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18 Sensuous & Spicy Sex Positions from the Easy Classics to the Adventurous

If sex feels a bit lackluster, try these different spicy sex positions tonight. Surprise your partner and yourself with a fun new position.

spicy sex positions

We’ve all been there. The sexual slump where you look back to those heady days where you used to be the hot new couple in town. Sex every day. Sometimes *gasp* more than once a day, and you happily did it whenever the mood took you. You’d do it in different positions. Hell, sometimes you’d even do it outdoors. You didn’t need different spicy sex positions at all.

Now you glance at your partner and watch with disdain at the spilled spaghetti bolognese all over their chin while they snort-laugh at the tenth episode of The Big Bang Theory you’ve watched that evening. You can’t help but wonder where it all went wrong.

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Why Spice Things Up?

Ah, the dreaded sex slump—it’s like the Wednesday of a relationship, isn’t it? Right in the middle and desperately craving some weekend vibes. Let’s dive into why a pinch of chili pepper in the bedroom might just be the antidote you’re seeking.

So, you and your partner have been playing your love song on repeat, but lately, it sounds more like a broken record. You’re not alone.

This ennui has a formal RSVP in psychology, and it’s called “hedonic adaptation.” Imagine eating your favorite chocolate cake every single day. Initially, it’s heaven, but over time, it just becomes another slice of cake. [Read: Tired of monogamous sex? 20 secrets to keep things spicy]

Similarly, what once sent shivers down your spine in the bedroom now barely registers a tickle.

Cue in Freud and his pleasure principle. The old man wasn’t just obsessed with cigars and moms; he had a point about us humans perpetually chasing pleasure and avoiding pain.

Sex slumps are the grey clouds that your pleasure principle didn’t invite to the parade. Spicing things up with new sexual positions is akin to dancing in the rain instead—still a parade, just a wetter, more exhilarating one.

Now, why are spicy sex positions more than just gymnastic feats? For starters, they bring a much-needed disruption to your stagnant “playlist.”

But let’s get more scholarly: stepping out of your sexual comfort zone not only charges your neurons differently but also fosters emotional intimacy.

You’re not just contorting your bodies, you’re expanding your relational dynamics, contributing to a holistic sense of satisfaction and intimacy.

In short, throwing some spicy sex positions into your love life mix can be like flipping on a dazzling neon sign in a dimly-lit room.

It’s surprising, it’s invigorating, and it reminds you why you walked into the room in the first place.

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The Classics Turned to Spicy Sex Positions

Ready to jazz up the classics? Think of these as the remixed versions of your favorite oldies. They’re the songs you already love, but with an extra bass drop—or in this case, a hip drop—that you didn’t know you needed.

1. Missionary: Now with Legs Over Shoulders!

It’s the vanilla ice cream of sex positions—sweet, classic, and always there when you need it. But how about we throw in some sprinkles and turn it into a spicy sex position?

Simply placing one or both legs over your partner’s shoulders can elevate this traditional pose to new sensory heights.

Thanks to a change in angle, you’re inviting a whole party of previously untouched nerve endings to come out and play. It’s a classic flavor, just with a zesty twist.

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2. Cowgirl: Introduce Some Spirals

Cowgirl is a position that gives the person on top a lot of control, similar to being the driver of a car. Want to make it more interesting?

Instead of just the typical up-and-down or back-and-forth movement, try incorporating some circular hip motions. This subtle change not only offers a delightful unpredictability but also stimulates different areas, making the pleasure multi-dimensional.

The person on top gets to explore various angles and depths, and the person on the bottom gets a varied and enhanced experience.

So it’s the same beloved Cowgirl, but with a spicy twist that’ll make you say, “Let’s do that again!”

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3. Doggy: The “Reach Around” Remix

Doggy style is a classic for a reason, offering deep penetration and an animalistic thrill. But if you want to take this fan-favorite from standard to spicy, consider adding a “reach around.”

For the partner behind, use one hand to steady yourself on the other partner’s hip or hold onto the waist. With your free hand, reach around to the front to stimulate additional erogenous zones.

Whether it’s caressing the chest or applying some gentle pressure on the lower abdomen, this added touch can turn a familiar position into an entirely new experience.

