What Turns a Girl On? 65 Emotional & Sexual Moves to Arouse & Seduce Her!

What turns girls on varies across the board. Learning a range of tricks means you’ll never fail to get your special lady hot under the collar! 

what turns girls on

Most guys think they know everything there is to know when it comes to what turns girls on sexually, and in every other way. However, somewhere along the way, they find themselves losing the best girls to another guy.

Why is that? What are they doing wrong? Well, they didn’t really know what turns women on at all!

The truth is that every girl is different. What works for one girl, won’t work for another. Despite that, some pretty common factors help to keep a girl connected. You see, being turned on doesn’t necessarily mean sexually.

She may be turned on to what you have to say. You can turn her on mentally and make her want to know more. It’s a whole package, and that’s something that many men don’t seem to understand. [Read: What impresses a girl – 21 atypical secrets you must know]

Why men and women differ in the bedroom

This may be obvious to you because, well, there are different parts involved. However, the difference is actually more psychological than it is physical. While men are more stimulated by visuals, women tend to be more sensitive to touch and emotions.

Girls are turned on more by what they feel emotionally than just stripping down and getting naked. This is usually where most guys have issues simply because they don’t understand the difference between what gets women hot and in the mood.

Men are simple. Take a beautiful face, a sexy body, a warm smile, and she’s already halfway toward being a man’s dream girl.

With women, it’s difficult. You can be the most dashing gentleman on this side of the globe, but if there’s no spark, then it’s a no-go. [Read: How to get a girl to like you – 18 secrets that impress ALL girls]

If you’re looking specifically for details to turn a girl on in bed, use these 46 secrets to sexually arouse a woman mentally without making it obvious.

Why is it important to learn how to turn a girl on sexually?

You might think that’s a ridiculous question, but you’d be amazed how many guys just don’t understand. If you want a girl to enjoy the time she spends with you sexually, you have to get her warmed up first. 

Far too many guys skip over this part and assume that she’s ready to go straight away. Girls aren’t like guys – they need time to feel those tingly feelings. Without it, the whole experience is not going to be much fun for her. That’s not what you want, right?

Know that just because you’re up and hard in no time doesn’t mean the girl you’re with is ready for you too.

Don’t be selfish. Spend a few more minutes on foreplay – you know that women need more time than you to get turned on. But when they do get turned on, they stay turned on for much longer and enjoy a much better orgasm.

Another benefit of foreplay is that the longer you spend on foreplay, the lesser your chances of premature ejaculation or going limp halfway through the act. [Read: How to foreplay – the key for the best sex of your life]

What turns girls on more than anything else? The secrets men must know!

Remember, every woman is different! What works for one may not work for another. But, on the whole, this list gives you an insight into the things that turn most women on. That could be sexual, mental, emotional, or any other way.

1. That musky, manly scent

Smelling this familiar scent on our man turns us on in a flash.

However, it needn’t be this particular scent. It can be the scent of your mouthwash as you introduce yourself or your aftershave that wafts toward her.

As long as you smell like you have a pretty good grasp on personal hygiene, then that is an instant turn-on. [Read: 25 smallest details about a guy that can completely turn a girl off about him!]

2. A smile that blinds

They say love is blind. Then, having a dazzling smile is surely a way to blind your woman into falling for you.

You don’t need to have teeth that are perfect, you’ll still snag a few female hearts if you flash a smile or two. Keep your teeth clean, your breath on the fresh side, and your smile will go a long way.

3. Suit up

A man who can pull off a t-shirt and shorts and still look dashing in it is just as hot as a guy in a suit. The trick is in knowing how to dress for the occasion.

After all, a suit won’t do you good if you’re going to be spending a day at the beach or on a boat at sea. [Read: Getting-ready tips for guys going out on a date]

4. A sexy accent

No one can resist a guy with a foreign accent, be it a French one, Scottish, or the good ol’ Southern drawl.

