75 HUGE Signs to Tell If a Guy Likes You & Ways to Make Him Like You More

Wondering how to tell if a guy likes you? There are always small ways, subtle body language signs, his texting behavior, and more to know if a guy like you!

how to tell if a guy likes you

That awkward time between meeting someone you like and actually starting dating *if you make it that far* is super-confusing. You think he likes you, then he changes tactics, and you have no idea which way is up or down. You might think that it’s impossible to know if a guy has a romantic interest without asking him directly, so the single best way to get over this drama and keep your sanity intact is to learn the signs a guy really likes you.

Then, piece all the signs together without wondering ‘what if.’ That way, you can make your move confidently because you’ll know he’s definitely into you!

How to tell if a guy likes you – From subtle eye contact to actions that speak louder than words!

When you know what to look for, the hard work becomes easy. Remember that not all guys are the same, so it might be that one guy doesn’t show all the main signs, but they will show most. [Read: Why doesn’t a guy like you back? 31 reasons why a guy may back away]

Learning how to tell if a guy likes you doesn’t require black magic to get it right. It just needs a careful sense of what to look for and the ability to piece it all together. You don’t need a dating coach because we got you covered!

1. He approaches you

What’s one sign that he’s interested in you? Whether in a bar, club, café, in a crowd, or in the office, a guy who likes you will find a way to approach you and get closer to you.

If he comes up to you and initiates conversation, it’s an obvious sign that he either wants to hit on you or is really digging you.

2. He leans in

You can tell if a guy likes you just by observing his body language signs. Relationship experts say that we tend to lean toward people that we like.

If he leans in while you talk to him, even if he can hear you perfectly well, then that shows that he’s really interested. [Read: Does he like you? 18 body language cues he just can’t hide]

3. But he might also ignore you

On the opposite spectrum of subtle signs a guy likes you is the “playing hard to get” act that many guys opt for.

While there are those who wear their hearts on their sleeves, there are also those who would rather play it cool, but that doesn’t mean he’s not interested. [Read: 20 signs he’s pretending not to like you but is slowly falling hard for you]

4. His disinterest seems forced

Another strategy a guy uses is acting like he isn’t interested in you. You may try to ask him some random question and he’ll just lazily lean back and give you a short answer.

Mixed signals like this are a sign that he’s trying to hide an attraction. But, his disinterest will be very obviously forced. As you can see, learning how to tell if a guy likes you isn’t always so straightforward! [Read: Mixed signals from a guy and how to interpret his actions]

5. His body is turned toward you

Even when he’s on the other side of the room talking to his friends, one of the signs of attraction from a guy is when his body is turned towards you.

His chest or feet are pointing your way, and this could mean that he is highly aware of you, even if he doesn’t seem to show it.

6. He always offers to pay

If a guy keeps insists on paying for your drink, covering your bill, or just wants to take you out for coffee, there’s obviously some strings attached. It’s one of the signs a guy likes you.

It may just be a few cups of coffee on random days, or just a cocktail at a bar, but these little things add up. Of course, maybe he’s just generous, but it’s unlikely. [Read: Is he attracted to you? 16 giveaways to watch out for]

7. He asks for your digits

If a guy comes up to you and asks for your number or your social media handles, then it’s pretty clear he likes you. He may think up some reason to get your number with a clever pickup line, or just ask you outright. Either way, he just wants to have a way to keep in touch with you… and maybe even finally ask you out. [Read: How to tell if a guy likes you over text – 27 clues a guy is falling head over heels]

8. He stalks your socials

He adds you on Facebook and follows you on all your other social media accounts. This is because he wants to know what you’re like, the things you’re up to, and maybe if you have things in common.

Extra points if he is super active in liking and commenting on all your posts like an avid social media fan! [Read: The happy couple’s guide to social media etiquette]

9. You catch him checking you out

Not only is he checking you out on social media, but he is also checking you out in real life. Guys are just naturally wired to be drawn to your assets.

So if you catch him staring as you walk away, or stealing glances at your boobs while you talk to him, that just means he likes what he sees. [Read: 13 lusty signs of sexual attraction you need to keep an eye on]

10. Eye contact

Of course, it’s not just about your body. Does he make eye contact or stare at you lingeringly? Check out his pupils, too. If his pupils are slightly dilated, then that’s a primal sign that he’s attracted to you.

