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20 Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl and Make Her Wet

20 Dirty Questions To Ask A Girl And Make Her Wet

Want to seduce a girl with words? Use these 20 dirty questions to ask a girl over text and you can make her do all the sexy, dirty talking for you! By Gerry Sanders

Girls play hard to get almost all the time.

It’s a good thing though, or you wouldn’t really think she’s worth the effort.

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But sometimes, it’s easier to turn on a girl than date her.

When it comes to dating a girl, she’d instinctively know you’re hitting on her.

If you discreetly warm her up to your flirty touches, you’ll see that seducing a girl can be rather easy if she thinks you’re a great guy.

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If you know how to be discreet, you can make a girl fall for you or even turn her on in just a few conversations.

But here, we’ll get to seducing a girl with just 20 simple questions, preferably via texts.

Dirty questions to ask a girl and make her wet

It’s easy to ask these 20 questions when you’re sitting with her, but if she feels uncomfortable or believes you’re trying too hard or going too fast, you may end up blowing your chances. And you’ll have a hard time making her like you again.

On the other hand, by texting a few sexy questions to a girl, you can always make it seem like a joke if she doesn’t warm up to you.

It’s easy, safe and a foolproof way to turn a girl on from a distance.

Use these questions, and if you charm the girl the right way, you could charm the pants off her and make out with her by the time you reach the twentieth question! [Read: How to trick a girl into thinking of you sexually after getting close to her]

The right questions to ask a girl

Just use these questions and keep the conversation going by answering any other questions she may ask. It’ll all work out in your favor if you play it carefully and stick to these 20 questions all along the way.

And the best part, it’ll work wonders if she’s your girlfriend or even if she’s a flirty girl you have a crush on. Ask her these questions late at night for best results!

#1 Are you alone? This question is perfect to understand if she’s idle and all alone at home. You obviously can’t flirt or talk sex if her friends are around her. Say something bold like “I wish I could be there with you” when she reciprocates with an affirmative.

#2 What are you doing right now? Play it nice and slow. This can help you be certain that she’s alone and bored enough to give you her complete attention.

#3 Do you like cuddling when you lie in bed? Warm her up to a flirty conversation without overstepping the line. This can help open her up by talking about cuddling with someone else. [Read: Get her wet and horny just by texting her the right way!]

#4 What do you wear when you go to bed? / What are you wearing? A curious question that’s perfect to ask a girl when she’s in bed already. It’s personal, and yet not too sexual. Say something like “Gosh, I can only imagine how cute you look right now” when she describes herself.

If it’s your girlfriend, ask her what’s she’s wearing and if she doesn’t mention her lingerie *which she may not without a bit of coaxing*, ask about her lingerie and also the color. A perfect start.

#5 What do you think you look sexiest in? Get her to talk sexual by talking about her sexy clothing. It’s flattering and definitely sexual. [Read: 10 easy moves to sexually excite her whenever you’re around!]

#6 Have you ever watched someone else make out accidentally or on purpose? This question gets both of you in the mood. And yet, by directing it at a third person, you can avoid any uncomfortable situation at the start.

#7 Has a guy even touched you or discreetly groped you while clubbing or in a crowded place? Girls have a thing about sexual groping. Even if it’s accidental, it’s something they just don’t forget. You can answer something like “I wish I could have been that guy!” after she tells you about an incident she likes. [Read: How to touch her and arouse her discreetly without making it obvious!]

#8 Have you ever made out with a guy just because you were horny at that time? Find out if she’s a girl who can be coaxed into having sex with a guy in the heat of the moment.

#9 If you had a pair of x-ray glasses, which part of a guy’s body *below his shoulders* would you see first? Time to get naughty. Really, how many things can a girl take a look at below a guy’s shoulders? Let her answer the question so you always make it seem like she’s the one talking dirty and not you.

#10 Do you like boxers or briefs? This is a clichéd question and even if a girl doesn’t care about it, she’d most probably say that she likes a boxer. Answer this question by telling her what you’re wearing. The whole focus here is to get her to think of your package without really making it obvious. [Read: 5 reasons why guys fall into a girl’s friend zone and 6 naughty ways to get out of it!]

#11 What’s your secret move to turn a guy on? By asking her to visualize making out with a guy and describe it to you, you’re making her fantasize about sex. And at the same time, she may go into details just to prove how good she is sexually.

#12 If there’s one place a guy should touch you to make you horny, which is that? This goes straight to sex and arousal. And if she does answer this truthfully, in all probability, she’s already aroused. [Read: 10 minutes and 10 moves – Make her want to kiss you!]

#13 Does a massage make you wet? A full body massage makes almost all girls wet. You can always tell her something like “Just so you know, I came first in my masseuse class and I would love to give you a massage. And don’t worry, now that I know you get horny while getting a massage, I’ll linger in all the right places.”

#14 If I kissed your lips accidentally while kissing goodbye, would you mind it? Make her imagine your kiss. It’s a perfect question to get her to pucker up. [Read: 6 ways to kiss a friend accidentally and get away looking cute!]

