What Men Like In Bed: 53 Things They Want, Desire & Absolutely Lust After!

So you think you know all it takes to please a man in bed? Really? Read up on these tips to be a real expert on what men like in bed and want from you.

What Men Like In Bed and Want More Than Anything Else

If you were to ask a guy, what men like in bed or desire, you’re probably going to end up with a lot of vague answers. And honestly, that’s because most men don’t know WHAT men want in bed! “Someone who can go down on me?” “a girl that looks hot” or “a great ass and tits.” Sigh!

As a girl, you need to know that it’s more than just appearances, it’s about looking into the sexual experience. When would you, as a girl, say that the sex was great? You’d obviously know you’ve had great sex when you experience a mind blowing experience that opens the flood gates of ecstasy down there!

So if you’re wondering what men want in bed, keep in mind that they want a girl who can give him an experience of a lifetime too.

You don’t need to take acrobatic yoga or reenact porn to give him pleasure. Actually, it’s easier to know what men want in bed than you think it is.

[Read: What turns men on – 15 desirable traits men want to see in a woman]

Expectations and Sex

You probably think men have these unrealistic expectations for women when it comes to sex. You may feel you literally must jump through hoops to sexually arouse him.

But listen, it’s not the case. Learning what men want in bed is a whole lot simpler than that.

Of course, you have guys that think sex is literally like the porn they watch. They’re delusional and rare, thank god. The rest of men know that amazing sex isn’t necessarily about mastering every pose in the Kamasutra.

What Men Want in Bed

So, if you’ve been nervously thinking about what men want in bed, take a step back and chill out. This is your first problem.

Sex isn’t a competition, nor should it make you feel inadequate. Instead, when it comes to sex, you should be your freest and most liberated.

But of course, that’s easier said than done. Nevertheless, it’s not impossible. You’re going to learn what men like in bed more than anything else, and you’ll see that it’s not as complex as you think it is. [Read: 12 foreplay moves that work exceptionally well on men]

What Men Like in Bed… Really!

Contrary to popular belief about guys, not all sex is good. They’re just not always vocal or specific about it.

While men are biologically wired to be easily and more quickly gratified than women, some guys will tell you *if they dare* that there are some good lays, some bad lays, and some plain so-so lays.

There are some sex moves that drive them crazy, and there are women who they just can’t get enough of in bed.

There are also certain things that you can do to a guy in bed, and doing these things for them will leave them so much more eager to please you in return. [Read: 15 things you do that turn him off while having sex with you]

What Men Want and Desire in Bed

Ready to dive right in and learn all the tips and tricks that please your man and drive him crazy in bed? Well, let’s get to it!

1. When You Drop Hints

When it comes to women, men can sometimes be pitifully clueless. Men like it when you drop hints on how much you desire him sexually; whether it’s through a subtle text or an all-out sexy photo, they just love to be teased. [Read: 35 texts that’ll make him hard and crave for your sultry touch]

2. When You Speak Up

He’s no mind reader and neither are you. Why not cut the time of him trying to find out what turns you on and just tell him what you like in bed.

You don’t need to give him a list. Instead, during foreplay or sex, tell him. He’ll change his methods pretty quickly when he sees your reaction.

3. Confidence

If you want amazing sex, you need to show him that you know how lucky he is to have you in his bed. Confidence is key in everything. However, it’s also very important when it comes to sex.

Get over your jiggly thighs or your tummy, you need to love and own these parts of your body. There are women who don’t do specific positions because of their insecurities, but men don’t care. If you own your insecurities, it’s even hotter. [Read: How to have body confidence in the bedroom]

4. When You’re Being Naughty

Even when you have that naughty streak in you, you may often hold back when it comes to your man, especially when you’re in a serious relationship.

This could be caused by the fear of shattering that “good girlfriend/goody two shoes” image that you think your guy holds you in.

However, men also want to see that feisty and raunchy side of you, especially in bed. [Read: 14 ways to get your partner to open up and get naughty about sex]

5. When You Let Him Watch

Men are visual creatures, there’s no question about it. So make sure to give him a good eyeful when you’re getting it on.

