Sneaky Link: What It Is, 48 Signs to See It, Must-Know Rules & How to Be in It

Ever wondered what a sneaky link is really? If you know how to have a FWB, it’s similar, but a sneaky link comes with its own pros, cons and signs!

sneaky link

Ever heard of a “sneaky link”? It’s not a dubious hyperlink that leads to an unexpected Rick Astley music video. *though we love a good Rickroll*

Nor is it a sneaky sausage link that steals the show at a barbeque. No, a “sneaky link” refers to something a bit more…personal.

What is a Sneaky Link?

“Sneaky link” is a relatively new addition to our ever-evolving dating lexicon, gaining popularity through social media platforms, notably TikTok, where it became a trending hashtag.

It refers to a secret or undisclosed romantic or sexual encounter, one kept on the down-low, often unbeknownst to friends, family, and exes.

It’s like having a rendezvous in a secret garden, without the roses, unless you count the rose emojis that you delete from your phone immediately after receiving.

Now that we’ve “unlinked” the mystery behind the term, let’s dive deeper into this intriguing concept and explore the psychology behind why young adults are fascinated by this trend of “sneaky linking.” Strap in because this journey might be as thrilling and unpredictable as the sneaky link itself!

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The Allure of the Sneaky Link

To understand the allure of a sneaky link, let’s look through the lens of ‘psychological reactance theory.’

This theory, proposed by Jack Brehm, suggests that when people feel their freedom to choose is threatened, they feel a strong desire to reclaim that freedom.

So, when society tells us to date in a certain way, it’s like poking a beehive of rebellious teenagers with a very long stick. In comes the allure of the sneaky link – the secrecy and rebellion are often perceived as exciting and liberating.

There’s also the thrill of novelty. Our brains love new experiences – it’s like candy for our gray matter. [Read: Infatuation – the definition, how to break out, and 47 signs you’re deeply infatuated]

Novel experiences stimulate the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward. So, the novelty of a sneaky link can be quite the dopamine hit!

Sneaky Link vs. Friends with Benefits

Now, you might be thinking, “This sounds an awful lot like ‘friends with benefits’ *FWB*.” There’s a link, but it’s not exactly the same chain. Both involve casual relationships and can have elements of secrecy, but the main difference lies in the social circle.

A FWB situation usually involves two people who are friends first – they’re already part of the same social circle.

On the other hand, a sneaky link often implies that the individuals involved operate in completely separate social spheres. [Read: 25 friends with benefits rules to make sure you have a happy ending]

They might keep their encounters secret because their social groups might not mix well, or they simply want to avoid any public scrutiny or drama.

A sneaky link can certainly evolve into a FWB situation or vice versa, but the two aren’t synonymous. It’s like comparing apples and oranges – they’re both fruit, but they definitely have different tastes, textures, and make for different types of pies!

The Thrill of the Secret: Forbidden Fruit and Psychological Reactance

In the Garden of Eden, it wasn’t the apple’s crispness or sweetness that made it so appealing, it was its forbidden nature. Similarly, in the realm of sneaky links, the allure often lies in the secrecy.

This can be explained by two psychological concepts: the Forbidden Fruit Hypothesis and the Theory of Psychological Reactance.

The Forbidden Fruit Hypothesis suggests that when something is off-limits or prohibited, it becomes more enticing. This stems from our inherent desire for autonomy and control.

So, the secretive nature of a sneaky link can make it seem even more appealing, like a gourmet dessert you’re told you can’t eat.

The Theory of Psychological Reactance, introduced by social psychologist Jack Brehm, adds another layer to this. [Read: Smothered in a relationship – 37 signs and ways to stop feeling suffocated]

When our freedoms are threatened or reduced, we experience an unpleasant state known as reactance, which motivates us to restore these lost freedoms.

So, the thrill of defying societal norms and expectations, as is often the case with sneaky links, can be perceived as reclaiming personal autonomy and control.

Autonomy and Rebellion: The Eriksonian Perspective

Now, let’s look at this through the lens of Erik Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development. Erikson proposed that young adults *ages 18-40* are in the stage of “Intimacy vs. Isolation.”

During this stage, we explore personal relationships and develop deeper connections with others.

In the pursuit of intimacy, we often seek autonomy, which can sometimes manifest as rebellion against societal or parental expectations.

