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113 Sexy Texts For Him to Make a Guy Hard, Turn Him On & Leave Him Horny!

If you want to guarantee a good night, why not send some sexy texts for him that will make him hard? When you meet, he’ll be ready to go! 

sexy texts for him

If you want your relationship to last, you have to do certain things to keep the spark alive. Without consistent effort, relationships fall flat, get boring, and eventually end. Therefore, you have to try new and exciting ways to keep your love life hot and steamy. One way to do that is to have some sexy texts for him that will make him hard in your arsenal.

You can use these texts whether you’re just sleeping with him, dating him, or in a serious relationship with him. They work every single time, just as long as you set the mood right and tease him.

Men have great imaginations, but they can’t always get a clear picture without a little help. That’s where you come in and the texts that will make him horny.

If you want your man to be hard with anticipation the second he thinks of you, sending him naughty texts will do the trick for sure.

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Why Anticipation is the Secret to Great Sex

We all know the build-up to sex can greatly improve the act itself. When you are thinking about someone else’s hands all over you throughout the day, the release you feel when it actually happens is greater than you can even imagine.

And the best way to get that anticipation pumping at full speed is by sending the right kind of text messages to make him hard.

Once you fill a man with anticipation, they only have one thing on their mind: you. And there’s science behind all that. [Read: 20 secrets to play it cool with a guy and not be clingy or too distant at the same time]

1. Attachment Theory

Imagine you’re on a business trip, and you get a text from your partner saying, “Can’t wait to feel your hands all over me.” Awww, right? This is where attachment theory swings into action.

Sending such intimate messages can help cultivate a sense of ‘secure attachment,’ even if you’re miles apart. Research shows that secure attachment can lead to more satisfying relationships.

Now, the key is to balance autonomy with emotional connection, turning your phone into an extension of your mutual affection.

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2. Dopamine Hit

Your phone buzzes, and as you read that spicy text from him, you can’t help but smile. Maybe it says something like, “You looked delicious last night. Can’t get you out of my mind.”

That tiny rush of happiness and excitement? Say hello to dopamine, your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitter. This “dopamine hit” keeps the relationship fresh and exciting.

It’s the biochemical reason why sexy texts for him can make a long-term relationship feel like you’re still in the honeymoon phase.

3. Priming

Let’s say you’re at work, daydreaming during a dull meeting. Your phone lights up, and you see a sexy text saying, “Get ready for an unforgettable night 😉.”

Now, you’re not just physically preparing for an intimate evening, you’re also mentally primed for it.

Psychological priming happens when exposure to one stimulus influences the response to a subsequent stimulus, in this case, turning the idea of an intimate evening into a near certainty.

Two simple words here: sexual tension.

Sexual tension is something that everyone feels, but it’s difficult to define. It’s an electric feeling that comes between two people who can’t wait to have sex with each other, but they can’t act on it at the moment.

So, when you’re actually together, both of you are already tuned into the same sexy frequency.

The Sexiest Texts For Him To Turn Him On

There’s really no better way to get a man’s attention than to surprise him with a dirty, sexy text message midway through the day. When he doesn’t see it coming, the shock alone is enough to make him hard.

Not to mention all the different things you can say. When it comes to sexy texts for him that will make him hard, stimulating his imagination is by far the best way to do it.

If you’re looking for ways to spice up your love life, look no further. We have everything you need.

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Use these texts to make him hard the next time you’re feeling naughty, and chances are, he’ll be more than happy to keep the conversation going!

But remember, these texts will start the conversation. But you still need to master how to keep a naughty conversation going. Use this guide to texts that will make him horny and you’ll give him an all-day raging hard-on!

1. I want you. Now.

2. I’m thinking about all the dirty things I want to do to you when you get home.

3. If I let you do anything – and I mean ANYTHING – to me, what would you do?

4. I can’t stop thinking about your lips on my body.

5. All I want is my mouth on you – everywhere. [Read: 49 blowjob techniques, positions & tips to give good head & make him gasp!]

