Seductive Selfie: 57 Best Sexy Selfie Poses & Tips to Show Yourself Off

Taking sexy pictures is more complex than you might think. You need to learn some sexy poses and take heed of our tips, then you’ll be driving them wild!

sexy selfie poses

When it comes to selfies, they’re not that easy to take. You might think you just take a photo of yourself—simple and easy. But there’s more that goes into it… a lot more! So, if you want to master the selfie game and wow everyone on your social media, it’s time to learn some sexy poses and nail them every time.

Influencers might make it look like it’s as simple as waking up and snapping a selfie, looking flawless and shining, but it’s not that simple.

Nobody looks that great when they wake up and believe us, there’s plenty of filters and makeup going into those snaps! It comes down to practice and a few trade tips.

So, if you suck at taking selfies, it’s time to change it and supercharge your Instagram profile. [Read: 26 secrets for men to take a good selfie and look totally cool and photogenic]

Confidence is the key to sexy selfies

Looking sexy in a selfie can come down to the angle, the lighting, or even what you’re wearing. But, even if you follow every tip on this list, confidence is key. Remember, looking sexy is about feeling sexy.

You may not know this, but your face is full of micro-expressions that change several times within a second without you even realizing it!

If you’re wondering why you suddenly look more awkward or “weird” in a photo when you posed perfectly, now you know why! [Read: How to look fabulous and appealing when trying to get attention]

If you’re not comfortable and feeling sexy from within, the camera captures a subtle change in these micro-expressions as the camera’s shutters close, and your expression can be seen in the photo.

When you’re relaxed, confident, and feeling sexy, you always look better on camera and more genuine as well. Knowing you look damn fine and feel good in your skin is the sexiest thing. [Read: How to feel more confident in your body and fall in love with YOU]

How to take sexy pictures: The most important things to know

Taking a perfect selfie is mostly based on what you’re not showing on camera, and the little tips and tricks that selfie champions use to look effortless.

You don’t need a reason to take a selfie, but you should know how to take the right one. So, here is all you need to know about how to take sexy pictures. [Read: A photographer’s guide on how to take sexy pictures]

1. There are no official rules

There aren’t any “official” rules when it comes to taking a selfie. Much of it is you experimenting and figuring out what works for your body.

Of course, the tips below can help you, but for some of you, they’ll do the opposite. So, test these tips out, but don’t get bummed out if they don’t do you justice. Everyone is different. [Read: How to glow up and instantly transform inside and out]

2. Get in the mood

When it comes to taking a killer selfie, mood matters. For sure, you can take selfies when you’re feeling a bit down, but the best selfies are when you have the confidence of a bull.

When you love yourself and are in the mood to throw some looks at the camera, start taking selfies.

3. Don’t overdo it

Nowadays, people are focusing too much on pouting or pushing their breasts out for the camera. But you don’t need to overdo it. In the selfie world, less is more.

When it comes to posing, chill out. The best shots are when you’re relaxed and natural. If you’re trying to look like a Vogue model, it’s not going to work. [Read: 18 ways to become more spontaneous in life]

4. Wear what you love

If you’re most confident in underwear and bra, then wear them. If you prefer to wear jeans and a T-shirt, put them on.

The best selfies are when you’re feeling confident and sexy. If you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing, it’ll show. So, don’t dress yourself up in something you think other people will like. Wear what you like.

5. Master the art of lighting

When it comes to taking the perfect selfie, it’s all about the lighting. With the right light, you can look stunning.

Choose sensual, yellow light. It’ll create a warm and sexy atmosphere, picking out your best features. Spend time playing around with the light and find the perfect angle. [Read: Lights on or off? The real score on bedroom lighting]

6. Check the background

You can look amazing but if the background is a mess, it’s really going to detract from the impact you’re trying to make!

Don’t take a snap with a sink load of dishes in the background. Equally, don’t take your selfie when you’re in the bathroom—toilet selfies are never a good idea!

7. Try a filter, but don’t make it obvious

There’s nothing wrong with using filters but don’t make it so obvious that you’ve changed everything. Also, don’t change anything about your actual appearance.

Sure, there are apps that smooth out your skin, get rid of blemishes, make your chin look smaller, and suck in your waist, but that’s not you! A selfie is called a selfie because it’s you taking a photo of your actual face and body!