#15 Do you like giving an oral or getting one? No matter what she answers, you can always answer with the opposite of what she says. If she likes giving an oral, say you like getting it. If she likes getting it, tell her you love giving it!

#16 How do you think my body would look better, shaved or natural? Isn’t it a nice thought to know that the girl you like is picturing you naked the minute you ask her this question?

#17 What should a guy do to make you wet? Get straight to the sweet spot. And when she does answer this question, talk about question #12 again and get descriptive about her pleasure spots.

#18 If I were whispering all these questions in your ear, would you be turned on? If you’ve got the conversation going this far, she’s obviously wet already. But it always sounds a lot better hearing it from the girl you’re texting. [Read: Make a girl feel horny and wet just by casually sitting next to her]

#19 If you didn’t have a boyfriend, do you think we would have made out with each other? / If I were with you right now, do you think we would have kissed each other? This question can actually get you into her bed, but you need to wait for the last question to get an invitation from her.

#20 If a guy wants to come over to your place and make out with you right now, would you like that? Don’t talk about yourself just yet, unless you already know she wants you to come over. If she answers “yes”, go full speed ahead to her place. Otherwise, play the seduction game for a few more minutes before telling her you want to come to her place right that instant.

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Just use these 20 dirty questions to ask a girl and you definitely would make her wet. And if you’re charming and lucky, you could also get into her bed!

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Gerry Sanders
Gerry Sanders
Gerry Sanders is a writer, and a self-proclaimed ladies man, who spends most of his time trying to learn everything about everything....
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140 thoughts on “20 Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl and Make Her Wet”

  1. Kristian says:

    I wish they made one of these about what to ask a guy… These are good!

  2. micheal says:

    this is amazing~~!

  3. Sarah says:

    Okay, if you don’t already have some type of friendship/relationship with a girl – DO NOT USE THESE. Seriously, if you’ve only been on one date with the girl, or if it’s obvious you’re trying to get in her bed, she will walk away. These are not cute questions unless you’re already pretty good friends. I’ve had men use some of these, and it’s a no-go. Also, if you’re going to try some of these, you have to have already been texting her all day, if you randomly text her after 7:00pm and you ask some of these, it will raise some red flags. Just be a normal guy. However, if I have a standing relationship with you, andI know that you’re kinda into me, or you give a care about my opinions and such, then these can work well, though personally I’m not a fan of dirty talking over text messages in general. I’d prefer these in person.

  4. Sonic says:

    Thanks, this will help take my relationship to the next level.

  5. Tha_Teenager says:

    But have way through, she asked “Why all this questions?” We know ourselves well and we like each other but we’re not dating. What should I do…?

  6. Ismrtlyman says:

    Lol worked like a charm. Jussayin.

  7. Jah know says:

    Jah know..This works..I asked a virgin girl this and she said she will let me take her virginity.:).I owe u alot

  8. Clary fray says:

    These are disgusting!!! Never use these ever! I’m a woman and if someone told me this Orr the phone I would hang up in a second, or if they asked in person I would slap him right across his face!!!

  9. Matthew says:

    There are questions, and there are some QUESTIONS!

    And these are those awesome questions that seriously needs a bow. 🙂

    I have a crush on a girl and we text each other all the time. She knows I like her, but I haven’t really ever asked her out. We just flirt or I tease her, but I’ve never been able to break through the friend barrier for several months because, quite frankly, I didn’t want to risk talking dirty with her and upsetting her.

    Looking at the positive comments here, I thought I’d give it a try and see how she responds. I could always talk about something else if she doesn’t respond.

    I told her I wanted to play a game of questions with her over text, and she was game for it. Just to stick to the “script” I asked the first question, and continued with the rest.

    You guys won’t believe this, but I was so turned on by the fourth question itself! 🙂 It was so crazy. My crush actually told me what she was wearing, and boy, my imagination started running so wild I was actually feeling dizzy with horniness!!!!

    Within about an hour of back and forth questions, I was ready to explode in my mind. And I could tell she was really horny too. I called her up immediately after the questions, and we actually ended up having PHONE SEX!! It was so insane and so awesome, it’s one of the highpoints of my life. I’ve heard it in the movies that smooth talking works, and I’ve been a bit of a smooth talker myself. But these questions, god damn, this is like research of the sex gods! 😉

    Lovepanky, you guys and girls are the Gods of Love and Sex. I bow to you with reverence. Getting girls may have been a breeze, but with you guys, you make it as easy as a snap of the fingers! I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR THIS!!!!!