11. You can tell he’s self-conscious

If a guy talks to you and you feel some sort of tension or awkwardness when the conversation stops, it’s a good sign. He might be thinking about what to say next that will impress you.

It could be that he’s overly critical of how he comes across to you. Perhaps he will try to fix his hair, straighten his shirt, square his shoulders, and stand a bit taller. In short, he’ll preen himself and try to impress you. [Read: How to tell if a shy guy likes you – The subtle signs and ways to encourage him]

12. He smiles a lot

When learning how to tell if a guy likes you, if he smiles a lot, especially when you look at each other or when you’re around, it’s one of the clear signs that he’s undoubtedly into you.

13. He asks if you’re seeing anyone

Now this is a giveaway. If a guy approaches you and your conversation ends with him asking if you have a boyfriend or are talking to someone, whether indirectly or explicitly, then you know he’s interested. [Read: 20 unmistakable signs your friend is crushing on you]

14. He’s very agreeable

Admit it, there’s nothing that makes you happier than someone who just agrees with everything you say. While he may disagree with you in some areas as a way of having fun with you, a real indication that he’s probably into you is when he always wants to take your side in every discussion or argument.

15. He doesn’t touch his phone

If you meet a guy who is interested in you and likes you, he’ll forget about everything around him, even his phone. Even if someone calls him or if he gets a notification, he wants to show that he’s enjoying your company and the time you’re together if he ignores his phone.

16. He initiates random chats

One way to learn how to tell if someone is really interested in you is when he makes the first chat move often. He initiates online conversations with a cutesy emoji or even if it’s just some random meme. This is out of the blue and very frequently.

That’s their way of showing they’re thinking about you and wanted to get your attention. [Read: The subtle ways to know for sure if a guy is flirting with you]

17. He loves to tease you

A guy who likes you might also do his best to get your attention by playful teasing. Trying to make you laugh is one of the best signs that he likes you. It’s another form of flirting.

18. He’s heavy on the compliments

Guys rarely notice or even compliment girls they aren’t interested in. So if he gives you something as simple as a “You did a good job!” then he probably likes you. He may also give a few compliments whenever you’re talking.

19. He’s a little touchy-feely

Unless he’s a plain pervert, a guy who likes you can’t get his hands off you. He guides you to your seat, opens doors for you while holding your elbow, or briefly touches your hand or arm while talking to you. He just makes physical contact in any way that he can. [Read: 20 types of physical touches and what each touch means]

20. He tries to be alone with you

A guy who likes you will want to be alone with you. Whether he’s a long-time friend, an officemate, or a guy you’ve just met, he’ll likely ask you to change venues and go somewhere more quiet or private.

It could also be that whenever you spend time with your friends, they suddenly leave you two alone. He wants to talk and is making an effort to get to know you better.

21. He calls when he’s in the area

A guy suddenly texting or calling you up to ask you for a quick coffee/lunch/dinner just because he’s in the area is obviously just another way he’s come up with to spend quality time with you, and that’s how to know a guy likes you!

22. He gives you a pet name

A guy who likes you can’t help but be so endeared to you that he’ll give you a nickname. Often, he’ll think up something that matches your personality, or he’ll get an idea from some story you just told. Whatever it is, it’s one way to get your attention.

22. He’s nicer to you than anyone else

If you work with the guy, you can tell that he’s into you if he’s going out of his way to help you out with work. In general, however, he is just nicer to you than anyone else he’s around. [Read: The things nice guys do that girls mistake for flirting]

23. He remembers the small details

Since a guy who is attracted to someone pays close attention, he will also remember every little detail about them. He’ll even delve deeper into the things they say just to get to know them better.

If he brings up something you said from before, or if he remembers what you wore, he’s likely into you.

24. He’s not joking if he tells you he likes you

If a guy comes up to you and tells you “I like you,” then nothing is more obvious than that. Just tune in on his tone of voice and the expression on his whole face to see how well he likes you.

Does he just want to hook up with you, or is he looking for something more serious? [Read: 17 reasons why a guy who likes you isn’t asking you out yet]

25. He asks a lot of questions about your life

If a guy’s asking a lot of questions about you and what you like, what you do, what you enjoy, he might simply be polite. 