There’s something alluring and different about an accent that gets most women hot under the collar. [Read: How to turn a girl on and leave her wet and tingly around you]

5. A bookworm

There’s something about men who read books that turns women on.

Some women prefer men who read books instead of reading devices, while some are not as choosy. As long as you’re reading, you’re sure to attract women who like their men brainy. [Read: How to attract women at first sight effortlessly]

6. Passion

Men with fires burning in their bellies are men with a hunger for something worthwhile *and we don’t mean for drinking whiskey*.

If you are passionate about the small things, women will visualize you as being passionate about the big things.

There’s nothing sexier than a man who volunteers at a soup kitchen or who coaches baseball to the neighborhood kids on weekends. [Read: What men think impresses women and what actually does]

7. Talent

Women, like birds, are turned on when they see their man showing off their dancing skills or belting out a song.

You may not be the quarterback or the basketball star, but if you can play an awesome riff on an electric guitar or strike the drums, then women are sure to line up to meet you. [Read: Peacocking – what it is, the many types and why guys show off around girls]

8. A sense of humor

There’s nothing that transforms an otherwise plain man into the man of her dreams than a few laugh-out-loud moments. It can be something you did, a joke you shared, or a funny story that warms a woman’s heart.

If you’ve got her cheeks flushed with laughter and her eyes shiny with mirth, you are halfway to her heart and in her pants. [Read: How to make a girl smile, laugh, and like you instantly!]

9. Compliments

Make her feel good by acknowledging or complimenting her. Make sure you give her a smile and a wink—she’ll be loving it. As long as your compliment is genuine and comes from your heart, she’ll appreciate every word of it!

Tell her she looks nice today, compliment her outfit, or better yet, compliment her goals and ambition. [Read: How to compliment a girl and make her blush]

10. Genuine conversation

Women like men who can carry real conversations that aren’t only meant to get them in the sack. Find out what she likes, what you have in common, and talk to her genuinely.

This is one of the biggest turn-ons for girls that make her feel acknowledged and heard, instead of just bringing her directly to the bedroom.

There’s no rush in turning her on, so why not talk about your interests? You never know, you could find a common ground!

11. Being listened to

Women like to feel important, so make her your sole focus when you’re together. Be attentive to what she’s saying and be real about it. No woman wants to get in the bedroom with you if you barely listen to a word she’s saying.

Even if she does get physically intimate with you, it’s not going to be as heartfelt.-Practice mindful listening as this is one of the essential turn-ons for girls. [Read: Ways to be a better listener in your relationship]

12. Working out together

Working out together is one of the biggest turn-ons for girls that often go overlooked. When you exercise with your partner, you’re both taking things to the next level without being sexual.

This also gives her a good view of your physique, and she positively associates you with feel-good endorphins from the workout. Women are fond of productive activities, so doing this together feels very fulfilling for her. 

13. Playing with her hair

If you want something physical yet unassumingly innocent, touch her hair. Brush a stray strand back behind her ear or even pretend you’re removing some stuff off her tresses.

Do you know that scene in movies where a guy always touches her hair in a romantic setting? It’s because it’s a non-sexual turn-on that makes her feel appreciated. [Read: 28 subtle, seductive ways to touch a girl and arouse and make her want more]

14. Chivalry

Show her that chivalry is not dead and that you’re a valiant example. Make her comfort, safety, and security your priority when you’re together and even when you’re apart.

Just because you want to sleep with her doesn’t mean you can’t show her chivalry and respect. Show her what makes you different from the rest of the guys she’s slept with – that’s how you turn her on. [Read: What is chivalry? The real meaning, the Knights code, and modern men]

15. Gentle, innocent touches

While we’re talking about non-sexual turn-ons for girls here, touching can affect a girl’s physical, emotional, and mental aspects. Especially when her love language is physical touch, it can make her feel loved and turn her on simultaneously.

Whether to guide her into a car or help her out, make sure you have body contact or that you are touching her in the right places: her waist, her lower back, her elbows, around her shoulders, or her hand.

