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The 20 Best and Hottest Places for Outdoor Sex

If you’re one of the many with a sex fantasy of being outdoors while getting it on, maybe you should make that a reality with these hot places.


The fantasy of having sex outdoors is going to be around forever. Just the thought of getting down and dirty with someone in the crisp fresh air is enough to bring out our most primal side. And the amount of people who are actually having sex outdoors is most likely much larger than one would at first think. After all, part of the fun is trying not to get caught, right?
Why have sex outdoors?
There are a lot of reasons why someone would choose to get naked and have sex with someone outside. The most common reason, though, is simply because it’s somewhere that’s *probably* new and exciting to get down and dirty.
The truth is, having sex outside is arousing and thrilling. Both of these emotions add to the pleasure you feel when you have sex. Adrenaline can also be added to the mix when you decide to have sex somewhere that you could potentially get caught, making the sex even better.
Not all outdoor sex places are the same
Having sex outdoors isn’t always the best if you don’t do it in the right spots. Stripping down and revealing yourself to the wildlife that surrounds you in the wrong place can lead to quite a bit of trouble. So save yourself the hassle and have sex in one of these hot and amazing places.
#1 A beach. While this may be somewhat of a cliché place to have sex, it doesn’t make it any less exciting. With the breeze, the sound of the ocean, the saltiness of your skin from the water, and the warm sun, it’s almost enough to make you never want to leave. Just watch out for getting sand in uncomfortable places. [Read: Sexy fun on the beach for couples]
#2 The forest. This is a perfect place to have sex if you want to have a decent amount of coverage and a beautiful view. There’s not much that can compare to looking up at the sun peeking through the treetops.
#3 A barn. Although this isn’t technically completely outside, it’s still an amazing almost-outside place to have sex. Barns can be romantic and sultry if you can manage to find one that’s not filled with the smell of livestock. Lay down a blanket, turn on some country music, and get it on. [Read: The best songs to make love to]
#4 A high-rise balcony. Or really, any balcony for that matter – even one that’s attached to your own home. This is a great place to have outdoor sex if you’re new to it and want a safe place you can retreat to if the thrill of it gets to be too much for you or your partner to handle.
#5 A pool, lake, or ocean. Any body of water is going to make sex feel that much better. The sensation of being nearly weightless in the water can enhance your sexual pleasure that much more.
#6 In the rain – anywhere. There’s just something about being sopping wet and having sex that is so appealing to so many people. There’s a reason that powerful kissing scenes in movies often take place outside. Do it, and you’ll discover just what powerful feeling is. [Read: How to kiss passionately and romantically]
#7 On a cliff side. As if being on a cliff side isn’t thrilling enough in itself, but then if you add having sex out in the open on top of that, you’re in for a fantastic time. Lay down a blanket and enjoy the view while enjoying the romp.
#8 On a sailboat. Now, if you have access to a sailboat and haven’t had sex on it yet, then you’re abusing your privilege having the boat in the first place. Banging while moving to the rhythm of the ocean is nothing to take lightly.
#9 In a tree house. Having sex in a tree house can not only bring you back to the careless life you once led as a child, but it can be a perfectly romantic *not to mention wild* place to get it on.
#10 In a tent. If you’re a little too scared to try complete outdoor sex for fear of being seen, then opt for getting it on in a tent. Tents are well covered, but you can still get the feeling of being outdoors by keeping some of the flaps open while you do it. [Read: 10 foolproof tips for dating a nature lover]
#11 In a canoe. Having sex in a canoe and having sex on a sailboat are completely different things. In a canoe, you’re even more exposed to the elements and have to make do with very little space. Be prepared to get as close as possible to your significant other.
#12 At the top of a Ferris wheel. If you can manage to get stuck at the very top of a Ferris wheel, you had better strip down immediately and start making that cart rock. [Read: 8 flirting moves you can learn from famous movies]
#13 On a swing. Have you ever heard of making a spider on a swing? If not, look it up and you’ll understand why you should definitely take advantage of that position on a swing.
#14 In the car. This is another great alternative for people who aren’t fully comfortable with having outdoor sex where people could potentially see them easily. Roll down the windows and the backseats and get busy! [Read: Road head confessions of a good girl]
#15 On a trampoline. Trampoline sex is just plain fun! Every position comes with an extra bounce that only adds to the pleasure you’ll feel. You’ll also be able to enjoy some post-sex exercise in the form of a trick competition afterwards!
#16 On your roof. Some people have the option of having sex on their roof. Those people should take full and complete advantage of this luxury and get it on. You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world.
#17 In a hammock. The gentle rocking you can get from a hammock, plus the added relaxation, will make for a really fun bang session. Just try not to get too rowdy, or you might fall off *but hey, maybe that could be fun, too*. [Read: How to cuddle: Cuddling positions to be a loving cuddler]
#18 In a truck bed – preferably at an outdoor movie. Pile up the blankets and pillows, and park in the very back row. You’ll be able to bone to a great movie, and no one will be the wiser.
#19 In an abandoned building. Even though this might sound like something out of a horror movie, you should try it before dismissing it. Abandoned buildings can be some of the most beautiful places to see. With foliage growing all around and the old feel to it, you’ll enjoy every minute of it.
#20 On a horse. This one is only for the brave. If you can accomplish having sex on a horse, you should consider yourself extremely talented. Although it would be a tough one to pull off, it could also be one of the most rewarding. Just have the girl sit on your lap, and you’ll be good to go. [Read: 15 dirty ways to have the sexiest rough sex ever]
Outdoor sex isn’t for everyone. Some people just don’t like the idea of it. But if the thought of it thrills you, then you’ll have to try one of these hot, hot, hot places for great outdoor sex.

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