Better yet, position yourselves in front of a mirror and give him a great view. You can also make him watch you as you undress, get dressed, or even touch yourself.

6. When You Take Control

What men like in bed is when you take control! You don’t need to wait for him to make the first move, this isn’t the 1950s. If you want to kiss him, make the first move and go from there.

He’s not going to push you away and reject you. You guys have had sex before so this won’t be an issue. He’ll probably be surprised that you made the first move which will make him even more aroused. [Read: How to get any guy to kiss you when you want him to]

7. When You Give Him a Wake-up Call

A sexy one, that is. To a guy, there are only a few things that are as awesome as waking up with a girl on top of him, riding his morning wood.

So every once in a while, when you find his pole up in the morning, try to tease it a little and wake him up with a delicious breakfast spread: you! [Read: 8 stiff facts about morning erections and why men get them]

8. When You Turn Yourself On

Women can need a lot of things before they get into the mood. For guys, it may just be too much work, so he’ll surely like it if you give yourself a head start every once in a while.

Get yourself into a wet, sexual state of mind, even if it means fantasizing about Chris Evans instead of your man *just don’t tell him about it*.

9. When You Watch Porn Together

Men are visual, so, many watch porn. This doesn’t have anything to do with you. So, if he asks if you want to watch porn with him, don’t assume it’s because he’s not turned on by you.

Give it a try and find a style of porn that suits you and makes you feel aroused. [Read: Porn for couples: What will turn you both on]

10. When you Break Routine

You two may have sex in the mornings, but why not switch it up? Everyone gets bored of routine, he’s no different. Both men and women want spontaneity and excitement when it comes to sex.

So, surprise him with a quickie when he least expects it. Maybe you’re having people coming over for dinner in half an hour. Well, you still have some time to give him a quick blowjob. [Read: 14 blowjob techniques almost all women have mastered already]

11. When You Wear Sexy Lingerie

Now you don’t have to look like a Victoria’s Secret model, this isn’t the goal. If you’re wondering what men like in bed, you need to remember that the goal is to feel sexy in naughty lingerie for your man.

You may not think that he even notices, but oh boy, he notices. Of course, the lingerie won’t be on you for long and that’s how you can tell if it worked.

12. When You Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

Often, what men like in bed is to be touched and aroused by your hands. Therefore, if you want to give your man a little something extra, brush up on your hand job skills and surprise him with how well you can get him off with just your hands. [Read: 12 sexy, slutty moves to give the best handjob ever]

13. When You Use Your Mouth

Of course, there’s nothing as sensual as your mouth and how you use it to please him. Kiss him somewhere else aside from his lips, and trace his erogenous zones with just your lips and tongue.

Lastly, give him a blow job that will totally blow his mind.

14. When You Praise Him in Bed

What men like in bed is an ego boost every once in a while. You don’t need to tell him every two seconds how amazing his dick is and how good he is in bed.

But every once in a while, tell him that it feels good or you like it when he does that with his tongue.

You need to let him know the things that you like, not only will it boost his ego but he’ll remember to do those things to you in the future. [Read: 20 sexy things to turn your guy on every single time]

15. When You Go Around in Circles

It’s nice when you go around in circles on your man. And we’re not talking about mind games, but how you move in bed when you’re on top.

Moving your hips around gives him the most unique and exquisite sensations, especially when you create oval shapes that can stimulate your clitoris and G-spot, too. [Read: How to ride a man and look really sexy doing it]

16. When You Do It At An Angle

This applies to when you are doing it doggy-style. Instead of the usual position and angle, change it up a bit by lowering your chest onto the bed and presenting him with a more open view of your behind as he stands behind you.

Aside from stimulating your G-spot, you’re also giving your man a great view of your back and buttocks, as well as making the fit tighter.

17. When You Take Charge

Girls come in different ways, and they have different wants and pleasure points. Guys don’t like to play the guessing game because it makes them feel amateur and awkward.

What you can do is take charge every once in a while and give him directions about what you like and how you like it.

18. When You Leave a Landing Strip

While these days, most women go bald thanks to the Brazilian, some guys just don’t want you to go too bare. It can be too much for them.