But, be sure to read her body language. If she seems uncomfortable, back away. [Read: How to turn a girl on with your touch and make her melt into you]

16. A witty mind

Another turn-on for women is a guy who can show wit without being arrogant. You have to be widely knowledgeable without being too nerdy.

The way a guy carries a conversation is very attractive to women, so don’t overlook this as one of the biggest turn-ons for girls! [Read: How to be witty – 25 ways to win over anyone with your wit and charm]

17. A little mystery

Even if you like her, don’t be overeager. Maintain an air of mystery about you and keep her on her toes when you’re around.

Don’t go revealing all your secrets right away, but always leave room for mystery, so she’ll be wanting more. Your ability to be mysterious *without putting her off* will make her want you even more. [Read: How to be mysterious without going completely overboard in the role]

18. Well-timed surprises

Whether with a simple gesture such as a flower you picked or an extravagant one such as a vacation splurge, surprise her with things that make her happy.

It doesn’t need to be expensive to make her happy. What matters is the thought – the fact that you went out of your way for such a simple gesture. That’s everything to her. [Read: How to surprise your girlfriend and score brownie points]

19. A home-cooked meal

You might be thinking – what does cooking for her have anything to do with turning a girl on? However, a guy who cooks is a guy who can take care of her.

Women want to sleep with someone who doesn’t just want her purely for her body but can also care for her emotionally and mentally.

20. Eye contact

Eye contact is more powerful than you think. So if you want to please a woman, really look into her eyes. This is something men don’t often do, which is all the more why you should do it.

If you want to make her feel loved, acknowledged, and seen, look into her eyes. [Read: Subtle but powerful eye contact flirting moves that work like magic]

21. Whisper in her ear

There must be a science behind it, but a woman’s ears are one of her turn-on spots. With this being said, warm her up even more by inching closer and whispering in her ear.

The closeness and the feel of your hot breath on her ear is a definite turn-on for girls. It’ll definitely get her in the mood to get physically intimate with you. [Read: 20 things you can do to get your woman in the mood]

22. A little dirty talk – when the time is right

Who doesn’t love talking about sex? Throw in a few thought provokers that will make her imagine how you are in bed.

For example, dance with her and suggestively comment on how people relate dancing with how they move in bed. Throw her imagination wild by talking about sex, as this is one of the biggest turn-ons for girls you can use in the bedroom!

23. Triangle gaze

Many pick-up artists swear by the triangle gaze method. Gaze for three seconds into her left eye, another three into her right eye, and then look at her lips. Subtly repeat this to make her think you want to kiss her.

You’re basically teasing her with this simple method *which will leave her wanting more*. [Read: Fractionation seduction and how men seduce women with emotions]

24. Sensual massage

After a tough day, massage her back or just her hands. She’ll be thinking about you touching her in other places.

The fact that you’re putting your hands on her while being so sensual and slow will turn her on faster than you realize. It’s not only therapeutic but a turn-on for her too.  [Read: How to kiss a girl for the first time and not screw up]

25. Warm hugs

A simple hug can be a turn-on when you let it linger a few seconds longer. Make her feel your warmth and she’ll be warm all over as well.

It might not be as grand of a gesture as the other sexual turn-ons for girls on this list, but it’s just as effective. A hug will make her feel comfortable with your touch. [Read: The types of romantic hugs that’ll bring you closer to each other]

26. A mind-blowing kiss

Once you see she’s flushed and getting turned on, then that’s the time you come in for that kiss. Make it amazing. Make sure to make it a kiss that’s worth her time and makes all your teasing worth it.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of an extraordinary kiss.

27. A partner who knows their erogenous zones

Kissing her on the lips doesn’t take you to her bed right away. Make the moment more intense by kissing her in her erogenous zones, such as her neck, throat, collarbone, shoulders, and ears.

Women have seven erogenous zones in total, so make sure you know the spots that are guaranteed to turn her on. [Read: Physical signs of female arousal – 20 ways to recognize a girl who’s horny in seconds]

28. Taking your sweet time

Remember to take your time and be consistent, slowly undress her, and kiss her as you do so. The anticipation will make her explode.

Don’t rush this part, as it takes the thrill and anticipation away from turning her on. Appreciate this moment with her and don’t make her feel like you’re trying to get things over with immediately. [Read: How to get a girl out in bed – give her the control & work your magic]

29. Be honest with your feelings

Of course, one foolproof way to turn her on is to tell her your feelings. However, don’t just tell her this to get into her pants—she’ll be able to tell.

Tell her this only when you mean it. Whether before being physically intimate with her, during, or after, telling her you love her will turn her on in all aspects. [Read: How to turn a girl on and excite her mind]

30. Your confidence

Confidence is a huge turn-on for any girl. Not cockiness, but confidence. Don’t be nervous or reveal your awkwardness when you’re around a girl and she’ll love your company.

31. A guy who can pursue her and make her feel special

This is rather important. Girls love to be pursued and wooed by a man. Giving her a good chase when she teases you is the best way to let her know how much you want her and appreciate her. [Read: Why should guys chase a girl to impress her?]

32. A man who’s in control of his life

Are you certain about the goals in your life? Do you have a well-settled job and a balanced life? Women like being in the arms of a man who’s in control of his life and his finances.

33. The alpha male

Most girls are drawn to an alpha male. He’s the leader of the pack and a guy who’s always in control of the situation. If you want the best girl in a group of girls, you have to be the best guy around too, don’t you think?

34. A man she feels safe with

Be protective of a girl when she’s with you. It doesn’t matter if she’s your girlfriend or just a friend. Always focus on the girl’s safety and wants before you worry about your own.

35. Being able to pay your way

Not many girls would accept this, but let’s face it – a bit of money can make a huge difference in the way you can pamper a girl. [Read: How to be successful in life]

36. Self-respect

Don’t ever let anyone take you for granted, not even the girl you like. Demand the respect that you deserve from your family and your colleagues.

Don’t let anyone make you feel less like a man, and avoid any friends who take pleasure in having a laugh at your expense. It’ll only hurt your ego and your self-esteem.

37. Surprise PDAs

We all know that guys aren’t too crazy about being all mushy and gushy in public with their women. This is why women get really turned on by surprise PDAs.

If you randomly give her a kiss in public, that’s very meaningful. And you can bet she’s going to get turned on! Showing your affection for your woman in front of random strangers is actually a huge turn-on. [Read: Public displays of affection – how to do it, PDA etiquette, and 26 must knows]

38. Doing your share of the chores

We can’t tell you this point enough. If you do the housework or even a little bit of the housework, your woman will be extremely turned on. She works her ass off to make the place look acceptable, and if you do that for her, she’ll be ready to go.

Bonus points if you know she’s had a rough day and you do all of her chores for her AND cook dinner. Not only is the idea very sweet and a turn-on, but getting to watch you do this is also a huge turn-on. If you want to know what turns women on, NEVER forget this one. [Read: 20 things you can do to get your woman in the mood]

39. Carefully planned date nights

Ladies plan an awful lot of things. They really do. If you plan a night instead of her, she’ll just get to relax and not worry about anything for a change. This is a huge turn-on! So, when you plan the whole date night, she’ll LOVE it.

40. Showing her off

Every girl wants to hear her man telling their friends how perfect she is. Not only does it make her self-esteem skyrocket, but it’s also just a huge turn-on to hear that you care so much about your girl and you want everyone close to you to know it.

41. Giving her alone time

Everyone needs their alone time. We all need to just have some time to ourselves to decompress, relax, and even pamper ourselves.

If you encourage this by doing little things that make it better for her and even understand her need for “me time,” she’ll be really turned on. [Read: How to make the absolute most of your alone time]

42. A guy who can trust her

Sometimes, we have to do things that are going to require a lot of your trust. If you outright tell a girl that you trust her 100%, she’d immediately be turned on. In a world where having so much trust is so rare, she will wholeheartedly appreciate it.