But not many guys often put in this much effort with someone they’re not interested in! It’s one of the biggest ways to learn how to know if a guy likes you. [Read: 18 signs a friend likes you romantically even if he’s hiding his feelings]

26. He makes a lot of flirty remarks

Sure, some guys are just naturally flirty, but most don’t make an effort to be flirty with those they’re not bothered about. If he’s often quite flirty around you and you notice several other signs too, he’s crushing!

27. He stands up for you

If someone says something behind your back, he might defend you, and you’ll get to know about it. Or someone might say something to your face that could be taken as nasty or joking, and he sticks up for you. Again, it’s a sign he likes you, and a big one at that. 

28. Your friends tell you he asks about you

Whenever a guy likes you, he’ll ask your friends about you, and they are likely to report back whenever someone does. If you’re hearing this from your buddies, then there’s a very good reason for him asking! [Read: Help! My friends don’t like my boyfriend]

29. He often appears a little nervous around you

Aww, how cute! If a guy seems a little nervous around you, then it’s probably because he likes you. 

Some guys might be overly confident and show their nerves in that way, or others might stumble over their words or fidget. Look out for the signs!

30. He loves to make you laugh

While he probably isn’t going to try a stand-up comedy routine for the sake of it, he might keep cracking the odd joke to see if it makes you laugh. 

The reason? He loves to see you smile and your laugh makes him feel like the king of the world! [Read: How to know if a guy is interested but scared and unsure about it]

31. If you need help, he’s there

How to know if a guy likes you? If you ask him to help you, he will. Of course, some guys are just very helpful generally but not all, so always look out for this sign.

32. You often hear from him in the morning and before you sleep

How to tell if a guy likes you? Check when he texts.

Good morning’ and ‘good night’ texts are huge signs that someone likes you and it means that you’re one of the first things they think of when they wake up and before they sleep.

33. His friends know about you

Simply find out if his group of friends know about you. If they do, that’s a very good sign indeed and one way to learn how to tell if a guy likes you.

Guys don’t talk about girls they’re not too bothered about. If he’s told them about you, it means you’ve caught his attention. [Read: How guys flirt – 15 subtle things guys do to impress a girl]

34. The ways he says your name

Addressing a person using their name throughout a conversation can be a sign that a person likes you.

If you notice, people who are guarded and don’t want to initiate a conversation will refrain from using your name as much as possible. People who like you will try to use it as often as possible. It’s to feel closer to you and to get used to the idea of addressing you on a more personal level.

35. He slows down for you

Not the pace of the relationship, although that’s helpful sometimes! This is about walking pace. It is scientifically proven that average men and women have different stride lengths because of their anatomical dispositions.

Most women have to walk faster to keep up with a male counterpart because of their shorter legs. So if he consciously slows down, he’s being chivalrous! [Read: What is chivalry? The Knight’s Code and modern men]

36. His voice changes

People’s voices unconsciously change when they are talking to a person they are attracted to. Both men and women use lower-pitched voices when they talk to a person they liked.

Just make sure you find out what their normal pitch is before you assume anything, but it’s one of the signs a guy likes you.

37. He takes on some of your mannerisms

study showed when two people of the opposite sex *this might work for the same sexes as well* start to develop the same mannerisms within a few minutes or hours of talking to each other, they like each other.

Simply saying, when you lean back, he leans back. When you take a sip of your drink, he takes a sip of his drink. Take note he isn’t aware of what he’s doing. He’s just adapting to your rhythm without realizing it because he’s starting to take a liking to you. [Read: 20 unmistakable signs your friend is crushing on you]

38. He opens up to you

This is a more reliable marker if you and your crush are in a non-platonic setting. That’s because this also works for people who can become your friend.

People tell secrets to those they trust or those whose trust they want to gain. If a date likes you, he’ll feel comfortable enough to tell you a secret.

39. Your gut is telling you he likes you

There’s nothing more reliable than a person’s gut. Take yourself back to the day you met this person or the day they started interacting with you.

