169 Sexy & Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy & Seduce Him In No Time

If you want to talk dirty to a guy, we have all questions to ask him. They will drive him wild with desire for you…so what are you waiting for? 

Sexy & Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy

Talking dirty to a guy can go a long way in building sexual tension, teasing a guy, or even seducing a guy into making him want you sexually. 

And the best part is you can be as sexually suggestive or friendly as you’d like, and make him think he’s the one initiating the dirty questions. 

First, let’s talk about the benefits of talking dirty to a guy.

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Benefits of talking dirty to a guy

Sure, talking dirty to a guy is exciting and fun, but you probably didn’t know that there are some actual benefits to it too. Here are some reasons why you should talk dirty to a guy.

1. Gets you comfortable with talking about sex and feelings

Let’s face it – not everyone is comfortable talking about personal things. Whether it’s sex or how you feel about someone, it can be difficult for people to open up. 

But talking dirty to a guy helps you both get comfortable. Then, talking about your feelings and what you like sexually will be a lot easier later on. [Read: How to talk about sex without sounding like a pervert]

2. Achieves higher level of satisfaction

Everyone wants to have a satisfying sex life, right? It’s never fun when your lover doesn’t do the things you like and you’re afraid to speak up about it. 

So, talking dirty to a guy will help make your sex life more satisfying. It opens up a safe arena to talk about some topics that could be difficult to bring up when you are in the heat of the moment.

3. Aids in bonding

Sex is a very bonding experience, not only physically but emotionally too. It is a very intimate experience to share with another person. [Read: Emotional attachment – 25 signs of healthy and unhealthy love]

So, when you talk dirty to a guy, it bonds you even more. Whether or not you’ve had sex yet, it still builds that connection between the two of you to make your sex better and bring you closer together.

4. Stimulates the brain

These days, a lot of people don’t stimulate their brains very much. They’re too busy on social media and other things that they don’t exercise their creativity.

But when you talk dirty with a guy, you need to come up with something interesting to say. Of course, we are helping you out here with a long list of options.

But you still will have to read through them all and choose the best ones for you. [Read: 34 Hand job tips, secrets, and positions to give a hand job that drives him wild]

Scientific reasons behind dirty talk stimulation

Believe it or not, the brain is a more powerful sex organ than anyone’s genitalia because that’s where the sex drive begins. The right amount of dirty talk will excite and stimulate your mind.

This originates in your limbic system, but it works differently in males and females.

There are two areas in the hypothalamus, the preoptic area, and the suprachiasmatic nucleus, that have distinct functions in male and female brains. [Read: Sexual foreplay – 20 lusty secrets to do it well and make them hot and horny]

The preoptic area is responsible for mating behavior, and it’s twice as large in men than it is in women. It also contains two times the cells.

The suprachiasmatic nucleus is involved with circadian rhythms and reproduction cycles. This also differs in shape between men and women. Men have a nucleus that is shaped like a sphere, and women have a more elongated shape.

Because men have a larger hypothalamus, they have more circulating testosterone, which stimulates the desire for sex.

Women have a smaller hypothalamus, so they have lower testosterone levels which means a lower sex drive than men. [Read: 14 Signs of high testosterone in men – the overflow of man-juice]

So, talking dirty to a guy is a whole mind and body experience. It activates all regions of your brain and also gets your body stimulated too. 

Why should you talk dirty to your man? 

Now that you know the benefits and scientific reasons to talk dirty to a guy, what are the other reasons you should talk dirty to your man? Here they are.

1. To arouse him

This is pretty obvious, right? That’s the whole point of talking dirty to a guy – to get him all hot and horny for you! It will also make you feel good that you made him lust after you. [Read: What turns a guy on? 51 subtle sexual turn-ons that arouse men in seconds]

2. To make him think about you

If you’re not with each other at the moment, then talking dirty to a guy over text is a great way to get him thinking about you.

There is no way that he can forget about you and lust after you when you talk dirty to him. Just make sure he’s not in the middle of an important business meeting! 

3. To tease him

Being playful and teasing your lover is always fun. It gives you the upper hand and makes him want to beg to have sex with you. So, you can have a lot of fun with him until you decide to give in and give him what he wants.

