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Physical Signs of Female Arousal: 20 Ways to Recognize the Horny Girl Mode

Want to be a better lover? You need to learn the signs of female arousal. They’re not as obvious as for men, but they’re possibly even more important! 

signs of female arousal

When it comes to sexual arousal, men can be straightforward *pun intended*. All that huffing, grunting, and hardness going on makes it easy to see. On the other hand, women are a far more complicated read. Knowing whether she’s in the mood can be tricky. Look for the signs of female arousal and you’ll know when your partner is ready to go. There are physical signs of female arousal and some which are more well-hidden – it’s time to become a pro!

The problem? The physical signs of female arousal make up a long list and can manifest themselves in very subtle ways. You might feel like you need to become a mindreader, but you simply need to understand your partner and know what to look for. [Read: Horny girlfriend alert! 10 signs she’s totally in the mood]

Of course, knowing how to read the signs of female arousal is a handy tool to have in your pocket for your dating escapades and bedroom liaisons. If you can tell if she’s ready to go, you can easily swoop down and take her to places that she hasn’t gone before.

Why is it important to recognize the physical signs of female arousal?

Put simply, women don’t find it as easy to reach orgasm as a man. If she’s not turned on enough before you get down to it, she’s not going to enjoy herself, not least reach orgasm. Women show physical signs of being turned on, but some are far more subtle than others. Of course, every woman is unique too, which makes your task even harder! [Read: How to make a woman orgasm: 15 secrets to master the art]

As a good lover, you need to focus on your partner. Sure, you want to get off too, but by focusing on her, you’re ensuring your reputation afterwards. If she has a bad time or ends up unsatisfied, you’re probably not going to get a second chance. However, be mindful of her responses and you’ll give her the best time she’s ever had. Of course, that also means you’ll enjoy yourself more because sex is totally give and take.

Far too many guys skip over foreplay or don’t give it enough air time. Big mistake! Making sure she’s warmed up and ready to go is your number one aim. When you do that, everything from that point on will be much better.

Obvious and subtle signs of female arousal

There are obvious signs she’s ready and raring to go, and there are less obvious signs. Do you need to become an expert in recognizing the physical signs of female arousal? To some extent, yes! By placing more focus on her havin a great time, you’re halfway there yourself. [Read: 12 clues to spot horny women *and take her home*]

1. She’s wet down under

One of the most straightforward signs of female arousal is the opening of the floodgates. A female getting wet down in her crotch is like a man getting a boner. Ladies get wet down under naturally when sexually aroused in order to lubricate their female parts for sexual intercourse.

However, wetness isn’t always the first sign and sometimes doesn’t come until much later. It can also be that a woman is wet without even being turned on. That’s why you need to learn the other signs of female arousal, to make sure you’re on the right track. [Read: 10 secret pleasure tips to arouse a woman instantly]

2. Erect nipples

Human nipples are made up of erectile tissue similar to the tissue that make up the clitoris and the male penis. During the state of sexual excitement, her blood flow goes crazy, making these erectile tissues respond by standing in attention. So if she’s sporting those pokies even if the room isn’t cold, she’s most likely horny.

3. Engorged clitoris

The clitoris is said to be the female cousin of the male penis, so therefore, they respond to sexual arousal in a similar manner.

As mentioned, there is an increased blood flow during sexual arousal. Therefore, the clitoris’ erectile tissue gets pumped up with blood, making it enlarged, hard, and more sensitive than usual. You can definitely say that this is a girl having her own boner. [Read: Top 10 erogenous zones that drive a woman crazy]

4. Vaginal expansion

Such a romantic term! Vaginal expansion, also known as “tenting” is a phenomenon where the vaginal muscles expands to a third of its original size during a state of sexual excitement. This happens in order to prepare itself for sexual intercourse and allow it to accommodate an enlarged erect penis.

5. Enlarged labia

During sexual arousal, her external genitalia also change shape. Along with an erect clitoris, the labia also becomes enriched with blood making it puffy and protruding.The muscles around it also tense a little bit making the labia open up to reveal her vagina. It’s her way of saying that she’s “open for business.” [Read: 15 Things women wish men knew about the female body]

6. She’s vocal about her arousal

There can be no other obvious sign of arousal when she’s vocal about it. In that case, you don’t even need to know the physical signs of female arousal! Even if you’re the densest guy in town, how can you miss the message behind “I’m so wet,” “I’m so horny,” and “OH YES!”?