43. Patience

It’s a rarity to find a truly patient man. However, when a man can be patient and understanding, that’s what turns women on. [Read: Non-sexual turn-ons that arouse girls instantly]

44. The ability to be goofy

You don’t have to be all serious and sweet to turn her on. Some of the things that turn women on the most is when you can act like a complete goof around her. If you run around dancing goofily to some ridiculous music, she’ll be turned on in the best way.

45. Remembering the small things

It’s really not very hard to type in a big event for her in the calendar on your phone. When she gets a “good luck” message on a day she has a big presentation, or even if you just remember her favorite candy and pick it up at the store, she’ll be turned on.

Remembering those little things that are special to a girl is a major turn-on. [Read: 28 turn-ons for girls that leave them melting in your arms]

46. Looking good naked

Work out and look good naked. It’s the easiest way to arouse any girl and turn her on. Get yourself a flat stomach and a body to die for, and you’ll have your work in bed cut out for you.

47. A guy who knows how to use his tongue

Most guys want a good blowjob but aren’t really interested in reciprocating the favor. Learn to work your tongue around her pleasure spots and you’ll make her moan louder. [Read: How to lick pussy – flicks and moves that’ll leave her squirming in your face]

48. Selflessness in bed

Don’t finish yourself off first. If you feel like you can’t hold on, warn her a few minutes ahead so she can climax with you.

49. A guy who knows what he is doing

Sex is an art that needs constant exploring. No one ever knows enough, and what works for one person may not work for someone else.

Be aware of what girls like in bed and the unique things you can do to please them. [Read: Top 50 kinky ideas to try in bed at least once in your lifetime]

50. A man who can dominate her when she wants him to

Men like being in control in bed, and women don’t mind that as long as you allow her to hold the reins when she feels like it. But when you’re making love, don’t always play it safe and easy.

Sometimes, a decent bit of pain can arouse the sexual sensation a lot more for both of you. Hold her hair, pull her close, bite her, and take her hard. She’ll definitely like it.

51. Innovation in bed

Learn a few new tricks in bed and be prepared to try them. You don’t always need to start and end sex in bed. Get innovative and unique and she’ll love you for it. [Read: Sexiest places to have sex]

52. A guy who’s desired by other girls, but only has eyes for her

If a few girls find you sexy and desirable, you can bet that many other girls will follow their lead too. Please a girl with your personality and your charm, and perhaps even in bed, and other girls will fight for your attention.

53. Come up behind her and put your arms around her

A surprise hug is the most wonderful thing and it will make her feel totally wanted. The surprise will also give her that little thrill too, which is likely to get her in the mood.

54. Touch her leg under the table

While you’re out at dinner, having drinks, or even with a group of friends, subtly touch her leg under the table. Again, the surprise will be a small jolt, but she’ll realize that you’re thinking only of her, even when out in a social setting. [Read: Types of touches – the 36 physical touches we use and what they mean]

55. Be a fun conversationalist

There is nothing sexier than someone who can hold a fantastic conversation and really pull you into it. So, think of some interesting topics to talk about and ask lots of questions.

56. Neck kisses

A girl’s neck *especially at the back and the sides* and her ears are extremely sensitive. If you want to turn a girl on, spend a while nibbling her ear lobes or softly biting her neck – but remember to be gentle! 

If she ever feels ticklish, calm the foreplay down by kissing lower on her neck and shoulders or by avoiding breathing heavily around her neck. [Read: Neck kisses – 22 erogenous ways, dos & don’ts to kiss the neck and melt anyone]

57. Move closer to her

If you’re just sitting in a public place with the girl you like and want to turn her on, just sit really close to her for a few minutes.

The closer you are, the more she will be able to feel your body heat. Then, when you’re somewhere private and you’re both ready to take things further, you can move on with the tips below. 

