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32 Sexy Foreplay Ideas for Women & Moves to Leave Her Wet and Waiting

Foreplay is a severely overlooked yet extremely important part of great sex. Check out these foreplay ideas for women, and learn to blow her mind! 

foreplay ideas for women

Sex is a wonderful thing, but it can be easy to rush into it. If you’re not taking time to build up to the act, you could be missing out on most of the fun! And if you’re not getting revved up and in the mood, this could prove to be a challenge. Knowing some great foreplay ideas for women can help to make sure the lady in your life has the best time possible.

Being totally turned on before you have sex is going to make it better for both of you. Not only will sex feel more enjoyable, but you’ll also become closer, learn more about each other’s bodies, and discover some pretty awesome acts of foreplay that are just as good as actual penetration! [Read: The amazing types of female orgasms all girls can experience in bed]

The consequences of neglect

A woman needs foreplay. It’s that basic. Her sexual responses are far more sense-based than a man’s – touch, smell, sound, etc. It’s these things that you need to take advantage of, especially touch, to get her to the optimum level of arousal.

If you go in hard or fast without getting her warmed up first, one of several things is likely to occur:

1. She’ll just say no

If she’s not up for it, she’s not up for it, and you’ll end up with a firm and inflexible refusal that you may have been able to circumvent with a little bit of surreptitious foreplay.

For that reason, knowing some foreplay ideas for women will help you to warm her up. [Read: Being sex positive – why this matters and why you need to get on board]

2. She’ll just go through the motions

There’ll always be those guys who say, “Who cares?” For most of us, though, sex is a lot more pleasurable when our partner is in the zone with us.

3. She’ll be physically unable to have sex

For physiological or psychological reasons, her body will not allow you to enter because she’s simply not wet or relaxed. The best you can hope for is a bit of swift manual relief. [Read: Safe and natural ways to increase your libido]

Physical reasons she needs foreplay

Despite foreplay’s psycho-emotional importance, it plays a part in preparing the woman for sex physically, too.

Slow and gentle foreplay relaxes her and puts her at ease so that certain physiological changes can happen, leading to an increased blood flow in the genital area. This, in turn, begins to create a feeling of sexual pleasure, leading to an even greater increase in blood flow.

At this point, you’re in a zone that is yours to mess up. The woman will enter into a cycle operating between her brain and erogenous zones that stimulate each other into perpetual sexual motion.

The clitoris will swell and become erect, and her vagina will moisten, both necessary in order for the woman to achieve orgasm through intercourse. At this point, anything within reason goes. [Read: 20 physical signs of female arousal to recognize a girl who’s feeling horny]

Fun foreplay ideas for women

Now that you know why you need to rev up her engine before you start moving, here are some of the best foreplay ideas for women. Sit up and take note!

1. Kissing

Don’t underestimate kissing when it comes to great foreplay. Kissing is a seriously sensual and very intimate act. There are, of course, many different ways that you can kiss someone. It often depends on the circumstances and the kind of sex you end up having.

Pay attention to your partner and tailor your kissing to match the mood and type of night the two of you plan on having. [Read: Foolproof kissing tips for a perfectly sexy smooch]

2. Complimenting

You might think that foreplay is all about the physical side of things, but complimenting a girl can actually play a huge part in making her feel comfortable and ready for sex.

Women want to feel desired and beautiful, so make sure that she knows how sexy you think she is. Give her compliments before, during, and after sex to really make her feel sexy and want to do it more! [Read: How to compliment a girl and make her blush]

3. Admire her

Take time to actually look at your lady. Taking the time to appreciate how great she looks will not only turn you on more, but it’ll also make her feel special like she’s the only girl in the world for you.

4. Dry sex

This might be something that you think is reserved for horny teenagers. Maybe you’re right, but it still works when it comes to getting both of you seriously turned on. Simply lying on top of one another and having a good old-fashioned dry humping sesh can be fun, too.

It builds up tension and heightens anticipation so that when you get down to it, she’ll be desperate to have you inside her. That’s why it’s one of the best foreplay ideas for women! [Read: Dry humping and the virgin’s guide to orgasms]

5. Nibbling

Nibbling is a huge turn-on for many women. Nuzzle and nibble her neck, ears, breasts, and any other body part that feels good! This might be one that some love and some hate, so either ask her or simply start and see how it goes!