Of course, play around with lighting filters and sharpness but that’s its, no facial or body alterations! [Read: Sense of self – what it is, 36 signs, tips, and steps to raise it and feel great]

8. Beware of shadows

We’ve talked about lighting but you need to be very careful of shadows making their way across your face or causing an odd line in your picture.

Sure, some snaps might look moody and cute with a shadow but overall, they do nothing for the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve!

9. Smile, don’t pout

Unless your smile has an actual pout element to it, don’t fake it. There is nothing worse than duck lips! You have a beautiful smile, so make sure you use it. [Read: 17 life secrets to smile more often, feel great, and laugh your stress away]

10. Try not to use flash

If you really need to because of low lighting, using your camera’s flash is fine but mostly, it gives you red demon eyes and makes your complexion look odd. Flash is fake and that’s not what we’re going for here.

Selfies are far better when taken in natural light. So, wherever possible, take your selfies in the daytime when the sun is out.

11. Know your best features

This takes a while. Honestly, it’s not easy to see your best features sometimes.

So, take some time and look at yourself, look at your body, your face, and see what parts of you are beautiful. Of course, we all have parts that we don’t like, but it’s a selfie. You decide what you show. [Read: How to be sexier – 15 ways to unleash the sex goddess hidden within]

12. Play with your face

This may sound silly, but have a go with playing around with your facial expressions. Pout, wink, stick your tongue out, and tilt your face at every angle. As strange as it sounds, the benefits of this are actually multiple.

Firstly, seeing your face in all sorts of poses will give you more insight into what your best angles are. Also, when you’re standing there for a prolonged selfie session, holding the same poses can cause the muscles in your face to tense up.

So, relaxing your face to pull some silly faces can ease those muscles and give your selfies a much more chilled and easy-going look.

13. Mirrors are your friend

There’s no need to do crazy backbends to take a cute butt selfie. Instead, just use a mirror. Whether it’s a bathroom mirror or a full-length mirror, you’ll be able to use your back-facing camera to take the best shot.

Sure, the mirror selfie may be a 2006 trend, but it is back and better than ever. Just be sure your mirror is clean, and your flash is off, and it will be sexy as hell. [Read: How to take a good selfie and look cute every time you snap a photo]

14. This isn’t a race

Of course, some people can pick up their phone, take a sexy selfie, and put their phone away all in the blink of an eye. They’re just naturals!

For the rest of us, it takes a little more work and a lot more time. This isn’t a bad thing. It just means you need to take a couple more selfies to get it right. Who said selfie-taking was easy? It’s a lot of work and practice.

15. Take selfies in different types of clothes

Or don’t wear clothes. The point is, you need to wear or not wear clothing that makes you sexy. How else will you get into the vibe of sexy selfie-taking?

Plus, there’s something about wearing a sexy outfit that makes you feel empowered, and it shows on camera. If you feel sexy in lingerie, great. If you prefer a T-shirt and sweats, even better.

We mentioned wearing clothes you feel comfortable in earlier but you could also play around with different outfits and see how your selfies turn out. [Read: How to take really sexy nudes – 36 tips for the sexiest naked selfies ever]

16. Take selfies that are sexy to you

Take a selfie that you feel is sexy. Don’t try to mimic someone because you think other people will like it. Screw the others. This is about you.

However you take the photo and however you feel while taking it shows on camera. Remember that. So, if you think it’s sexy, so will other people.

17. Who cares if the selfie’s blurry

If you take a selfie that comes out blurry, don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be clear. If anything, the blurriness adds a little mystery to the whole thing. It’s artsy.

If you send the photo to someone *cough cough* they’re not going to care if the photo is blurry. [Read: How to send naughty pictures and not get into trouble]

18. Pose naturally

If you look at any celebrity’s selfies, you see they all have a signature look. This look, of course, is super sexy, but it’s also what’s comfortable for them to pose in.

Pose in positions and facial expressions that feel natural to you. Or else you look forced, and it comes off as awkward.

19. Practice sexy selfie poses in the mirror

We’ve just mentioned posing naturally, but if you want to increase the sexiness, try some sexy selfie poses. We know you’ll probably feel silly at first, but this really does help. Knowing which angles are your best ones takes time and the only way to figure it out is to look at yourself.

So get in front of a full-length mirror and start looking at yourself. You can even try to mimic poses of great nudies you see on the internet. So long as you feel good doing them and you think they look good, you can do them when you snap a selfie. [Read: 22 honest secrets to look good naked and feel great without any clothes]

20. Practice until you find the right angles

Everyone has angles that work best for them. You just have to find yours. Certain angles of other images you’ve seen online will never work for you. It’s really up to you to practice and figure out what makes your body look the best.