58. Foot massages

If your girl likes a good massage, then this can be orgasmic bliss for her. The next time you have some time, pour a good measure of moisturizer on your hands and lather up her feet when she’s lying in bed. 

Play with her toes as you massage her, and occasionally kiss her feet and tongue her toes – if she likes it. Not everyone does, but for those that do enjoy their feet being touched, it can often have orgasmic results! [Read: How to give a good sensual massage and work your magic]

59. Build up the sexual tension with some flirty, sexy texts

Can you imagine making a girl wet even when you’re not around her? Feels rather powerful and sexual, doesn’t it? 

Sexy text messages are one of the best turn-ons for a girl. As long as you get naughty and text the right lines and questions, she’ll be wet and horny in no time.

60. Rub lotion all over her body 

When your girlfriend comes out of her bath in the evening, have her stand next to the bed and rub a lotion that’s smooth and slippery, but not too sticky, all over her body. 

Start with her arms and move downwards while kissing her in all the strategic places that come along the way. If you take your time massaging her, she’ll be wet before your hands reach her waist.

61. Grind into her 

Grinding at home may not be a huge turn-on. It might even be funny and cute, but definitely not sexy. But when you do that in a club, it’s definitely an arousing move.

If you’re at a party, grind her from behind and make sure she feels what you have in your pants. Just the thought of feeling your package in public will drive her crazy. [Read: How to grind sexily and discreetly and go wild in public]

62. Play sexy truth or dare

If you want to try something different to turn each other on, play a sexy game instead of focusing just on each other’s bodies. 

Sexual truth or dare is a lot of fun when you play with another couple, but if you don’t have another couple around, both of you can still ask each other dirty questions and dare each other. 

If you choose the right questions and dares, your girl will definitely be super turned on! [Read: 30 dirty truth or dare questions for a sexy night]

63. Change up the routine

Keep trying something new in bed all the time. 

Foreplay and sex can definitely get boring and dry if you stick with the same routine all the time. Dominate her at times, let her dominate you at other times, or learn to role-play in bed. 

Do something different now and then, because change always brings excitement into your bedtime affairs.

64. Make out in different places

Bring variation into your sex lives by making out in different places or different situations. Making out in a new place always feels exciting and fun. 

And it’ll help both of you create sexual memories that’ll make for great conversations the next time both of you want to talk dirty in bed. [Read: Best places to have sex – 41 wild and naughty ideas beyond the bed]

65. Arouse her when she’s least expecting it 

Turn your girl on now and then when she’s least expecting it. One of the best ways to test the waters here is by seducing her when she’s asleep. 

If you’re getting into bed and your girl is already asleep, play with her or start making out with her. She may be really sleepy, but the sudden arousal will turn her on a lot more than at other times. And the sex will definitely be awesome too! [Read: Middle of the night sex – how to give it a try and arouse her]

Another option? Just ask her what she wants

All too often, we forget that communication is so important in relationships. When it comes to sex, the same rules apply. Just ask her what she wants you to do. Tell her that you want to get her hot, but you want her to tell you what she wants. 

The power she will feel, knowing that you’re ready to do whatever it takes to turn her on, will be pretty amazing. That goes a long way to turn her on before you’ve even touched her! [Read: How to have great sex with your lover]

But, aside from that, she can tell you what she wants at that moment. Don’t assume that she wants the same thing all the time. Moods come and go. 

Maybe she wants to be a little rough one time, but she wants to go slow and gentle the next. Ask her and you’ll find out exactly how to turn her on in the way she needs, right at that moment. [Read: Find out how your size down there affects the kind of sex you have]

Now you know what turns women on!

Tick these tips off your list and you’ll soon notice that your love life changes for the better. If you thought you knew what turns girls on, maybe now you think differently. It’s not just about the obvious things, it goes far deeper than that.

[Read: How to get any girl to have sex with you by arousing her very subtly]

To turn on any woman no matter where you are, in bed or on the streets, just follow these tips on what turns a girl on and you’ll definitely leave an impression on her and make her desire you in no time.

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