Emoji Sexting: 30 Fun Emojis to Make Any Text Seem Extra Flirty & Naughty!

Whether you’re in a new relationship or just looking to spice things up with your partner, emoji sexting gives emojis a whole different, hotter meaning!

emoji sexting

Emojis are a certified gift. If technology wants to continue to advance and give us more and more tools to express ourselves both emotionally and sexually, who are we to shy away from it? Get onboard the emoji sexting train! Get your ticket NOW.

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For some of us, this might be a lot to take in. Sexting is the evolved form of phone sex. Texting + sex = sexting. Math has never been easier, folks. You might be getting frisky and hot through text messages, but you could secretly be in the middle of a work meeting. WE DON’T KNOW! How fun is that?

Up your game and throw in a tiny colorful picture to really get your message across, and you’re a winner!

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What is emoji sexting?

Once upon a time, we were limited to expressing our desires via lusty hand-written letters if the objects of our affection weren’t within reach. With the stunning invention of the phone, we were able to participate in phone sex.

Soon, we were able to have cyber sex. We participated in some interesting sexting. Now, we’ve evolved further. We can get all hot and bothered with the help of tiny cartoon-esque pictures.

Emoji sexting is literally just sexting, but you’re only using the whole host of emojis stored within your phone.

Think of emoji sexting as regular sex. The more comfortable you are with the other person and with yourself, the more comfortable you will be sexting with emojis.

Confidence is key, and trust is a huge factor, as well. You need to know that this person isn’t going to be sharing your intimate dirty text messages with their friends. [Read: Flirty emojis that’ll make you a pro flirty texter in no time]

Emoji sexting seems to have taken the world by storm, and many more discreet lovers of the craze have begun using the Snapchat chat feature for emoji sexting.

It’s more secretive and cannot be shared with unless the person you’re emoji sexting screenshots the conversation, at which point you will be notified. [Read: How to master Snapchat sexting and own your lover with your camera]

Pro tip: Allow yourself to laugh when sexting or emoji sexting. It’s sort of awkward and silly! If you allow yourself to have a little fun with it, it gets so much easier and more enjoyable for both parties.

Getting frisky with emoji sexting

Technology has advanced this far to allow us to explore our sexualities even further, and it is still changing today. Who knows what digital/phone sexting will become in 10 years? For now, we have emoji sexting, and it’s pretty great.

Ready to get jiggy with it? Let’s just dive right in. Following is an incredibly extensive list of the top emojis used for emoji sexting:

1. The purple eggplant 🍆

Check out the shape of that bad boy! Sort of phallic-shaped, wouldn’t you say? This royally-hued vegetable represents a pretty well-endowed penis.

Hopefully, you get the chance to use this one frequently to truly flatter your guy’s downstairs accomplishments. [Read: Easy answers to make you a penis know-it-all]

2. The three water drops 💦

The handy dandy water droplets can represent an arsenal of bodily fluids.

Think sweat if you’re feeling like a hot and heavy workout sexcapade. Think cum if you’re on the edge. Maybe even squirting, if that’s your jam. [Read: 17 sexy foreplay moves to get anyone hot and horny]

Think anything wet and slippery because these versatile droplets can represent it all!

3. The tongue 👅

When are you NOT using your tongue during sex? Even if you’re just licking your lips, it’s getting some action.

Combine this one with the eggplant, and you’ve perfectly presented the idea of a blowjob. Pair it with the taco, and somebody has a whole fiesta to look forward to. Sit it next to the peach, and, well, you get the idea. [Read: 39 sexy cunnilingus techniques to give a girl oral sex & tongue her to bliss]

4. The peach 🍑

IS THE BOOTY GOOD!? Let them know! Throw in a heart eyes emoji if the booty is really good. Every lady loves a good butt compliment, so never miss an opportunity during emoji sexting to shoot this one her way!

Dirty it up with the eggplant if you guys are really animals.

5. The double hands 👐

They’re going to need two hands, okay? Maybe there’s too much to love for just one hand!

Here’s a suggestion: use the double hands and the peach together at the same time. TWO HANDS/ONE BOOTY. [Read: 45 sexy ways to start sexting & 50 sext examples to get someone horny]

6. The shocked face 😲

Listen, if you saw a penis as big as an eggplant, you might be a little shocked. Use this one to express how astonished you are at their sexual gifts!

7. The finger bang 👉

If you prefer a more… fingers-on approach to get you going, this is the perfect emoji for you! You can pair it with any vagina-related emoji *or the peach if you dare* to get your point across. [Read: How to initiate sexting and make your partner hot and horny for you]

8. The shower 🚿

Shower sex. The pinnacle of hot, steamy, unclean fun. Use this guy with a winky face to set yourself up for a wet time!

Is there even another legitimate use for this emoji?

9. The camel 🐫

Are you interested in throwing a little off-handed comedy into your emoji sexting? The camel is here for you! It’s the perfect way to say, “I want to hump you,” in a seemingly cuter way. [Read: 27 flirty & naughty emojis guys use if they like you]

10. The taco 🌮

To be frank, the taco is representative of a vagina. A vagina that should be stuffed… with meat. Crude but accurate.

Combine the taco with the eggplant, finger bang, or tongue to really let them know what you want.