When you thought about them liking you, were you confident about the feeling? Or did you doubt it immediately? Whichever came first seems to be the most likely truth. [Read: 30 subtle, obvious and really sexual flirting tips all girls need to know]

40. He acts like a gentleman when you go out

When just the two of you go out or hang out for a while, does he behave like you’re his girlfriend? Does he pull a chair back for you, open doors before you walk through, or offer to get you things?

41. He doesn’t mention other women

When a guy likes a girl and hasn’t told her, he’ll want to make it as obvious as possible without really revealing the truth directly.

At the same time, just to make it extremely clear that he’s into you and no one else, he won’t let you think that he likes another girl and may avoid talking about anyone else when he’s around you.

That way, at least he’d hope to get the message across that you’re the only girl he notices.

42. He seeks you out in a crowd

Even when you’re hanging out with your friends, does this guy make his way through the crowd of friends just to be with you? If he constantly chooses to be around you even when there are several other friends he can talk to, he’s obviously very interested in you. [Read: How men fall in love]

43. He gets jealous around you

One of the signs a guy likes you is when he gets super-jealous. When you talk to a few other guys and give them your undivided attention, does he get moody or surly?

One of the signs that a guy likes you is his uncontainable jealousy. When a guy likes you, he can’t help but feel insecure when he perceives another guy as competition.

44. He asks you out, but in a friendly way

Does he ask you out? As friends, of course! He may not tell you that he likes you or is falling for you, but one of the signs that a guy likes you is his ability to create a date moment out of any situation.

A new movie in town? A shopping sale, perhaps? Or is it a new restaurant? Does he ever want to check out a movie or a place with you? When a guy likes you, he may not be able to ask you out directly, but he’d be looking for an opportunity to sneak in a date when he’s with you. [Read: 33 awesome date ideas every couple should try]

45. His friends tease him when you’re around

His friends know. Just like women, his friends know the minute he’s interested in a girl. They’re no different.

His friends are going to know that you’re the girl he’s interested in. So, if you meet his friends, watch them. If they’re teasing him, you know the answer! [Read: Does my guy friend like me? 15 signs he’s totally crushing on you]

46. He cares about what you have to say

So many guys ask you questions but they don’t really listen to the answers. It’s more because they feel the need to ask you. But if he’s really interested in you, he asks you questions and listens to your answers.

You notice he’s fully engaged in conversation and replying to your answers with more than just an “okay, cool.”

47. He does what he says he will do

You don’t want to necessarily listen to what he has to say, you want to watch what he does. People talk a lot of rubbish to get what they want. If he says he likes you, but he never calls you or gives one-word replies, well, then he lies.

But, if he always follows through, that’s because he wants you to know that he likes you. As they say, actions speak louder than words, so pay attention to how he treats a potential partner, a.k.a., you. [Read: How guys text when they like you – 15 things they do differently]

48. He asks about your plans for the weekend

He may not go so far as making plans with you, but showing interest in your plans probably means that he is waiting for you to take the first step. That’s one of the solid signs a guy likes you. [Read: Do guys like it when women make the first move?]

49. He might flirt with your friends

In their pea brain, they think that if they are more desirable to your friends, you will want them. They might start flirting with one of your friends, and they don’t see it as a personal affront, just a way to appear more popular.

We mentioned earlier that they won’t mention other women, but some guys will try to get the green-eyed monster in you going. [Read: Are you more than friends, or just friends?]

50. He invites you to a family event

He may say that he’s trying to get everyone off his back by bringing a girl to a family event. But think about it, if he didn’t respect and like you, would you be the person he wants his family to think he’s dating?

51. His apartment is clean

If you go to his apartment and it’s clean and smelling fresh, he likes you. Of course, there is always the chance that he is just really neat, but those chances are slim.

52. He will endure a chick flick for you

A guy doesn’t usually go to a chick flick unless he really likes a girl. Period. In that case, you’re looking at one of the usually pretty obvious signs a guy likes you. [Read: 60 most romantic movies in the world that are a must-watch]

53. Any other guy you mention is a douchebag

If you notice that anytime you bring up your male friend, he has nothing but negative things to say, it is likely that he is jealous. He thinks that by making other guys look bad, he will look good. [Read: How to make a guy jealous and get his attention]

54. He offers to walk you home

Sure, most guys are protective, but if he leaves an awesome party to walk you to your car or to your home to make sure you’re safe, there is something more motivating than just wanting to be a nice guy.