6. Remember what we did in bed last time? I can’t stop thinking about it.

7. Guess what I’m wearing right now.

8. The bed feels so empty without you.

9. Baby, I’m so wet for you. [Read: 24 sex tips for men & secrets that make any woman wet & want more]

10. I had a very naughty dream about you last night. Guess what happened in it 😉

11. Let’s spend a whole day together this weekend. In bed.

12. If you can guess the color of my panties, I’ll give you a blow job you’ll never forget.

13. Tell me your dirtiest fantasy about me.

14. I have a special surprise for you tonight. You better come ready 😉

15. I’ll give you a reward tonight if you can guess where I’m touching myself right now.

16. I can’t stop thinking about what I’m going to do to you tonight.

17. Let’s watch porn together and act out each scene. [Read: How to watch porn with your girlfriend & get her to enjoy it with you]

18. Have you ever wanted to have sex in public? [Read: 59 hottest places to have sex that are naughty, risky & adrenalin racing!]

19. All I want right now is your hands on me. Down there.

20. I just had the naughtiest thought about you. But it’s much too dirty to send in a text.

21. There’s something special I want to try tonight. Get ready 😉

22. I’ve been a very bad girl today. I think I need to be punished.

23. I’ll be wearing heels tonight. ONLY heels.

24. You have three wishes that I’ll grant you in bed tonight. What are they?

25. Guess what I’m thinking about. I’ll give you a hint, it involves my lips wrapped around something.

26. I’m horny and you’re nowhere in sight. Looks like I’ll have to finish the job myself. I’ll be thinking of you 😉

27. Something is missing today. I think it’s you. Between my legs.

28. I can’t concentrate on anything today because I’m distracted by thoughts of our last time in bed together.

29. I just got out of the shower 😉

30. I think it’s about time we tried that new position we’ve been thinking about. [Read: 30 sexy ways to tease your man & make him want to F you right there]

31. If I didn’t have to work today, I’d come over and blow your mind.

32. I just bought some new underwear and a bra…I think you’ll like it 😉

33. I want you on top of me now!

34. Let’s make a dirty movie together!

35. I bought something for us to use in bed. [Read: 13 must-have couple’s sex toys for naughty first timers]

36. It’s so hard to concentrate at work today because I’m thinking of you in bed with me

37. Can I stop by for lunch? 😉

38. Tell me a dirty secret.

39. What is it called when you love sucking on things? Oh yeah…

40. What’s the greatest memory of us having sex?

41. I can’t wait to jump your bones!

42. I want to make you moan right now… [Read: Sex sounds: How to moan and look & sound sexy AF while making out]

43. Do you think I should go commando tonight?

44. Name a body part and I’ll send you a photo

45. Let’s place a mirror beside the bed and have sex watching ourselves.

46. You’re so skilled that you should teach a sex class.

47. If you Facetime me right now, I guarantee you’ll like what you see.

48. I want to be a police officer, arrest you, and make you my slave.

49. I can’t believe how well our bodies fit together.

50. Where can we have sex in public?

51. You have a magical tongue. [Read: How to eat a girl out: 81 oral sex tips to eat pussy & tongue her to bliss]

52. I miss having you inside of me.

53. I just masturbated and fantasized about you the whole time. [Read: How to masturbate: 30 solo orgasm & female masturbation secrets for girls]

54. I can’t help but touch myself with I think about you.

55. I want you to cum on me everywhere the next time I see you.

56. I want you to push me up a wall and have your way with me.

57. Want to know my favorite ways to pleasure you?

58. I love when you cum inside me.

59. I’m going to give you a surprise blowjob when you least expect it.

60. You need to spank me because I’ve been bad!

61. Can I practice my lap dance skills on you tonight?

62. No need for you to masturbate tonight… I’ve got that taken care of for you.

63. I had a dream about you last night, you weren’t wearing many clothes.

64. Licking a popsicle and thinking of you… it’s delicious. [Read: Finger blowjob: What makes finger sucking so sexy & how to do it right]