11. The booty smack emoji sexting combo 🍑🖐

The peach emoji paired with the open-palmed hand is a HOT emoji combo. Use this combination to depict that you like it a little rough! [Read: Colorful heart emojis and what each of them really means]

12. The booty call emoji sexting combo 🍑📞

Emoji sexting is so fun because there seems to be a truly unlimited number of combinations!

Use the peach and the phone to really drive that booty call request home. As an added bonus, this one adds some light humor if you two are in a committed relationship. You know… since booty calls are for the late-night lonely singles!

13. Dead face ☠

You’re going to orgasm to the point of near death, wear your bodies out, and love every second of it.

What better way to say it than to express it with a good old skull and crossbones? You can also use the classic yellow emoji face with the X eyes. [Read: Aggressive sex – wild ways to do it right if you like it rough]

14. The banana 🍌

While the banana used to be the most popular food item for slightly immature penis comparisons, we’ve moved on. The eggplant is bigger and better and has taken over as the number one phallic edible.

However, that doesn’t mean that the tried and true banana has no place in emoji sexting!

15. The fire 🔥

Things are about to get hot. Or maybe they already are! Put this beside the peach emoji or any emoji that represents her body at all, and she’ll lose her mind for it. Send this to a man in reference to his junk or just him in general, and his ego is going to blow up. He’s going to want you so badly!

Use this one with the shower, too, to show how hot of a time you plan to have! [Read: Sexy, naughty texting games to ease into sexting]

16. The tongue face 😛

Similar to the standard tongue emoji, the full tongue-out face is commonly used in emoji sexting to express the act of licking. You can use it in the same ways that you’d use the tongue emoji.

17. Peace sign ✌

The two-finger peace sign has also been universally accepted as a vagina-related innuendo. However, the peace sign is generally used in place of the taco expressly for oral sex.

Pair this one with the tongue emoji, and your intentions will be known. [Read: Female confessions – the feeling of oral sex for women]

18. OK hand + pointed finger 👉👌

In this *not so* subtle pair of emojis, the suggestion seems to be pretty darn clear. You either want to stick it in, or you want to have it stuck in you.

Regardless, the desire for penetration can’t be mistaken for anything else here.

19. Banana + donut 🍌🍩

While the peach is the clear preference for the butt, the donut is its slightly lesser-used counterpart. Its popularity rests with anal play. [Read: 17 benefits of anal sex that’ll make you & your bum wanna bend over]

Combine the donut with the banana, and you’re asking for some backside penetration.

20. Popping champagne bottle 🍾

A newer addition to the emoji sexting world, the popping champagne bottle is the perfect symbol for a man’s orgasm. Just look at it! It’s nearly as penis-like as the eggplant, but it’s shooting out cum. Talk about an explosion!

21. Cactus 🌵

We definitely don’t have a shortage of penis emojis.

If you can manage to ignore the obvious pain that the prickles of a cactus would inflict, you’ll be able to see that that’s a really nice shaft. [Read: Different types of penises – 18 shapes & ones that feel oh-so-good or meh inside you]

22. Lollipop 🍭

There are just so many things you can lick during sex! A lollipop probably shouldn’t be one of them, but it sure does get the point across. Combine this emoji with pretty much any other one that can represent a body part to suggest some sloppy sexual acts.

23. Hotdog 🌭

The hotdog might be obvious, but it’s classic.

Weiner. Buns. Simple. Understated. Very to the point. [Read: Do women like the penis? 22 things that make a perfect cock that girls love]

24. Corn on the cob 🌽

Ribbed for her pleasure? Corn might be underrated as far as popular penis emojis. It’s got both girth and length and even the added texture for some real stimulation!

On several social media platforms, the corn on the cob emoji is used to discreetly identify or talk about adult content since words like “porn” have been blacklisted.

25. Melon 🍈

Melons are pretty versatile in the emoji-sexting world.

One man’s melon might be boobs, while another man’s melon is a butt, and a lady’s melon might be a reference to balls. [Read: Why do guys like feeling breasts? The reasons why guys love boobs]

26. Hammer 🔨

A favorite way to depict a trip to pound town, the hammer is a pretty good indicator of getting it on. Call it “getting nailed” if you want, as long as you’re getting/giving it good!

27. Shaking hands with the milkman 🤝🐄🥛

“Shaking hands with the one-eyed milkman” has long been used to politely talk about masturbation *if there is a polite way to talk about masturbating*.

Some girls love to watch their guy jacking off! We mean *ahem* shaking hands with the milkman. This is a funny alternative to saying, “Please jerk off for me.” Or maybe the guy is getting so turned on by all the hot emoji sexting that he sends it to her to let her know he’s into it!

28. Blow your own horn 😗📯💨

Blowing your own horn is another euphemism for masturbation. [Read: Male masturbation techniques & positions to blow a big load all alone]

This kissy face, horn, and wind emoji are used to relay this explosive act!

29. Full moon 🌕

The full moon, like the hot dog, is an oldie but a goodie.

If you show your bare butt, you’re mooning someone. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to use the full moon to show appreciation for a girl’s nice, round behind. Pair it with the famous star-eyed emoji to show her how you really feel about it.

30. Apple 🍎

An entire line of jeans was created to honor apple-bottomed girls!

Perfectly shapely and juicy, this is another lesser-used butt emoji. An apple butt is a big butt and is treasured by most.

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Use some of these emojis and play around with different combinations to have a sexy, flirty time! Emoji sexting can really build the heat for a good time later on!

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