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25 Couples Activities that Make You Feel Loved & Closer Than Ever

It’s easy for familiar patterns and boredom to form when you’ve been together a while. But the perfect couples activities can spice everything up!

Couples Activities

It’s all too easy to fall into the same old routine as life ticks on. Even outside of the pandemic we’re currently living through, we often end up doing the same things, at the same times, every single day. It’s like Groundhog Day on repeat, and it’s not fun! And new couples activities, how can they help, right?

But maybe that’s something you need to give a real thought about. Relationships need work and by allowing old patterns to cause boredom in your union, you’re going to find that you’re doing more yawning when you’re together, than laughing.

It’s time to put the spark back into your relationship by trying a few new things together and enjoying some couples activities that you’ve never done in the past. Who knows, you might find a brand new activity that you love, or you might find that you end up laughing together so much you forget the point!

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How do couples’ activities help a couple to bond?

Spending time together means that you’re both putting in the effort to build and grow your relationship. If you don’t spend time together and do couples’ activities, even if that is just sitting down and having a coffee together, you’re going to find that you slowly start to drift apart. When that happens, it takes major effort to pull things back in the right direction. 

By trying new couples’ activities together, and making time for one another in general, you’re bonding. This is important even if you’ve been together a while, because as humans, we shift, change, and evolve. 

The difficulty comes from thinking about what to do. When you’re put on the spot, you’ll find your mind goes blank and you end up going back to the same activities you’ve always done together. That’s when everything becomes boring! By trying a few new couples’ activities, you light the flame of newness in your relationship and things feel fresh once more. [Read: Couples bucket list – The best picks you need to have in your relationship goals]

25 couples’ activities that’ll keep things exciting and fun for a long time to come! 

So, what can you do together? Let’s check out a few couples’ activities you might not have thought of before. You’ll see that some are quite basic, but when you don’t have to try so hard, the conversation is free to flow!

1. Try a restaurant you’ve never been to before

How many times have you been to the same tried and tested restaurants? Do you end up ordering the same things? Do you sit at the same table? How boring! You might love the food, but how can you be sure that you’re not missing out on something amazing elsewhere? Do some research into new restaurants and make sure you head somewhere new on your next date night. [Read: 20 really fun things for couples to do to get out of the relationship routine]

2. Cook together

Creating something together is fun, but when you’re creating something to eat, it can turn out to be a quite sensual experience! Of course, you need to try and keep the stress out of the situation, so do your best not to micromanage or take over. 

3. Do some exercise together

Exercise can be fun, especially when you’re doing it with someone else. Head outside and go for a run in the sunshine, or join the gym together and try and outdo the other one! Keep the competition to a minimum however, this is supposed to be fun, after all. 

4. Stargaze in the garden

Is there anything more romantic than looking up at the stars? