What Turns Women On and Arouses Them: 15 Secrets Unleashed

what turns women on

Women are complex creatures. So, if you want to know what turns women on in order to treat your girl right, this is the pleasure guide you’ll need.

Men and women are NOT alike when it comes to what turns them on. Although that may seem obvious, the number of men who try to get their girl warmed up according to what they like is astronomical. They fail. Miserably. And that’s because women are very complicated. Wondering what turns women on?

Well, what turns one woman on might turn off another. So, you can never be sure what you’re doing is going to be successful unless you know her really, really well.

Why men and women differ in the bedroom

This may be obvious to you because, well, there are different parts involved. However, the difference is actually more psychological than it is physical. While men are more stimulated by visuals, women tend to be more sensitive to touch and emotions.

Girls are turned on more by what they feel emotionally than you just stripping down and getting naked. This is usually where most guys have issues simply because they don’t understand the difference between what gets women hot and in the mood. [Read: What turns a girl on sexually and otherwise]

Here’s what turns women on

Now, something to always keep in mind is that each girl is unique. You have to get to know the girl you’re with a little before trying to turn her on immediately. That being said, there are also common things that the majority of women will get turned on by that aren’t too difficult to remember.

If you’re looking to turn your woman on, these are just some of the things you can try to get her motor running. Take note of specific things you notice she REALLY likes, then adjust your moves to reflect that. Oh! And have fun!

#1 Meaningful compliments. This isn’t just compliments about how hot she looks that night, either. You can by all means say those things and it will make her happy, but if you want to actually turn her on, compliment her intelligence.

Compliment her passion. By acknowledging these things about her specifically, she’ll see that you like her for more than just her beauty. And THAT is what turns women on. [Read: How to turn a girl on and excite her mind]

#2 Surprise PDA. We all know that guys aren’t too crazy about being all mushy and gushy in public with their women. This is why we get really turned on by surprise PDA.

If you randomly give us a kiss in public, that’s very meaningful. And you can bet we’re going to get turned on! Showing your affection for us in front of random strangers is actually a turn on.

#3 Walking up from behind, wrapping your arms around her, and kissing her neck. If you’re a guy who hasn’t done this to his girl, then you’re missing out on the benefits this move could produce. We love this because it’s caring, adorable, and those neck kisses from this position is what turns women on.

#4 Massaging her shoulders after a long day. If you know your girl has had a rough day, then the best thing for you to do is to go home or to her place, get behind her, and massage those shoulders. Believe me when I say that this is not only extremely appreciated, but she’ll be ready to go to the bedroom in no time. [Read: 8 crucial moves you need to do to turn your girl on]

#5 Doing housework. I can’t tell you this point enough. If you do the housework or even a little bit of the housework, your woman will be extremely turned on. We have to work our asses off to make the place look acceptable, and if you do that for us, we’ll be ready to go.

Bonus points if you know she’s had a rough day, and you do all of her chores for her, AND cook dinner. Not only is the idea very sweet and a turn on, but getting to watch you do this is also a huge turn on. If you want to know what turns women on, NEVER forget this one. [Read: 20 things you can do to get your woman in the mood]

#6 Planning an entire date night. Us ladies plan an awful lot of things. We really do. If you take all of that away from us so we just get to relax and not worry about anything for a change, we’ll get turned on. So, when you plan the whole date night, we LOVE it.

#7 Being genuinely interested in her passions. This is something that you can’t fake and you can’t just wing it, or she’ll just be pissed. But when you show a real interest in something we’re passionate about and ask us questions about it, it’s a turn on. [Read: How to touch a girl on a date and make her desire you]

#8 Bragging about her to your friends or family. Every girl wants to hear her man telling their friends how perfect she is. Not only does it make our self-esteem sky rocket, it’s just a huge turn on to hear that you care so much about us and you want everyone close to you to know it.

#9 When you’re sweet to her mother/father/siblings. I mean, this is probably the biggest turn on a man can do. We just melt when you’re sweet to our family and want to be close to them. It shows that you’re family-oriented and want to do well for us.

#10 Being chivalrous. Open the car door, pull out her chair, open doors as she walks by, just be a chivalrous man and we’ll be very turned on. When you treat us with the utmost respect, we will be sure to repay you because that’s what turns women on. [Read: How to make a girl want you and think of you sexually]

#11 Drawing her a bath and letting her have her “me time.” Girls need their alone time. We all need to just have some time to ourselves to decompress, relax, and even pamper ourselves. If you encourage this by doing little things that make it better for us and even understand our “me time,” we’ll be really turned on.

#12 Trusting her in a weird situation. Sometimes we have to do things that are going to require a lot of your trust. If you outright tell us that you trust us 100%, we’re immediately turned on. In a world where having so much trust is so rare, we wholeheartedly appreciate it and it gets us going.

#13 Being patient. It’s a rarity to find a man who is truly patient. Women have an easier time with this simply because we’re genetically programmed to be because of children. However, when a man can be patient and understanding, that’s what turns women on. [Read: 9 non-sexual turn-ons that arouse girls instantly]

#14 Being goofy. You don’t have to be all serious and sweet in order to turn us on. In fact, some of the things that turn women on the most is when you can act like a complete goof around her. If you run around dancing goofily to some ridiculous music, we’ll be turned on in the best way.

#15 Remembering the little things. It’s really not very hard to type in a big event for her in the calendar in your phone. When she gets a “good luck” message on a day she has a big presentation, or even if you just remember her favorite candy and pick it up at the store, we’re turned on. Remembering those little things that are special to us is a major turn on for women.

[Read: 28 turn ons for girls that’s leave them melting in your arms]

Sure, women may like a hot guy who’s in really good shape, but the stuff that really turns us on is more emotional than anything else. If you really want to know what turns women on, do these things and you’ll have luck.

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