A sneaky link, with its secret and autonomous nature, may satisfy both the desire for intimacy and the need to assert independence, making it a particularly appealing choice for young adults navigating this Eriksonian stage. [Read: Dating an independent woman – 28 expectations and other must-knows]

However, it’s worth noting that every sneaky link is like a snowflake – unique in its own way. What drives one person to engage in a sneaky link may be entirely different for another.

So, while we can make some broad psychological links, always remember the importance of individual differences! [Read: The best hookup apps and what you should be looking for in one]

Sneaky Link in Modern Dating Culture

Today’s dating culture has changed dramatically from previous generations. We’ve got more choices than a kid in a candy store, but sometimes, having too many options can be a bit of a sugar rush.

This concept, referred to as the ‘Paradox of Choice,’ posits that when we’re presented with too many options, we can feel overwhelmed, leading to anxiety, regret, and indecision.

Welcome to the world of dating apps. With a single swipe, you can connect with someone new, turning the dating scene into a virtual smorgasbord.

But amidst this buffet, finding a meaningful connection can feel as elusive as finding a single M&M in a barrel of Skittles.

That’s where sneaky links come into play. They offer a sense of simplicity and clarity in the chaos – no public drama, no overthinking about ‘relationship statuses’, just the thrill of connection. [Read: Friendly sex? 20 hushed signs your friend wants to have sex with you]

They serve as an antidote to the paradox of choice, offering a simple, straight-to-the-point kind of interaction.

The Role of Social Media in Sneaky Links

Speaking of social media, these platforms are the main stage where the term ‘sneaky link’ does its dance. Platforms like TikTok, with their viral trends and youth-centric content, play a significant role in promoting and perpetuating the concept of sneaky links.

Hashtags, memes, and catchy songs about sneaky links have turned this dating trend into a social phenomenon, garnering millions of views. [Read: Social media & relationships – 47 rules, etiquette and where couples go wrong]

But remember, while social media can make sneaky links look like the latest dance challenge, it’s crucial to remember that real-life relationships come with real-life feelings. There’s no ‘delete comment’ button when dealing with emotions!

The Upside and Pros of Sneaky Links: Personal Discovery and Freedom

Every dating experience, including sneaky links, comes with its own set of pros and cons. Let’s begin with the positives, shall we?

Sneaky links can serve as an exploratory journey of self-discovery. [Read: 25 Honest, self-reflection questions to recognize the real YOU inside]

By engaging in these secretive interactions, young adults can better understand their desires, preferences, and boundaries outside of societal expectations and peer pressure.

It’s a bit like trying out different flavors of ice cream in a secretive midnight kitchen raid. You discover what you like best, whether it’s the classic vanilla or the tangy strawberry!

What’s the good side of sneaky links, or a secret hookup no one else knows? Let’s take a look!

1. Journey of Self-Discovery

Sneaky links can help you figure out your romantic and sexual preferences, sort of like a spicy game of “Who Am I?” [Read: 33 Secrets to be your true self and 15 signs you need to unfake your life]

2. Exercise in Autonomy

Engaging in a sneaky link can feel like a victory for personal freedom – you’re navigating your own relationship path, one secret rendezvous at a time.

3. Thrill of Rebellion

Defying societal norms can be exciting. It’s the psychological equivalent of shouting, “You can’t tell me what to do!” at the traditional dating rulebook.

4. Stress-Free Environment

Without the pressure of labels, expectations, and peer judgment, sneaky links can offer a more relaxed environment for connection. It’s like dating in ‘Casual Friday’ mode. [Read: Casual sex – How to prepare for it and hook up with someone with no regrets]

The Cons and Downside of Sneaky Links: Emotional Tangles and Deceit

However, like a hearty meal, sneaky links come with a side dish of potential downsides. Emotional confusion is a biggie.

Sneaky links can blur the lines between casual and serious, creating a gray area that might lead to a confusing ‘what are we?’ internal dialogue.

1. Emotional Confusion

Sneaky links can feel like you’re in a relationship maze – it’s easy to get lost in the ‘what are we?’ question.

