Unsolicited Penis Pics: Why Guys Send Dick Selfies & 30 Ways to Respond

It seems to be the norm these days – getting an unsolicited dick pic. Here’s why guys do it, the clever ways to respond, and how to avoid getting them.

Unsolicited Dick Pics

With Snapchat and Tinder gaining in popularity *thanks to desperate serial daters and genuinely-seeking singles alike* there really is no avoiding it – getting an unsolicited dick pic.

Avoiding what, you ask? The dick pic. The phallic photo. The cock shot. That image of someone’s private parts hanging out from outside their boxers, or that naked below-the-belt photo in the bathroom.

Whether it was a booty call sext, a drunk ex, or a well-endowed prick *pun intended* we have all received an unwanted dick pic at some point.

The thing with all these willy-nilly noodles flapping all over our smartphones is that there are too much of unwanted, unsolicited, and not to mention tasteless ones popping up.

Women like a dick, alright, but not via an in-your-face photo. As if a picture of a dick would make women automatically want to have sex with the sender.

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Why do guys send an unsolicited dick pic? 

Most women don’t like getting an unsolicited dick pic. In fact, they are downright dumbfounded much of the time that men send them.

What would make them think that women want to see that when they don’t even know the guy? Well, here are some possible reasons why a guy might send an unsolicited dick pic.

1. It’s the “norm”

Sadly, this is just the world we are living in now. Technology allows guys to do this. Back before smartphones and texting, sending an unsolicited dick pic wasn’t even a thing because you just couldn’t do it.

Well, that is, unless a guy wanted to take a picture of his dick, bring it to the photo development place, put in an envelope, and send it to you through snail mail. But most guys would never even think to do that back then. So, you can partially blame it on technology. It’s too easy. [Read: Dick selfies – why men love sending dick pics to women]

2. Women don’t stop them

Let’s face it – a lot of women don’t stop a guy from sending an unsolicited dick pic. They let the guys get away with it.

If a woman shut them down immediately or told them upfront that they don’t like it so don’t even bother sending one, then guys probably wouldn’t do it. If you want the unsolicited dick pics to stop, you have to stop them yourself.

3. He is trying to sleep with you

This is kind of a no-brainer, right? He wants to get laid. And he thinks that if you see a picture of his dick, it will turn you on and make you horny for him.

Maybe he thinks that it will lead to sexting, and then it will progress into a real-life thing eventually. In fact, that is probably the number one reason guys do it. [Read: The subtle signs your guy BFF is secretly trying to seduce you]

4. He doesn’t have any class

Sending an unsolicited dick pic has a huge “ick factor,” right? Most girls aren’t really that turned on when a guy they never met – or barely knows – sends them a picture of their dick.

What happened to the days of the 1950s when men respected women, pulled out their chairs, opened doors, and paid for dates?

Sadly, those days are gone and what has replaced them is a whole new generation of men who aren’t very classy.

5. He is not very bright

We’re not trying to give guys the benefit of the doubt here, but if they knew how it really turned some women off to get an unsolicited dick pic, maybe they would stop doing it.

They just don’t “get it.” They don’t have the ability to see it from a woman’s perspective and see how a lot of them think it’s pretty gross. [Read: What do women really think of a guy’s penis?]

6. It has worked for him in the past

As we said earlier, if women called the guys out on their unsolicited dick pic, then they would stop doing it. But a lot of women don’t and they just play along.

Plus, the guys have probably found plenty of women who either like it – or pretend to like it. And if it leads to them getting laid because they sent it, why would they stop? If it’s gotten them sex before, they’ll keep doing it. [Read: The 13 types of penises women love… and laugh at!]

The psychology of sending unsolicited dick pics

The truth is, almost all women hate dick pics. But yet, there’s no end to guys who send them. Why? Beyond the reasons we’ve discussed above, there’s one other darker, disgusting reason as well. And this is more specific to random dick picks you may be getting in your DMs or in your dating profile’s inbox.

Sharing an unsolicited dick picture is very similar to the concept of public flashing. To a public flasher, it’s not your arousal that turns him on. It’s your shock.

