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30 Dirty Truth or Dare Questions for a Sexy Night

Want to have a sexy night you’ll never forget? Just use these 30 awesomely hot dirty truth or dare questions to have the horniest time ever!

30 Dirty Truth Or Dare Questions For A Sexy Night

Playing a sexy game of truth or dare is always fun.

In the start of a relationship, it can help both of you get to know each other better.

And as the relationship progresses, it’ll help bring your sex life to a whole new high.

While a good game of dirty truth or dare between you and your partner can be fun for a few minutes, it’ll get pretty boring after a while.

Really now, after a few years of dating, both of you would know everything about each other, physically, sexually and emotionally.

And when you know everything already, all the way from favorite positions to sexual secrets, how much fun can it be while hearing your partner confessing about something for the hundredth time?

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Dirty truth or dare for couples

To enjoy a good game of truth or dare, it would be most fun to play with another couple or a group of friends that include a lot of couples.

It’s racy and as long as you know just where to draw the line, it can give both of you something to talk about with each other for several lusty nights.

Involve another couple in your dirty truth or dare game, and use these questions here. You can always alter the questions to suit the sexual high you’re looking for.

After all, just watching another couple getting dirty in front of you will give you a sexual rush that’ll keep the excitement alive for a long time to come. [Read: 7 sexiest types of sex that will give you a sexual high]

Dirty games for sexy nights

The best way to ask each other a good round of dirty truth or dare questions is by playing as a couple against other couples. When you do that, you can restrict all the heavy petting and touching between individual couples instead of involving other individuals in these dirty dares.

Set the rules of the game first. One partner in the couple can answer a question or perform the dare or either partner can take turns to indulge in dares or questions in each round.

If you want to numb your senses just a wee bit or get bold while having a good round of dirty truth or dare, all of you can have a capful of liquor with each round of truth or dare.

Don’t get too naughty right at the beginning or you’ll kill the mood. Start funny and build up the sexual high. And as the questions go on and as the inhibitions start to shed, all of you will start to enjoy the games a lot more! [Read: Top 50 kinky ideas to try with your lover]

Things to remember while playing dirty truth or dare

Start slow and take it easy. Everyone involved has to get into the mood. If you go overboard to start with, you’ll just end up making a few couples chicken out of the game.

Don’t try to make things awkward by asking extremely personal questions or questions about the past. Keep it fun so everyone involved can enjoy the game without breaking into a sweat.

Keep the dares within couples. Don’t ask one partner to do something funny with another couple. It could seem like fun, but it could turn out to be risky and risqué if you’re not careful. [Read: How to talk dirty to a guy and sound really sexy]

20 dirty dares for couples to ask each other

Here is a list of 20 sexy dares that start funny and easy, and gets bolder with each round. Modify them to your comfort level and use them as you please.

But remember, these dares for couples have a way of arousing everyone a lot more than you think!

#1 Lick your partner’s ears.

#2 Spank, squeeze and pinch your partner’s butt.

#3 Place an ice cube on the girl’s navel until it melts. The girl can’t use her hands to keep it in place. The guy can only use his lips to keep the cube in place *it’s a lot harder to keep the ice cube in place when it starts to melt or the girl starts to feel cold*.

#4 Pass a candy to your partner using just the lips / unwrap a candy together using only the lips.

#5 Kiss each other for a whole minute.

#6 Give your boyfriend a lap dance.

#7 One partner lies down. The other partner moves their hand or a feather all over the laying partner’s body including all strategic regions.

#8 Unhook your girlfriend’s bra and take it off her body using just one hand.

#9 Lift your girlfriend’s shirt up from the back all the way to the collar using just your teeth.

#10 Stroke your partner’s tee shirt/pants until we see the pants move or the tee shirt stiffen.

#11 Eat a melting chocolate off your girlfriend’s boobs *cleavage will do for the less horny ones*.

#12 Give your man a boner without touching his member.

#13 Suck all ten of your partner’s toes / Kiss your partner’s feet and legs all the way up to the inner thigh.

#14 Blindfold one partner. The blindfolded partner should kiss three specific body parts chosen by the other couples by guessing the exact location without using hands.

#15 Hug each other topless *the girl can turn her back to the other couples*.

#16 Kiss your partner down there *over clothes if you want to*.

#17 Make out with each other with the clothes on / dry hump each other.

#18 Find your girlfriend’s nipple with your teeth / lick your girlfriend’s nipple *with her clothes on if you prefer*.

#19 Slip your hand into your partner’s jeans and keep it busy for a whole minute.

#20 Get under a blanket and have sex for a minute / make out for a minute *you’ll have a hard time stopping*.

10 dirty truth questions for couples to ask each other

Use these dirty truth questions to shed each other’s inhibitions. And don’t forget to blend the truth and the dares well, so you get a good balance of sexy kiss and tell.

#1 When and how was your first kiss?

#2 Describe the situation when both of you felt so horny that you had to get frisky in public.

#3 What’s the best body part you like about your partner?

#4 What should your partner wear to turn you on while having sex?

#5 How endowed is he down there?

#6 What are both of your sexiest sexual fantasies?

#7 Describe your girlfriend’s boobs and nipples in detail.

#8 Who’s the last person you undressed in your thoughts?

#9 What’s the boldest thing you’ve done sexually? / What is the weirdest sexual act you’ve indulged in or want to indulge in?

#10 Have you ever flashed at someone or has someone other than your partner seen you naked? [Read: Real life sexy public flashing confessions]

What happens next?

If you’ve mixed the truth or dare questions well, everyone involved would have had the sexiest time ever.

And once all of you are done with these dirty truth or dare questions, it would definitely be hard to hold yourselves back. Have a laugh, take your horny hands off each other’s shorts, end the game, and go to your respective rooms with your partner for a sexy round of awesome sex.

Or if you’re all so turned on that you can’t hold yourselves back, slip under a blanket and get naked, and have sex wherever you feel like it!

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These dirty truth or dare questions may seem like a laugh at first, but I can tell you from experience, it would drive everyone involved wild with mad lust. Try it, you’ll know what I mean!

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