28 Turn-Ons for Girls That’ll Make Them Melt in Your Arms

turn ons for girls

There are many ways to turn on girls with just a smile. Here are 27 non-sexual and sexual ways you can turn her on and make her melt in your arms.

Women can be hard to please and harder to turn-on. Often, it’s an all-day affair. You have to start right, start slow, have all the right ingredients, mix them well, and just let it simmer. But boy, when the heat turns up—it’s definitely worth it!

Non-sexual turn-ons for women

Whether she’s a colleague you’re crushing on, a woman you just met at a bar, or a friend you’re really attracted to, there are several surefire ways to turn her on and finally get her to bed.

#1 Call her pretty. Women want to feel special. Whether by calling her “Hey, beautiful” or “Hey, pretty” you could definitely brighten her day—and that’s a good sign.

#2 Pay a compliment. Make her feel good by acknowledging or complimenting her. Make sure you give her a smile and a wink—she’ll be loving it. [Read: How to compliment a girl and make her blush]

#3 Talk about what she likes. Women like men who can carry on real conversations that aren’t only meant to get them in the sack. Find out what she likes, what you have in common, and talk to her genuinely.

#4 Be all-ears. Again, women like to feel important, so you make her your sole focus when you’re together. Be attentive to what she’s saying and be real about it.

#5 Active listening. Tell her you remembered she mentioned how she likes something, such as a food or a band, and bring it back up with some thoughtful gesture like buying her lunch or giving her concert tickets—maybe you can even go together.

#6 Work out together. To take things to a more physical level without it being too sexual, you can go to the gym or run together. This also gives her a good view of your physique, and she positively associates you with feel-good endorphins from the workout. [Read: 9 non-sexual turn-ons that arouse girls instantly]

#7 Touch her hair. If you want something physical, yet unassumingly innocent, touch her hair. Brush a stray strand back behind her ear or even just pretend you’re removing some stuff off her tresses.

#8 Be funny. Women love guys with a good sense of humor, so inject some funny one-liners now and then. It also shows you’re confident enough to be goofy around her. [Read: The art of making a girl smile, laugh and love your company]

#9 Be an example. Show her that chivalry is not dead, and that you’re a valiant example. Make her comfort, safety, and security your priority when you’re together or even when you’re apart.

#10 Touch her. Whether to guide her into a car or help her out, make sure you have body contact or that you are touching her in the right places: her waist, her lower back, her elbows, around her shoulders, or her hand.

#11 Look sharp. Nothing much can make her go ooh-la-la than seeing you dapper and snappy. Avoid wearing clothes that make you look lousy and keep those body hairs well-trimmed.

#12 Smell good. An often underrated feature men must maintain—smelling good. It can also turn women’s heads. Make sure you not only look good but smell good too.

#12 Be witty. Another turn-on for women are guys who can carry on decent conversations and can be smart and witty. You have to be widely knowledgeable without being too nerdy.

#13 Be mysterious. Even if you like her, don’t be overeager. Still maintain an air of mystery about you and keep her on her toes when you’re around. [Read: 9 really simple steps to win her heart and impress her effortlessly]

#14 Surprise her. Whether with a simple gesture such as a flower you picked or an extravagant one such as a vacation splurge, surprise her with things that make her happy.

Sexual turn-ons for women

To up the ante in the wooing ritual, you also have to know the more sexual ways for turning up the heat and turning her on.

#15 Be close and alone. Privacy is another turn-on if you’re in the early stages of heating things up. Going to a corner or just getting near her to talk to her one-on-one not only makes her more comfortable, but it also gives you a prelude for more wooing to come.

#16 Whisper in her ear. Warm her up even more by inching closer and whispering in her ear. Whether it’s something trivial, the closeness and the feel of your hot breath on her ear is a definite turn-on. [Read: How to get a girl horny and wet just by sitting next to her]

#17 Talk about sex. Throw in a few thought provokers that will make her imagine how you are in bed. For example, dance with her and suggestively comment how people relate dancing with how they move in bed.

#18 Triangle gaze. Many pick-up artists swear by this method they call the triangle gaze. Gaze for three seconds into her left eye, another three into her right eye, and then look at her lips. Subtly repeat this to make her think you want to kiss her.

#19 Kiss her on the cheek. Make that otherwise innocent cheek kiss linger a little or be deceptively close to her lips. She’ll be breathless. [Read: How to get a girl to kiss you by arousing her slowly]

#20 Give her a massage. After a tough day, massage her back or just her hands. She’ll be thinking about you touching her in other places.

#21 Touch her thigh. Whether with your hand or with your own thigh, the right pressure at the right moment can leave her in that state where she’d be dying to take your clothes off.

