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Does Size Matter to Women or Is There More To It?

Does size matter to women? The simple truth? Yes, size does matter. But not in the way you think. Read this to understand how size really matters.

does size matter to women?

Have you ever felt self conscious about how well you’re endowed down there?

You’re not alone.

Unless you’re hung like a horse, almost all men have found themselves asking this question through the years.

It starts in the school showers and lasts all the way through their adulthood.

But with all the emphasis that men give their members, does size even matter to women?

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Does size matter to women?

Well, this is not an answer that can be answered simply with a yes or a no.

As a woman, I can tell you that it’s not just the length of the pole that matters entirely. It’s what you do in the hole that really counts.

Even before we get to the details, here’s something you need to remember. Don’t let your penis decide how much of a man you are.

If you’re a guy with a less than memorable penis size, you could end up shying away from the opposite sex just because you feel less than well endowed down there.

And just imagine how that’ll affect your morale and confidence!

Feel more confident about your assets down there, and focus more on pleasuring her through extended foreplay instead of sending your little guy into the tunnel and waiting for him to work all the magic. [Read: 10 things women want in bed to feel sexy and loved]

After all, your sexual abilities and confidence as a person can definitely compensate for your lack of girth or length any day.

Men, women and their oversized obsessions

Women obsess about the size of their own breasts. They constantly wonder if they’re too small. But as a guy, you don’t always care, do you? Okay, maybe you do. [Read: 8 ways to get any girl you like to notice you]

Some guys are obsessed with big breasts while some guys love breasts anyway they come. But if you fell in love with a girl who’s extremely beautiful, smart and fun, would you still care if her breasts are smaller than average or mosquito bites?

For women, it works the same way with a man’s size down there. If she likes you for who you are, she’d be willing to accommodate your less than satisfactory package.

But then again, if she does find out that she’s dating a guy with a bigger penis, she’d obviously be happy to know that. It feels great to date a man who’s well endowed down there. And just the thought of something that big going into her can excite her or even turn her on! [Read: How to make a girl want you sexually]

And let’s face it, a girl gets bragging rights if the sizes conversation ever does come up with her own girlfriends on a drunken night.

So does size matter to women? Well, even if a small penis functions just as well when it has to do its job, she would definitely prefer an average or a slightly above average one over a tiny one for all the other reasons.

What’s the average size of a male member?

There’s no hard and fast rule about the size of a penis. But to put your mind at ease, anywhere between five to six inches is definitely considered average. Anything less than that and you’d get a sympathetic smile. Anything more than that, and she’ll plaster a wide smile of awe that is directly proportional to the length of your penis!

Almost everyone in the world is average, so don’t fret about it. Girls are fine with an average sized member. All said and done, being average is okay, but when you’re too small, it can be quite a letdown when she slips her hand in and find’s a baby penis in your shorts. You know what, it may even freak her out! [Read: Are attractive girls actually mean to guys?]

Does a big penis make a difference while having sex?

Do girls like a big member while having sex? Well, this is the most confusing part of all. Many girls are happy to snuggle with an average member, while many other girls want something that’s way bigger than just the average.

Some girls say a bigger penis means better sex, while other girls hate a big member because it hurts them. So what’s the deal here?

Does the size of a man’s member actually affect the outcome of sex?

The truth – Yes, the penis size does matter

The size of a man’s penis definitely does matter when it comes to having sex. And your size does play a huge role in whether you’ll be able to help your woman orgasm better.

There, I’ve said it! Size definitely does matter to women. But then again, it’s really not in the way you think.

If you have a considerably big penis, you may have experienced this. Some girls love the way you feel inside them. And some girls may actually cringe in pain and ask you to slow down or avoid penetrating fully. So what’s happening here? The same penis brings pleasure to some girls, but hurts other girls? Isn’t that weird? [Read: 10 ways to build sexual tension with a girl you like]

Kama sutra and the sizes

The Kama sutra is a manual of love written over 2000 years ago in India by a man named Vatsyayana. In one of the chapters on sexual union, he explains about the division of men into three kinds based on the size of their lingam (penises). Additionally, he also divides women into three types based on the depth of their yoni (vulva) *the depth of the yoni here signifies the depth of the vagina*.

According to the Kama sutra, based on the size of his lingam, a man can either be a hare, a bull or a horse. And a woman, based on the depth of her yoni, can either be a female deer, a mare or a female elephant.

And the outcome and pleasure of sexual union between a man and a woman can be determined by these divisions.

Men  (size of the lingam)        –           Women (size of the yoni)

Hare (small lingam)                –           Deer (short yoni)

Bull (average lingam)              –          Mare (average yoni)

Horse (large lingam)               –           Elephant (deep yoni)

The sexual union between a hare man and a deer woman, a bull man and a mare woman, and a horse man and an elephant woman would lead to more pleasurable orgasms and a better sexual union than any other type of combinations of men and women. These three unions are called equal unions or perfect unions.

On the other hand, if a horse man penetrates a deer woman, that is, if a man with a longer member penetrates a woman with a short vagina, it’ll end up causing discomfort to the woman. The only way around this is for the man to penetrate her halfway or to the point where she is comfortable.

Another scenario is when a hare man penetrates an elephant woman. In this case, a man with a short member penetrates a woman with a deeper vagina. In this case, the woman may never be able to experience heightened orgasms or sexual satisfaction with him because the man would never be able to reach deeper into her. [Read: The step-by-step guide to having tantric sex for the first time]

Sizes and pleasurable sex

According to the Kama sutra, if a male’s erect member goes through the vagina of a female and touches the entrance to the cervix when the vagina is penetrated *the cervix is the opening to the uterus*, it leads to powerful orgasms and a much better sexual experience.

So does size really matter? Now you know that it definitely does. And the constant confusion over a few women saying size doesn’t matter and size does matter can actually be answered by keeping the Kama sutra in mind.

An elephant woman with a deeper vagina would definitely prefer a horse man with a longer member. While a deer woman with a shorter vagina may be fascinated by a large erection, but she’ll be able to experience the best sex with someone like a hare man who has a small member. [Read: How to sit next to a girl and make her horny]

Big isn’t always better. Small isn’t always snug.

Of course, we can’t all go measuring the lengths and depths each time we date someone. And you can’t really figure the sizes of someone’s privates by just looking at them.

But at the end of it all, when you do have sex with someone, what matters is how comfortable both of you are down there while having sex. If it’s too big for her, you’ll hurt her. If it’s too small for her, she won’t feel what she wants to feel. [Read: 20 dirty questions to text a girl and make her wet]

A guy who feels small about himself down there may actually be able to give better orgasms to many girls than a guy who’s hung like a horse. [Read: How to hook up with a girl you just met and have sex with her]

So however well or less than well endowed you are down there, fret not, there’s a perfect match or an almost perfect match in all of us. Just as long as you avoid the contrasting opposites as a sexual partner, you’ll definitely have a great time in bed.

So how do you recognize a contrasting sexual partner? Well, just have sex. You’ll know the next morning, won’t you?!

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So if you’re still wondering about the big question now, does size matter to women, well, you do know that big is not always the best, after all. A perfect match is way better!

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