Questions you should Never ask your Man!

Most people in the world think that asking questions is the easiest way to open your man up, and get him to start talking. But in reality, it’s these very questions that men hate answering the most, says Vinod Srinivas.

How to Make Him Open Up

Now where do I begin?!! This is one of the most important and crucial parts of a relationship. Maybe not to women, but to men, definitely! A while ago, I had attended a meeting of several counselors and relationship experts, and as the conversation rolled on, one of the women counselors told me about a chart of questions that she had prepared for women.

She beamed as she told me that the chart was called “The fun questions to ask your man”. As I heard what she told me, I was horrified. I thought she was mad! She briefly told me about each question and told me how this little piece of information can help change a relationship and help the women understand their men better. But I thought otherwise, to me these questions sounded like a nail in the coffin.

Maybe that’s why men and women find it so hard to communicate with each other all the time. In every conversation between a man and a woman who are romantically involved, at one point or the other, comes that question that every man dreads. I fondly call it “The Nail!” because these questions are pretty much the type that nails the man or pins him against the answer until he blurts out something. And the consequence of answering these questions is not going to be good all the time.

The Nail Questions

Now let me give you a small brief of those cute questions that this counselor told me about. These Nail questions are short, poison tipped, scheming and meant to hit the man hard and square in the chest.

The small Nails include:

What do you like about me?

If I met with an accident and was disfigured, would you still go out with me?

Would you give me your whole salary every month after we get married?

Those medium Nails include:

What would you do if I cheated on you?

Would you like to be reborn to see each other again?

If God asked you for three boons, what would they be and why?

Those painfully long Nails:

Would you go out with someone else if I died?

If your ex girlfriend wants you back, then would you leave me for her?

Would you leave a surprise party hosted for you by your friends midway if you had to have a candlelight dinner with me that same night?

What is that extreme thing that you can do for me to make me believe that you love me the most in this world?

How much do you love me?

Etc., etc., etc.

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