It’s the same doggy style you know and love, just elevated to a spicier level.

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4. Spooning: The Elevated Edition

Spooning is the cozy sweater of sex positions—it’s comforting, warm, and feels like a hug from the back. How about adding a zip to that sweater?

In the classic spooning setup, try extending the lower leg of the “little spoon” straight out while keeping the upper leg bent. This creates a whole new angle, allowing for deeper penetration and striking different nerve endings, courtesy of sensory perception theory.

This adds the snugly spooning you adore with a little more depth—literally and metaphorically.

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5. Reverse Cowgirl: The 360 Twist

Reverse Cowgirl— the classic with a view, especially if you’re the one sitting down! To really spice it up, though, how about doing a full 360-degree twist?

Imagine this: you’re in the Reverse Cowgirl position, but instead of just bouncing or grinding, you slowly rotate your hips a full 360 degrees while still maintaining the connection.

The spin turns the familiar into the exotic and stokes arousal by creating a panorama of pleasurable sensations. It’s like a scenic route you never thought to take on a road you’ve traveled a hundred times. [Read: The reverse cowgirl sex positions and all the secrets to ride in style]

6. Standing: The Wall-Press Bonus

Standing up positions are often considered the quickie’s best friend, offering spontaneity and a dash of urgency. So, how to spice this one up?

Simple: transition from free-standing to pressing your partner against a wall. The added support allows for more adventurous movements, and it might even feel a little cinematic—minus the background score, unless you count heartbeats.

7. The Seated Position: Throw in Some Synchronized Breathing

Lastly, let’s talk about the seated position, which is all about face-to-face intimacy. While maintaining eye contact, start to sync your breaths.

It’s a subtle tweak, but one that enhances not just physical, but also emotional closeness. You’re not just sharing a moment; you’re sharing air, creating a deeper bond that feels intimate on a whole new level. [Read: 22 playful ways to make sex more fun and exciting when it gets boring and lame]

Adventurous and Spicy Sex Positions for the Brave Souls

Get ready to dial up the heat from “Oh, that’s interesting” to “Whoa, where has this been all my life?” Let’s explore some of the wilder, exotic dishes on the sexual menu:

8. The Wheelbarrow: High-Octane Thrills

Think of the Wheelbarrow as the rollercoaster of sex positions—heart-pounding, requires some effort, but oh so exhilarating.

To get into this position, one partner should be on their hands while the other holds their legs, simulating a wheelbarrow. Now, you could stick to the standard pump-action, or you could try rotating your hips side-to-side for a swirling sensation.

This added motion not only diversifies the points of contact but also makes the thrill last longer than a rollercoaster loop.

9. The Pretzel: A Twisted Delight

The pretzel is yoga’s sexy cousin. This one has you intertwined more than the plot of a telenovela. One partner lies on their side while the other straddles their bottom leg, with the top leg curled over their hip. Sounds complicated, but stay with us.

To add an extra kick to this already spice-laden dish, try incorporating some synchronized hand contact. Grab each other’s hands or wrists and use the grip to create a rhythmic pull that complements your hip movements.

Not only does this make things extra steamy, but it also offers better control over the tempo. It’s like your bodies are doing the cha-cha-cha, with a twist—literally!

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10. The Spider: Legs and Arms Everywhere!

The Spider is like a 4D puzzle, but instead of cardboard pieces, you’re working with limbs.

Sit facing each other, legs bent and feet flat on the ground. Slide toward each other until you can link arms behind each other’s back.

In this position, you have maximum face-to-face intimacy. To really fire things up, introduce a little game of “stop and go.” One partner takes control, dictating when to move and when to pause.

The added layer of suspense taps into the psychological thrill of unpredictability, making each move even more electrifying.

11. The Superhero: Fly into the Stratosphere

Picture Superman in flight, then make it sexy. One partner lies flat on the bed, while the other hovers above, supported by their arms and legs. It’s like planking, but infinitely more rewarding.

What’s the spicy twist here? Try the “hover and dip” method. The hovering partner can experiment with different heights, dipping down only occasionally for contact.

