whatever reason, then I would recommend a more traditional calorie controlled approach and highly recommend Weight Watchers and similar programs. They teach you to think differently about food, portion sizes, and what sort of things are actually healthy and nutritious. This sort of mental reprogramming will go a long way in ensuring your overall success. Good luck!

  6. Cholee says:

    I was 259 lbs when I was in highschool and up to 2nd year college. In my 3rd year of college, my weight went from that high number to 150. How did I do it? Consistency. Being consistent makes everything work. There will never be the perfect diet plan, the perfect workout. The most effective plan is a consistent one. Get into one, pick one and stick to it. Improve yourself every single day and you would expect fast results and results that would stick around. You don’t eant to associate yourself with fast results that are fast to vanish. I have tried those fads before and it’s only good for the short term. What I have tight now is for the long term. I can do this til the day I die. I don’t make it my life, not like all the other gym goers you know. I live a balanced life and. I EAT WHATEVER I WANT. Moderation and consistency are the keys to success my friends. Do not ever doubt yourselves because if other people can do it, you can do it too. No one is better than any one. We are all equal with different levels of motivation. Be at the peak of your motivation level and you will turn out great.

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