But you also want to remember that your partner might find certain angles more attractive than what you think are good. So experiment with a few different types and gauge their reaction too.

21. Take pictures of what your partner wants to see

You may think your booty isn’t very photographable, but your significant other might argue that. And that’s especially true if they’re the booty-loving type.

Just make sure you’re taking photos you know they’ll like. Think about all the areas they pay the most attention to in the bedroom. Photograph those and send them on over. They’ll be itching to get their mouth on you. [Read: How to make a guy horny and rock hard just by sitting next to him]

22. Invest in a selfie stick

Not everyone can take great selfies. Those of you on the smaller side just can’t get your arm far enough away. If you want to up your selfie game, get a stick!

You can fit a lot more in your picture if you use a selfie stick, meaning that you’ll have a lot more freedom of what to snap and send. [Read: How to take a good selfie and look great with every snap of the photo]

23. Use what you’re wearing as a prop

Your clothes can actually be great for you. They can work to your advantage if you want to snap a quick sexy picture at work.

If you’re wearing a blouse and a sexy lace bra underneath, just give your partner a peek. It’s really a great way to remain clothed but send a hot photo. Knowing how to take sexy pictures doesn’t always mean going nude.

24. Keep in mind that naked isn’t automatically sexy

A common misconception among many is that a nude photo is equal to a sexy photo. Posting a straight nude is like recklessly going all out in a poker game. It gets its intended effect at first, but its perceived sexiness diminishes later on as there’s nothing left for your audience to see.

As you later discover, implied nudity is sexier because it teases and makes your viewer, or viewers, want more. [Read: Seductive tease – 20 tantalizing ways to blow your lover’s mind]

25. Don’t be afraid to look for ideas online

After all, the professionals do it too. Getting ideas before posing and snapping a photo allows you more room for preparation and inspires your creativity in defining how your own body translates into something sexy.

If you want to know how to take a sexy picture, the Internet provides a whole resource of sexy photo poses for you to imitate, modify, and improve. [Read: How to dirty talk – 36 sexy tips and 55 examples to turn anyone on with words]

26. Use props

Using props adds spice to a sexy photo by giving it a playful appeal.

Just like an outfit, props give way to a lot of creative options for your sexy photo. Everyday household items such as an apron worn over your naked body, plush toys to cover up your best bits, or ice cream melting over your chest elevate your sexy photo to a new level. [Read: Boudoir photography – what it is, 47 tips, best poses, types, and how to make it hot]

27. Compose carefully

Composition is the way a photographer places the subject into the frame to guide the viewer’s eyes in looking at the photo. Bad composition ruins the image quality even if the subject is visually appealing.

Composition is important in taking sexy photos. On the other hand, a properly composed photo has the ability to trick the viewer’s eyes in a way that the subject appears more appealing than it actually is. [Read: How to flirt on Snapchat – 21 flirting rules to keep things naughty and fun]

Some useful composition tips:

1. Taking a photo from a high angle makes your body look smaller as it places your body’s length along the photo’s vanishing point. This also emphasizes the thing closest to the camera: your cleavage, pecs, or face.

2. In the same way, placing yourself in the dead center of the frame makes you look slimmer. The edges of the camera lens have a little distortion that stretches the image so putting the subject in the center takes it away from distortion.

3. Use the proper frame orientation. Portrait orientation is for close-up selfies, while landscape orientation is best for full-body photos. [Read: Thirst trap – what it is, why it screams ‘I want attention,’ and how to ace it]

28. Look directly at the camera

Looking directly at the camera lens is like directly looking at your viewer. It adds sexiness by implying an interaction between the subject and the viewer. This is a key point when learning how to take sexy pictures. [Read: Subtle eye contact flirting tips to catch someone’s eye from afar]

29. Don’t rely too much on filters and editing

A common mortal sin committed by the sexy selfie-posting mob is the liberal use of filters and other photo editing apps to “enhance” their photo. Using these too often of these defeats the purpose of taking a sexy photo. And it only serves to make the photo look unnatural.

Superior sexy photos are those taken with proper lighting, creative poses, and superb composition. [Read: How to take sexy pictures and look great no matter where you are]

30. Utilize the focus tool

The focus tool on your camera will help to give you those crisp, sharp edges that make your selfie look super-professional. It can also give your viewers or partner a much better view of you, without blurriness or the background taking over the shot.