The fact that he caught your eye, exposed himself to you, and shocked you, gives him a sense of control and power of a sexual moment in your life. He probably knows he has absolutely no chance of arousing you or having sex with you in real life *we’re talking about total strangers here who DM dick pics, not your friend who’s trying to seduce you*.

But by exposing himself to you digitally, he knows that you’ve seen his penis *a sexual organ*, even if just briefly. And that’s exactly what he wants. Even if it’s just for one second, he had the chance to get you to think of him sexually *however gross this whole thing sounds!*.

To a man, sending an unsolicited dick pic to a woman is one step higher than masturbating to her picture. In his mind, he thinks, “I think of you sexually, you’ve now seen my penis and associated it with a sexual thought, and that turns me on more.” It’s gross, but hey, welcome to the world of unsolicited dick pics!

Return the unsolicited dick pic to sender

If you’re one of those women who keeps getting dick pics or are scared your cock-shot-virgin eyes will set their sights upon one soon, then here are 20 clever and classy ways you can respond to an unwanted “schlong-fie.”

1. Retaliate

Respond with a better-looking dick pic. Really, what is it about his dick that’s so amazing that he thinks you’d date him based on a two-second view?

Get his ego back to earth and punch it smack in the face with an image of a bigger, better-looking dick. [Read: Why are men so obsessed with their penis size?]

2. Bananarama

Take the metaphorical route and send a very morbid message to him. Take a picture of a banana or a weiner, for example, being sliced to pieces, or a phallic-looking tree being cut down with a chain saw.

There’s nothing like an aggressive GIF or photo to send him a clear message: “Never send me dick pics—ever again!”

3. Ridicu-LOL

Send him a simple “LOL.” It’s cold, it’s simple, and it’s effortless. Those three letters are enough to ridicule him and leave his ego damaged. Then, stop responding to all of his messages or, heaven forbid, a slew of more phallic pics.

4. Point-and-shoot

Send a picture of yourself laughing and pointing directly at the camera—at him. Or you can also send a GIF or a photo of a hilariously, uncontrollably laughing character.

5. Meme it

If a guy sends you an unsolicited dick pic, send him back a meme to express your disgust and distaste. The interwebs are filled with memes—you can definitely find one that exactly expresses your thoughts and feelings about getting an unwanted cock shot.

6. Pinch-to-zoom

Let him know that sending you a photo of his dick allowed you to test out the pinch-to-zoom feature on your phone. Send him something like, “Wow, that’s it? Thanks, I now got to try the pinch-to-zoom feature on my new phone,” or “I had to zoom in to actually see what you got there. Ha!”

This will be a blow to his ego, especially if he thinks that him hanging out is all that. [Read: How to know if a guy has a big dick – 18 signs he’s big and well-endowed]

7. Bigger, better

Tell him you’ve seen bigger. Or send him another GIF or photo of you raising your pinkie, a small pickle, or a short ruler.

8. You’ve seen better

If him sending you a dick pic on the get-go shows just how much of an ass he is, then show him you’ve seen better. Send back a pic of you holding your bae’s dick, or even that of an ex’s, to show that his doesn’t pass the grade. Be careful to hide your face, though.

9. Hairless ferret

Is that a hairless ferret?” or “I didn’t know you have a hairless ferret for a pet.” If he’s feeling frisky, that can definitely kill the mood.

10. Toothless mole rat

This can definitely make him regret peacocking his cock around without even so much as asking you for permission. Laugh and ask him if he just sent you a pic of a toothless mole-rat. [Read: What is peacocking and why men instinctively do this around women]

11. Own it

Tell him you have your own, then send him a picture of you with a realistic but fake dick. If you don’t have props, then Photoshop is your friend. The bigger, the better. Surely he’s not going to bother you anymore, after that.

12. Cry over it

Nothing else can mess his mind more than a picture of you crying hysterically.