#22 Hug her. A simple hug can be a turn-on when you let it linger a few seconds longer. Make her feel your warmth, and she’ll be warm all over as well.

#23 Seal the deal. Once you see she’s flushed and getting turned on, then that’s the time you come in for that kiss. Make it amazing. [Read: How to kiss a girl for the first time and not screw up]

#24 Know the spots. Kissing her on the lips doesn’t take you to her bed right away. Make the moment more intense by kissing her in her erogenous zones, such as neck, throat, collar bone, shoulders, and ears.

#25 Be VERY close. If you’re turned on too, make her feel your passion in more explicit ways by touching your bulge on her thigh. Even the slightest contact will send shivers of pleasure all over her body.

#26 Slowly undress her. You’re almost there. Remember to take your time and be consistent, slowly undress her and kiss her as you do so. The anticipation enough will make her explode.

#27 Tell her you love her. Of course, one foolproof way to turn her on is to tell her your feelings. However, don’t just tell her this to get into her pants—she’ll know it. Tell her this only when you mean it.

The first step to turning a girl on is to make her notice you. From there, you can build a connection. Make sure your intentions are clear, though. Don’t lead her on to a promise of a more serious relationship if you are just looking for a one-night stand. After all, you can master all these tips and still get slapped in the face if she starts to think you’re being insincere.

[Read: 15 secret kissing techniques for that heartbeat-skipping kiss]

Master these non-sexual and sexual turn-on tips for women, and you’ll be sure to have her melting in your arms in no time.

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6 thoughts on “28 Turn-Ons for Girls That’ll Make Them Melt in Your Arms”

  1. Boo man says:

    Confidence/Humour are the politically correct way of saying ‘hot’. cause you cant just say you look for hot guys, cause that seems shallow. so you pretend that you look for other things. That’s certainly how confidence is interpreted. if you are attractive, you are certainly going to get more interest, be more successful approaching women. Ever hear a hot guy say ‘ picking up girls is easy. you just walk up and say hello’. how could that not make you confident? but it isn’t the confidence that they go for. its the looks. but those guys also tend to be confident so they falsely correlate that. Humor is just a big lie. i don’t see any comedians working as underwear models. at least confidence is correlated with what is actually being sought (i.e looks ). humor is just complete pandering to political correctness.

  2. dean m. says:

    If there is a man who says that he has the formula for seducing women, he’s lying. Simple as that. There’s no formula for making someone love you. No magic potion, no spell. However, I really believe that there are some little things you can do that will make you a gentleman and a nice guy in the eyes of your loved one. I was always being nice to this girl – I complimented her, brought her flowers, kissed her passionately, was intimate with her and we were dating for quite some time when she suddenly told me that she wasn’t interested in me anymore. She told me that I was becoming boring by being nice to her and she went off with a “gangster” type of guy, who drinks and fights her and drives her on a motorbike. I guess I haven’t found the right girl or perhaps the fault is in me…

  3. haha says:

    For me there are a couple things I noticed. I love when the guy allows himself to express how good it feels with moans or even some sort of directed affection showing me that what is going on that moment is really “hitting the spot”. It is a big turn on. Like some others have said, the little kisses (ears, thighs, shoulders etc) that make it that much more connected and not just go. As I mentioned in some other post… I am a balls girl so I like when guys are open to feeling pleasure across their body and not being completely penis-centric. I personally enjoy playing with, doing things to, kissing etc, balls, tummies, rubbing his back, kissing along his legs if I am going to do oral. So I think the main thing is have fun, be focused on the interaction with your partner and really let them feel where you are in the moment. (Another personal thing is I don’t like degrading talk but I really enjoy intimate talk. So “dirty slut”

  4. Anomolous says:

    I wouldn’t beet myself up about that sort pf thing. Sounds to me like she wants exitement, which we all do, but the way she went about it by dumping you and going for the “gang” type is something I think is just flat out silly. You sound like a great guy, probably the type many women look for, but you just weren’t lucky with the furst woman. You can do it!

  5. Anomolous says:

    Yes an no.
    Yes I think attractive guys get more attention and that be missinturpeted for attractiveness.
    No because humor may be less likely to work if you try to pick up a date (but if done well can) but just having a conversation and enjoying it can be helped with humor more than with looks and confidence.
    Looks may get a date with a stranger but humor can help get somebody you know or help build an already started relationsh

  6. Kitty says:

    If you touch me i’ll rip your arms off. Don’t touch a girl you got a crush on who you know don’t like you, don’t ask her to give you a chance. If she tells you to stop touching her and you don’t listen ’cause you think she’s just shy, she’ll probably avoid ’cause she think you a creep, get annoyed, and avoid you like the plague.

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