4. To build sexual tension

Sexual tension is always exciting to experience. You both want each other – bad – but the time isn’t right quite yet. So, talking dirty can build anticipation and a whole lot of sexual tension between the two of you. [Read: How to create sexual tension with a guy around him and over text]

General dirty talk guidelines

If you’ve never talked dirty to a guy before, don’t worry. All you need to do is follow these general guidelines and you’ll be fine.

1. Don’t overthink it

You might be really nervous, and so you want to do it perfectly. But don’t overthink it. Just go with the flow and have fun with it. Overthinking will just make you more uncomfortable.

2. Before sex, say what you want during sex, and say what you like

One of the great things about dirty talk is that it allows you to tell the guy what you want him to do to you in bed. [Read: What causes sexual tension – what exactly does it feel like?]

By doing it before you have sex, he will feel less threatened or defensive that he’s not “doing it right.” He won’t feel criticized because he’s not actually doing anything to you when you’re talking dirty to him.

3. Be descriptive

Talk about what you want in bed in as much detail as you can. Use a lot of adjectives, and say exactly where and how you like to be touched. Use words like “hard” or “light” or “soft” to describe your preferences.

4. Use all of your senses

There is more to sex than just physical touch. So, when you’re talking dirty to a guy, get all of your senses involved. Talk about how you want him to smell, taste, and sound. [Read: Aphrodisiacs and food hell – a lover’s guide to eating well]

5. Don’t use too much profanity if that’s a turn-off for your partner

A lot of people like to use profanity when they’re in bed with someone because they think it’s a turn-on. Maybe it does get you excited, but make sure your lover likes it too. You don’t want them to be uncomfortable, because then that will ruin the mood.

6. Don’t be degrading

Along the lines of using profanity, some people also like to degrade their partners in bed. That means calling them a bitch, slut, whore, etc. Well, try to stay away from that even if you like it – especially if you don’t know the guy that well who you are talking dirty with.

7. Push yourself and take a leap into the unknown

Talking dirty to a guy is not easy for a lot of girls. They get self-conscious and don’t think they’re doing it right.

But be brave, push yourself to do it, and take a leap into the unknown and see how it goes. [Read: 41 Sultry ways to turn a guy on fast and make him lust and fantasize about you]

8. Start your dirty talk via text if you’re feeling truly terrified

It’s always more difficult to say something to someone in person. Looking them in the eyes can be intimidating. So, if you’re too scared to talk dirty to a guy in person, then you can always start doing it over text. It’s more comfortable that way for a lot of people.

9. Refrain from judging

Too many girls judge themselves for no reason at all. So, don’t judge yourself, even if you think you said something stupid or cheesy. Also, don’t judge the guy for talking dirty to you too. Keep an open mind with both of you.

How to talk dirty to your man

Now that you know the general guidelines of how to talk dirty to a guy, what exactly can you do to talk dirty to your man? Here are some things you can try. [Read: 23 Hot ways to sext a guy and 48 naughty examples to make him hot and hard]

1. Try role-play

It’s always fun to pretend to be someone else, so why not try some role-play? You could be teacher-student, police officer-convict, two strangers at a bar, or whatever else sounds exciting to you.

2. Say what’s on your mind

A lot of women aren’t comfortable speaking what’s on their minds, especially if it’s dirty. But just be bold and blurt it out and tell him what you’re thinking. He will definitely like it.

3. Have an affair

Okay, not a real affair, just a pretend affair. You could even combine this with role play and pretend you don’t know each other when you are out in public.

Then pretend that you’re starting to have an affair with each other. [Read: Sexual role play – how to try it and the 35 best role play ideas for couples]

4. Whisper in his ear

The ol’ whisper in the ear thing is still very sexy. So why not try that when you’re with your man? Say something dirty that will turn him on and make it soft and sensual in his ear.

5. Make noises

Guys always love it when girls make noises during sex. They don’t like it when you’re quiet and inactive. So, let loose and make as many noises as you want – it will be guaranteed to turn him on.

6. Tell him what you want him to do to you

Believe it or not, most men do actually want to please a woman in bed. So, if you tell him what you want him to do to you, he will be very eager to do so.

Plus, it takes the pressure off of him to figure out what you want. [Read: How to be a dominant – 12 steps to take control and lead in bed]

7. Tell him what you’re going to do to him

Whether this is over text or in person, telling a guy about the sexual acts you want to perform on him gets his imagination running wild. He will be begging you to do it all to him in no time.