This plays a psychological game of anticipation and delayed gratification that can skyrocket the excitement to, well, superhero levels. [Read: 26 dirty, sexy things to say and do in bed and try something new]

Notable Spicy Sex Positions

You know that point in a fireworks show when you think it’s over but then comes the grand finale? Well, get ready, because we’re at the grand finale of spicy sex positions!

This is where we pull back the curtain to reveal the crème de la crème of adventurous, spine-tingling, oh-my-god-did-we-just-do-that kind of moves.

These are the ones that require a bit of courage, a sprinkle of finesse, and a whole lotta trust. [Read: The top 50 kinky sex ideas worth trying at least once in your lifetime]

12. The Necklace of Venus

Imagine wearing an exquisite necklace that lies perfectly along your collarbone, every jewel enhancing your natural allure. This position similarly focuses on the neck and shoulders.

The position starts off like a Reverse Cowgirl: one partner is lying down, and the other straddles them but faces away.

Now, instead of sitting upright, the partner on top leans back, placing their hands on the knees of the partner who’s lying down. This adds a whole new angle to the position, literally!

To make it even spicier, the person lying down can give a neck massage to the partner leaning back on them. It takes the position from just a physical connection to one that incorporates sensual touch, adding an element of relaxation and intimacy to the mix.

So you’re not just getting the physical pleasure of the position, but you’re also incorporating a sweet touch that makes the experience more emotionally gratifying. [Read: How to initiate sex and 25 ways to take the sexy lead in bed]

13. Love on the Vine

Think of a vine wrapping itself around a strong, stable tree. One partner leans against the wall, the other climbs on, wrapping their legs around the waist.

Make it zestier by introducing synchronized, deep breathing. It’ll feel like your hearts and lungs are waltzing in harmony, adding another layer of intimacy.

14. Snow Angel

You and your partner align yourselves head to toe and connect where it counts. Pull yourself into his thrusts by grabbing his butt.

This friction fest will have you feeling like a vixen long after your climax, proving that this carnal confection is anything but chilly. [Read: How to use lube – The 25 best ones, pros, cons and the right ways to use them all]

15. The Waterfall

The Waterfall is a head rush, literally. One partner lies on the edge of the bed with their head and shoulders hanging down. The other stands and leans over for penetration.

To elevate this, the standing partner can gently rotate their hips in a circular motion, making it feel like a cascading waterfall rather than a direct pour.

16. The Bathroom Attendant

Sounds formal, but this one’s intimate and slightly naughty.

One partner sits on the edge of the bathroom sink, the other stands between their legs. Add a sizzle by using a handheld showerhead for added sensation. Not just for cleanliness anymore!

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17. The Thighmaster

This position sees one partner seated, the other straddling one thigh while facing away. To spice it up, the seated partner can softly pulse their leg up and down, creating a new rhythm to the session.

It’s a thighmaster that’s pleasurable for both!

18. The Butter Churner

Our final position is for the flexible, but not the faint of heart. The butter churner is a guy-on-top position that places the focus on deep penetration.

While an epic orgasm is imminent, you may or may not get a neck cramp. If the obvious benefits outweigh the minor risks, keep reading.

Roll back onto your shoulders with your hips high up in the air, almost as if you’re attempting a backward summersault.

Your partner then uses your upright lower limbs for leverage as he delves into the depths of your womanhood *or equally Harlequin-esque name for vagina* with downward thrusts.

There’s a slight risk of upper body injury here, so tell your lover to ease up on his thrusts. [Read: 49 naughty, freaky sex questions for couples to keep the sexy spark alive forever]

Try These and Watch the Magic Happen!

While it’s clear that experimenting with different positions can bring excitement and even higher levels of pleasure, it’s crucial to remember the importance of emotional congruence.

That means both partners feeling emotionally aligned and connected during the experience. This is the foundational element that makes any sexual encounter deeply satisfying.

It’s not just about the movements or sensations; it’s also about being in tune with each other’s emotional states.

So yes, spice adds flavor to the experience, but emotional connection is what makes it truly memorable.

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Go ahead and try these spicy sex positions with your partner. Experiment, laugh when things get a bit awkward, and revel in the newfound sensations. Do this while maintaining that crucial emotional connection, and just watch the magic happen. You might find that these experiences not only heighten your physical pleasure but also deepen your emotional bond.

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