31. Don’t overthink things

Look, it’s a selfie, it’s not a professional shoot for a high-quality magazine. Chill out and have fun with it! If you start overthinking everything, you’re going to look uptight and it won’t make for a good selfie. [Read: How to stop overthinking – secrets to go from overthinker to relaxer]

32. Arch that back

There is something sexy about an arched back; it’s the delicious curve waiting to be touched! So, when you’re putting together your sexy selfie pose, make sure you add a back arch into it for extra sexiness!

33. Stand on your tiptoes

Standing on your tip toes will lengthen your torso and will also make your legs look longer and leaner. It’s also a way to stand tall and appear confident—something you definitely need when taking sexy selfies.

If you need a bit of support while standing on your tip toes, just gently hold onto a chair or the wall—don’t cling to it for dear life! [Read: Body language attraction – 58 male and female signs and how to read and use them]

34. Shoot from below

Take selfies from an angle below, including from below your face if you want to accentuate your jawline. This makes you look slimmer and extends the body for extra sexiness.

35. Golden hour shots are easier when you plan ahead

That beautiful orange glow of golden hour makes sexy selfies look amazing, but there is a certain amount of planning that needs to go into it! Don’t just turn up and wait for the right lighting; it really does depend on a specific time of day.

Check online to find out when sunset is supposed to be and plan accordingly. This is especially important if you’re overseas on vacation and not used to the regular sun-setting time. [Read: Tips to have a great time when you travel as a couple]

36. Put one hand in your pocket

When choosing your sexy selfie poses, putting one hand in your pocket implies that you’re laid-back and approachable. It’s a casual pose that makes people feel at ease, but when you add a sexy, sultry gaze, it goes up a notch on the sex-o-meter!

37. Posture is everything

A slouched selfie isn’t a sexy one. You might be more comfortable slouched over, chilling out, but it won’t make your selfie look good. Instead, put your shoulders back, hold your head up high, and walk tall.

38. Try the hip tilt

A little kick out of the hip can be super-sexy and gives you a wonderful curve to both sides of your body. Just don’t extend it too much or you’ll end up looking like a teapot, or people will wonder if you’ve got back ache! [Read: 25 subtle secrets to charm a guy and make him think fondly of you 24/7]

39. Hype up your photographer

If someone else is taking your photos for you, give them some credit! You’re probably going to ask them to take a million photos before you get the one you want and they’re bound to get tired. Hype them up a little and they’ll be more inclined to keep going!

Always hype up your photographer if you’re feeling nervous because they’ll probably have to take a million photos. [Read: 40 ways to have fun with friends, beat boredom, and create new memories]

The best and hottest sexy selfie poses to try out

Now that you know the selfie essentials, here is how to take sexy pictures with some sexy selfie poses for you to try out.

1. Lying on your stomach with your upper body elevated

It’s one of the most popular sexy selfie poses for a reason. You can’t go wrong with this pose! It’s alluring, it’s sexy, and it drags you in.

2. Lying on the bed, on your back

Lay on your back, taking the shot above you. You can be in clothes or in your underwear; it doesn’t really matter because this will automatically make you look sexy. [Read: Lingerie selfies – how to perfect the art of foreplay from afar]

3. In front of a mirror

If you have a mirror, then why aren’t you using it for selfies? Mirrors are great for selfies as you can play around with angles, even getting full-body shots.

When using a mirror, play around with the angles. Maybe an over-the-shoulder shot will show off your curves. This is a strong move when learning how to take sexy pictures.

4. Side body shot

If you’re a fan of Kendall Jenner, then you know this pose very well. The side body shot is great if you’re looking to accentuate your booty.

Your curves look their best at this angle, as it elongates your body. You could even try lying on your side and hugging your torso for extra sexy cuteness. [Read: 31 hot secrets to be beautiful and look and feel way more attractive in no time]

5. Add your friends

When it comes to selfies, they’re always better when they’re done with friends. You don’t need to go all out, but having fun with friends can produce some great shots.

Group selfies can be done wherever you like, whether it’s in a bathroom, park, or bar. [Read: Good friends matter are like stars – 18 ways to build lasting friendships]

6. Morning selfie

Not all of us can pull this one off. However, if you give yourself a couple of minutes to wake up, the morning sexy selfie can look angelic and hot. While you’re under the covers, take a photo of yourself in bed.