65. You. Me. Naked. Now.

66. Tell me exactly what you are going to do to me later, I want all the details.

67. Getting so wet thinking of you right now.

68. Can’t stop thinking about what we did last night, it’s making me want to do it all over again.

69. Tell me your fantasy, it might just come true later.

70. Lying in bed and wishing you were here…

71. I’ve been very naughty today. How are you going to punish me

72. I feel like something is missing in my life… Oh that’s right, it’s you, naked, on top of me.

73. I just got out of the shower and can’t seem to find my towel, wanna come over?

74. Touching myself and thinking of you.

75. Tell me the dirtiest thought you’ve ever had about me. If you tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine. 😉

76. Just wanted to let you know how hot you are, seriously, I mean, just thinking about you turns me on.

77. Come over for dinner later. Bring whipped cream for dessert.

78. I want you so badly right now.

79. Can’t stop thinking about kissing you… everywhere… [Read: Neck kisses: 22 erogenous ways, dos & don’ts to kiss the neck & melt anyone]

80. The things I would do to you if you were here right now!

81. You know that crazy thing we said we’d do one day, I think tonight might be the night!

82. You’ll never guess what I’m wearing…

83. Can’t do any work because I’m thinking of your naked body on top of my naked body—it’s very distracting.

84. I’m going to do some really filthy things to you when you get home from work. Be ready.

85. All I’ve been thinking about is your mouth.

86. Everything about you turns me on! I can’t help it.

87. Hope you’re rested, ’cause you’re going to need all your energy for tonight.

88. The minute you walk through the door, your clothes better come off!

89. I don’t get why you make me so horny. [Read: Can you spot a horny girl? Key signs to tell if a girl is turned on]

90. So… how do you feel about sex toys…

91. I learned this new yoga pose, I’m pretty flexible now.

92. I just found out I can text with one hand. Want to know where my other hand is?

93. Oh, just FYI I’m not wearing any underwear right now.

94. The moment I thought of you, my underwear was wet.

95. Do you wanna play a game?

96. Do you want to see my new toy?

97. I have a couple things to check off my to-do list tonight. Want to help?

98. I really want to reenact this porn scene I just watched.

Must-know Tips For Making The Most of Your Sexy Texts for Him

You may be thinking that one simple text is enough to drive him wild, and while that may be true in some cases, there are certain things you can do to make your sext even more effective.

1. Appeal to What He Likes 

Don’t just choose one of these sexy texts for him when you know he isn’t into something that’s mentioned. The best way to really turn him on with texts that will make him hard is to tailor it to what you already know he likes.

Doing this not only shows how well you know him – a turn-on in itself – it’ll also trigger his horniness right away. If you know he has a certain fetish, focus on that first before you dive into other naughty messages. [Read: What men like in bed – 53 things they want, desire and absolutely lust for]

2. Don’t Make Promises You Aren’t Willing to Keep

Many women make the mistake of “talking a big game.” They send messages that they know will turn their men on, but then they don’t actually do the things they mentioned.

It might be tempting to talk about some crazy sexual things the two of you have never tried. But if you are not that adventurous, then you don’t want to suggest them.

For instance, if you tell your boyfriend that you want to try S&M or have a threesome, but you don’t, then that is just being dishonest.

If you really want to make him hard, follow through with what you say, and the next time you sext him, it’ll be even more effective because he’ll know you mean it. When you send texts that will make him horny, make sure you’re happy with what you’re suggesting.

3. Bait Him

In order to make things even steamier, send a text that will force him to respond. Getting him to interact with your naughty sexts will increase your chances of turning him on immensely.

Leave your texts open-ended so he can reply and join in on the fun.

Get him to reply back with some naughty texts of his own. Ask him to send you pictures or tell him what he is doing to get hard right now besides thinking of you.

Remember, sending texts for him that will make him horny doesn’t have to be a one-way deal! [Read: 33 secrets to seduce a guy who’s not yet yours and hook him hard]

4. Avoid Unappealing Phrases and Words

There are certain things we ladies think sound dirty and naughty that are actually not appealing in the least. Turn-off phrases and words include things like juices, squirt, sludge, throbbing, and even excessive swearing. There is no need for those.