Girls, no matter how reserved and coy they can be, get that urge to vocalize their feelings of sexual arousal during sex. But come to think of it, they vocalize everything about themselves anyway. [Read: 10 sexy conversation starters to get you both really horny]

7. Elevated heart rate

The key word of sexual arousal is “arousal.” Arousal is a heightened state of physical activity when you’re doing or feeling anything physically or mentally demanding.

Sex is as physically demanding as it is mentally exciting, so the body responds by increasing blood flow all over to deliver more oxygen to the cells for sweaty sexual activity later on.

8. Increased skin temperature

Also known as “sex flushes,” girls get an increased skin temperature when they’re sexually excited. This is to accommodate their increased blood flow. It’s the reason why she’s blushing all over when she’s sexually excited and she keeps asking, “is it just me or is it hot in here?”

9. Heavy breathing

Females also exhibit heavy and deep breathing when they are sexually aroused. You’ll have seen this in countless sex scenes in movies! This happens because they need to draw in more oxygen to support their increased heart rate, brought about by sexual excitement. [Read: How to turn a girl on and excite her mind]

10. Her skin smells different

You may or may not notice this, but a girl’s skin smell changes during sexual arousal. Pheromones, chemicals essential to sexual attraction, are released during arousal. This is to entice a potential sexual partner. These pheromones are released as a byproduct of the female hormones that rage when she is sexually excited.

11. Dilated pupils

Another sign that she’s sexually aroused is if her pupils are dilated when she’s looking at you. Many studies show that the pupils dilate when are presented with something erotic, sexually enticing and attractive. [Read: When women are at their horniest in their cycles and ways to decode it]

12. She’s more attentive to you

If you somehow managed to play your cards right and you get her interested, she’s going to zero in on you like a shark chasing a bloody carcass.

Sexually aroused girls peruse the man of their desire with such intent you can feel that she’s stripping you naked with her eyes. She will keep complimenting you, laughing at your jokes, and prying you with different other things. This is all to send you the message that she wants you.

13. She can’t help but touch you

During sexual arousal, girls become more responsive to touch and find it more pleasurable than usual. With all her hormones raging and blood pumping, her skin becomes more sensitive, and she will take great pleasure in feeling her skin touching another person’s skin. That explains the arm touching and the foot caressing your leg under the table. [Read: How to get a girl horny and wet just while sitting next to her]

14. She responsive to things she wouldn’t normally be responsive to

Aside from becoming touchy feely, girls under a state of arousal, will also take pleasure in being touched, and taken in by strong arms.

This is a primal response to sexual arousal as seen in other female species. Once a girl is sexually aroused, she’ll be more open to you touching her and she’ll be open to other forms of foreplay, like dirty talk.

15. She fidgets and finds it hard to focus

If she’s fidgeting with her hair, her clothing, and touching her own skin in a distant manner, there’s a good reason. It’s also likely that she’s struggling to focus. Look for ‘um’ and ‘ahh’ and problems putting a full sentence together without them! [Read: 13 Lusty signs of sexual attraction to keep an eye on]

16. She presses her legs together

This is a very subtle sign and you’ll need to be careful how you catch it – don’t just stare at her crotch, it’s really not a good thing to do! However, if you notice that she’s subtly squeezing her thighs together, it’s because she’s turned on and it feels good.

17. She’s sensitive to touch in her erogenous zones

It’s not just about getting straight down to the main area, she has many erogenous zones too! These areas become very sensitive to touch when she’s turned on. If you notice that she gasps when you touch her inner wrist, that’s a good sign. Also look for responses to touching her neck, lower back, ears, scalp, and even her fingertips.

18. Breasts may become slightly larger

No, you’re not seeing things! One of the physical signs of female arousal is enlarged breasts. This doesn’t mean she’s going to go up a bra size in an instant, but you may notice that her breasts seem fuller. This is down to increased blood flow during her excitement stage. [Read: 11 Fun and fascinating facts about breasts]

19. She bites her lip

This one might sound odd, but if you notice her biting her lip or generally trying to draw attention to her mouth, that’s a good sign. It means she’s trying to get you to look at her lips – a very sexual place when used correctly! She’s being sneaky and trying to get you aroused whilst you’re doing the same for her!

20. She tells you what she wants

Not all signs are physical signs of female arousal. I mentioned earlier that she might tell you she’s horny. Well, if she comes right out and tells you what she wants you to do, she’s seriously aroused and ready to go!

[Read: 8 sneaky ways to know if a girl’s feeling horny around you]

Knowing the signs of female arousal can be difficult, but can be very helpful when having a relationship with a woman. All her kinks and quirks are part of who she is. That only makes her more special and winning her graces more rewarding.

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