55. He invites himself along

If he is often inviting himself along on mundane things like the grocery store and the Laundromat, then he is finding a time to be alone with you.

56. He skips a game to be with you

When there is a game on, and he chooses to do something with you instead, he’s surely got a thing for you.

57. He isn’t entirely open with you

Most women think that a secretive man is always doing something sneaky. Often, if a guy is secretive, it is because he is afraid that if you knew the real him, you wouldn’t like it. Being secretive or closed is a way to protect himself from disapproval.

58. He tries to set you up with his friends

Now, this is the most peculiar behavior of all. In setting you up with his friend, who he knows is totally not right for you, he rationalizes that he will look stellar and will get to spend time with you.

That type of situation happens most frequently when he is already dating another girl but wants and desires you. [Read: Are guy best friends nothing but trouble for girls?]

59. He makes you dinner

A guy doesn’t go through the hassle of making his famous dish just for the heck of it. If he is putting his time and energy into making you a meal, it is because he is trying to show you that he can be domestic, too. [Read: 20 ways to perfect your first date conversation]

60. He tries out a new look

The guy who is typically dressed in jeans and a t-shirt who shows up with a new trendy button-down is out to impress you.

If, seemingly for no reason, he changes the way that he dresses, gets a haircut, or changes something about himself, he is obviously crushing hard. If he starts working out for no reason, that’s also one of the signs a guy likes you.

15 small ways to make an effort from your end and get him to him like you way more!

So, you’re happy that he likes you. You’re pretty sure that he does because you can tick off several of the signs a guy likes you above. Now, how can you make him like you even more? 

Try these things, and you’ll notice him falling harder with each passing day!

1. Support him

Every guy loves someone who is their biggest cheerleader. 

2. Focus on yourself as much as on him

Don’t let your own life slide just because you’re crushing back. Focus on yourself, too. [Read: How to live life in the moment]

3. Be attentive when he’s talking

Who doesn’t love it when someone’s attention is totally on them?

4. Ask questions back

Go on, dare to ask some delving questions of your own. It will help you get to know him!

5. Show your intelligence

Guys love someone who can show their brains as well as their looks, so don’t hold back on the smarts!

6. Laugh at his jokes

You’ll seriously stroke his ego if you laugh at his jokes, but don’t go over the top. If it’s faked, he’ll know. [Read: What to talk about with your crush and make them fall for you]

7. Be a little mysterious

You don’t have to give all your details away at the start. Hold something back and play mysterious. 

8. But don’t play games

There’s being mysterious, and there’s playing games. Nobody has time for those, so simply say what you mean. 

9. Be relaxed, not needy

There’s no need to stray into needy territory. Keep everything relaxed and he’ll love how chilled you are.

10. Be confident in yourself

You’re amazing, he thinks so, and you need to believe it too! [Read: How to show a guy you like him and still be a tease]

11. Be yourself

It’s not just about being confident, it’s about being yourself. Don’t try and be something different or change anything about yourself. Just be who you are. 

He’s showing you the signs a guy likes you, so do your best to just be the person he likes.

12. Show your passion for the things you love

Love dogs? Show it! Love singing? Sing away! Whatever you like to do and whatever you’re passionate about, don’t be afraid to show it.

13. Don’t always be around

We said ‘no games,’ but this is kind of different. Just don’t always be around him; give him some space and focus on you. He’ll come running! [Read: How to play it cool with a guy without being too distant or clingy]

14. Talk about your goals

What do you want in life, and what makes you tick? Tell him what you’re aiming towards. Be open about your goals – it shows serious ambition. 

15. Just be a positive and happy person

Don’t get too wrapped up in the ‘does he or doesn’t he like me’ routine. Just be happy and positive. He’ll adore this side of you. [Read: How to let a guy know you like him without appearing overeager]

He likes you, you like him!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the confusion and drama of a new crush. Now you know how to tell if a guy likes you, you’ve got nothing to be confused about! Enjoy the time and go with the flow.

This is the most exciting time of them all!

[Read: How to ask a guy if he likes you subtly without embarrassing yourself]

Women’s intuition tells you if something’s not right. This same intuition can also be helpful when learning how to tell if a guy likes you! 

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