Say what you mean and be creative with adjectives, not with nouns.

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5. Get Yourself in the Mood First

What better way to turn your man on than to tell him how horny you are – and actually mean it? This way, you’ll be more descriptive and real with what you say.

You can even describe to him what you’re doing to turn yourself on. That alone will be better than any other texts that will make him hard.

6. Do It at an Appropriate Time

When you’re sending texts that will make him horny, is it an appropriate time? If you know that he has a big presentation for his boss that day, then it’s not an appropriate time to send him these naughty texts.

Work is important, and so you don’t want to distract him or put him in an awkward position by accidentally opening up a naked picture of you in front of his colleagues.

So, it’s best to try to make sure that he is in a “safe” place where he won’t be embarrassed. Also, you want to make sure he can respond and engage with you. Timing is everything. [Read: 45 sexting tips to initiate sexting and 50 examples to sext all the right things]

7. Start Off Slow

There is no need to rush in with the dirtiest thing you have ever thought of right away. If you aren’t 100% sure how he’ll respond, then take it slow.

Start off with something cute and flirty, a compliment, or tell him you are thinking about him. When you send texts that will make him horny, the idea is to build up slowly.

You have all the time in the world to build up to the more sexual stuff, so better to do it this way than go in too deep and scare him off!

8. Paint a Picture

Get creative and use your imagination to paint a picture of how you feel and all the things you want to do with him.

Describe sensations, what you’re wearing, how hot it’s going to be later. Appeal to his senses to get him seriously turned on when sending texts that will make him horny. [Read: 23 hot ways to sext a guy and 48 sexy examples to make him horny]

9. Build It Up

As the text messages go back and forth build up the tension, get sexier, and more explicit with each text message you send.

This way you build up the sexual tension until he finds it almost unbearable and wants to come over right away! [Read: How to create sexual tension with a guy in person and over text]

10. Learn What His Responses Mean

Judge the mood. If he’s taking a while to reply, or he’s not really acknowledging what you say then it might be he’s just not in the right frame of mind, and that’s okay.

He might be busy or stressed about something. Don’t take it as a rejection and don’t push it. Just let him be and try again another time. Sending texts that will make him horny doesn’t always work the first time.

11. Make Him Beg For It

Really tease him with your text messages. Get him totally horny and make him beg you to tell him what you’re wearing, or what you are doing to yourself. The intensity makes him wild with desire!

12. Add Some Visuals

In this day and age, you don’t just have to use your words when it comes to getting sexy over the phone. If you’re comfortable with it, why not add in a few sexy pictures here and there to really get him going?

13. Double-Check the Recipient: Avoid Epic Fails

Here’s a quick laugh—ever heard of someone sending a hot text to their boss by mistake? Hilarious for us, mortifying for them.

Double or even triple-check the recipient to make sure your steamy message is landing in the right inbox.[Read: What to do when you’ve sent a sexy text to someone else]

14. Keep Some Mystery: Leave Room for Imagination

While it’s tempting to spill all the details, leaving a bit to the imagination can be incredibly sexy. A message like “Can’t wait for tonight, I’ve got something special planned 😏” can be more intriguing than a full itinerary of the evening’s activities.

15. Balance: Mix Up Types of Texts

If every text is a sext, the novelty might wear off. Make sure to balance out those sexy texts for him with other kinds of messages.

This keeps the relationship multi-dimensional and ensures that sexting remains a special form of communication, not the default mode. [Read: 76 sexy texts to send a guy and tricks to get him hard imagining you]

Be Brave and Get Texting!

Not everyone finds it easy to initiate sex but a few carefully worded texts can be all it takes to get the ball rolling!

Make sure you pick the right time and use words that you feel comfortable with. That way, he will feel your excitement through your words and be hot and raring to go when you meet!

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Some say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. We say it’s through sexy texts for him that will make him hard. Let your man be the judge by giving these naughty sexts a try!

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