2. Potential for Deceit

The secrecy involved can sometimes create a breeding ground for lies and betrayals. It’s like playing a not-so-fun game of ‘Two Truths and a Lie.’ [Read: 12 types of liars, 15 types of lies they often use and ways to deal with them]

3. Negative Emotional Outcomes

If feelings develop and aren’t reciprocated, heartbreak and disappointment might make an unwelcome appearance. It’s like the unwanted party guest of the emotional world.

4. Lack of Emotional Fulfillment

Sneaky links might not satisfy our psychological needs for competence and relatedness, potentially leading to dissatisfaction and distress. It’s the equivalent of ordering a three-course meal and only getting served the appetizer. [Read: 80 casual relationship and dating tips and rules to make sure you don’t get hurt in one]

The Hidden Signs You Might Be a Sneaky Link

Let’s take a close look at some of the signs you might be someone’s sneaky link rather than a partner in a relationship. Remember, this isn’t a dating game of hide-and-seek, so if you start noticing these signs, it might be time to have a heart-to-heart about what’s really going on.

1. The Ghost Photographer

They never take photos of you or with you. It’s like they’ve turned ‘incognito mode’ on in real life. [Read: Sneaky people – 20 subtle signs and what defines sneaky behavior in someone]

2. Hide-and-Seek Locations

Your meetups always happen in secluded places or at each other’s homes. If you feel like you’re on a secret spy mission every time you meet, that’s a red flag.

3. The Owl Schedule

You mainly meet up at odd hours, especially late at night. Unless they’re a superhero with night duties, this is a questionable sign.

4. Social Media Desert

Your interactions on social media are as scarce as a desert. If you’re getting more likes from a random bot than them, take note. [Read: The toxic dangers of social media and 19 signs & ways it makes you feel insecure]

5. Vagabond Future Plans

Discussions about the future are as vague as the plot of an avant-garde film. If “we’ll see” is their go-to phrase, you might want to rethink things.

6. Emotional Detachment

They show as much emotional attachment as a cat ignoring its owner. It’s all fun and games until someone catches feelings, and it’s not them.

7. Limited Chit-Chat

Communication mainly revolves around arranging meetups. If your conversations lack depth and daily life sharing, you might be onto something. [Read: Does he like me? 101 subtle signs and body language clues guys can’t hide]

8. Evidence-Free Zone

They’re reluctant to leave any evidence of your relationship, be it text messages or gifts. If they’re more concerned about deleting their chat history than having a chat with you, that’s another sign.

9. The Secret Keeper

They get upset when you talk about them to other people. If they’re more secretive than a magician with their tricks, it’s time to pull back the curtain.

10. The Unknown Entity

Their family and friends don’t know you exist. If you feel like a character in a hidden subplot, you should demand a bigger role. [Read: How to tell if someone is using you – 22 signs a user just can’t hide]

How to Ask Someone to Be Your Sneaky Link

Navigating these waters can be a little tricky, but don’t worry, I’ve got your back. Think of this as a mix between a diplomacy mission and asking someone if they’d like to join you on a rollercoaster – you need to be respectful, clear, and a little bit exciting.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to ask someone to be your sneaky link:

Step 1: Make Sure You’re on the Same Page

Before diving in, make sure the other person is interested in a casual relationship.

Look for cues in your conversations and interactions. It’s crucial to ensure that you’re not steering a love-boat when the other person is looking for a speedboat. [Read: 26 secrets and ways to ask a guy to be an FWB or hook up with you]

Step 2: Choose the Right Moment

This isn’t a conversation for a crowded bar or a rushed morning coffee break.

Find a quiet, relaxed setting where you both feel comfortable and can talk freely. You’re about to change the tone of your relationship, so setting the right scene is important.

Step 3: Be Direct and Honest

Clearly communicate what you want from this relationship. Use straightforward language to explain what a “sneaky link” means to you – the secrecy, the casual nature, and the absence of commitment. [Read: Meaningless sex and how to see the signs if you’re ready for it]

If you’re clear about what you’re proposing, there’s less chance of misunderstandings later on.

Step 4: Express Your Respect for Them

Emphasize that this proposition comes from a place of respect and understanding. You’re not asking for a sneaky link because you don’t value them – quite the opposite.

