How to Grind with a Guy Sexily and Discreetly

how to grind with a guy

Want to know how to grind with a guy and make him wet his shorts at the same time? Here’s a discreet guide to do just that without making it obvious.

Whenever we think of the art of grinding, we usually associate it with adolescents.

But in reality, it’s something that all of us use all the time.

As a girl, there’s a thin line between being classy and being crass.

Of course, you can grind with any guy you like, but will that lead to anything better than a one night stand?

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If you want to grind with a guy and look good while doing it, you need to know a few things to do it the right way.

And most importantly, never be too obvious when you’re trying to grind with a guy.

It’ll just make you seem too easy to get.

How to grind with a guy the right way

If you want to have a good time with a guy you meet at a club or anywhere else and still be respected and pursued by him, you need to learn to arouse a guy, and yet make it seem like it was him making all the moves all through the way.

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What is grinding really?

Now all of us do know this, but for the uninitiated girls, grinding is the art of moving your butt around a guy’s crotch, especially while dancing with him. Sounds quite bold, yes, but it’s something that comes naturally between opposite sexes when they’re aroused by each other.

Many girls wonder about the right way to grind and look good while doing it. But understanding how to grind with a guy needs no lessons. You can do it any way you like and the guy will still like you for it.

But what matters is how easy you’re going to play and give in to a guy’s crotch.

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How to grind with a guy and arouse him

If you want to know how to grind with a guy, arouse him, and still feel good about yourself, here are 10 tips that can make all the difference between a hard to get girl and an easy to get girl.

#1 Get a girlfriend to dance with you. Dancing alone makes the whole grinding game rather obvious. To start off, dance with your girlfriend and make it seem like you’re not really noticing any guy. Soon enough, you’ll have a few cute guys dancing around waiting for your attention. [Read: How to get any guy’s attention no matter where you are]

#2 Dance next to the guy you like. But don’t even bother looking at him just yet. Watch him from the corner of your eye and see if he’s been noticing you. Or if you want to grind with some guy who hasn’t noticed you yet, just move along on the dance floor until you’re close to him.

#3 Brushing time. Dance normally as you always do, but move really close to a guy you like and brush him with your butt *accidentally*. Don’t try to get his attention just yet and don’t make it seem like you’re desperate to dance with him by looking at him. Wait for him to do something or reciprocate. Right now, just make it seem like you’re dancing with your friend. But don’t stop the occasional butt brushing, let him feel your touch and want more of it.

#4 Touch him with your breasts. Grinding is the easy part. The tough part is to make it all seem discreet. As you’re dancing with your friend, move your shoulders around so your breast touches his arm now and them. Does he notice your accidental touch? Does he smile or does he move closer to you? If he notices it and tries to get your attention, flash a small cute smile back at him and let him know that you’ve noticed him. But don’t do it too obviously, and avoid letting him know that your touches were intentional. [Read: 25 tips to look really cute in front of a guy]

#5 Drop your hands. Keep your hands by your sides as you’re dancing and let it hover near his butt and legs. He’d obviously start moving about a lot more just to get more of your touches. Always keep your body or hands really close to a guy, but avoid making the first touch if you want to make him work for your attention.

#6 Dance by his side. Move along the dance floor so you’re dancing by his side. You don’t need to stand in front him to grind him just yet. Just build the sexual tension up by letting your hands and hips touch each other often. But as always, don’t give him too much attention just yet. Just have fun with your own friend who’s dancing with you. [Read: Why guys like a good chase]

#7 Let the fingers touch. Let your fingers touch his fingers as both of you dance beside each other. And when your fingers do touch his, don’t move them away but don’t do anything about it either. It’ll drive him crazy and all he’d want to do is clasp it. He may even try that!

#8 Step in front of him. Once you’ve had a lot of body touches going on and he’s constantly trying to look for ways to touch you, it’s time to get to the part where you grind with him. By teasing him long enough, you would be able to arouse him and make him work for your attention instead of being too easy to get which is always a good thing. It’ll make him want you more too!

Step in front of him and move your pelvis around so your butt is constantly touching his thigh. This will be his cue to come close behind you. If he’s shy, a few *accidental* touches on his crotch with your butt while dancing will definitely do the trick. [Read: How to talk to a guy and make him like you instantly]

#9 Move your butt around. Once he’s right behind you, get really close to him and press your butt gently against his crotch. Sway around and dance like you always do, but pay more attention to swaying your hips around so you can feel his pants tighten behind you.

#10 Drop your hands to the side. If the guy isn’t placing his hands on your hips already, drop your hands down or run it down your hips now and then as you sway your hips. Even better if you can get your hands to drop down and touch his fingers often. You’ll arouse him so much that all he’ll want to do is hold your hips or your hands and come even closer while you move your butt all over his crotch. And really, that’s all there is to grinding and making it seem like the guy is doing all the work!

While a club may be the best place to grind with a guy, you can also discreetly grind with a guy at concerts or even in crowded queues. It’s easy and fun, if you’re in the right mood! [Read: How to make out with a guy like a sex goddess]

Grinding tips to arouse a guy

If you’re grinding with a guy and want to turn him on a lot more, all you need to do is use these three little tips to drive him wild.

#1 Stand in front of him as you’re dancing. Raise one hand and place it behind his neck while grinding with him.