  10. dave says:

    i always use these while txting a long time ago……. its the first time today i read this article, and i got some other exciting question that can help me make her horny….. to make her crave to have sex…

  11. Ummm says:

    most of these are dumb and wont work… unless you have some type of relationship with the girl. theyre quite obvious… there’s no way to play it off, girls arent as dumb as you may think. you need to start off slow and work your way into it. if you’ve only been going out or talking with the girl for a short period of time, don’t try them… these are for guys who don’t know how to get into a girls pants. if she likes you, you don’t need to bs around it with these text messages. it’s true that words and thoughts get a girl aroused, more than a picture (like us guys) that’s why the majority of girls don’t send naked pics, unless you’ve been talking for a while and are complete comfortable with eachother. anyway, good luck to those that use these

  12. Perez says:

    This all depends on the mans confidence without that you can’t do shit …. I met a freakin wonderful woman from a phone app and i have to tell you i have never been so happy and she hasn’t either and to top it off we haven’t even met yet …. this woman will probably be the one call us crazy but i had confidence and a good sense of humour and didn’t follow any of this it just came natural cuz i was myself …..you get woman like Sarah and clary fray that just want to shut down a man from the gate well that’s fine its only a small percentage of woman that don’t want tp meet someone or not worth the effort even if you did succeed which i probably could but i think my life would be miserable i did don’t want a woman like that don’t. these questions are good but nothing beats confidence and feeling the moment

  13. lkjn;a;sldkj says:

    Just reading these got me wet (;

  14. Rachael says:

    Warning…..do not under any circumstances use these…they lack imagination and anyone that knows women will tell you imaginination is one of the best turn ons….if you want to turn on a woman use the right tone of voice….tone conveys meaning and innuendo…you want the conversation to turn into a sexual one use the right tone of voice…..be descriptive but not offensive i.e I wish I was with you all I can think of is the way your skin would feel beneath my hand….that kind of thing so you are describing an action that automatically associates a feeling but at the same time isn’t too forward….use your brains…this list is terrible

  15. Jason says:

    Gosh, this worked just like a charm!! I have a friend and we’ve had this chemistry going on for a while, but we’ve never done anything about it. I can sense it when she’s around, but I was too scared to make a move on her.

    I came across this post a while ago, and it seemed nice, but I didn’t really do anything about it. Last weekend, I texted her these questions and it was so easy, like stealing coins from a blind beggar! It was such a rush and I felt so good (and horny) texting her. Initially, she wasn’t very dirty, but within no time, she started getting into the details and it turned me on like crazy!

    We met up the very next day, decided to talk about the earlier night and realized both of us actually really liked each other a lot! We’re dating now and I’m so happy, I don’t have words to explain my happiness. Had it not been for these questions, I would still be single now and would have lost out on this chance to have a relationship with the girl of my dreams! Thank you so much, you guys!

  16. John says:

    I had a strong connection with this girl, but only as good friends. I decided to try these questions during her typical alone hours late at night & I was amazed how naughty she responded to some of them since she was a very shy person. In a days we started to talk more dirtier and even discussed each others fantasies. A few weeks later we started dating. I highly would recommend these questions if you want to take your relationship to another level. Thank you very much for allowing me to be closer to the girl I have been having a crush on for many months. Because of these questions I actually was able to get out of the friend zone!

  17. rustytoolio says:

    just seen this page yesterday, tried it last night and the shit worked …..im a believer. at first i thought it was kinda cheesy and wouldnt work but to my surprise it did and i didnt even have to use all 20 steps lol :)all smile rihght now got some head and hit it so good my back arms and neck have the marks to prove it

  18. Lily says:

    Okay…seriously? The thing about ‘accidently’ grabbing private parts in a crowded place? And you guys write; ‘Say; I wish I was that boy!’
    Most of the girls indeed never forget that, you know why? Because it makes them scared and vulnerable. They realize that they have stuff that people want and will grab it even if they say no.
    Most of the girls I know have been approached by a stranger saying dirty stuff, and the next they they were terryfied to meet him again.
    I personally can’t stand it when people touch me in those sortof places, without my permission, thinking it’s okay.
    It is a very very very emotional subject, so dont say anything like; ‘I wish I was that man.’
    I love my current boyfriend, for over 2 years now, but if he said something like that I might think about breaking up.
    That is such a mean and rude thing to say.
    You should keep asking untill she starts to cry and tells you the whole story (if she doenst want to talk about it thats fine too.)
    But seriously…talking about being abused and saing’; ‘I wish I was that guy’ makes her think you’ll grab her boobs too, even if she doenst want to. I dont think these steps are right…

  19. nick says:

    this is the shit,works like a charm. u should publish more like this hey. met this girl on a social network, used the lines and she was begging to come to my place for a “massage”. u know the rest

  20. George says:

    Oh my my… do these work or what? I was playing by these questions while texting a sexy friend last night, and they worked wonders! I was laughing at its effectiveness while pushing my hard on down at the same time! Awesome!

    And the commenter, @Lily, stop being a petty nitpicker, will ya? And grow up! Of course, not every question will work with every girl. There are exceptions to every rule. What are you going to say next? “Gosh, don’t text girls these questions, they’re all lesbians!”? Seriously, I don’t see the point of your long comment. You just seem like a childish attention seeker!

