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How to Sext a Guy: Your Complete Guide to Safe and Sexy Texting

If you want to keep things hot between you and a guy, it comes down to sexting. But first, you need to learn how to sext a guy in the right and safe way. 

how to sext a guy

You’ve no doubt heard about sexting. For the most part, we hear when people get themselves into trouble with it, but overall, sexting can be a really powerful tool when it comes to flirting and seducing a guy. The trouble with knowing how to sext a guy is that in this world filled with technology where anything can be saved and shared so easily, it’s also a little scary and risky at first.

All of that leaves us ladies with a big decision. Do we go ahead and sext anyways, or do we completely forgo that form of flirtation and stick to talking dirty in person instead? That last option is a pretty nerve-wracking one, right? It’s a difficult choice to make, but as long as you know the ins and outs of sexting, you’re good to go. [Read: Sexting ideas: 14 Sexy tips to effortlessly sext like a real pro]

Dating and keeping a relationship alive is a very competitive world. There are so many people trying to weasel their way into your love life and take what’s yours. It’s no wonder sexting has gained popularity.

Sexting is a wonderful way to keep your lover’s attention on you and away from everything else. And it’s also a great way to add some intimacy to those long-term relationships that lack the in-person physical aspect of being together.

It’s not sleazy when done in the right way and it’s not going to get you into any trouble as long as you’re sure that you’re sending your messages to the right person! [Read: 30 hot, sexting examples to start a naughty conversation]

How to sext a guy safely and effectively – All the tips you need

Okay, so we’ve decided that sexting is definitely a good idea in order to keep the intimacy and flirtation in a relationship alive, but there are still those risks you have to think about if you want to know how to text a guy. You don’t want to have your goodies plastered all over the internet, do you?

Obviously not. With that being said, you can still get your sext on and make it just as effective as sending nude after nude to your man. With these tips, the risks are minimized, and you’ll definitely keep the spark alive. [Read: 15 Sexting messages to send your boyfriend: Go flirty or go dirty]

1. You don’t have to send pictures but if you do, keep your face out of them

This is the first thing you should know about how to sext a guy if you’re going to be sending naughty pictures. Even if you follow all precautionary measures, you could still end up finding your naked selfie all over the internet.

So in order to protect yourself, just crop your face out of the naughty pics. This really doesn’t change anything when it gets sent to your man. He’ll enjoy it all the same, but you reduce the risk of people knowing who it is in the naughty photo. [Read: Warning! How to be careful while sending dirty snapchats]

2. Don’t sext when you’ve been drinking

This should be the golden rule. We all need to remove our phones from our grasps when we’ve been drinking because we can do some serious damage without even remembering it sometimes.

That being said, sexting is OFF LIMITS when you’ve been drinking. Sure, it may help calm your nerves so you can get that sext out, but if you’re not comfortable enough to sext the person sober, then you shouldn’t be doing it at all.

3. Delete photos after sending them

Right after you’ve hit that “send” button and the photo is delivered to your special man, go into your photos and delete it. And for you iPhone users out there, you’ll have to go into your “recently deleted” folder and delete it for a second time.

This ensures that if you ever need to go back through your photos to show someone something, there’s no risk of them seeing all your lady bits because you didn’t delete that naughty selfie. A hugely important tip for how to sext a guy. [Read: How to send sexy nude selfies and not get into trouble]

4. Make them do the talking

This is a really great technique for you to be able to sext safely, and it’s also really great for newbie sexters, too. To do this, you just send them a very simple phrase like, “I wish you were here ;)”, followed by a question when they reply.

This works best when you use open-ended questions that are suggestive. Something like, “What do you miss most about me ;)” will give him the hint to get talking dirty. This way, you’re not the one sending all the dirty details… he is. But it’s still sexting. [Read: 20 sexy text messages to start a sexy, naughty conversation]

5. Only do it on your personal devices

Another really, really, important tip for how to sext a guy is to never, ever, ever sext when you’re at work and on the company email. And never use a public computer or device to do so, either. It’s far too easy for people to access, and you do not want that embarrassment on your hands.

6. Work up to the sexting

If you just dive right in to the sexting world, you’ll be awkward, lost, and you’ll probably not be very safe. The best thing to do to avoid this is to work up to sexting instead of just going for it right away.