You enjoy their company and want to explore this connection further in a way that suits your current lifestyle and preferences. [Read: 19 Truths to respect yourself in a relationship and stop being a pushover]

Step 5: Gauge Their Reaction

Pay close attention to how they respond. Look for signs of confusion, unease, or discomfort. If you notice any, reassure them that it’s perfectly fine if they’re not interested or need time to think about it.

Step 6: Reinforce Open Communication

Even if they agree, remind them that they can always change their mind later on. Encourage open communication and regular check-ins to ensure both of you remain comfortable with the arrangement.

Asking someone to be your sneaky link is a delicate task, like threading a needle while doing the cha-cha. [Read: 18 Secrets to get a man to open up, communicate, and understand you]

It’s essential to be respectful, direct, and open throughout the process. And remember, no matter the outcome, it’s the courage to be honest and upfront that counts! 

The Sneaky Link and Communication

Communication is the backbone of any relationship, be it a romantic saga, a casual fling, or a sneaky link. It’s like the Wi-Fi connection of your love life – without it, you’re stuck buffering and can’t move forward.

Let’s delve into the concept of honesty in this context. According to Self-Determination Theory *SDT*, we humans have three basic psychological needs: competence, autonomy, and relatedness. Now, imagine you’re a human Wi-Fi router.

To have a strong signal *read: emotional well-being*, you need all three bars of Wi-Fi strength: competence *being effective in your interactions*, autonomy *feeling in control*, and relatedness *feeling connected with others*.

When you’re in a sneaky link, you might feel autonomous and competent because you’re navigating this secret romance. But when it comes to relatedness, you might find your Wi-Fi signal wavering.

Why? Because true relatedness requires honesty and openness – and that’s a tough game to play when your relationship is more covert than a top-secret mission.

Now, let’s bring in the Cognitive Dissonance Theory. This psychological gem tells us that when there’s a conflict between our actions and beliefs, we experience discomfort.

So, if you’re someone who values honesty and openness but find yourself in a sneaky link, you might feel a mental itch you just can’t scratch. You’re living a contradiction, like a cat trying to act like a dog. It’s possible, but boy, it’s uncomfortable.

Here’s where we bump into the beautiful irony of the “sneaky link” – it’s only sneaky if it’s a secret, but relationships thrive on openness and honesty.

It’s a little like trying to stay dry while swimming – somewhat counterintuitive, isn’t it? [Read: The most common types of affairs and 20 signs and reasons people get into one]

This doesn’t mean a sneaky link can’t work out, but you’ll need to keep a close eye on your internal Wi-Fi signal and adjust your approach if you notice it weakening.

In the end, a sneaky link can feel like a thrilling rollercoaster ride. But remember, even the most thrilling rides come with safety measures. In this case, that safety measure is clear and open communication. Don’t forget to buckle up!

How to Navigate a Sneaky Link

Let’s embark on the journey of navigating the waters of a sneaky link. It’s a bit like sailing in uncharted territory – you’ll need a sturdy ship *that’s you*, an accurate compass *your emotional intelligence*, and the ability to read the stars *your self-awareness*.

Part A: Managing a Sneaky Link

1. Boost Your Self-Awareness

Know what you want from the relationship. Are you looking for fun, experimentation, or a bit of mystery?

Identifying your needs can help you determine whether this casual, secret arrangement is right for you. [Read: 55 Secrets and self-love habits to build confidence and realize your worth]

2. Exercise Emotional Intelligence

Keep a pulse on your emotions and the emotions of your partner.

Emotions can sneak up on us *pun intended*, so it’s essential to regularly check in with how you’re feeling. If you notice any unexpected feelings cropping up, like jealousy or deep attachment, it may be time to reassess.

3. Practice Assertive Communication

Always express your feelings, needs, and boundaries clearly. It’s crucial to be open about what’s okay and what’s not. Remember, you’re in this for enjoyment – not to win the award for the Best Silent Sufferer. [Read: 17 Confident ways to be more assertive and speak your mind loud and clear]

Part B: Transitioning Out of a Sneaky Link

1. Acknowledge Your Feelings

Realizing that a sneaky link is no longer serving you is the first step. It’s okay to admit that your feelings have changed or that you want something different.

2. Plan Your Conversation

It’s best to have a clear idea of what you want to communicate before starting the discussion. Reflect on why you’re leaving and what you’re seeking instead.