7. Show off your flexibility

If you’re someone who can do the splits, why not show it off in a selfie? Flexibility is hot! Plus, this is a great selfie to take if you’re planning to send it to your partner.

Whether you’re doing the bridge, yoga poses, handstand, or splits, this will surely get his attention. Learning how to take sexy pictures doesn’t mean you need to go all out, but if you can, go for it! [Read: Extraordinary sex positions saved for the very bendy]

8. The bathroom shot

This is one of those sexy selfie poses you usually see with girls who’ve just been to the gym. They’ll sit on the bathroom sink, resting one leg on it, and take a selfie.

Also known as #sinkbooty, it’s an easy selfie to take and automatically makes your booty pop. Just make sure you can’t see the toilet or anything gross—remember, toilet selfies aren’t cute.

9. Over the shoulder

If you want to catch a glimpse of your booty, then take an over-the-shoulder shot. Get yourself in front of a mirror and try it out. With the right filter and angle, you can make it look like an artsy shot.

You can sit on your heels and look over your shoulder or crouch down for a super-sexy shot.

10. The head tilt

How to take sexy pictures? Tilt your head! You look coy when you tilt your head slightly to one side and have a suggestive smile on your face. Whoever sees it will wonder what’s on your mind, and that’s why it’s one of the sexiest selfies around. [Read: Cute vs hot – 16 unique traits that make a girl very sexy or very adorable]

11. On your knees

The entire pose is pretty suggestive in its own right. But when you take a selfie on your knees and it’s clear the position you’re in, it’s ultra-sexy and will probably make many a head turn for the right reasons.

The best way to do this is to have your legs parted just ever so slightly too, as that will show off your thighs. Or you could get down on all fours with one leg kicked up.

12. Bite your lip

If you’re biting your lip, again, it makes people wonder what you’re thinking about and it also makes people think you’ve done something wrong. They’ll want to know what it is!

This is one of the key moves when learning how to take sexy pictures. [Read: Lip biting – what makes it so and secrets to make it way sexier!]

13. Hand up fixing your hair

This implies that you were caught out as you were getting ready, which is a little coy and sexy. But having your hands up also lengthens your body and shows off your curves.

14. Lying down playing peek-a-boo

It’s cute, it’s sexy, and it’s relaxed. It will make people think you’re playful and fun, with an extra sexy edge! Learning how to take sexy pictures is often about cheekiness and coyness. [Read: Does playing coy actually work? How to do it and be effective AF]

15. Other variations of lying down poses

Lying down is sexy because taking the photo from above will show off all your best angles. But there are lots of variations here:

1. Lying on your back with one leg crossed over

2. Lying on your back with your face to the side

3. Lying with your back arched up

4. Lying with your legs turned to one side or your knees up

5. Lying with your legs up against the wall [Read: Key flirting signs from a woman every man should recognize]

16. Leaning back

Either leaning back or leaning back with your neck stretched are both very sexy selfie poses that will grab the attention. You could also lean back with your knees up, supporting yourself with your arms.

Again, you’re showing off the curves of your body and the leaning pose elongates your torso.

17. Sexy sitting poses

As long as you’re not slouching, sitting can be an approachable and sexy pose to try. When learning how to take sexy pictures, sometimes less is more. [Read: 18 tempting ways to get a guy’s attention wherever you are and wow him]

Here are some options:

1. Sitting on the stairs with your head resting on your hand

2. Sitting on the sofa with your legs stretched out

3. Perched on the edge of a bench

4. Sitting forward with your leg crossed over the other

5. Sitting on the bed with the photo taken from the back [Read: Prolonged eye contact when flirting – what it means and how to do it]

6. Sitting on the bed with your hands on your knees

7. Sitting on a stool, leaning forward

8. Sitting with one leg bent in and the other bent back

18. Sitting with torso obscured

The sexy thing about this pose is that you’re hiding something, i.e. your body! It means people will want to see more, and you’re making them curious! [Read: Why men love staring at breasts]

It’s time to get snapping!

Now you know all the sexy selfie poses and how to take sexy pictures, all that’s left to do is to try. Remember, confidence is key. If you believe you’re looking sexy, you will.

So, choose a pose, smile or pick a sultry expression for the camera, and get everyone staring for all the right reasons!

[Read: Pussy selfies – 16 secrets to take a mouthwatering vagina selfie on the first try

Learning how to take a sexy selfie isn’t that hard. You just need to know the right sexy selfie poses. Use some of these tips the next time you want to take a snap!

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