  21. GNF says:

    Honestly, if a guy used these on me, even if we were already dating, I would roll my eyes and not want to talk to him anymore. These are dumb and I can’t imagine them working for any girl who isn’t drunk/high/insane. Sorry.

  22. ricky says:


  23. Lance says:

    @lily Yeahh, i agree with George. You need to shut your damn mouth and stop speaking for all women. Just because you probably had a bad experience with groping (big f**king deal, we’re human, it happens), doesn’t mean there aren’t girls out there that are into that sort of thing. Nobody wants a stick-in-the-mud girlfriend like you anyways, and I can pretty much guarantee that your boyfriend is cheating on you with a fun, more voyeuristic lover.

  24. Emily says:

    One of my friends used this on me and it was pretty exciting. We ended up sexting for a few hot hours and we were both incredibly turned on. Good work, Lovepanky!

    I also would have to say that these only work if the relationship you have with the girl is already quite strong. It also obviously depends how much she trusts you so use these with your own judgement!

  25. graye says:

    Oh god lily lmao it didn’t mean like.. rape or anything! At parties and such, shit happens. Its not like if she says something mentally scarring.. “well, this one time my uncle made me feel kinda funny when he put sunscreen on me.”

  26. Lisa says:

    If asn ugly guy asked me these questions I would be turned Off

  27. `Jurga says:

    If the wrong kind of guy asks this he would get slapped. And it has to be the right kind of girl as well. Be cautious this can either be super hot or super weird.

  28. Weeki says:

    U all can’t believe this, i had a girl that has always been dodging me when it come to the sex part, i just use this idea on her some few hrs ago,,guess what? she is begging me to come over her place now, that she want a full naked massag from me……yeaaaaaahhhh… U guyz rock

  29. Valeria says:

    Okay, some of these would be fine if and ONLY if I already knew and was flirting with the guy. Some of them are just awful- asking about if she’s ever been sexually harassed? Look, I know when a guy is trying to feel me up in a club, and sometimes, yes, it’s sexy, but a subway-grope can actually be really traumatizing, especially to a young girl. You don’t want to associate yourself with that. Also, protip: “What are you wearing?” is ALWAYS going to be taken as a blatant sexual advance. There’s nothing subtle about that, or any of these honestly, “How would you feel if I accidentally kissed you?” How do you accidentally kiss someone? Guys reading this should know that none of these are in any way subtle. A few, when employed correctly, may be effective, but I’m sure you can think of better ones, right?

  30. Logic says:

    I love how in these comments the guys are saying it worked and something happened right after and the girls are saying it won’t work or have that big of an effect don’t know which side is lying and which is telling the truth

  31. Louigie says:

    I have to agree with Sarah. I would never text questions like that unless it was someone I have known for a while. Texting stuff like this from the get go, makes you look like a psycho. I don’t understand why text to be sexy, maybe I am more of a visual person, and on the computer too much!

  32. Lara says:

    Believe me, the women are not lying. The guys might not be lying, either. There are a number of reasons you might get each response. But seriously, the groping one? Just skip it. It’s a minefield. Groping might seem like a little silly nothing to you, but could entirely ruin a woman’s day or week. Don’t underestimate how humiliating and horrible it can feel to have no say over who grabs you in public. Some women might get off on being groped and catcalled, but some women get off on being beaten up. Err on the side of not hurting people, rather than on the side of maybe pleasing someone who likes things that hurt people.

  33. tanya says:

    Okay, so I am a girl, and I can totally tell you that these questions are FREAKING AWESOME! I got really wet just reading them!! Guys, have the balls to do this with a girl and if shes normal, you’ll have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE! Lovepanky is genius 😀

  34. Bee says:

    First of all, she already needs to be into you to go along with this – if not, you’ll be a creep in her eyes forever. Also do not think all girls like this. Some will see the fun in it, but others will prefer a sexy conversation without being explicit. Yes, that’s possible, but it does require intelligence and wit.

  35. Matthew says:

    Its really gr8. thumbs up lovepanky

  36. Alex says:

    these question are frkn awsom .. it works but i cant tell if shes getting horny too

  37. A says:

    The #7 is bull, just so you know.

  38. Ugh says:

    It hurts my head to know that someone has put so much energy into writing this garbage.

  39. Kind Kelly says:

    Sure it works.. I used ot on a very close friend of mine. And she was like Oh my Gosh you’re turning me on. Lols. Twas really awesome. Thanks lovepanky.

  40. Monk Bandit says:

    To every girl that says NOT to use these ?’s YOU ARE STUCK UP. There is a reason YOU are reading these ?’s. it’s because your a looser with no man and I’m willing to bet your all alone on a Saturday night. Get off your high horse and stop thinking that your holding out for “Mr. rite” cause believe it or not your “Mr. Rite” no matter how “rite” he may be, LOVES SEX!!! Just like every man and woman does. So let go of your bitch attitude and LIVE A LITTLE. Let a guy ask these ?’s and play along. Who knows, you just might find what your looking for. Enjoy

  41. Mariah says:

    These are CREEPY. If youre not 110% SURE the girl wants you, DO NOT USE THEM.

