What Makes a Woman Attractive? 30 Traits that Scream Hot Stuff

Looking to be a cut above? Want to know what makes a woman attractive? These 30 things certainly scream HOT and not hot mess!

what makes a woman attractive

Have you ever wondered what makes a woman attractive? Sure, you get those that just appear to be effortlessly beautiful or unnervingly handsome, but really, for most people, attractiveness is something more innate.

Most women have wondered, what makes a woman attractive, at least once. So, read on to see it isn’t all physical.

What make a woman attractive?

While being physically attractive counts for a lot, many people argue this is not the be all and end all. You can be physically beautiful, but if you are sulky, selfish, and vain, this makes you seem much less attractive to many.

On the other hand, while you might not win any beauty contests, if you have a bubbly, outgoing personality, are kind and considerate, and know how to make people laugh, this makes you appear more attractive to others.

So, what are the things women do to appear more attractive? If you want to know how to make yourself more so, you don’t have to go on an extreme diet or run to your nearest plastic surgeon to make it happen! Try these 30 tips first for what makes a woman attractive and see if you suddenly get way more attention than you did before.

#1 Be happy. There is nothing nicer than hanging out with a person with a beaming smile on their face all the time. People are automatically attracted to happy, positive people, as their happiness rubs off on them. So, try to always find the good in situations, be happy, and have fun. [Read: How to make happiness your default state]

#2 Be confident. Confidence is so important when seeming more attractive. A quiet confidence makes a woman seem as though she’s got it together, but she doesn’t need to brag about it either. [Read: 15 subtle traits that make a man fall in love with a woman]

#3 Be healthy. While you don’t have to be stick thin or a supermodel to come across as attractive, it is a fact that people who take care of themselves are considered more so. Eat healthily and get regular exercise. You’ll feel great about yourself and be more attractive to others too.

#4 Be kind. Kindness is so important and a really attractive quality in any person. Meanness on the other hand is not.

#5 Be funny. Both men and women consistently rate a great sense of humor as one of the top things that they find attractive about one another, so if you’re a funny woman, don’t be afraid to show that wit!

#6 Be social. People with lots of friends always up for doing fun things are generally considered more attractive than those who prefer to hang solo or stay at home.

#7 Be intelligent. Intelligence is considered extremely attractive. Don’t ever try to dumb yourself down—show him how clever you are!

#8 Dress well. Dressing well doesn’t mean being the most fashion forward woman in town, just know what suits you, look feminine and well presented, and wear your clothes with confidence. [Read: How to look sexy without trying to look sexy]

#9 Be generous. Generosity is an extremely attractive trait. Remember to share and share alike!

#10 Be comfortable with who you are. Being comfortable in your own skin, knowing who you are, and not being afraid to show it is super cool. Something guys definitely look for in a woman.

#11 Be adventurous. A free and adventurous spirit is exciting and endearing. You appear electric, a force of energy people just can’t help but to want to be around. [Read: 35 tips to charm absolutely anyone]

#12 Be brave. If you’re the kind of woman that screams and cries every time she sees a spider, you might want to work on that! Being brave and even a little daring at times can be considered very attractive.

#13 Be a good cook. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, after all. Having some serious skills in the kitchen certainly earns you brownie points. So, brush up on your cooking skills and impress him with a home-cooked meal.

#14 Be interested. People love nothing more than to talk about themselves and by asking questions and seeming interested in other people. You make them feel good about themselves, which, in turn makes them feel good about you too.

#15 Be interesting. Make sure you juggle a lot all the time. Have hobbies, passions, and interests which you talk about with vigor.

#16 Be open. Closed off people don’t like to appear vulnerable or talk about anything deep or meaningful. It makes it pretty hard to get to know you. Being open doesn’t mean sharing your deepest and darkest secrets with the first stranger you meet, but don’t close yourself off or act like nothing bothered you ever.

#17 Be honest. Honesty is very attractive. Lying, sneaking, and game playing is not. [Read: The science of attraction: 17 aspects that go far beyond appearances]

#18 Be supportive. Everyone needs support from time to time. If you show someone you are there for them that makes you seem very attractive indeed.

#19 Make an effort. Make an effort with people, their friends, their family. Also make an effort when you go out, go on dates, and so on. Making an effort sometimes makes all the difference.

#20 Be complimentary. Everyone likes a compliment. The more you compliment someone the more they will like you and think you are attractive—just don’t go overboard. Otherwise, you come across as a bit fake.

Ways to make yourself unattractive

While these are all great things to do if you want to seem more attractive, there is also plenty you can do wrong. So, make sure you:

#21 Don’t be arrogant. Arrogance is never attractive in any person.

#22 Don’t be bossy. Bossing someone around is a massive turn-off, so make sure you know when you become a little controlling.

#23 Don’t complain all the time. Moaning and complaining immediately makes you seem really unattractive. Instead, try to find the positives in a situation.

#24 Don’t talk about your weight. Obsessively talking about your weight is a huge no-no for most guys. [Read: 10 dating behaviors that are extremely unattractive]

#25 Don’t talk about your exes. Similarly harping on about your exes all the time makes you seem clingy and obsessive, and worse still, like you are not really over them at all. This puts a guy off pretty darn quickly.

#26 Don’t get too drunk on dates. Everyone gets a little nervous from time to time, but downing five glasses of merlot before your date and then slurring your way through it is never attractive. Try not to do this!

#27 Don’t take yourself too seriously. Be lighthearted, carefree, and have fun! Be willing to laugh at yourself.

#28 Don’t try too hard. It’s cool to make an effort but if you come across as trying too hard you’ll seem a little desperate, so don’t try too hard just be yourself.

#29 Don’t be snobby. No one likes a snob. Try new things and just go with the flow. [Read: How to be a good person]

#30 Don’t overthink things. Relax and don’t obsess over things you have no control over. You appear far more attractive and down to earth.

[Read: What men find attractive in women: 18 secrets most women overlook]

There you have it! 30 dos and don’ts for what makes a woman attractive. These tips will help you feel more confident and happy with yourself, as well as super attractive to the opposite sex. It really is a win-win!

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