Were you crying because his dick was so small? Or was it because his dick was so otherworldly beautiful? Well, he’ll never know. Because you won’t talk to him again. [Read: Defining the perfect cock – A woman’s opinion on what makes a dick super hot and perfect]

13. Child pornography

Compare his penis to that of a child, and respond with, “Hey, child pornography is a felony.” If that won’t wound his insensitive ego, it will at least trigger a red flag to the NSA. [Read: 8 best sex positions for men with smaller penises]

14. Social media mayhem

Look him up on social media and tell his mom—or his girlfriend. Screenshot all of your conversations and send them over via direct message. Be careful not to make a bad situation worse by posting it publicly on their walls.

15. Publicity

If he’s too public with his dick by sending a photo of it to someone he barely even knows, then give him what he wants, and help him save time.

Publish his cock shot in a blog or on social media, but be sure to blur out his and your names and numbers for privacy purposes.

16. Not impressed

Those two words can kill it for him. After all, he probably sends unwanted phallic photos because he thinks women are as impressed with his dick as he is.

Well, responding with a curt “not impressed” will keep him from taking below-the-belt photos for a good, long while.

17. Virtual ambiguity

Respond with something ambiguous, like, “Hehe, cute.” Then don’t respond to him anymore, or endure a few days of badgering you about what you meant before you block him. Nothing like something confusing to keep him up at night.

18. No, thanks

Say, “No, thanks.” Or better yet, send a GIF, clip, or meme that says just that. Tell him you are just not interested, using those two simple words. Besides, even if he asked you if he can send you a snap of his genitalia, you’d still have said the same thing. [Read: Penis facts – 18 weird and shocking dick facts you have no idea about]

19. Spread the dick

Ah, the internet has given birth to places and sites where unthinking people who abuse technology belong, and people who send unwanted dick pics are no exception. Share his dick pick on social media or on Reddit. Maybe he’ll be famous there.

20. Educate him

If he just sent you an unsolicited pic of his private parts, then he may be doing it to other women, too. Therefore, educate him by replying with a link to the article, “An open letter to men who send unwanted dick pics.”

How to stop getting unsolicited dick pics on dating apps

Now that you know why guys send unsolicited dick pics and what to do about it, let’s talk about how to stop getting them in the first place.

We’re going to focus on dating apps because that’s where a lot of the unsolicited dick pics originate from.

1. Keep your photos respectful

We’re not trying to blame you for getting the dick pics, but you really do need to put up tasteful, respectful, and classy photos. Stay away from bikini and half-naked ones. This just screams “I want sex” to a guy. You’re telling him that your body is your most important quality – and it’s not. 

2. Write a detailed, quality profile

A lot of people hardly write anything in their dating app profiles. Or if they do, it’s short and not very interesting. So, make sure your profile says something serious about the kind of person you are.

Talk about your education, career, ambitions, hopes, and dreams. They will get the hint that you are a high-quality woman, and they know they can’t get away with sending dick pics to you. [Read: How to write a dating profile – 18 must-know tips to stand apart]

3. Say you’re looking for a long-term relationship or marriage

The kind of guy who sends an unsolicited dick pic is one who isn’t serious about having a committed long-term relationship or getting married. They are just looking to get laid.

So, if you write something in your profile about how you are looking for a serious relationship, you will weed out the kind of guys who will send you those dreaded photos. [Read: High value woman – 20 traits that make men respect her and desire her at the same time]

4. Describe the qualities you want in a guy

Another important thing to put in your profile is to describe the kind of man you are looking for. If you put things like “career-oriented,” “ambitious,” “respectful,” “kind,” or any other positive word like that, they will get the hint that you aren’t looking for a hookup. You are looking for a high-quality man.

Dick pics are an annoying catcall

The unsolicited dick pic is today’s catcall, the bane of the internet and mobile app dating. Not all women like it, they don’t typically ask for it, and they won’t be turned on instantly by it.

Men hooting at women with their schlong doesn’t create an instant connection or suddenly spark attraction. More funny, disgusting, and traumatic than sexually stimulating, a dick pic can just leave women shocked.

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So the next time you receive a dick pic from a guy, you know what to do! Oh, and a tip for all guys out there: before you even think about sending a girl an unsolicited dick pic, be sure that you get the mood going first. In addition, remember: you must always. ask. for. permission. If she says, “no,” she really means no.

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