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Does Penis Size Matter: Big vs Small Dick & 24 Good & Bad Qualities Of Both

Let’s be honest, does penis size matter to women? The truth might surprise you, but learning how to use your penis to the best effect is more important! 

big dick vs small dick - does penis size matter

Be honest, which side are you on in the big vs. small dick debate? Does penis size matter to you, or do you think it’s more about how a man uses what he’s packing?

If you were to ask anyone off the street what they’d prefer, they’d pick the big one without batting an eye. It’s what we’ve always been told, right? Big equals better, hotter, and sexier. But is that really true? Or have we been fed a myth that has been accepted as the truth? [Read: 20 things that turn a girl on sexually or otherwise when she sees a guy

No penis is perfect

In truth, size does matter to a degree and anyone who says otherwise has a penis that’s malfunctioned more times than they care to count. A lot of men aren’t willing to admit that their size concerns them and that it’s one of the reasons why it’s difficult for them to satisfy the ladies.

We’re not just calling out the little guys here. Size can be an issue for every guy. Not because they are lacking or have too much, but because they don’t know how to use their penis in accordance with its size. 

You might think that a big dick is the king, but it can hurt a woman if it’s used in the wrong way! 

Size matters because you have to prepare for any eventuality that requires you to adjust. You have to know how, where, and when to move it. In order for you to know how to please someone using a penis of any size, you have to acknowledge that YOUR SIZE matters. [Read: Does size matter to women or is there more to it?]

Penis size myths

Before we explore this subject a little more, let’s put two issues to one side straight away.

There are many myths associated with the male member, but two are pretty damaging if you believe them. That’s because there’s zero truth to them.

No, your penis size does not affect stamina, and no, you can’t tell a guy’s fertility through the size of his penis. [Read: The average penis – easy answers that’ll make you a know-it-all]

There are guys with tiny members that have all the stamina in the world and are super-fertile. Equally, you can have guys with huge schlongs that don’t have the stamina to last more than a few minutes. Basically, size has zero bearing on either of these things.

So, whether you’re a woman and you’re believing these things about a guy, or you’re a guy and panicking about whether these things are true, they’re not. Forget them. [Read: Sex myths – 15 commonly accepted sex ‘facts’ that are so wrong]

What is the average size of a male member?

There’s no hard and fast rule about the size of a penis. But to put your mind at ease, anywhere between five to six inches is definitely considered average.

Anything less than that and you’d get a sympathetic smile. Anything more than that, and she’ll plaster a wide smile of awe that is directly proportional to the length of your penis! She might also gulp in nervousness.

Almost everyone in the world is average, so don’t fret about it. Girls are fine with an average-sized member. All said and done, being average is okay. [Read: Are attractive girls actually mean to guys?]

The different kinds of penises and the sizes that matter

Before we go any further, we need to understand that every penis is different, just like every pair of breasts out there. You have the big ones, the small ones, the growers and the showers, the big heads and small heads, the ones that are hung downward, the ones that are short and stand almost upright, and so much more.

The funny thing about penises is that it’s not easy to accurately define a big one. What really makes a penis a big one in general? Is it just the length alone? Or is it the girth *circumferential thickness?* Or would it be both? [Read: 19 signs to tell if your girlfriend has had bigger and more things that count]

Both length and girth matter when determining whether a penis is big or not. This is because penises come long and thin, as well as short and girthy. Both would feel very different from each other and have their own strengths and weaknesses! [Read: The chode + 16 pop culture sex terms you should know by now]

Porn and the anxiety it gives men and their penises

The problem with the whole comparison of a big vs. small dick starts with porn. Almost every guy you see in porn seems to be packing a 10-inch python in his shorts. And that gives everyone in the real world a skewed image of just how big a big penis is, and what makes one an average one. 

You need to remember that these actors in porn movies are picked specifically for their “hidden” talents. Just as women with huge boobs were once the preferred actors of mainstream porn, bigger penises have been preferred the same way. Bigger dicks just take up more screen space and look better in movies.

So the next time you drop your shorts in front of a woman, or you see a man drop his shorts in front of you, remember that porn is not the standard. And more importantly, big may not always do the best job! [Read: Ways to overcome sexual anxiety and perform]

Does a big penis make a difference while having sex?

Do girls like a big member while having sex? Well, this is the most confusing part of all. Many girls are happy to snuggle with an average member, while many other girls prefer something way bigger than just the average.

Some girls say a bigger penis means better sex, while other girls hate a big member because it hurts them. So what’s the deal here?

Does the size of a man’s member actually affect the outcome of sex? [Read: How not to be nervous before having sex with someone and just enjoy it]

The truth – yes, penis size does matter

The size of a man’s penis definitely does matter when it comes to having sex. And your size does play a huge role in whether you’ll be able to help your woman orgasm better.

There, We’ve said it! Size definitely does matter to women. But then again, it’s really not in the way you think.