#2 Slip your thumb into his jeans or just under his belt when he’s behind you. Guide his hand to hold you around your waist or just under your breasts.

#3 Graze your butt against his crotch until you feel him harden up. Turn around and get your pelvis as close to him as you comfortably want to. [Read: 6 tips to get a guy to kiss you when you want him to]

Now that you know how to grind with a guy sexily and discreetly, try these moves the next time you’re out clubbing. Sometimes, making a guy think he’s working for your attention even if you liked him first can be so much fun.

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7 thoughts on “How to Grind with a Guy Sexily and Discreetly”

  1. Vickie says:

    Oh, this is something I love to do. Not only at clubs but if I see a hot guy on in a crowded subway. My technique is to squeeze in front of the dude so his rod ends up logjammed right between my butt cheeks. As the train rocks, I use the motion as an excuse to “back dat thang up” on his groin and grind away until he has a nice boner. Clenching your cheeks every now and then is a surefire way to get him hard as a rock. I swear, people around you never notice what’s going on. I’ve met three cool guys this way who’ve slipped me their business cards.But even when the spicy encounter ends there, the illicitness of it gives you this awesome, super naughty sexual buzz. BTW, .I usually do it on the way home from work. So if he happens to get over-excited I don’t have to explain to co-workers a wet spot on my skirt!

  2. James says:

    I have seen the Vickie trick done to younger guys dressed in suits on NY city subway trains. The woman steps in front of the guy who is usually polite and lets her have the right of way. As the train moves, she backs up slightly as train sways. All looks completely innocent and not really something you can hold woman accountable for since train is crowded and contact is inevitable in a moving train. Guy can’t do anything due to the ensuing involuntary reaction. Can’t move back or around because now he will be pointing at other passengers – very embarrassing. Also, guy looks terrified as if about to get arrested. Woman gets off train laughing while guy scurries away in crowd. Can’t imagine how guy could show up at work in that suit…

  3. Kayden says:


  4. Alessio Ventura says:

    Grinding is nothing more than an “assjob”. That is, the guy is masturbating against your ass, usually between the butt cheeks. Personally, I prefer this sometimes to actual intercourse since it is quite erotic, especially in the nude.

  5. Madison says:

    My girlfriends and I do this all the time, especially when one of our boyfriends has been acting up and we want a little revenge. We go to a crowded hip-hop concert and squeeze up to the front. All three of us are blonde with banging bodies, so you KNOW those black guys are all up on our badonkadonks like white on rice! (We’ve done it at mostly white clubs too, but there’s nothing sexier than a extra-long chocolate hotdog between two white buns!) My tips: 1) Don’t just rub your bottom on the guys junk, wiggle until his pole is in that “sweet spot” between your cheeks. The snugger the fit, the more hot and bothered you can get him. 2) Keep it classy. No putting your hands on the floor and “making it clap” like a ghetto skank. Use the crowd and darkness to tease the guy undetected. 3) Letting the guy cop a quick feel through your panties is OK, but do NOT let him slide his hand under the waistband or put a finger in. He’ll figure you’re a total ho and the next stop is a bathroom stall. 4) Don’t let him nut too soon. If you get the feeling he’s about to, like he’s grabbing your hips and starts groaning, back off and tell him to go get drinks for you and your girls. When you’re ready to call it a night, THEN you can contract your butt muscles a few times to make him wet his shorts. If the guy is cute and has a job, I may give him my number. If not, well, he’ll just stumble away with a smile on his face and a nice memory!

  6. McKenzie Georgen says:

    I sometimes grind in a popular local bar. I admit I am very shy and this is a no-hassle way to flirt with guys, and meet someone to hookup with or just be friends with. I tend to be tongue-tied. This way I let my cute little butt do the talking! I met my last 2 boyfriends this way. I date white guys exclusively because we live in Tennessee and my dad would kill ne if I brought home an African American. But I agree that black guys are much better grinders. They usually are packing a whole lot more down there. A lot of white boys you can hardly feel. Black guys really give you something to work with back there! They are also more confident. Many white guys get all flustered and start apologizing. Black guys are cooler about it, they just go with the flow. Plus, not to be racist, but they really do have more rhythm. They know how to move their pelvis in sync with you moving your hips. My only tip is not wearing undies. That way the guy’s woody ends up wedged a LOT deeper into your butt crack. You both feel the contact more and you can really drive him crazy! The only part I disagree with is letting the guy unload his white stuff on you. That’s just too nasty and embarrassing!

  7. Chrstie says:

    The most popular bar in our area gets really crowded on college night, and if I see a cute guy, I’ll definitely get his attention by rubbing my booty on his package to the rhythm of the music. It’s a good way to see if a dude “measures up” to your bedroom requirements. When the guy gets hard it gives me a little feeling of pride — cuz I was the one who made it happen. And that goes double if he creams his shorts! You feel like this love goddess, because you made this grown man lose control without even taking off your clothes! When I go out with my sister we’ll get in front of two guys and bet on who can make hers bust a nut first. The loser buys drinks! Grinding can also be a nice way to get the attention of guys at the office. Our elevator gets really crowded. If there’s a co-worker I’m interested in, I’ll make sure I’m in front of him. You push your butt back on him, and (slowly) rotate it until he gets a stiffy. Let a few hours pass and next thing you know, he’s asking me to lunch!

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