The Best Dirty, Sexy Texting Games to Get Naughty With One Text!

Want to take text flirting to a whole new level? Slip any of these sexy, naughty texting games into your texts and make them horny for more in no time!

Naughty Sexy Texting Games

How would you like the idea of turning your crush on while texting, or flirting up a storm via text to the point where they’re just waiting to meet you and hook up with you as soon as you see them in person? If that sounds like a dream plan, the right kind of dirty, sexy texting games can do just that for you!

Are you a texter or a talker when it comes to flirting?

All of us text. All the time. But are you more comfortable talking or texting when you’re thinking of flirting with your new lover or crush? If you’re more of a talker, check out this guide on how to initiate phone sex and flirt with someone over a call instead.

To many, staying awake the whole night just to text another person can seem ridiculous. Speaking to each other is a much better option, isn’t it? Well, in all probability, speaking is definitely a much better option. But what do you do when you run out of things to say? Or what if you want to initiate a naughty texting game, or say something sexy and dirty, but you’re too worried it’ll all happen too fast, and you’re not sure how this person you’re talking to would reciprocate?

This is especially common in a new relationship or in the talking stage. And we’ve all been there. You’ve been on a couple of dates and now both of you are crazy about each other. Or you two have been texting frequently, and you’ve built the sexual chemistry, and now you’re wondering if they’re ready to text dirty with you. Both of you want to take the next step into the seduction game, but just don’t know how to start talking dirty without making it seem like it’s all going too fast.

Dirty texting games to your rescue

Almost all the time, bringing sexy texting games or dirty talk into a new relationship is tricky. And yet, the only way to bring sex into your new love life is by slipping sex into the picture when both of you spend a lot of time texting each other and speaking over the phone.

If you want to build the sexual tension and initiate sex talk into a new relationship, dirty texting games are the way to go.

Even if the person you’re talking to feels awkward about it or isn’t ready for that stage, you can just make the whole thing seem like a joke and get away with a laugh. In more ways than one, naughty texting games always take the pressure off your shoulders when it comes to conversations about sex. [Read: Emoji sexting – 16 fun emojis that’ll make any conversation way more naughty]

Sexy texting games are very easy to initiate, it drives both of you on a crazy sexual high, and you’d be able to build the sexual tension up to such a peak that your mate would want to make out with you on your very next date. Doesn’t that make the introduction of sexy talk into a new relationship so safe and easy?

On the other hand, what’s the worst that could happen? You text something naughty, and the girl or guy you’re texting could text back with something casual or may change the topic. Bullet dodged, right? You just make a joke about it, or ignore it, and carry the conversation on. No awkwardness, no deathly silence, nothing!

The best naughty and sexy texting games to warm up for something naughty

Now these games don’t just work for new couples. It can work very well for seasoned couples too, just as long as both of you are away from each other and missing each other. [Read: Naughty ways to make a long distance relationship work]

You can pick any game out of these, and as long as you keep sex in your mind, you’ll be able to get to know your partner better and arouse them like never before too! After all, arousing a new lover from far away always makes us feel awesome about ourselves, doesn’t it?

Use these sexy games, change and bend the rules when you have to, and have a wild and sexy time even when both of you are away from each other.

Game 1. Would you rather…?

This is a safe and very sexy texting game to play when you’re trying to build the sexual tension. You can start by asking tame questions and build up to something naughty and dirty as the game progresses. Start off by asking something easy and date-like, say “would you rather watch a movie or go to a restaurant on a date?”

And as the game progresses, get intimate when you see the chance. It’s alright to drift away into conversations and ask more questions now and then as long as you constantly look for ways to turn your texting partner on. If you do this right, you wouldn’t need any other sexy game on this list because you’d hit horny gold in no time!

Start with this: 40 very gross and disturbing would you rather questions to make anyone squirm

And mix it in with this! 40 very sexy and dirty would you rather questions to make anyone horny!

Game 2. Texting truth or dare

Truth or dare is one of the sexiest and naughtiest games to take the inhibition out of any new couple or flirting buddies. It’s a great game to be played as a couple or with company. But in this case, you can turn it into a game of sexy texting! Text each other a question or a dare and the other person has to respond to it either by acting it out or answering the question.

To make sure both of you are actually executing the dares, you can snap pictures and send it to the other person if you’d like. Just the act of clicking snaps and sharing it can be a huge turn on, especially as the texting game starts to get naughtier and sexier!