If you have a considerably big penis, you may have experienced this. Some girls love the way you feel inside them. And some girls may actually cringe in pain and ask you to slow down or avoid penetrating fully.

So what’s happening here? The same penis brings pleasure to some girls, but hurts other girls? Isn’t that weird? [Read: Ways to build sexual tension with a girl you like]

Kama sutra and the sizes

The Kama sutra is a manual of love written over 2000 years ago in India by a man named Vatsyayana. In one of the chapters on sexual union, he explains the division of men into three kinds based on the size of their lingam (penises).

Additionally, he also divides women into three types based on the depth of their yoni (vulva) *the depth of the yoni here signifies the depth of the vagina.*

According to the Kama sutra, based on the size of his penis, a man can either be a hare, a bull, or a horse. And a woman, based on the depth of her yoni, can either be a female deer, a mare, or a female elephant.

And the outcome and pleasure of sexual union between a man and a woman can be determined by these divisions. [Read: How to have better sex – ways to change the way you make love]

Men  (size of the penis)               Women (depth of the vagina)
Hare (small penis)                         Deer (short vaginal depth)

Bull (average penis)                     Mare (average vaginal depth)

Horse (large penis)                        Elephant (deep vaginal depth)

The sexual union between a hare man and a deer woman, a bull man and a mare woman, and a horse man and an elephant woman would lead to more pleasurable orgasms and a better sexual union than any other type of combinations of men and women.

These three unions are called equal unions or perfect unions. [Read: 18 sexy ways to be incredibly good in bed and leave anyone wanting more]

On the other hand, if a horse man penetrates a deer woman, that is, if a man with a longer member penetrates a woman with a short vagina, it’ll end up causing discomfort to the woman. The only way around this is for the man to penetrate her halfway or to the point where she is comfortable.

Another scenario is when a hare man penetrates an elephant woman. In this case, a man with a short member penetrates a woman with a deeper vagina.

In this case, the woman may never be able to experience heightened orgasms or sexual satisfaction with him because the man would never be able to reach deeper into her.

Interesting, right? While you don’t have to go around deciding what animal you are, it’s fun to learn. [Read: The step-by-step guide to having tantric sex for the first time]

The pros & cons of a small penis

There are upsides and downsides to both large and small penises. That’s why the whole big vs. small dick debate has raged on for years. Let’s check out the pros and cons. 

Cons of a small penis

Some of these cons may be obvious, but let’s reiterate them one by one.

1. Low self-esteem

This can be easily remedied when you accept your situation and maximize your other winning attributes, like your wit and humor. Treating your partner like a princess won’t hurt either. [Read: Signs of low self-esteem and ways to increase it]

2. Possibly can’t get it in

If it’s not going in, just let it go. Put something else in like a finger or a vibrator or maybe your tongue.

3. May not be visually pleasing

This con goes hand-in-hand with low self-esteem. All you need is full disclosure and a way to distract your partner from looking at it.

4. Less G-spot orgasms

That’s why there are clitoral orgasms. Fingers and toys can help with that as well. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Unfortunately, with the big vs. small dick debate, big wins on this point. [Read: How to hit the G-Spot and make her squirm with pleasure]

Pros of a small penis

Worry not, less endowed men! There’s always a silver lining to having a penis that’s smaller than average.

1. Overcompensation

But in a good way. Your partner will definitely appreciate the things you do to make up for the lack of length and girth.

2. Blowjobs are insane

The small size allows girls to go all out and do whatever they want to with your penis. They love that they can comfortably get busy without choking or gagging. [Read: How to get a blowjob – secret techniques to get her to enjoy it]

3. Backdoor possibilities

Most women complain that anal hurts. They’re more likely to experiment with this if their partner’s penis is small enough to snuggle comfortably in their butthole. 

4. You can hone your oral pleasing skills

What else can you do? Most guys with small penises make more of an effort in learning to please a woman using their mouth and tongue. [Read: The best tips and tricks to give her oral sex like a pro]

5. Sex toys are up for consideration

It’s easier to suggest the idea of toys when you have no other option. At least this time, the guys and girls won’t be shy about asking for it. 

The pros & cons of a big penis

Just because you’ve got a big package, doesn’t mean you won’t have to worry about some of these problems.

Cons of big penis

Because a huge penis isn’t always a good thing.

1. Can’t get it in

And you thought only the little guys had this problem. Just because vaginas expand, it does not mean that there’s no limit. Women will say no, especially when trying to put it in if it already hurts. [Read: The biggest big dick problems you probably didn’t think about]

2. Internal injuries

A lot of situations with big penises can hurt women. They can bleed internally, develop infections, and even blood clots from bruising.

3. No deep throating

The least you can hope for when you’re hung as a horse is a few licks on your penis. If a girl can’t take it all in, there’s not a lot you can do about it. [Read: 16 ways to get her to give you head]

4. No anal

It’s difficult to even try when it already hurts to put it in a vagina. We can’t imagine the literal butthurt of trying to squeeze it in through a sphincter.