What you can do is channel that 70s porn star look and leave a little landing strip down there. [Read: Trim, shave or natural? The real score on the bush]

19. When You Talk Dirty

Some guys love dirty talk. While you may be meek and never even curse outside the bedroom, try a little dirty talk while you’re together in the heat of the moment.

Try a few tamer words first to see how he likes it, and you may find that he gets turned on way more than you thought!

If you haven’t done it before, don’t worry. Saying phrases like, “You make me so wet” or “I love when you do that” is enough to rev his engine. [Read: How to talk dirty to a guy and sound really sexy]

20. When You’re Open-minded

If you want to know what men want in bed, remember that men have fantasies just like you. So, be open-minded when it comes to his. You don’t want to shame him.

These are his fantasies and he’s sharing them with you. So, why not give his fantasies a try? He can try yours and you can both explore and experiment together.

21. When You Have a Flair For Fantasy

It’s every man’s dream to sleep with different women in bed—though he just won’t admit it. Why not give him his wish by letting him bed a different woman each time through role play?

Go about this by talking about your fantasies and take it from there. [Read: The sexy roleplay guide for beginners]

22. When You Let Him Touch You

Men actually do like touching their woman. And they do love foreplay. The problem is the miscommunication between the sexes.

Guys do want to explore your body and enjoy it, but when they get highly aroused, they assume it’s time to get straight to the deed.

Take control, and let him know that you wanna take it slow by guiding his hands and face along your body. By doing that, he’ll know what you want, and enjoy the moment instead of focusing on penetration.

And of course, that gives you the much-needed extended foreplay to warm yourself up too! [Read: 17 sexiest foreplay moves all men will find irresistible]

23. When You Blow His Mind

Nothing can turn a man on faster than seeing you being really into it. After all, there’s no such thing as mind-blowing sex with just one person enjoying it. You have to be in it together.

So just turn the heat up and let your bodies take you to the heavens and back—no holds barred.

24. When You Make Some Noise

There are some men who don’t like any sound when having sex, you’ll figure out if he’s one of them pretty quickly. However, many men love hearing you moan and scream in the bedroom.

It helps him gauge if you like what he’s doing, so, think of it as a guide for him. You don’t have to scream out, even soft “oh, yeah’s” will do the trick. [Read: How to sound sexy in bed and arouse your partner]

25. When You Mix Things Up

It’s always nice to have variety in your sex life. If you find yourselves always doing it in bed in the same position, start to try new positions and places you’ve never tried before.

Experiment and be open-minded about all the sexual possibilities. [Read: The things guys love in bed but won’t ask for and why they don’t]

26. When You Rub Him in Other Places, Too

It’s not just his manhood that is sexually sensitive and arousing, you know. You can touch him in other places to please him, too.

For example, you can give him a backrub and slowly run your fingers through his hair to excite him.

27. When You Surprise Him

Everyone loves surprises, and a good way to spice things up in bed is to do something that will catch him off-guard—in a good way.

Try doing something unexpected like waiting up for him in bed in your new lingerie, ready for the “next show,” or giving him a little strip tease instead of just undressing.

28. When You Do Something Kinky

Sometimes, what men like in bed is when you let out your freaky side, too.

From role-playing to being a little dominating by giving him some orders about what you want in bed, or going all-out with all your hidden kinks, there’s nothing wrong with letting your inner freak come out. [Read: Top 50 kinky ideas for a sexy relationship]

29. When You Make it Fun

Sex should be fun, so when you put pressure on the deed or plan everything, it’s like a cold shower for him.

A man wants someone who is open to just pulling over at a nearby motel and doing it spontaneously. Looking forward to the next deed fuels his libido and makes him want to have sex more.

30. When You Don’t Hold Back

Guys go gaga when a woman is all-out in bed. You don’t have to be like the hardcore porn stars moaning and cursing the whole time, though.

Just the fact that you’re being your natural self and you’re not holding back or being insecure is enough. [Read: 12 foreplay moves that work exceptionally well on men]

31. When You Orgasm

Most men want to make you orgasm. If your man isn’t interested in making you cum, well, then you need to find a new man because he’s selfish.