  42. E says:

    As a woman, I do not respond to any kind of text messages that are not from someone I already have a relationship with. That being said, if you want to sleep with me, grow a pair and kiss me. I am much more likely to respond to someone who says what they are thinking straight up as opposed to playing games. But then again, I will do the same. And please guys, pick up the phone and call her. She wants to hear your voice.

  43. Sally says:

    I’m a woman and some of these questions are good but some of the others are just lame lol

    This would work if the woman was already attracted to the guy in question I wouldn’t use them on random people or those you know to be prissy and/or easily offended.

  44. A says:

    Not buying it guys. The whole questions thing is bogus, even if you’re in a relationship. If I were to ask these questions to my girlfriend, she’d be taking me in for drug tests by about the third question; and heaven forbid you even think of using these on practically a stranger. The questions are creepy and weird :I

  45. Toby Mood says:

    If You Ask A Girl These Questions She Will Surely Call The Police! Poor Selection! Creepy.

  46. John Pullen says:

    I just asked a girl this and she is totally clammy in the vaginal area! thanks love panky.com USA USA USA

  47. Evan says:

    Hello, I’m Evan, I’m 22. After reading this I was… kind of appalled. I would never say these things to a woman and I don’t think any other grown man should say them either unless they’re in the porn industry.. :I Some of these things may make your girlfriend horny, but others… like the groping thing, I don’t know. I kinda agree with Lily to some extent. My sister has really big breasts and she says that she’s been groped several times in the clubs she goes to and she absolutely hates it. She used to come home and gripe about it… and she wouldn’t stop talking about it. And my ex was sexually assaulted in the past… I would never, ever say this stuff. I think it would be really rude, even in the moment I dunno…
    A lot of these questions seem really disrespectful and I can’t imagine them /not/ being degrading. And unless you’re talking to a pornstar or a whore, I seriously doubt she’ll fall for it.
    Just a heads up, gentlemen, this stuff will most likely not work on real women.

    No decent grown man would ever say these things.

  48. josh says:

    do these really work on all girl or just most?

  49. mosqitoe says:

    I doubt these questions will work

  50. Girl says:

    I’m reading this with my girl friend and I noticed that she’s kinda wet..? and she looked at me.. and then she attacked me ! my gosh !

    she’s so strong. I can’t defend myself. She grabbed me ><. And then BOOM! We did it 😛

  51. Sassy says:

    Omg.. I love these! If my bf asked me all these, I would be so turned on!

  52. sean says:

    If you want to make her wet, just throw water on her, heh!

  53. Kagi says:

    I Just Wanted To Give This A Shot, And Am Amazed By The Results, Today I Talked To Girl Who Had A Crush On Me, She Was Hitting On Me In The College, She Sends Alot Of Signals About Sex, I Just Predicted She Is So Horny, So Today I Wanted To Give Her What She Want, She Called Me And We Started Talking About Everything And I Remembered Those Questions So I’ve Started Escalating Slowly, She Ended Up Begging Me To F**k Her ! She Had orgasm Twice And She’s Still Horny As F**k. She Was Like A Crazy Bull
    That’s Really Cool, Thanks For Providing These Amazing TIPS And Questions 😀

  54. Gregory says:

    I really feel sorry for the uptight women who commented these questions in a negative manner. I start making sexual humor with 10 minutes of meeting a woman and gentleman I only date 10s the best of the best … confidence plays a big part but if you start playing right away they will play back 100% of the time. if you play well you will leave with her. these 20 questions are perfect and you will succeed using them… for those close minded uptight ladies … I would pick you out instantly an pass right by you or maybe give you a shot if your not boring as you sound non here.

  55. Kris says:

    I gotta say this stuff aint hittin on sh*t… pretty week if u ask me got the right idea but not even close. U gonna have to be a little funny and a whole lotta nasty

  56. Hannah says:

    With the exception of a couple eg “what are you doing?” I would probably die if a guy asked me any of these questions. I’m talking a rising feeling of disgust and instant loss of interest in the guy, turning off my phone, putting it in my cupboard, locking the cupboard, slowly backing out the room, setting my house on fire and starting a new life in mexico. Seriously, unless the girl is so interested that she would sleep with you even if you talked about nothing but turtles, or she has the standards of a hooker with low-self-esteem, these would NOT work. Really really awkward questions that would just make me assume that the guys friends had got hold of his phone and were trying to sabotage things. Especially the one where the guys is just like “I’ll ask about when she got sexually harassed in a club. Bitches love getting sexually harassed”, why would any guy think that girls like their ass being grabbed by some random stranger? just NO.
    Please please don’t try this if you actually like a girl, unless a) she can’t read, b) is a hooker, c) is already sleeping with you and you want her to stop.