8. Remind him of the amazing things he did last night

Let’s face it – a lot of guys like to have their egos stroked. They like to think they are a beast in bed and the best you have ever had. So, tell him how much you liked what he did to you the night before. 

9. Tell him about a dirty dream you had

If you had a dirty dream about him *or even if you haven’t*, tell him about the dream. Of course, you can’t control whether or not you actually had a dirty dream.

But if you did, make sure you share it with him. [Read: How to have a wet dream – 15 ways to hot sex dreams and sleep orgasms]

10. Tell him your fantasy

We all have fantasies, but not everyone talks about them. So, why not try doing it now? Tell him about one of your favorite fantasies, and tell him that you want him to make it a reality for you. He will definitely be up for the challenge.

11. Let him know you want to be in charge 

Society expects men to be the dominant ones, but that can get boring for both of you sometimes. So, tell him how much you want to be in charge. Tell him that he has to follow your orders and do whatever you tell him to do.

12. Tell him when you’re about to climax

Guys like it when they know that they made you have an orgasm. So, whether you’re talking dirty to a guy over text or when you’re in bed, let him know that you’re about to climax.

It will turn him on and make him want to have his orgasm too. [Read: How to turn a guy on without touching him – A guide to get him to fantasize about you]

Questions to talk dirty with a guy

Whether you’ve just met a new guy or are looking to spice things up in a relationship, these dirty questions will make any man hot, hot, HOT!

It’s great to add a little something different into the bedroom from time to time, and asking seriously dirty questions to get any man talking and all hot and bothered is certainly one way to do it!

Start off by texting something casual and try to figure out if he’s lazing and has the time to text you for an hour or so without any interruptions.

These dirty questions are open-ended questions and he’ll ask you for your answers all the while too. [Read: How to make any guy really horny just by sitting next to him!]

Play coy but let him know you’re enjoying the texts when you respond to him. And you’ll be able to work your magic and seduce him in an hour’s time with these dirty questions!

These questions are sexy, seductive, and downright dirty and may even help you discover more about each other. They are the perfect way to build up explosive sexual tension and get him thinking about you all day long.

Want to know how you can do this? Read on!

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1. Hey, I’m curious, do you ever check me out when I walk away from you? *curious and casual*

2. Have you ever hooked up with a friend? *to get his mind thinking of hookups*

3. Do you think you’re a good kisser? [Read: How to kiss a friend accidentally and get away with it]

4. Has anyone ever accidentally seen you naked? *funny, but with a naughty twist*

5. Have you ever felt like flashing to someone? *you’re probably turning him on*

6. What are you wearing right now? *harmless…*

7. What’s the sexiest outfit a girl should wear to turn you on? *know his fantasies*

8. What kind of outfit would look best on me? *make him think of you sexually*

9. Would you help me pick that outfit if I asked you to? *who wouldn’t?!*

10. What’s your favorite part of a girl’s body? *he’s going to think of you naked* [Read: How to get a guy to sleep with you and woo him without being slutty]

11. Which part of my body do you think looks the best? *make him say it!*

12. What do you wear when you go to bed? *a minor distraction so he asks you the same thing*

13. When was the last time a girl was in your bed? *you want him to ask the same thing back*

14. What’s your idea of good foreplay? *he’s talking dirty already*

15. What’s your favorite sexual fantasy? *you’re arousing him*

16. Do you think we’d do something funny if we get drunk together? *funny, but oh-so-horny now*

17. Have you ever sexted your picture to anyone? *if you share pics here, crop out your face*

18. Have you ever felt horny while texting on the phone? *like now?!*

19. If I were with you right now, what would you do to me? *he’s fantasizing about all the things he can do to you*

20. Do you want to come over to my place now? *and… he’s on his way!*

21. Tell me about the sexiest dream you’ve ever had about me. *Conversations like these make for fun sexual conversations while making out with each other. It’s also a great way to get your guy to talk about his sexual fantasies while using his dream as an excuse*

22. When is the last time you dreamt about me naked?

23. What looks hotter on me, short skirts or short shorts? [Read: How to look sexy without trying to look sexy]

24. If I ever caught you masturbating, would you be embarrassed by it? *Let’s face it, just because your boyfriend’s having sex with you doesn’t mean he would never masturbate.

