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40 Naughty Text Messages That Will Make Her Wet and Wild for You

text messages that will make her wet

You may not be right next to her, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t turn her on. All you need are some text messages that will make her wet.

Let’s be honest, we’re more glued to our phones than ever. And the easiest way to talk to her is probably through texting. Of course, you want to talk to her and get to know her, but you also want to turn her on. So you need some text messages that will make her wet.

If you really want to drive her crazy then you need to send her the right text messages. The one that’ll hit the spot. If they don’t hit the spot, they’ll just come across as desperate and weird. No one wants that to happen. So, if you’re flirting with a girl via text and want to take it to the next level, you should know the right things to say.

No, you don’t need to send her these crazy or overly witty text messages. Sometimes, the simpler they are, the better they are. But before sending her these texts, you should have developed a relationship. You just can’t send her these texts out of nowhere. You’ll come across as forward and pushy.

So, if you’re now at the time where you should be taking it to the next level, you’re going to need these texts. Pick one that you think she’ll like, one that you think she’ll work with and respond positively too. Some women won’t appreciate overly sexual texts while others won’t mind, it really depends on the girl you’re talking to. [Read: 15 rules for texting a girl that you should follow]

Why does dirty talk work?

You’re probably wondering why dirty talk is so effective with women. That’s because dirty talk activates specific regions of the brain which stimulates the body. In addition, dirty talk works to heighten arousal and play into people’s fantasies.

Dirty talk is more than just a provocative sentence, it works as a part of foreplay and creates sexual intimacy, even if you’ve never had sex with this person before. [Read: Beginner dirty talk examples to help you in your dirty talk game]

This is why it’s important to choose the text you’re going to send to your girl carefully. If you don’t touch upon the right fantasy or use a line that she’s into, it could go south quickly.

Plus, timing is an important factor. If she just failed her college entry exam, sending her a dirty message won’t do the trick. She’s not in the mood. So, pay attention to these factors before you send her a dirty text or else the only thing she’ll be is dry. Very dry. [Read: 20 dirty questions to ask a girl and make her wet]

40 dirty text messages that will make her wet

It’s time to get dirty and get her wild for you.

#1 All I want to do is see your beautiful body naked right now. [Read: 40 naughty and playful texts to keep things hot and horny]

#2 You have the most perfect body I’ve ever seen.

#3 I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I’m addicted to you.

#4 I can’t get enough of your pussy.

#5 All my dick wants right now is to be inside of your warm pussy.

#6 How come your body doesn’t have its own Instagram account?

#7 You’ve been driving me crazy, I’m going to have to spank you for that. [Read: How and when to spank a bad, bad girl]

#8 I can’t wait to taste your sweet pussy.

#9 You just get sexier by the day.

#10 I’ve had enough of sexting! I need to taste that body of yours.

#11 Everywhere we go, you’re the sexiest woman in the room.

#12 I would do anything to fuck you right now.

#13 Your tits are the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth, well, second best after your pussy.

#14 I can’t wait to kiss every inch of your body.

#15 You’re the only woman that can make my dick this hard.

#16 You want to torture me, don’t you? [Read: 24 sexual questions to text a girl and make her really horny]

#17 Your mouth on my dick is the best feeling in the world.

#18 You don’t even want to know how many times I’ve stripped you in my mind.

#19 Is there something you’ve always wanted to try in bed that you’ve never done before?

#20 What do you want me to do to you tonight? I’ll do anything you want. [Read: Fun emojis to make any text sound naughty]

#21 I can’t handle a minute not touching you. My hands want to feel every inch of you.

#22 You have an amazing ass, and I can’t wait to get a taste of it.

#23 My goal in life is making sure you cum every time you’re naked in front of me.

#24 So, here’s the plan. Tonight, I’m going to lay you on the bed, slowly take off all your clothes, and eat your pussy. That’s okay, right?

#25 You’re the only girl that I’m ever going to need.

#26 I keep thinking about when I ate your pussy, it was so sweet.

#27 I love the way you suck my dick. You have the perfect mouth.

#28 The minute I smell you, my dick gets hard.

#29 I feel like a teenager, I can cum again and again when I’m with you. [Read: How to turn a girl on and excite her mind when she’s around]

#30 I love seeing you orgasm.

#31 So, it’s either whipped cream or chocolate sauce. You pick.

#32 You have the most beautiful ass I’ve ever seen.

#33 All day long, I’m thinking about you. You make me so horny it’s insane.

#34 I’m not going to stop until you orgasm.

#35 I hope you don’t need to go to bed early, because I’m planning on keeping you up all night long.

#36 My favorite thing in the world is eating you out.

#37 You better not have any clothes on right now. I want you touching yourself while you’re reading this.

#38 I want to fuck you in every room in my house, oh, and in your house.

#39 Tell me what’s your favorite position when we’re having sex? [Read: 10 different sex positions to spice it up]

#40 I love the sound of your moans when I’m eating you out. They make me so hard.

[Read: How to initiate sexting and make your partner hot and horny for you]

If you were wondering what you needed to say to turn her on, these are text messages that will make her wet. Try some of them out the next time you talk to her.

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