When a man sees you orgasm because of him, well, how can he not be turned on? [Read: The full body orgasm and how to achieve the highest level of ecstasy]

32. When You Do Nothing

When it comes to the bedroom, or generally being with you, things don’t really have to end up with sex every time. This is especially true if a guy is truly, seriously into you.

Sometimes a great cuddling session just can’t be beat!

[Read: 10 naughty sex games for couples to feel really horny in no time]

33. To Be Cuddled After Sex

We assume that the man has to be the cuddler after sex, but he wants to be cuddled too!

When you’re spooning, turn things around and you be the big spoon. He’ll appreciate that he didn’t have to ask. He’ll feel loved and cherished. When it comes to what men like in bed, your partner needs to feel that way too! [Read: Do guys like to cuddle? 15 honest truths you don’t know yet!]

34. To Be Teased to the Point of No Return

One of the things guys like in bed but won’t ask for is for you to take total charge, but to take things a step further too. They may also want you to tease them to the point where they completely lose it.

Again, it’s a power kick for you, and he’s going to feel pleasure like he’s never felt before.

If you’re cool with it, give it a try and see how totally in control you feel. It can be extremely sexy to see your guy totally at your mercy in this way. [Read: How to dominate a man in bed and be the ideal dominatrix goddess]

35. To Try a Little Light Bondage

The kinky antics seen in 50 Shades opened bondage up to the masses. It’s definitely one of the things guys like in bed but won’t ask for. He doesn’t want you to think he’s strange.

There’s nothing strange about wanting to try a little light bondage. In fact, it’s one of the most common sexual preferences around and extremely enjoyable when done with someone you trust.

To help you feel better, decide on a safe word and let your imagination run wild! [Read: How to have naughty sex and go crazy in bed with these wild moves]

36. To Be Given a Sexy Lap Dance

It’s quite possible that your guy would love you to give him a sexy lap dance, or even a striptease.

Yet, he’s not sure how to go about asking you for it. Take the pressure off and jump straight in there instead.

He’s bound to enjoy every single second, and the sex afterwards will be sensational as a result. [Read: How to give a sexy lap dance he’ll never ever forget]

37. To Try Sex Somewhere Risky

First things first, be careful where you attempt this. Being arrested for public indecency is not to be recommended.

However, getting down and dirty somewhere a little risky is definitely a fantasy for many, men included. Because of the risk, he might be loath to suggest you try it.

If you’re equally curious, let him know it’s on your wish list. Then, work out somewhere to give it a try! [Read: 15 risky places to have sex and get your adrenalin racing]

38. For You to Actually Tell Him What You Want

We mentioned dirty talk earlier, but telling him what you want doesn’t necessarily mean you have to talk dirty. Take his hand and show him, or just tell him in the best way you possibly can.

It’s one of the things guys like in bed but won’t ask for because they don’t want you to think that they don’t know already.

The thing is, he’s not a mind reader, and unless you tell him what you like or want, he’s not going to know. He wants to make you feel good! [Read: How to tell a guy you want to have sex without feeling slutty]

39. To Try Role-play

Maybe he’d love you to dress up as a naughty nurse or a dominatrix but the’s too scared to actually tell you in case you laugh.

Role play can be super-sexy and it’s great for exploring new sexual situations because the role play can make you feel like you’re someone else.

You can almost put on a mask and pretend to be someone else entirely. Again, let your imagination run free and go with it! [Read: The sexual role-play guide for naughty beginners]

40. To Try Some Serious Foreplay on Him

This one might sound odd, but bear with me. We often assume that foreplay is for women, but guys love to be teased and built up to the moment too.

He might want a sexy massage, a hot bath with you, or for you to tickle his chest with a feather – who knows what he wants!

Foreplay can be super sexy and really lead to an explosive sexual encounter. It’s one of the things guys like in bed but won’t ask for because there’s a false idea that they’re always supposed to be “ready to go”. [Read: What is foreplay? 17 sexy foreplay rules to get anyone hot & horny]

41. He Might Want to Explore the Idea of a Threesome

Some guys, not all guys, are really turned on by the idea of a threesome. However, a threesome, like many things in life, is often sexier in the mind than in real life.