  57. Matt says:

    gregory: “i only date 10s the best of the best” something tells me that you’re a virgin. just sayin…

  58. Vi says:

    amazing. of course, some of these take a fair amount of balls to ask, even if you’re already in a pretty good relationship. Just a few do the trick. hella works. Just dont shy away at ALL when you ask these. if you hesitate, you masturbate.
    simple pickup

  59. Ellesar says:

    This all sounds very creepy. Why do young men feel they have to contrive everything? Do you not have personalities? Is it all just ‘can I stick it in’?
    My sons have a better attitude than this and they are 14 and 17!.

  60. Anonymous says:

    This is ridiculous. I have a great relationship with a wonderful woman who would take off immediately if I said something sleazy and rapey, like “Hey, has some creep in a club ever sexually harassed you? I wish I had been that guy!” This sounds like it was written by a geezer. A creepy geezer who has been single for too long and kind of dislikes women.

  61. Summer says:

    If she’s desperate and is into you even if you say ridiculous, creepy things, then these will work. But from a glance at the comments – guys being degrading to women who talk about how they hate being degraded, while bragging that they are good with women – it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what kind of creepers would think these were good questions.

    Use them – it’s an easy way for women to know who the assholes are. Women like sex, but they like fun sex with someone who respects them, not creepy sex with some loser who won’t respect them enough to know what they like and be attuned to their desires and needs. Tip – assholes are bad in bed!

  62. DarklyDreamingZohan says:


  63. All3n Fl3ming says:

    What FU**k
    I tried and got reply

    It seemz u checked Lovely Pranck . Com


  64. jojo says:

    This is another great article from this site!

  65. Jennifer says:

    What a woman wants is the same as what a man wants – we want to know that the person we are sexting with desires us. Want to get some, make her curious about what you can do for her and how you will please her. Don’t ask too many questions – don’t ask if she is horny – tell her you have been thinking about her and making love to her and would love to be kissing her neck and teasing her without mercy.

  66. Jennifer says:

    Men look at porn and get hard, women read a romance novel and get wet. Know your audience. We want a man who knows how to be a man, but knows how to be a lover as well. A woman can come without ever touching herself – she can just think about you making love to her and close her eyes and orgasm. Most of these questions are geared toward getting the man hard, not the woman wet.

  67. Andr says:

    Really, people over react so much, sure, many of those question is very situational, but I don’t hope people are reading this as a step for step guide, rather use the ones that suits for that moment, give and take some.

    But then again, most people here is from the US, most religious country ever, that might have something to do with the people over reacting.

  68. gawjus says:

    This is realy going to turn the ladies oon

  69. NormalGirl says:

    Honestly, These kinds questions just will work on Pervs… (who also seek a short-term-contact) and a-well built-already relationship. BUT If you are just newly knowing each other… ACT Normal.. You better PAY ATTENTION to her personality or at-the-moment-feeling, show that you care of her in personal, NOT LUST. Honestly, most women don’t like a man who starts with those dirty questions above… (but whore or pervs YES). WHY? because the girl will think that you are a kind of a player as we think that you might be doing the same thing to other girls just to take their skirts off and You want them JUST for sex reason instead of a true relationship. Remember that only few girls who put focus on meaty desire like men. but mostly Good girl (who seek true relationship) focus on personality and feeling What she feels about you …does she feel comfy ? Can she trust you? can she rely on you when she gets a problem to share? or you just will use her for your lust fulfillment?? So…MEN you just can use those above questions to Pervs (whores) or your already hooked girl. OK

  70. Mike Struhl says:

    If I was a girl and somebody started texting me these things, I’d get scared and report them to the police. Not the type of thing you would want to text someone…especially your girlfriend or a girl you like.

  71. Merf says:

    Well, I’d get horny from these..

  72. Don says:

    One time with my ex-girlfriend I posed a challenge to her. She told me I had no self control so I challenged her to do her best to come on to me as aggressively as she wanted and see if my will broke. Sort of a fun game where I lose if I go in for the kiss.

    She started throwing lines at me, rubbing me, and acting very flirty and forward. During all of this, I’d keep my cool, push her away, or try to coolly shut her down. This seemed to get her only more and more into it, until she started kissing me and talking dirty. It escalated like this until the point where she said, “I don’t care about the game, you need to f**k me right now.”

    Best sex ever.

  73. daniel says:

    Met a girl via social media, after a day talking now and then, I decided to give it a shot. Everything went well, up until the point where I started asking the “wet” stuff. She thought it went a little too far, so I said :sorry, perhaps we should find out in person. She then decided to come to me the next day, even though we live about 150km apart, and had the hottest intercourse in my live. I guess these steps are brilliant!

  74. vipin says:

    Can I get some romantic topics, to get better conversion with my girlfriend ……

  75. edward says:

    I hv tryd and tryd I cn make a girl wet or make her intrestsed I m cn u hope m please please please

  76. shockwave says:

    i didnt get past 10 and she already told me she wants me!