Instead of making a fuss about it or confronting him about it, just let him talk about it in a light-hearted environment. You can always ask him to give you the details as he answers this question.*

25. Can you tell me what color underwear I have on today?

26. What’s the dirtiest thing you’ve done in bed?

27. Which part of your body do you want me to touch?

28. Which part of your body do you want me to lick? [Read: How to master the art of the perfect blowjob]

29. Which part of your body do you want me to nibble on?

30. If you could have a threesome with one other girl and me, who would you pick? *This question would help him see that you’re a real wild cat and not as coy and shy as you pretend to be on the outside!* [Real-life confessions: My hot, sexy threesome experience!]

31. What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done in your life?

32. What is your sexiest fantasy?

33. Do you want to be inside me right now?

34. What shall I do with all this leftover whipped cream?

35. Have you ever been caught having sex?

36. If we were having sex on a vacation and you realized that someone was watching us from the next room, would you stop having sex or continue? *Find out how wild and naughty your boyfriend is when he’s horny!* [Read: 30 dirty would-you-rather sex questions to ask your man]

37. Have you ever been caught masturbating?

38. Do you want to watch me masturbate? [Read: The 15 sexy benefits of masturbation]

39. Have you used any sex toys before?

40. Do you think some girl has a little crush on you right now? *This question will boost his ego and help him open up to you about his own personal life beyond your relationship.*

41. How old were you when you lost your virginity? Where and how did you lose it and with whom?

42. Do you want to use a sex toy on me?

43. Do you prefer oral, vaginal, or anal sex?

44. Do you want to try anal sex? [Read: The dirty truth: Is it possible to have an anal orgasm?]

45. Want me to shave my pussy?

46. Would you help me shave my pussy? [Read: Trim, shave, or natural: The real score on the bush]

47. What’s your favorite sexual position?

48. Can you guess what I’m wearing right now?

49. Before we met, what was the sexiest thing you did with someone else? *Most guys pussyfoot about their past, even if their girlfriend is extremely inquisitive about it. Use this question to know how sexually adventurous your boyfriend is.*

50. If you could sleep with a celebrity, who would it be?

51. If you had to kiss a girl on any part of the body other than her face, which part would you kiss first?

52. Would you get jealous if you saw me flirting with another guy? [Read: How to make a guy jealous and get his attention]

53. How would you feel if I kissed a hot girl?

54. Have you ever considered a threesome?

55. What’s the hottest thing I’ve ever done to you?

56. Before we started dating, did you ever fantasize about me or take a peek at me when I wasn’t looking? *You’ve always wanted to know just how badly he wanted to hook up with you, didn’t you?*

57. Where is the most exciting place you’ve had sex? [Read: The best places to have sex – 41 wild and naughty places beyond the bed]

58. Are you a boobs or a butt kind of guy? [Read: Why do guys like breasts like crazy?]

59. Do you want me to talk dirty right now?

60. Do you like what I am doing?

61. What do you think is the sexiest part of my body? *Once you know this, all you have to do is use that part of your body to arouse your guy and turn him on!*

62. Do you want me to go faster?

63. If you accidentally saw a girl undressing and she didn’t know you were looking, would you look away or would you continue watching? [Read: Sexual voyeurism and why it’s such a sexy rush!]

64. Do you want me to slow down?

65. What do you want me to do to you?

66. Have you ever disturbed the neighbors because you were having really loud sex? [Read: How to moan & look and sound even more sexy in bed]

67. Have you ever done it outside?

68. What’s the sexiest book you’ve ever read?

69. What do you think should be our next step to make our sex life more exciting? *If your sex life is starting to get predictable, this is a great way to get your boyfriend to talk about new things he’d like to try in bed without feeling awkward.* [Read: Top 50 kinky sex ideas that are worth trying at least once!]

70. What’s the sexiest film you’ve ever seen?

71. Do you want to watch some porn together?

72. Do you like the idea of someone watching us have sex?

73. What kind of vacation would you prefer, the romantic mountainside where we can be locked up in our room all day, or a beach party destination where we can grind and make out while clubbing? [Read: The top 50 kinky sex ideas for a lust-fueled relationship]

74. Do you like the idea of tying me up?

75. Do you like the idea of being tied up by me?

76. Who would you prefer, a girl with a pretty face and an average body, or a girl with an average face and an awesome body?