It’s one of the things guys like in bed but won’t ask for, or at least they think they’ll like it. They won’t ask you because they don’t want you to run away crying, assuming that you’re not enough for him. That’s not the case, it’s simply a fantasy that many guys have.

If you want to try a threesome, explore the idea together and don’t do anything unless you’re ready. Be prepared for the consequences too, as inviting someone else into your bed is often fraught with complications. [Confession: My first time threesome experience while on holiday with my partner]

42. To Try Sex Toys

Guys enjoy sex toys too! It’s simply that they’re so geared towards women that he might not want to tell you his desires out of fear of you laughing or thinking he’s strange.

There’s nothing wrong with toys for guys and there are many out there if you search. If you’re up for it, look online together and find toys that you’re both interested in trying together.

It might bring a whole new element of pleasure to your sex life. [Read: 13 must-have couple’s sex toys for naughty first timers]

43. To Have Anal Sex

Most guys are pretty turned on by the idea of anal yet many women aren’t. That’s not all, of course, but most. It’s one of the things guys like in bed but won’t ask for because they think you’re going to refuse and think he’s dirty.

There’s nothing wrong with exploring anal sex together as a couple. Don’t simply assume you’re not going to like it unless you’ve tried it, because many women quite enjoy it.

However, many don’t, so it’s one of those things you either try and don’t do again, or don’t try and forget about it. [Read: First time anal sex? The curious bum lover’s guide to doing everything right]

44. For You to Call Him an Obscure Name

Some guys love being called specific names during sex. It makes them feel powerful and like “the man”. It could be anything, but “daddy”, “big boy”, or something along those lines are pretty common.

He’s not likely to tell you because he’s worried you’ll laugh, but if you can do it with a straight face, perhaps it’s something you can both get a kick out of.

45. To Be Dominated

We mentioned you taking control a little earlier as one of the things guys like in bed but won’t ask for. However, being dominated takes it a step further.

If he admits this, it means he wants to be submissive and you be the one with the rules. Whips, chains, spanking, leather, dressing up, bondage, you name it, it’s all within the S&M group. [Read: BDSM tips and tricks for curious first timers]

The reason he won’t tell you is because he wrongly assumes that, as a man, he has to be the dominating one. Hell, if he wants you to don spiky black heels and give him a spanking, go for it!

46. To Watch Other People

This is voyeurism at its best and if we’re honest with ourselves, it’s something many of us are intrigued about. that doesn’t mean most of us end up doing it, but hearing another couple having sex is quite the turn on, no?

Watching other people is one of the things guy like in bed but won’t ask for. How do you feel about it? [Read: Sexual voyeurism and why watching others get horny makes us so horny]

47. To Feel You Without a Condom

Let’s admit that no latex company has ever come close to inventing a condom that feels exactly like human flesh.

Just be sure you have other methods of contraception available before giving him the go-ahead on this one.

48. To Come While You’re on Top

Lying down with their arms behind their heads and having an orgasm without lifting a finger? Duh.

Let him be the king of the bedroom every once in a while. [Read: 19 ways to own the cowgirl position and make it hotter]

49. To Come in Your Mouth

No man has ever rejected the idea of coming inside a woman’s mouth and watching her swallow every last drop. It’s what all men like in bed, really.

50. To See Your Primal Reaction To What They’re Doing

Your face when you come, the sound of your voice, the feel of your body spasming under them—he wants to feel and see it all.

51. To Keep the Lights On

Girls are often iffy about having sex with all the lights on. Most of the time, you’re lucky to have the dimmer at medium power.

But sometimes, guys want to see your body in its full glory, flaws be damned.

52. To See His Fantasies Come to Life

Fantasies are activities or scenarios that are toeing the line between reality and imagination. They can be realized using foreplay, costumes, role play, toys, and different locations. [Read: The top 10 sexual fantasies for men]

53. Your Appreciation For His Effort

Who knew that simply saying “thank you” could elicit a boatload of affection from guys? It’s true.

All they want is a little loving for their loving. [Read: What men like in women more than anything else]

While these tips on what men like in bed are helpful in finding out what guys like in bed, it’s still up to you and your man to experiment and explore what pleases both of you. After all, what drives him crazy in bed is knowing that you’re crazy about him, too!

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