  77. KTZ!!! says:

    wellllll.. it really depends upon the person’s mood and desire some wrok some dont

  78. Pohhtaent fb says:

    The best and most effective way to get a woman wet in 2014 apart from turning the garden hose on her is to pull out a stock of hundread dollar bill;)(hehe

  79. wondering says:

    I sent these to a stranger that’s also a crush of mine….yep I’m screwed.

  80. ace says:

    yea these are only bad to feminist freaks who think everything men do is bad and are jealous of the woman who actually know how to please a man and our actually gettin some action do us all a favor come out of the closet already and leave normal people alone no one likes negative personalities like yours its only bad if you make it that way and you dont really deserve having a man make advancements towards you in the first place

  81. ace says:

    its all about confidence and originality i believe any1 whos ever flirted with a girl through texts or on the phone knows that just being yourself is the best way and its all gonna come out along the same lines anyway and it might work it might not but with a feminist loony everything you do is disrespectful so nothing you do will work on them they take enjoyment out of being alone and miserable and they want every1else to be the same especially other woman

  82. Kaka ferry says:

    i like it very much i was’nt aware of any dirty word to talk

  83. Nev says:

    As a woman, these would ONLY work if I were already in a LTR with the guy. Otherwise…I’d be creeped out. Why can’t a guy just say “Hey I like you, wanna go out?” That’s basically all I want.

  84. Jes says:

    Well, sort of works, but she ask too many question and really don’t understand, not playing

  85. Hank Morgan says:

    Seems to me that most of you don

  86. Silver~Shadow says:

    I’m 15 and this is working as good as HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Anonymouis says:

    Ended up getting laid the next night thanks !

  88. bilu says:

    Shid this thing works awesome ur the kings guys

  89. Brandon says:

    I got called a perve… My life is ruined.

  90. kame says:

    m turned on …………………..aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

  91. Joshua B says:

    how about a sincere compliment and engage them in a conversation to show you are interested in them for more then just sex or a pretty face? ask about them that way, you are much more likely to catch their interest then …. a little class and respect when talking to a lady goes along way , and guys online act so damn thirsty it is pathetic

  92. Joshua B says:

    if you are at the point you can ask them naughtier questions then they was already interested in you in the first place other wise you are just gonna kill your chances off the jump and fellas quit inboxing them dick pics on facebook,if they want that they know how to ask you for one if they are interested they dont want stuff just shoved in their face unasked for and a woman sees your face and eyes and talks to you in person first before you ever get to that level..

  93. Richie says:

    OH MY GOD!!!!
    These are horrendous!
    Nightclub a guy touches you discreetly ? Yes thats sexual abuse!
    Asking a girl how to make her wet – Well your going to sound pretty inexperienced
    Boxers or breifs – Oh for god’s sake!
    If a guy wants to come over to your place and make out with you right now, would you like that? You sound like a 15 year old serial killer in the making
    The whole asking questions things that are obviously looking for a sexual response are transparent unoriginal and immature . Seriously guys forget these

  94. Noble says:

    I tried this and she was dripping wet and wanted me to come over and f**k her. But i was too far away.

  95. M4sterOfS3x says:

    Oh boy did this get my girl horny. I asked her these questions over text and I could almost hear her moaning from miles away. She asked me to come over,but the house was dark. She told me where she kept the spare key outside, so I let myself in. The room was so dark, and when I took off my shoes everywhere I walked was wet. MY SOCKS WERE DRENCHED! I heard her whisper “Get over here,” and boy was it intense. Before I knew it, we were going at it for hours. We did it all over the house, and when we were finally done, she turned on the lights. That is when I found out it was her gay 15 year old brother.

    Moral of the story, this is bullshit, don’t use these questions, you pigs.

  96. pong says:

    let me guess. This was written by a dork who never got laid once in his life.

  97. Pumpkin says:

    I can honestly say all of these have been used on me. Maybe they worked at first but in the end the same stuff ends up getting boring. If you guys take this step Into the relationship u need to keep taking bigger steps because using stupid stuff like this isn’t going to work. And if the girl of your dreams is in a bad mood and your texting her this crap. Your in for a treat hahaahaha. That girl will always see you as a creep. I’ve completely stopped talking to people who have asked these questions: if your a really hot guy is the only way these “questions” are going to work. Also asking these is so obvious and could easily be filed under sexual harrasment. HAVE FUN WITH THAT. 😀

  98. Marrie says:

    PLEASE do not use these. I would slap anyone who said these to me. These are absolutely awkward and make me uncomfortable just reading them, but I guess if you’re extremely close to her you could use some.

  99. the dude says:

    as childish as it sounds. just play truth or dare with her and the conversation will naturally get dirty. no one wants to play truth or dare and ask what did you have for lunch. These questions make you look like a needy bitch.