5. Condoms

There are never any available ones for big guys. They make them, but they sure don’t stock them.

6. Complacency

Guys with big dicks think that their size is enough to please a woman. Many women will completely disagree. [Read: Well endowed – what it’s really like to sleep with a big dick]

Pros of a big penis

Of course, along with the cons are also the pros of being hung like a horse.

1. G-spot orgasms are more likely

If the guy knows how to elicit them, that is. Still, having a big penis will guarantee access to the big G.

2. Big penises are turn-ons

There’s something primal and arousing about seeing a really thick, long, and hard penis. Looking at it might just even give your partner an orgasm.

3. Bragging rights

Having a big penis makes you more popular and attractive. Sorry, but it’s true. When it comes to big vs. small dick, the bragging rights are all yours. [Read: Men with big balls – pros, cons & what girls think of huge testicles]

4. Self-esteem levels are off the chart

A big penis equals a big ego. Men know that having a big penis gives them an advantage over their peers in terms of sex and… um… sex.

5. Lots of options for positions

The fact is that you can work better around a bigger penis than a small one. There’s no risk of it slipping out, especially if it’s deep in there.

6. Big penises are fetish-friendly

Fetishes utilize different body parts and toys. There’s not much you can do with a small penis, but a big one is the perfect prop for any and all fetishes. [Read: How to tell if your girlfriend has had bigger without asking her]

How to maximize your penis size

Now that you know what’s good and what’s not, you can finally start to make some headway with your penile predicament.

Rather than pop bottles and bottles of supplements and splurging on the deadly penis pumps out there, or, God forbid, penis surgery, you’re better off learning about how to please your woman the right way. [Read: Weird penis – freaky behaviors that are totally normal]

If you have a big penis:

1. Focus on foreplay to arouse your partner to the max before penetration.

2. Use lots of lube to make sex more comfortable.

3. Use your tongue, mouth, or fingers to tease their erogenous zones at the same time.

4. Choose positions that allow your partner a little more control. [Read: Kinky sex positions for a wild night every day of the week]

If you have a small penis:

1. Choose positions that let you go deep or make for a tighter squeeze, such as doggy, missionary, or face down with closed legs.

2. Compensate with plenty of oral sex.

3. Incorporate your hands or a sex toy. [Read: Must-have couple’s sex toys for naughty first timers]

How to embrace your penis

Okay we know it’s already yours, but there are a few ways you can feel better about your penis, no matter what size it is.

1. If you’re overweight, change your lifestyle

Losing some weight will not only benefit your health, but it will make you feel better about yourself and your penis.

Focus on eating a healthy, varied diet and getting plenty of exercise.

2. Consider trimming your pubic hair

Trimming your pubic hair can help to highlight your member and make it look bigger. Being trimmed and tidy down there will also make you feel better and make for a nicer experience for your partner. [Read: How to safely shave your pubic area – a guide for men]

3. Don’t compare your penis to what you see in porn

Men in porn films are chosen because of the size of their members. They’re the exception to the rule. So, by comparing yourself, you’re always going to lose out.

The majority of guys have an average-sized penis, and that’s more than fine. Even if yours is a little smaller, follow our suggestions on how to overcome the negatives and you’re good.

Big isn’t always better. Small isn’t always snug

Of course, we can’t all go measuring the lengths and depths each time we date someone. And you can’t really figure out the sizes of someone’s privates by just looking at them.

But at the end of it all, when you do have sex with someone, what matters is how comfortable both of you are while having sex. If it’s too big for her, you’ll hurt her. If it’s too small for her, she won’t feel what she wants to feel. [Read: 20 dirty questions to text a girl and make her wet]

So, however well or less than well-endowed you are down there, fret not, there’s a perfect match or an almost perfect match in all of us. Just as long as you avoid the contrasting opposites as a sexual partner, you’ll definitely have a great time in bed. [Read: How to hook up with a girl you just met and have sex with her]

Things that matter more than size

And we should also mention that there are some other things that are far more important than penis size.

There’s no denying that sex is important in a relationship, but what about an emotional connection? What about physical connection and mutual satisfaction?

Try working on those things rather than obsessing about penis size. Your partner is sure to be more satisfied by you doing this, and your relationship will go from strength to strength. [Read: Quick tips to make your relationship a little better]

Big vs. small dick, which is the winner?

Neither. They’re both as advantageous and problematic as the other. 

You’re best skipping the body modifications and just settling for pleasing a woman as best as you can using your wit, your character, your fingers, and your tongue. In the big vs. small dick argument, both have their pros and cons. 

Make peace with your nether regions and focus on more important matters!

[Read: How to get a girl who’s a friend to have sex with you]

So if you’re still wondering about the big question now, does penis size matter to women, well, now you know that a perfect match is way better!

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