Send small, seemingly innocent sexts, and make your sessions really short at first. This will also help you gauge how he reacts and how safe you really need to be with the messages and photos you send. [Read: How to sext the right way – 16 tantalizing tips you need to know]

7. Only sext after being intimate in person

This is the best advice I can really offer you because you should never be talking the talk when you haven’t yet walked the walk.

That being said, don’t be sexting someone you haven’t actually been physically intimate with. First, you don’t know what would be effective to get them all hot for you in the first place, and second, the trust hasn’t been built that far yet.

8. If you don’t like the sext, don’t send it

If you’re feeling really uncomfortable about a certain sext and you just don’t want to send it, then don’t. There’s not a rule about how to text a guy saying you HAVE to send everything you type up.

If you don’t think you should send it, or if it’s just a little too personal for your taste, just delete it and start completely over. You can work on a sext for as long as you want, and you should only be sending stuff that makes you feel good. [Read: 40 hot, playful texts to keep things hot and horny]

9. Read back over your sexts before hitting ‘send’

This should be an obvious tip for how to sext a guy, yet you see so many damn sexts online that were turned into something… not sexy at all. And that’s all because someone didn’t read through their message before sending it.

In order to make a sext effective, you have to proofread it. You can’t just send a mistake and expect them to stay in the mood. Having to ask for clarification will kill a mood faster than a weirdly worded sext. [Read: Flirty fingers – How to turn a guy on over text]

10. Make sure you trust who you’re sexting

This is by far the most important rule to follow when learning how to sext a guy. You can never send a sext and have it be safe in another person’s hands if you don’t trust them yourself. You have to know that this person isn’t going to show others or laugh at your attempts.

Trusting whoever you’re sending naughty pictures to is a must if you want to sext effectively as well. Being comfortable is what makes sexts meaningful and that comfort has to be built on trust. [Read: How to build trust in a relationship and make it last]

How to make your sexts super-effective

Now we know how to sext a guy safely, it’s time to have some fun with it! How can you sext in a super-efficient way? Of course, by that we mean, how can you sext and get a guy totally turned on by your words? Here’s a few tips.

1. Use the right words

It’s no good beating around the bush here, if you’re going to learn how to sext a guy, you need to know the words to use. That means not using obscure words and trying to sugarcoat what you want to say. If you want to tell him that you can’t wait to touch his dick, go ahead and say it! Don’t come up with an innocent word for the part of his body you want to touch – be direct! [Read: 20 Plus Beginner dirty talk examples to get them in the mood for fun]

2. Be descriptive

The whole point of sexting is that you’re building up the anticipation. You want to get him so hot than when you finally meet in person, all of that tension is released into some seriously hot sex. In that case, you need to be descriptive. Tell him what you want him to do and how it feels when he’s done it before, describe what you want to do to him. Don’t write paragraphs, but make sure that you’re as descriptive as you can be.

3. But, leave a little to the imagination

Sexting is basically teasing. While we’ve talked about being direct, you still need to hold back just a little. You could say something like, “I can’t wait to see you later, I’ve got some fun in store” and then he’s sure to ask you what that fun is. You can then tease him with little snapshots, rather than giving him the full story. [Read: 23 Sexy tips to dirty talk and say the sexiest words]

4. Send photos if you want to

We’ve talked about how to send photos safely before, but remember that this isn’t obligatory when sexting. However, if you want to send photos, go for it. This is especially useful for couples who are away from each other, e.g. long distance relationships or if one of you is away on business.

5. You can use voice notes too

Add in a few breathy voice notes to your regular messaging routine and you’ll have him begging for more! Tell him that you’re touching yourself and thinking about him and then send him a few seconds’ worth of you moaning for him. He’ll be desperate to get his hands on you! [Read: 40 Naughty, playful texts to keep things hot and horny]

6. Encourage him to play an equal part

Sexting has to be a back and forth deal. It’s no fun is one person is putting in all the effort and the other is just gaining the benefits. Encourage him to play his part by asking questions, asking him how something feels, or what he wants to do. He’ll soon get into the swing of things.

By the time you’ve been batting sext messages back and forth for a while, you’ll both want to meet up and put your words into practice. For sure, sexting is a great way to inject a little fun and passion into a relationship that has gone a little stale. It’s also a fantastic way for long distance lovers to stay connected sexually, keeping that flame alight.

[Read: Sexy, naughty texting games to have fun all night long]

Sexting can add that special something you need to heat things up in your relationship. However, now that you know how to text a guy, you want to make sure you’re doing everything safely.

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