  100. Spencer says:

    I’m a guy and I’m sorry but I know for a fact these questions won’t work. All you guys saying how his works and shit. Means the girls a slut most likely. I don’t really judge a girl. I’m dating my love and I know if I asked her any of these she’d leave me in a heartbeat no matter who you war every girl likes to be treated like she matters and not like a sex toy

  101. king says:

    Thanks man.this stuff is real

  102. king says:

    Thanks man.@spencer thats for u man.try to look at both negative n positive point of view man

  103. M'kali-Hashiki says:

    #7 “Have you ever been sexually assaulted by a stranger in a public place? yes? Welli certainly wish I was the stranger who crossed your boundaries without your consent!”

    Yeah, that’s hella sexy.

  104. Robbz says:

    Never try 1,..!!!

  105. Younggirlsloveit says:

    iam only a teenager and my boyfriend and I have talked really dirty and he knows if he ever asked me anything like thuse questions I would smack him One.
    Anyone of those questions would be a right turnoff.
    I have said dirtyer things sense I was 14 ????

  106. That1Guy says:

    I hope no one makes the mistake of using this crap!

  107. Manom kons says:

    I’m a big player myself and I know that being sweet to any girl will definitely get her in bed

  108. Teresa says:

    This is so rapey wtf gross

  109. Moose says:

    Have you ever actually spoken to a female?

  110. toto says:

    I get turned on just by reading this

  111. toto says:

    Probably just cus im in a LDR though…

  112. gdgdgdghh says:

    terrible advice — it is best to do 2 or 3 basic texts …(the cuddle in bed line could be the 3rd text) then – say: “do you want to call me?”.
    and send it — she’ll either say yes or no…then you can cut bait early and move on to other girl….. OR reel her in over the phone..with your VOICE
    get her to meet you for a drink –like a MARGARITA always works.

  113. N2K12 says:

    troll more

  114. N2K12 says:

    your 14 and a troll, and obviously just think with your dick. girls love this stuff. i have a daughter, i would know

  115. N2K12 says:

    well thats because you are a bitch. obviously. i’d smack you one right back for being an up tight cow.

  116. N2K12 says:

    works fine for me.

  117. N2K12 says:

    wrong. girls like being treated special and like a sex toy, they love that cock hard and deep inside them. especially when it sprays up into their womb. they love that shit,

  118. N2K12 says:

    comment written by a dork who never got laid once in his life.

  119. N2K12 says:

    look, just because you get your jelly’s off with a man, and have to make up some stupid story so we dont think your a phaggot, does not make this article invalid.

  120. N2K12 says:

    forget you. got there are some wanker trolls on here. grow up.

  121. N2K12 says:

    seems like you only think about YOU alot.

  122. N2K12 says:

    learn to spell first.

  123. N2K12 says:

    wow, troll more? someone pays you a compliment so you call the cops? someone grabs your ass so you cry? you must be a phaggot.

  124. Circus clown says:

    Stop spraying your frustrated sexlife all over the page.

  125. Circus clown says:

    Doesn’t seem like that at all.

  126. Circus clown says:

    Wow, that’s badass stuff right there nigga, especially where you’re smacking kids.

  127. BabyAteMyDingo says:

    If you would do that then you haven’t spoken dirty at all

  128. matthew johnson says:

    Lol i like that fucking halarious good job

  129. matthew johnson says:

    If anyone dose this shit u will end up hit and loose the girl forever these people r obviously virgins who dont know how to talk to girls much less get them in bed

  130. mark k says:

    not that weird, I would say that over 75% of the women not girls ive dated have some kind of fantasy that involves them being assaulted sexually, From being touched to even forced into something.

  131. Amyas says:

    wow dis z kul

  132. charlie835139 says:

    Yeah, this takes some nerve and a LOT of familiarity with the girl to pull this off. I made the mistake of jumping the gun by getting sexual too early and the girl never wanted to have anything to do with me ever again. Ah well, live and learn…

  133. Antoinette Reyes says:

    Alot of these were dead on, personally I don’t like / think 5-7, 9, or 11 are good questions to ask. I’d also move up #10 to an earlier spot as well as #14.

  134. Antoinette Reyes says:

    Woah that is a crazy, outdated and sexist way to think. Women aren’t around for male pleasure. Most women like sex and when u get wet u are aroused that is what signals to ur body that intercourse may occur so ur body preps.

  135. Antoinette Reyes says:

    Agreed but u can always test the waters first. See if she thinks u are sexy or lightly try to see if she will tell u any intimate detail about herself. But I’d only ask out of curiosity and wait another time before moving on to something else.

  136. Antoinette Reyes says:

    It depends some I feel like are very inappropriate questions but asking some of these questions like about fantasies or what she likes actually strengthens ur relationship. I wouldn’t advise anyone ask these to someone they aren’t in a committed relationship with tho.

  137. Hercarticlay McDingleberry the says:

    Maybe a fantasy… but not a reality of being actually sexually assaulted… fucking pricks. This is so fucked up!!

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