Use this one: 40 saucy and naughty truth or dare questions you can ask each other over text

And build it up to this one: 30 horny and naughty truth or date questions for a sexy and intimate night

Game 3. Text strip poker

This is a text version of the strip poker game. To start off, both of you have to mention the total number of clothing that’s on your bodies, and that includes all the little negligees.

You don’t need any cards to play this sexy texting game. Each person takes a turn to ask a question about your relationship. It could be about a date, what one of you ordered or wore on a recent date, or even personal information both of you have shared with each other over the last few weeks or months.

When a person answers a question wrong, that person has to take off one of their clothing. Take pictures for proof if you trust your new lover, and delete it all after the game. But in this case, we’d advise you against sexting pictures to each other, especially in a new relationship. But if you do want to share sexy snaps, make sure you aren’t revealing your face and only sharing close ups!

Both of you should be a sport about this texting game and really strip off an item of clothing for every wrong answer. Even visualizing each other naked or saying something like “what are you taking off this time?” or “so you’re just in your underwear now, aren’t you? I wish I could see you right now” can end up turning both of you for a long time.

One of the best things about this sexy texting game is that it builds the bond between the two of you too. Not only are you two playing a naughty texting game, you’re also connecting with each other, paying attention to each other and creating memories together. A double win no matter how you see it!

Try this one: How well do you know me? 35 really fun questions for new couples

And progress to this one: 87 this or that questions about life, sex, and food

Game 4. The confessions game

One of you takes a turn to pick a topic. And both of you take turns to confess a deep secret about it. Start off easy and clean, and start turning the questions towards romance and lust after a few questions. It’ll bring both of you closer, help both of you understand each other better and make both of you really horny. Could you ask for more from a naughty text game?!

Eg. “When was the first time you remember getting turned on?”

“What would you change about your first kiss? / the first time you had sex”

Use this list: 36 wildest, raciest and naughty flirty confessions questions to ask each other

Game 5. Texting and creating stories

This is a simple but very naughty texting game which can also help you clearly see if your date’s ready to text naughty back at you. Start a sentence and leave it halfway so your date can complete it. And when your date texts you back the sentence, say something else that’ll be a continuation of their sentence. Take this back and forth for a few minutes, and it’ll definitely start to get naughty and exciting.

Eg. Text them “I’m all alone now and…” complete this sentence.

“I remember the first time I saw you and I thought…” complete this sentence.

The person you’re texting would assume you’re trying to be funny, so they’d probably go with it and say something funny. Play along, and when you think it’s the appropriate moment, bring a naughty texting game twist into it!

Check this to get anyone thinking naughty: 25 sexy text messages to initiate a dirty conversation without being obvious

Game 6. Role playing over the phone

This is a really naughty, sexy texting game that’s safe and yet, extremely arousing if played the right way. When you’re running out of things to text or say, tell your new date that you have a story you want to share with them. But they’ll have to add to the story with every text response of theirs.

Start off by talking about a recent experience both of you shared, like the last date or the last time both of you went out. You MUST talk about an experience you both shared, so your date can realize what you’re up to within a text or two. But remember not to use your name, and try to keep it vague.

You: “A girl met a boy last week at ____ for a fun date. And she really enjoyed the date.”

The other person: “…and the boy really enjoyed the date too!”

You: “…yeah, but the girl wished the boy would have kissed her at the end of the date.”

The other person: “hahaha, the boy wanted to do that so badly too, I bet…”

You: “and what does the boy intend to do with the girl if she were with him right now?” [Read: 30 subtle, obvious and sexual flirting tips for girls]

You get the drift, don’t you? Can you see how easily this conversation can get naughty in no time, without really involving you and your own new date?

By playing this sexy game, you’re hinting at getting sexual, and your new lover will reciprocate and start getting naughty with you too.

Use this: 25 sexy text messages to initiate a dirty conversation with anyone

Game 7. Text sex

This sexy texting game works just like phone sex, but without the voices. You don’t need to talk about the game with the person you’re texting. Just ask personal questions like “what are you wearing?” which will eventually get more arousing for both of you.

Take it slow and watch your date’s text response. Push the questions more into the sexual zone with each new text and your lover will start to respond to you.

[Read: 20 step-by-step dirty questions to ask a girl and make her wet in 15 minutes]

[Read: 20 step-by-step sexy questions to ask a guy and seduce him in no time]

Use any of these naughty, sexy texting games and you’ll definitely have a dirty and sexy time. And the best part, you can warm up towards making out with each other on the next date without even talking about it!

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