77. Do you want to try rough sex? [Read: 15 ways to have the sexiest rough sex ever]

78. Do you want me to be dominant?

79. Do you want to suck my toes?

80. Do you like dirty talking while having sex? *A lot of men and women who enjoy dirty talking may be too embarrassed to reveal this deviant secret. 

The easiest way to get these shy people to open up is by asking them about it when they don’t feel the pressure of being judged about it.* [Read: 23 tips to dirty talk and say the sexiest words to a guy]

81. Have you ever been to a strip club?

82. How many fingers could you get inside me? [Read: Sexual exploration: Ever heard of the finger blowjob?]

83. Do you want to go skinny-dipping?

84. What’s your favorite part of my body?

85. If we ever played truth or dare with another couple, do you think you’d do something naughty in front of them? [Read: 30 dirty truth or dare questions for a sexy night]

86. Do you feel horny right now?

87. Do you check me out when I leave the room?

88. What’s the sexiest outfit on a girl?

89. Do you think I am a good kisser? [Read: 12 foolproof kissing tips for a perfectly sexy smooch]

90. Do you think you are a good kisser?

91. If I had to dress up in a sexy outfit, which character or attire would you want me to dress up in?

92. Where would you like me to kiss you the most?

93. Where do you want me to kiss you the most?

94. Has anyone ever accidentally seen you naked?

95. Have you ever slept with more than one person on the same night? [Read: Is he a player or a gentleman? 13 clear giveaways]

97. How do you feel about group sex?

97. If you were with me right now *if you could do anything to me right now*, what would you do? [Read: Unique and naughty texting games to have fun all night long!]

98. Would it turn you on to see me making out with someone else?

99. If I were to dress up like a nurse or a naughty schoolgirl, which would you prefer?

100. Do you want to have phone sex with me?

101. Do you want to have FaceTime sex with me?

102. What outfit do you think would look best on me?

103. Do you like it when I’m coy-and-sexy or bold-and-sexy? *Some guys like it when their girl is dominating in bed and in control, while most guys love it when they’re making out with a girl who’s more shy and bashful in bed.* [Read: Bad girl traits every guy craves to see in his girl!]

104. Want to play a game?

105. Want to get really drunk and have sex all night long?

109. What’s the longest you’ve lasted during sex? [Read: 15 things you do that turn him off while having sex!]

106. What’s the most mind-blowing orgasm you’ve ever had?

107. How many times have you had sex in one night?

108. When did I look the hottest to you and why?

109. What is your favorite underwear on me?

110. Do you like this outfit?

111. Do you want to get wild in bed tonight? [Read: 9 wild ways to have sex in the shower and enjoy it!]

112. If you could do absolutely anything to me in the bedroom, what would it be?

113. If we were just friends and I got drunk with you, would you hit on me? *There’s a good chance that just asking him this question will sexually arouse him.*

114. Do you prefer it fast or slow?

115. Do you want me to call out your name in bed?

116. Have you ever had multiple orgasms? [Read: How to push the right buttons to achieve multiple orgasms]

117. Have you ever given a girl multiple orgasms?

118. Want to try this new sex position later?

119. I’m thinking about you naked right now, are you thinking about me?

120. Do you want to rip my clothes off right now?

121. What are you going to do to me when you get home tonight?

122. I’ve been a very naughty girl, how are you going to punish me? [Read: 6 naughty ways to tease your man and leave him hard]

123. Which female superhero would you have sex with and why?

124. Want me to dress up as a superhero?

125. Do you want to stay in bed all day together?

126. I’m getting in the shower now, want to join me? [Read: Slippery when wet: Make shower sex sizzle with these tips]

127. Do you want to have a bath together later?

128. I’m so horny right now, what are you going to do about it?

129. I’m cold, want to warm me up? [Read: 20 hot sex ideas to blow your lover’s mind in bed]

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130. Tell me a secret sexual fantasy of yours that you want to try with me. *This is a great dirty question to ask your boyfriend.*

131. What is the weirdest and wildest place you’ve ever had sex in?

132. If you were looking for movies online, would you choose porn? 

133. Do you like to be spanked or have your hair pulled? 

134. Are you more of a butt, legs, or boob man? Why do you feel this way? [Read: 40 serious questions to ask your boyfriend to form a good and deep bond]

