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30 Hot, Sexting Examples to Start a Naughty Text Marathon

Met someone new, and need advice for when things get sexy? Here are 30 sexting examples to get a head start on texting dirty, and steaming it up.

sexting examples

Sexting is an art form, capable of bringing two interested individuals together for the first time, or keeping an established couple passionate about each other. A crucial, yet often forgotten part of sexual arousal is the verbal part—the one everyone rushes past—so if you need some help, you came to the right place.

The following list is a collection of sexting examples to choose from, ranging from tame, to toe-curling. Once you sext, things tend to escalate, so being covered from beginning to end is preferable. [Read: Should you sext? Study shows you should start now!]

How to sext – 30 sexting examples for you dirty, dirty people

#1 “You going to be alone tonight? Want to play a game?” This starts things off simply, and safely. If they’re not up for sexy business, just say you meant a silly game. Sure, they know it’s not true, but it makes you look cute instead of creepy. [Read: Sexy, naughty texting games to have fun all night long]

#2 “I bet you’d be amazing in bed.” Direct, insinuating you have been entertaining thoughts, but not over the top.

#3 “I can give you a hand, if you want.” Casual, but forward. Don’t use this unless you’ve been flirting or dancing around things for a while.

#4 “I’m about to get in bed, want to join?” Another direct one, this is silly, but fun to use on someone you’ve been talking to for a bit.

#5 “I’m imagining you’re with me right now…” This is a bit more serious, and a bit more romantic—great for long-distance couples trying to be sweet. [Read: 8 steamy sex tips to get naughty on Skype]

#6 “Thinking about kissing you… everywhere.” Here’s the first real example of doing “physical” things with the person. This opens their mind to imagine how you’d start things off.

#7 “I’ve been wondering lately… about what you’d do to me.” This is a gateway to get the person to tell you what’s on their mind. From here, things can get interesting.

#8 “Be honest… have you ever fantasized about me?” Classic tactic of using honesty to get the fire going.

#9 “I think I want you.” Sexy and simple, this is good to use when you’re unsure and shy, but ready for something to happen. [Read: 12 super-steamy sexting tips to turn a guy on instantly]

#10 “I don’t know why, but all I want is sex right now.” Blunt—and hot—this will get their mind wandering to all corners of your body.

#11 “I need you here. Now.” This sounds desperate, but a sexy desperation, like you’re dying for them to be there and touch you.

#12 “I’m dying to find out if you’re as good in real life as you are in my fantasies.” Admitting you’ve thought about them opens up a path for them to admit their inner desires. [Read: 40 naughty sexts to keep things hot and horny]

#13 “I keep touching myself.” This sets an image in their mind, one that gets them going. Things will only escalate from here.

#14 “Can I have my way with you?” This one is asking for permission before you transition from sexy to hot and steady. After this, things get pretty intense—but not overly intense yet.

#15 “I want to serve you.” Clearly, you’re all about giving, and you want this person to tell you their inner desires.

#16 “I am so into you, I want to be in you right now.” A powerful mental image goes with this line, and it’s one they’re dying to visualize.

#17 “I feel wasted just by looking at your pictures.” As if to say, they’re so hot, you’re ready to explode.

#18 “If you could do anything you wanted to me, what would you do?” This lets you in on their inner thoughts and desires. Not only will you learn a lot, they’ll be trying to turn you on, too, so it’s a win-win. [Read: 50 sexy and dirty things to say to your boyfriend]

#19 “I don’t know what you did to me last night, but…” This is assuming you’ve slept together or have done something sexual already—preferably the previous night.

#20 “My _______ gets super ________ when I think about you.” Fill in the blanks, and go tame *kind of*, or all-out graphic.

#21 “You’re a dirty little boy/girl, aren’t you?” Asking them if they’re dirty, when you already know it, is a classic turn-on.

#22 “I’m going to wait until you’re begging for more…” This is slightly cocky, but in the best of ways. This means you know you’ve got them going crazy over you.

#23 “Promise not to stop, even if I ask you to?” This gives them the green light to try some roughness, despite what you might scream out in the throes of passion—within reason, of course.

#24 “Could you go nice and hard on me?” This signals that you want things to get rough, and you want to know if they do, too. It’s a sexy method of clarifying your wants and needs. [Read: 23 sexy tips to talk dirty and say the sexiest words]

#25 “I want to go deep inside you, hard.” The visual is only part of it; this line is going to make the person feel something below the belt.

#26 “I want you to pull my ________, and force my ________ on your ________.” This can get super raunchy and hot, but you can take it in a few directions. Your call.

#27 “I’m going to hold your hands down and….” This means you’re going to essentially have your way with the person, which is pretty hot… unless they’re not into it.

#28 “Are you going to _______ for me, baby?” Many ways to take this, too, from tame to raunchy. If you’ve been sexting for a while, try your hand at being a little risky. [Read: 36 racy, random questions for flirty guys and girls]

#29 “I’m going to _______ you so good tonight.” This leans more toward dirty, so be careful to use this one once you two are comfortable.

#30 “Mmm, I want to taste myself on your ______.” Dirty! All the way! Don’t use this one on someone random; do it with someone you’ve been talking to for a while.

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There you have it: a list of sexting examples to get your creativity going. Remember to start off tame, and escalate into something more, so the passion and desire burn slowly into a roaring fire. The key to sexting is patience. Being too rushed isn’t a good idea, as a fire burning too hot will just become too much too soon.

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Use these sexting examples, but remember that being raunchy together is fun, but it’s important to match the other person’s pace while sexting. Have fun and don’t be afraid to get dirty, should it come down to it!

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