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10 Different Sex Positions to Spice It Up and Add a Bang in Bed

If sex feels a bit lackluster, try these 10 different sex positions to spice it up tonight. Surprise your partner and yourself with a fun new position.

different sex positions to spice it up

We’ve all been there. The sexual slump where you look back to those heady days where you used to be the hot new couple in town. Sex every day. Sometimes *gasp* more than once a day, and you happily did it whenever the mood took you. You’d do it in different positions. Hell, sometimes you’d even do it outdoors. You didn’t need different sex positions to spice it up.

Now you glance at your partner and watch with distain at the spilled spaghetti bolognese all over their chin while they snort-laugh at the tenth episode of The Big Bang Theory you’ve watched that evening. You can’t help but wonder where it all went wrong.

Sex slump? Different sex positions to spice it up

Many couples experience a slump in their sex lives. You go through that honeymoon period where you just want to rip one another’s clothes off every minute of every day. Then, as you get to know one another and your flaws slowly reveal themselves, suddenly sex drops down your list of priorities. Below stuff like watching TV and getting a good night’s sleep.

If this sounds like you, there is nothing to worry about. It happens to most couples. All it takes is a bit of determination and a change of attitude to get you back on track once more. [Read: How to make long term sex feel like a horny one night stand]

Of course, there are lots of things to try and spice up your sex life and get you back to those young and horny loved up times like you were before. Try experimenting with different sex positions to spice it up. When we are in a sex slump, it’s all too easy to stick to the same routine and be done with it. Instead, spice things up by switching things up a little.

So, with that in mind let’s take a look at some of the more interesting sex positions you and your partner could try to make things hotter and more enjoyable in the bedroom:

#1 Position X. Position X is great if you feel as though you both want to add some intimacy and takes things slowly, building to a seriously hot climax in the end.

In this position, the man and woman sit on the bed, legs out in front of one another, facing one another. He then puts his right leg over her left, and she puts her left leg over his right. Then shuffle towards one another until the man enters. Next, use slow circular movements to grind against one another with your legs on either side, forming an X shape. It’s a little tricky to get the hang of this one, but so worth it when you do. [Read: Slow sex: 13 steamy reasons it’s the best sex ever]

#2 Reverse Cowgirl. Reverse cowgirl is sexy, easy, and lots of fun. This is simply the classic ‘girl on top.’ Instead of facing towards his face she faces towards his feet instead. Perfect if a woman wants to take control, and the man simply loves the view of bouncing buttocks. It’s a win-win for everyone. [Read: Reverse cowgirl – 13 reasons why it’s the best sex position ever]

#3 Missionary with a twist. Everyone loves the missionary position. Often it can be our go-to position if we feel a little bit lazy. However, there are plenty of ways to spice up the missionary without having to get all bone-snappy and creative.

Try getting the girl to bend her knees up, put a pillow under her hips, or grab her ankles. All of these allow for deeper penetration while adding a little bit of kinkiness to the event too! [Read: 8 ways to make missionary sex magical]

#4 The Bathroom Attendant. If you want to spice up your sex life, you need to get back to that ‘I want you now’ phase. Next time you are at a party, or, if you feel daring, a fancy restaurant, why not sneak off to the bathroom together? The girl stands facing the mirror and the man enters from behind. Being able to watch yourselves in the mirror will be a real turn on for sure.

#5 The Wheelbarrow. This position is great if you want to have fun, try something new, and not worry too much if it doesn’t work. For this the lady needs to kneel on the floor. The man then grabs her legs as she puts her weight on her arms. He elevates her legs so she’s in a ‘wheelbarrow’ position. He then enters her from behind and they see how long it lasts before her arms give way! [Read: 17 of the best naughty ideas to spice up long term sex]

#6 The Cat. The Cat provides excellent clitoral stimulation and easily achieved. To do the Cat, simply start in the missionary position. Instead of having your bodies chest to chest, the woman bends her legs and tilts her hips up while the man moves up so his chest is more in line with her shoulders. Doing so allows the base of the man’s shaft to be in constant contact with the clit. Providing some seriously hot stimulation for the woman. [Read: Full body orgasm: How to achieve the highest level of ecstasy]

#7 The Waterfall. This position is fun to do. If done right it creates a particularly strong orgasm—what’s not to love about that? To achieve the Waterfall, the man should lie on the edge of the bed with his head and shoulders hanging over the side. The woman straddles the man and begins to move, the build-up and the rush of blood to the head creates an amazing sensation. Just don’t stay in it for too long!

#8 Step Lively. If you want to add spice to your sex life perhaps it’s time to venture outside the bedroom. All you need are some stairs. The man sits on a step while the woman straddles him. Use the handrails for supports and lifting leverage. Just hold on tight as it would put a damper on things if you took a tumble! [Read: Top 50 kinky ideas that you need to try in your lifetime at least once]

#9 The Thighmaster. This doesn’t require buns of steel, but it’s going to be better if you’re a little flexible! Here the man lies on his back and bends one of his legs while keeping the other outstretched. The woman then straddles the raised thigh lowering herself onto him with her back to him. She grabs hold of the man’s knees for support as she rocks back and forth, creating deep, pleasurable sensations for you both. [Read: Exotic sex: 16 hot, hot, hot sex positions you need to try out]

#10 Face Off. If you want to try something new and are in it for the long haul then Face Off is intimate. It helps guys last longer and builds stamina too. Here the man sits on a chair or edge of the bed, and the woman wraps her arms and legs around him, sitting on his lap. Once she is on top of him the woman can bounce up and down. And the man can grab hold of her buttocks for added pleasure and support.

[Read: How often do long term partners have sex? Real life confessions]

These 10 different sex positions to spice it up are ideal for couples looking for new energy in their sex life. If you want to change yours from boring to blazing, what are you waiting for? Give these a go!

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