3. Speak Your Truth

Communicate your decision in a straightforward, respectful manner. Keep the focus on your feelings and experiences. Using ‘I’ statements can be helpful, like “I feel…” or “I have realized…” [Read: 57 Simple life questions to get to know yourself and truths to visualize your future]

4. Practice Self-Care

Transitioning out of a sneaky link can be emotionally taxing. Be gentle with yourself. Engage in activities that promote relaxation and happiness, and reach out to supportive friends or family members.

Navigating a sneaky link is like dancing a tango – it requires clear steps, mutual understanding, and the ability to change direction if the rhythm calls for it. And remember, it’s not about how good you are at dancing, but how you enjoy every step of the dance!

The Must-Know Signs a Sneaky Link is Falling for You

People can express their feelings in many different ways, and these signals might be even more subtle in a sneaky link situation due to its secretive nature. [Read: 78 Cute signs of attraction to know a guy is catching feelings and falling hard]

Here’s a guide to uncovering the mysteries of the human heart!

1. Frequency of Contact Increases

They start reaching out to you more often and not just for arranging meetups. The increase in communication might be about everyday life, shared interests, or random thoughts.

2. They Show Genuine Interest in You

They’re more curious about your day, your interests, and your feelings. They remember the small details you share and often refer back to them.

It’s as if they’ve taken on the role of your biographer, with every chapter more interesting than the last.

3. There’s More Emotional Sharing

They start to open up more about their own life and feelings. Their conversation starts to have more depth, much like a multi-layered cake with layers of emotions and experiences. [Read: 19 Reasons why we’re afraid to open up to people and steps to overcome it]

4. Their Actions Reflect Care

They might show this in various ways like checking in on you when you’re feeling unwell, being there for you when you’re in a bad mood, or even making sacrifices to see you. These actions are like tiny love notes in the grand notebook of affection.

5. Non-Sexual Intimacy Increases

The intimacy between you extends beyond the physical. This might involve more cuddling, spending time together without being physical, or engaging in activities that couples typically do.

6. The ‘L’ Word Sneaks In

Whether it’s a slipped out “I love you” or more subtle expressions of affection, if they’re expressing love, they’re likely falling for you. [Read: Does he love me? 86 warm signs he’s past like and seriously in love with you]

7. Their Time Priorities Change

They start making more time for you, even at the expense of other activities or commitments. It’s like you’ve become their favorite TV show that they just can’t miss!

8. The Future Sneaks Into Conversations

They start to bring up the future more, imagining scenarios that involve both of you. It’s as if they’re writing a script for a movie featuring both of you as the main characters.

9. You See A Shift in Their Body Language

They lean into you more, make more eye contact, and their touch lingers a bit longer. They might not say it, but their body is doing a pretty good job of spelling it out. [Read: Body language attraction – 58 male and female signs and how to read and use them]

10. Jealousy Makes a Sneaky Appearance

They start showing signs of jealousy when you talk about others, especially those you could potentially be interested in. It’s like they’ve become a detective, closely following any potential ‘suspects’.

11. They Begin to Open Up About Deep Personal Matters

Your sneaky link trusts you enough to share their secrets, fears, and dreams with you. They let you into their world, making you feel like you’re part of a secret, exclusive club.

12. They Start to Introduce You to Their Close Friends or Family

This might happen in a very casual or ‘accidental’ way. It’s like you’re a secret special guest star in the sitcom of their life. [Read: 18 Signs it’s time and ways to prepare your partner to mee the parents]

Remember, these signs aren’t a foolproof method to know if someone is falling for you. They’re like little breadcrumbs on the path of love.

The best way to truly know someone’s feelings is through open and honest communication. So don’t be afraid to turn on the metaphorical flashlight and navigate your way through the labyrinth of emotions.

The Must-Know Sneaky Link Rules to Have a Good One

The world of sneaky links is a bit like a secret society with its own set of guidelines. But unlike some societies, these aren’t carved into stone. [Read: 25 Friends with benefits rules to make sure you have a happy ending]

They are, instead, flexible and can be adapted based on individual needs and preferences.