6. Licking

Licking is seriously hot, and the great news is that every single part of her body is a part that you can lick! Kissing and licking all over her body will build up huge anticipation and get her tingling in all the right places! [Read: Tips and tricks to give her oral sex like a pro]

7. Massage

A sensual massage can work wonders when it comes to turning a woman on. Not only is this deeply relaxing, but it can be romantic and sensual, too, if done right..

Set the mood by lighting some candles, dimming the lights, and investing in some wonderful massage oils to help you along your way.

8. Teasing

Another one of the best foreplay ideas for women is to tease her. Women love a good build-up, so if you want her squirming and desperate to have sex with you, make her wait for it.

Kiss, touch, lick, and whisper to her to build it up until it gets more passionate. Then, slow it down again. [Read: How to tease your girlfriend sexually and make her think of you all day]

9. Dirty talk

Talking dirty is a great way to get a girl feeling hot in all the right ways. If you haven’t tried it before, take it slowly at first. Tell her how sexy she is or how good she makes you feel.

If she responds well, then build it up until you’re whispering filthy *and incredibly horny* things to one another. [Read: 23 sexy tips to talk dirty and say the sexiest words]

10. Use your hands

Use your hands to rub and touch her in all the right places. Using your hands and fingers to stroke and rub her is one of the best and most obvious foreplay ideas for women to make them feel fantastic.

11. Watch some porn together

Watching porn is not everyone’s cup of tea, but the visual stimulation of watching others doing the deed can make you feel incredibly turned on.

This might be one to discuss with her first, though. If she is up for it, talk about the kinds of things that you both think might make you feel horny, then find the perfect porno for the pair of you! [Read: Good reasons why women should watch porn]

12. Oral sex

Oral sex is a classic foreplay move and a major turn-on for women. This is an incredibly intimate act, but it can make her feel absolutely amazing.

Without a doubt, oral is one of the best foreplay ideas for women, if not THE best.

13. Stripping

Appreciating seeing each other naked before you dive into bed is another visually stimulating act that can work well as a foreplay move.

Even though there will be times when you simply want to rip each other’s clothes off in the heat of the moment, try to take your time every now and then. Remove each item of clothing one at a time, and build up the sexual tension and anticipation from there. [Read: How to strip tease – 19 sexy moves for newbies to undress like a stripper]

14. Taking a shower together

Hot steam and warm water flowing over your naked bodies? It’s no wonder that many of the sexiest scenes in movies are filmed in the shower. Why not give it a try yourself? [Read: Wild ways to have sex in the shower and enjoy it]

15. Taking a bath together

Taking a bath together is relaxing and romantic, but it’s also a great way to start off your sex sessions. Why not run a warm bubble bath, pour a glass of wine, and enjoy the warm, soothing waters before you head off to bed?

16. Play a game

For a fun bit of foreplay, why not play a sexy game together? This can be anything from strip poker to rolling the dice, with each number having a different sexual act that you have to do to one another. You can even make up your own rules! [Read: Naughty sex games for couples to feel horny again]

17. Spanking

Again, spanking is not something that everybody enjoys, so make sure she’s on board first. However, a light spanking works wonders for some women and is a great way to get her turned on before sex. [Read: Arousing fantasies to try in real life]

18. Don’t forget her breasts

What a weird thing to say! You probably think, “how can I forget her breasts?” You can, and you will. During foreplay, it’s easy to focus on one area of the body, but you need to expand. Don’t forget the breasts.

You can kiss them, suck on them, lick them, whatever stimulates your partner. The nipples contain sensitive nerve endings, so take advantage of that.

19. Start the foreplay early in the day

Here’s the thing about foreplay – it can start however and whenever you want it to. You don’t have to be naked in bed to engage in foreplay.

If you’re at work, you can send her a pic or naughty text, preparing her slowly for when you see her. [Read: How to perfect the art of foreplay from afar]

20. Use your breath

Who thought breathing could be a type of foreplay? Alas, it is. Use your breath to stimulate and arouse your partner.

When you kiss her, move down her body while using your breath in sensitive areas, such as her neck and genital area. Of course, make sure your breath smells nice… just sayin.’

21. Over the panty action

We usually assume that anything involving the vagina has to be done while naked, but you can have some vaginal action with the panties on. You’re creating one of the more interesting foreplay ideas for women.

