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Sexting Ideas: 14 Sexy Tips to Effortlessly Sext Like a Real Pro

If sexting is a foreign concept to you, it can be intimidating finding things to say. Here are sexting ideas for all of you clueless folks out there.

Sexting Ideas

We can’t all be amazing at sexting. It actually takes a lot of thought, skill, and intuition in order to be great at it. And if you don’t know just what to do and how to do it, the results can be disastrous and embarrassing.

You may end up sending something ridiculous to someone you’re really trying to impress, and that can make things downright awkward. There are more of us sexting virgins out there than you may think, and we all need a little help.

Why is sexting so popular?

There’s no denying that sexting is really popular amongst couples nowadays, and even between people who are new in each other’s lives. But why is that? Why can’t you just show the same amount of intimacy when you’re just in person?

The thing about sexting is that it’s a way of showing someone you’re missing them in an intimate way while being away from them. Not only that, but long distance couples use this as a way of being intimate with each other when they can’t be together in person. [Read: Should you sext? Studies show why you should start now]

The best sexting ideas for the clueless

If you’re new to the sexting scene and want to make sure you don’t mess up your chances with someone, you have to know just what to send and when. You’ll also want new, sexy ideas so you can really make a great impression on someone.

These are the best sexting ideas for all of you newbies out there. After you’ve mastered all of these, you can kick it up a notch with your very own ideas and make them much more personal. [Read: 30 naughty, sexting examples to start a naughty text marathon]

#1 A sneak peek. These are always really effective when it comes to turning on your significant other. Tell them what you’re wearing and what you wish you could be wearing for them. You can even take it up a notch and send them a small preview of some lacy panties or an outfit they would kill to see you in.

#2 What you want from them. A great way to go about sexting is to just ask them what you want them to do to you the next time you’re together. Go into detail and paint a picture in their mind.

For example, saying things like, “I want you to grab me and push me up against the wall,” and such will be sure to turn them on. Be honest so they know exactly what you like. [Read: How to sex and dirty talk – All the dirty talking examples you need]

#3 What you want to do to them. Now turn the tables and tell them exactly what you want to do to them. Tell them how you want to slowly strip their clothes off and go down on them for a long time before finally crawling on top of them and giving them the time of their life. These images will be more than enough to make them excited to see you.

#4 Pics of the goodies. We all know sexting isn’t completely sexting until you’ve sent a sexy picture to your lover. Don’t worry, though! If you’re nervous about it not looking great, just remember that any naked picture is SURE to make them happy. Practice taking multiple ones before sending the best one – then delete the rest. [Read: 20 sexy text messages to start a sexy conversation]

#5 What you fantasize about them. This is another way to tell your lover what you wish you could do with them while turning them on. Be honest about what you fantasize about. Many people fear their fantasies are embarrassing, when in reality, your significant other would LOVE to hear them. So go into detail and let it all out.

#6 Different places you want to have them. This goes along with your fantasies in a way. You can always let your partner know just WHERE you want to have sex with them.

Tell them you want them to have you on a high balcony or in a jacuzzi enjoying the warmth. These really help paint a picture in their head, and they’ll love it. [Read: 20 new things to try in bed at least once with your lover]

#7 Small teases. Teasing your lover is one of the best sexting ideas – especially if you have no clue what else to do. Just let them know you’re touching yourself while thinking about them, and that’s more than enough to get your sexting conversation going.

#8 Teasing pictures. You can even send them pictures of you touching yourself, too. The naughtier the picture, the more it’ll get them in the mood to see you. Even a picture of your hand barely under your panties is more than enough to get their engine revving and ready to go.

#9 What you liked best about the last time you were together. This is, without a doubt, one of the easiest sexting ideas when you have no idea what else to do. Why? Because it’s completely honest, and you have a basis to go off of.

Think back to the last time you were intimate with your partner. What did you like most? Now, all you have to do is tell them that. Not only does this ensure that they will repeat those things, but the thought of it will turn them on.

#10 Sexy compliments. This is really easy. Just send your lover little compliments. Tell them how sexy they are naked, or how much you wish you could feel their amazing skin against yours. Those compliments are still sexting, but an easier segue way into the naughtier stuff. [Read: 20 dirty questions to text a girl and make her really wet]

#11 Instigating sexts from them. If you’re really clueless and prefer they take the lead on the whole sexting thing, another one of the good sexting ideas is to start instigating sexts from them.

Ask them what they liked best the last time you two hooked up. Ask them what they want you to do to them next time. Asking questions is always the best way to go. [Read: 20 sexy questions to text a guy and really arouse him]

Tips for making sexting even better

Now, you can do all of those things, but without these few tips, they may not be as effective. Make sure you know what you’re doing before you start sending those sexts.

#1 Make sure it’s a good time. Meaning, don’t be too serious about it. There’s nothing worse than when sexting gets really serious, and then someone gets upset or super embarrassed and becomes awkward. Just have fun! You should be laughing and smiling throughout.

#2 Be intimate BEFORE sexting. Don’t sext someone you’ve never been intimate with. This can lead to expectations and disappointment. Plus, it’s difficult to have material to sext with when you’ve never actually been with them.

#3 Don’t just talk a big game. This means that you shouldn’t lie. If you tell them you want to take them and throw them on the bed before riding them all night, you can’t get intimate and then be shy, quiet, and expect them to do all the work. Only say what you know you’ll actually do. This is also way hotter, too.

[Read: How to sext the right way – 16 tantalizing tips you can’t ignore]

Sexting can get you into trouble sometimes when you don’t really know what to do. That being said, following these sexting ideas and guidelines can save you embarrassment and awkward encounters.

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