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How to Look Fabulous and Appealing When Trying to Get Attention

Ever caught someone’s eye when you’re out at a cafe or somewhere else? Find out how to look good while trying to get attention with these tips.

look fabulous while getting attention

Almost all the time, we come across someone that we like.

It could be in a restaurant, a café, at a conference or even in college.

But as much as catching someone’s eye matters, a lot depends on what you do next too.

Have you ever caught someone’s eye only to see that they’ve lost interest in you after a while?

That cutie from across the table may have been trying to catch your attention, but all of a sudden, they may not care anymore.

Ever wondered what went wrong?

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How to look good with trying to get someone’s attention

The first exchange of glances may stir a lot of emotions, but to keep someone’s interest in you piqued, you need to look good and rouse their interest in you all along the way.

Here are 10 tips on how to look good while catching someone’s eye for the first time.

1. Appear like you have a life

Appear busy or seem occupied. You may have caught someone’s fancy, but don’t ever make it seem like you have nothing better to do than stare at that person. By staring constantly without taking a breather, you’d either appear like a loser or creep this person out in no time.

2. Get the right eye contact going

Eye contact is everything. It’s the first step to all good things, especially in love and relationships. If you want to look good in someone else’s eyes, you need to learn the art of flirting with your eyes. Sneak a glance now and then, and always make the other person want more. [Read: 10 subtle eye contact flirting tips]

3. Don’t be by yourself unless you have no choice

It’s easier to look good when you’re in a big group. It’s easier to get attention. It’s easier to appear busy. And it’s definitely easier to seem like you’re the center of attention.

You may assume it’s easier to get attention by sitting away from your group, but in reality, sitting with a few friends always brings more attention, especially from the opposite sex. But if you’re out with a few friends who make you look bad, well, you’d be better off sitting by yourself. [Read: When should you end a friendship?]

4. Show off your best assets

Do you think you have great legs or perfect shoulders? Show it off? Sit in a manner that would accentuate your best assets to this person. Of course, you do have to be discreet about it though. [Read: 20 things that turn a guy on when he sees a girl]

5. Blush or look embarrassed when your eyes meet

No matter how obvious the staring game and the stolen glances may be, show your awkwardness when your eyes meet. The air of nervousness always makes romance so much more beautiful and sweet.

6. Get your friends involved

This is an easy way to make things more awkward between both of you. Let your friends stare at this person and nudge you now and then or make a big deal about the flirty game. By doing that, the whole staring game would become more obvious and impossible to overlook by either of you.

In several cases, stolen glances just die out within a few minutes when the novelty wears off. But by involving your friends, you can keep the game going on for a lot longer.

7. Good posture

Always sit upright or stand tall with a good posture when you’re trying to get attention. It makes you look good.

If you’re a girl, a coy posture can work wonders. If you’re a guy, a dominant posture will always work in your favor. [Read: 10 tips to be more graceful and elegant]

8. Feel sexy about yourself

Unless you love yourself and find yourself attractive, no one else in the whole world will ever find you attractive. Be confident and feel good about yourself. If you catch someone staring at you, stare back at them and feel good about yourself.

The fact that someone cute is trying to catch your attention instead of anyone else in the room does mean something, don’t you think? [Read: Easy ways to increase your sex appeal]

9. Don’t appear nervous or fidgety

No one likes nervous nelly. A fidgety person puts anyone off. Sit back comfortably and just have fun with the stolen glances.

You really don’t have to do anything about it if you’re not ready to take the next step yet. You can play with things around you to pretend like you’re bored, but don’t reveal your nervousness for anyone to see. [Read: 10 biggest dating turn offs]

10. Create opportunities for each other

If both of you have been exchanging glances with each other, don’t let it go in vain by chickening out before interacting with each other. There’s not much a guy can do here other than make a move and talk to the girl. [Read: Do girls like shy guys who don’t make the first move?]

But if you’re the girl, give the guy an opportunity to talk to you by excusing yourself from your friends when you think he’s ready to talk to you. Walk past him and discreetly smile at him as you step out or go to the ladies room. It’ll be his cue to get up and talk to you. [Read: How to flirt with a guy without really flirting]

Eye contact may be the first of many good things. But you still need to get these 10 tips on how to look good right if you want to get someone’s attention and make them like you at first sight.

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