Tease your partner by gently stroking and caressing around and on top of her vagina while she has underwear on. It drives her insane and also is highly arousing, as well. [Read: How to pick the perfect lingerie]

22. Don’t forget her labia

Many people completely ignore the labia, but you shouldn’t. The labia are packed with nerve endings that need some loving. You can hold each labia in between your thumb and forefinger, massaging it slowly, going up and down.

23. The ass

This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so this isn’t something you have to do. But if your partner is into it, try it out. The anus has very sensitive nerve endings that are often ignored.

If you’re performing oral sex, you can lift her legs up slightly and gently lick around the anus, or you can try it while your partner’s in doggy style. [Read: A walkthrough and complete guide to eating ass like a champ]

24. Relax

Listen – if you’re nervous, none of these foreplay moves will feel that great for your partner. Relax! It’s just foreplay. You’re learning about your partner and what they like through touch, taste, and sound. [Read: 17 sexy foreplay moves that’ll make anyone hot and horny]

25. Multi-task

Use all these foreplay ideas for her. Don’t be afraid to multi-task and perform a couple of these moves at the same time. For example, finger your partner while eating her ass or make out with her while you touch her genitals. [Read: How to foreplay – the secret key to the best sex of your life]

26. Don’t forget to communicate

Communication is important, but that doesn’t have to mean talking. Pull back slowly and catch her eye. Give a small smile that says that you are enjoying this. A hint of mischief in your eye is not a bad thing. Pull her close again and kiss her cheek, then move down to her neck.

27. Don’t neglect her neck

The neck is one of the most sensitive and sensual areas for a woman. Even a faint breath can excite the nerve endings.

Start as gently as you can with a short exhale, then graze her skin with your lips. Give a few light kisses before bringing your tongue into the mix. [Read: 20 sneaky things you can do to get her in the mood immediately]

Remember, there is a really fine line between passionate and sloppy. Wet touches from smooth lips and tongue can excite the senses, but being drooled on is a huge turn-off.

28. Listen to her cues

You are not doing this only for her. Foreplay is about mutual enjoyment, so don’t forget to savor the moment. If you love the feel of her boobs, feel away. If you are a visual person, steal a peek.

Try to listen to her cues to find out what she likes. If she wants you to suck or squeeze harder, she’ll let you know. [Read: The sexiest foreplay moves you can ever use in bed!]

29. Don’t let her become self-conscious

Women are often self-conscious about themselves, especially their naked bodies. As you kiss her and stroke her, tell her how sexy she is. Tell her how much you love her body.

A great activity is kissing her on every body part that you find sexy. Later, you can ask her to do the same for you. [Read: How to make out with a girl and make her love every little thing you do]

30. Kiss her inner thighs

The last super-sensitive area is her inner thighs. You can go straight there or come up for another round of kissing. Kissing her inner thighs in the same soft and sensual way you kiss down her body will have her going wild.

This is one of the best foreplay ideas for her, and she will be more than ready for what should inevitably come next. [Read: How to get a girl horny and wet while simply sitting next to her!]

31. Mix things up

Any routine, no matter how sexy, can become monotonous after enough time. Be sure to change things up from time to time. You can do the whole process lying in bed one night and try it standing up the next night. It will feel totally different.

Use these techniques as your base, but change things around. Mix in situational role-play or talk about your fantasies together and try acting some out. Whatever you’re doing, foreplay is essential to get her turned on and to keep the moment going.

32. Finger work

Possibly the best way to introduce yourself to her lower regions is by beginning with a little light touching and stroking before going on to lightly rubbing the clitoris.

Some women like to have fingers inserted into the vagina, but some don’t. She’ll probably let you know one way or the other. [Read: Magic fingers – the sexual art of fingering your girl to an orgasm]

Drive her crazy with these foreplay ideas for her

Now that you know all the basic information to get her hot and totally turned on, it’s time to put it into action. Remember, the lady in your life needs to be turned on before the main act. If you want her to enjoy it as much as possible *of course you do*, you owe her some seriously amazing foreplay.

These foreplay ideas for women may not be things that every single woman will enjoy, but you’ll have fun working out which ones your partner likes.

[Read: 20 hot and sexy things you can do to blow her mind in bed]

These foreplay ideas for her are fantastic to use in and out of the bedroom. The next time you’re at a loss for what to do, why not try one of these? Your sex will be all the better for it – we promise!

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