135. If you could make me wear anything while out for a date night, what would it be and why?

136. If I catch you staring at me, which part of my body are you most likely to be looking at?

137. Did you ever have a crush on a hot teacher? What did she look like and how old was she?

138. How often do you think about sex during a 24-hour period? What kinds of things do you think about?

139. How did you find out what sex was? Who told you and how old were you? [Read: 56 romantic questions to ask your boyfriend to feel instantly closer]

140. When you’re on top of me, what’s your favorite position and why?

141. Which body part of yours do you like the most? Which one do you like the least? Why?

142. What is the naughtiest, dirtiest, sexiest dream you have ever had? 

143. When we wake up in the morning, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you see my body lying next to you?

144. Do you want to watch me touch myself? Would it turn you on? Do you want me to watch you touch yourself? [Read: Mutual masturbation – intimate ways to connect without touching]

145. Where is the most public place that you have ever masturbated? Did you get caught? *This is a great dirty question to ask your boyfriend.*

146. Do you want to talk dirty over the phone or on Facetime? Or do you prefer sexting?

147. Have you ever been attracted to someone of the same sex? If so, who was it and what did you do about it?

148. Is there anything that you would not be willing to do in the bedroom? What is it and why does it turn you off?

149. What superhero name would you give yourself to describe your sexual ability? Captain America? Thor? The Hulk? Superman? Batman? Someone else? [Read: 30 flirty, fun questions to ask your boyfriend and learn his secrets]

150. How many people have you slept with? Do you think it’s too much, too few, or just right?

151. How many people do you think I have slept with? Are you weirded out by thinking I’ve had sex with other guys?

152. What do you think about open relationships? Would you ever be willing to try one?

153. Would you ever have a poly relationship? Why or why not?

154. What do you think about trying S&M? How far would you let me go? Would you rather be the dominant or the submissive? Why? [Read: BDSM tips and tricks for curious first-timers]

155. Would you ever want to go to a sex party? Would you participate in an orgy? Why or why not?

156. What if I wanted to become a swinger with you? Would you participate or try to talk me out of it?

157. Has anyone accidentally seen you naked? If so, did it turn you on, or were you embarrassed?

158. How did you figure out what you like in bed? 

159. Have you ever done it in the back seat of a car or a movie theater? An airplane? [Read: What is the mile-high club? Is it on your sexual bucket list?]

160. Are you satisfied with the size of your package? Would you like it to be bigger or smaller?

161. Have you ever had a one-night stand? If so, when and who did you do it with? Did you like it? *That’s a great dirty question to ask your boyfriend.*

162. Do you like to take naked pictures of yourself? Do you keep them or delete them?

163. If you could describe my body in three words, what would they be and why?

164. Do you get jealous when other guys check me out? Or do you like it? Why do you like it or why are you jealous? [Read: 17 big signs of a jealous and possessive boyfriend]

165. Do you have a name for your penis? If not, do you mind if I name it for you?

166. Do you like it when I make the first move on you? Or do you prefer to initiate sex?

167. How many times do you think you could have sex in a 24-hour period? Would you be willing to try?

168. Do you like going down on me? If so, what are the things you like the most?

169. If you had to choose blowjobs or having sex – just one or the other – for the rest of your life, which would it be and why? [Read: Slow blowjob – how to blow a guy in slow motion and leave him quivering]

Why talking dirty does not always have to be sexual

Although all of these questions are sexually oriented, you don’t have to say outrageously sexual things to arouse him and build sexual tension. Let’s face it – guys are pretty easily aroused anyway. 

So, if you don’t want to get down and dirty talking to a guy, you can still turn him on without getting too specific. You can even be a little romantic instead of overtly sexual.

It’s all up to you and him. Just do whatever feels right. [Read: The best role-playing ideas and 35 tips to seduce your lover as someone else]

Final thoughts

Try it!

Don’t think these dirty questions to ask a guy can get him into bed with you before the end of the text conversation? Try it, you’ll be surprised. Just remember to avoid trying to sound funny, focus on feeling sexy and let him know that you’re horny!

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These awesome sexy and dirty questions to ask a guy are sure to have any guy worked up and ready to tear your clothes off! So, if you feel like you could add a little “ooh la la” to your sex life, then why not try them out and see how well they work?

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