Here are a few general ‘rules’ for those embarking on this covert journey:

1. Maintain Discretion

The whole point of a sneaky link is that it’s “sneaky,” so discretion is key. It’s like being a part of a secret book club that only reads mystery novels. [Read: Sneaky sex at work – the pros and cons of banging on the job]

2. Set Clear Boundaries

Have a discussion about what is acceptable and what is not in this relationship. This might involve everything from emotional boundaries to time commitments. It’s like drawing a treasure map, where ‘X’ marks what’s off-limits.

3. Keep Emotions in Check

Sneaky links typically involve less emotional attachment, so it’s important to keep your feelings in check. Remember, you’re in this for the fun, not the romantic drama!

4. Honest Communication is Essential

Be open about your expectations and feelings. If you start developing deeper feelings, be honest about it. It’s like giving a weather forecast for your emotional landscape – you wouldn’t want a surprise storm, would you? [Read: 42 Secrets to communicate better in a relationship and ways to fix a lack of it]

5. Safety First

Always practice safe and consensual intimacy. It’s important to take care of your physical and emotional health. It’s like wearing a seatbelt on this rollercoaster ride.

6. No Expectations of Commitment

Remember that sneaky links are usually non-committal. If you’re expecting a full-blown relationship, it might be time to reassess.

7. Enjoy the Moment

Lastly, enjoy the thrill and fun that comes with a sneaky link. It’s about having a good time, after all! [Read: 32 Secrets to be present and live in the moment when life is speeding past you]

8. Avoid Public Displays of Affection

Since discretion is the name of the game, public displays of affection can be a bit like revealing a magician’s secret – it spoils the whole act.

9. Be Prepared for an Exit

Understand that sneaky links can often have a short shelf-life. Like a thrilling novel, it may end abruptly, and it’s better to be prepared for that finale.

10. Respect Each Other’s Personal Lives

Respect boundaries about not digging into each other’s personal lives. It’s like entering a library with sections you’re not allowed to read from. [Read: How to know when to give someone space – 19 signs they’re sick of you]

11. Stay Emotionally Balanced

It’s important to remain emotionally grounded. Sneaky links are typically light-hearted and low-pressure, so avoid the emotional rollercoaster as much as possible.

12. Understand It Might Not Lead to a Relationship

Most sneaky links don’t evolve into full-fledged relationships. It’s like watching a movie – you can enjoy the show without expecting a sequel.

13. Always Have an Open Line of Communication

Despite being a casual arrangement, it’s important to talk if there’s any discomfort, change in feelings, or need to end things. [Read: How to express your feelings 16 must-know ideas to speak your mind]

The principle of open communication is universal, no matter how casual the context.

14. Leave No Trace

Like a true sneaky link operative, try not to leave traces, such as belongings at each other’s place. Remember, you’re more of a secret agent than a permanent roommate.

The foundation of any relationship, be it a sneaky link or not, should always be respect and consent. [Read: Casual Relationship – 80 casual dating tips and rules not to get hurt or attached]

It’s like the secret handshake of a well-functioning relationship – unique to each situation but vital for all. Happy sneaking!

Final Thoughts

Sneaky links are not just fun and games. This sneaky business can involve some real emotions, and you’ve got to be armed with self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and assertive communication to navigate these shadowy corridors.

On one hand, the world of sneaky links can feel like a liberating playground, providing a space to explore your desires, have a good laugh, and perhaps grow a little as a person. [Read: Fling to relationship – 31 signs you’re moving from something casual to love]

On the other hand, it could potentially invite emotional confusion and the risk of negative emotional outcomes. Weigh your pros and cons like you would while deciding whether to buy that extravagant but oh-so-pretty pair of shoes!

However, remember that you’re always in the driver’s seat. Whether you want to rev up the engine and enjoy the ride, or park the car and head out on foot, the choice is yours. Just buckle up, follow the traffic rules, and enjoy the scenery!

Keep learning, keep exploring, and remember – whether you’re sneaky linking or seeking a deep romantic connection, the key is to understand and respect your own feelings as well as those of others. 

After all, relationships – sneaky or not – are the dance of two souls, so make sure you’re dancing to a tune you love!

[Read: 46 Signs she’s emotionally unavailable and not ready for a relationship with you]

Here’s to all the sneaky links and honest hearts out there – may your adventures be thrilling, your experiences enriching, and your heart always guided by wisdom and joy. Go forth and enjoy your secret fling, stay sneaky and keep smiling!

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