20 Funny Compliments You Can Use to Flatter & Make Them Laugh

Everyone loves a compliment. Whether you’re telling someone they’re cute, smart, or sexy, compliments are fun. But, funny compliments are always a winner!

funny compliments

Complimenting someone is great. Everyone loves to hear that they look beautiful or handsome. But, it can be embarrassing or even nerve-racking to hear a blunt compliment. Next time, try a funny compliment for a more light-hearted and silly outcome.

You don’t need to be so abrupt or serious with your compliments. There are other ways of making sure this person feels more than just attractive. Offering up a funny compliment will not only make them feel good, but it’ll make them laugh, too.

This means it’ll mean more, and they’ll remember it longer. After all, everyone loves to laugh!

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Why do we love to receive compliments?

Let’s be honest, whether you find it hard to accept compliments are not, everyone loves them. You might be embarrassed or even a little awkward when someone gives you a compliment but you’ll feel a glow inside anyway. It’s about ego at the end of the day, and everyone loves to get their ego stroked!

When you give someone a compliment, you’re telling them that you like something about them. It can be anything from their personality to their looks, something they’ve done, or just that you like them in general.

Compliments make us feel good because what other people think is important to us. In some ways, it shouldn’t be, but it is. [Read: 30 special compliments for guys to make them blush and make their day]

What are funny compliments?

Funny compliments aren’t exactly jokes, and they aren’t exactly compliments. They are a mix of the two. How does that work? Well, the intent is to make someone feel flattered but also make them laugh.

It can be a tricky balance to hit, but the following ideas should get you right in that sweet spot where they want to kiss you for the compliment and spit out their drink from laughing so hard.

It’s also true that everyone loves a person who is genuinely funny. A great sense of humor is very attractive, so when you get a funny compliment just right, they’ll want to hear from you more and more. [Read: How to make someone laugh over text just by being yourself]

Funny compliments to try for yourself

Anyone can say, “you’re so handsome,” or “you’re beautiful,” but it takes creativity and a sense of humor to give out funny compliments. You don’t just want to flatter someone. You want to shock them and leave them laughing for a while.

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1. “You could be a porn star—easy.”

Certain people could take this the wrong way, but if you know your audience, this will make them crack up.

2. “You smell so good, I want to make a candle out of you.”

This is weird and funny and is sure to get at least a few giggles.

3. “Being with you is more fun than coloring in a coloring book.”

This funny compliment will bring the kid out of anyone. [Check out: 36 racy, random, funny questions for flirty guys and girls]

4. “You’re so hot, I want to bake cookies on you.”

If you’re hungry and feeling sexy, this is the best funny compliment to offer your special someone.

5. “If this was Neverland, I would only need to think of you to fly. And people would be like, ‘Man, she flies a lot.’”

This would make anyone who has seen Hook or Peter Pan just crack up. They are your happy thought, awe.

6. “You know, you’re almost as wonderful as pizza. Almost.”

This is the best funny compliment for all the pizza lovers out there, and we know there are a lot of you.

7. “I feel bad for people when you walk in the room because your face makes other faces look ugly.”

Okay, this may not be the more polite of compliments, and sure, it could be a little rude to others if anyone else is around, but it is certainly going to make them feel hot, and if they don’t laugh, they will roll their eyes. That’s something, right? [Try: 36 sweet and cute things to say to your boyfriend]

8. “You’re like the human form of sweatpants… because I’m so comfortable with you.”

For those that love sweats and hate jeans, as most of us, this is sure to get at least a smirk.

9. “If we were the last two people left on earth, I would have no problem repopulating it with you—quickly.”

Ooh, la la. If you are in the mood to behave like you are about to repopulate the earth, that is a funny compliment for you.

10. “Your face. I like it.”

Short, sweet, and to the point.

11. “If you were a skittle, I’d want to taste your rainbow all night long.”

Not sure what’s funny and what overly naughty? [Read: 30 subtle, obvious, and overly sexual flirting tips for girls]

12. “You know, I think you may be the sole reason for global warming.”

This might be a little insensitive for some people, but if you can joke about the world crumbling and the person your complimenting is super hot, this is perfect.

13. “Polar bears and penguins should fear your cuteness.”

These are some of the cutest animals ever, so comparing them is adorable and nice and a little funny.

14. “I don’t know how I would get the pickle jars open without your big muscles. And we both know how much I need my pickles.”

Almost all girls love guys who can open the pickle jar. It is true and funny. So why not use it as a compliment?!

15. “Sometimes I just want you to stay home when I go out so people will stare at me for once.”

Aww, is everyone giving their attention to your gorgeous partner instead of you? Why not make a funny compliment out of it? [Read: 12 types of humor and how they affect relationships]

16. “If I didn’t know you, I would want to know you.”

Damn, straight. This is one of those compliments that is funny because it is just so true.

17. “Luckily, you’re not a drug, because I would be a nasty addict and you’d have to pay for rehab.”

We wouldn’t want to joke about addiction, but if that is already in your sense of humor gallery, add this one too.

18. “Give your mom a high five for me. She made a hot kid.”

HA! Mom jokes, but instead of making fun of your mom, you’re high-fiving her for the awesome human she created.

19. “Are you a beaver? Because DAMN!”

This is the best funny compliment for people who cannot get enough puns in their lives, and there are many people around.

20. “Even if I were allowed to marry food, I would still choose you over pizza. And that’s saying something.”

Do they know your obsession with pizza or some other food? If so, they will love this funny compliment.

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A little cheesy? Yes, but funny compliments work!

You might be reading these funny compliments and thinking that some of them are a little cheesy. Well, yes, some funny compliments do have a hint of cheese about them. But, that’s what makes them so great!

You have to get the blend of nonchalance and fun just right. When you do that, the impact is pretty positive! However, if you don’t give funny compliments with confidence, they can come across as a little weird. 

Own the compliment you’re about to give and just go for it! 

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Everyone loves a compliment but a funny compliment? Even better! Make them laugh and flatter them all at the same time.

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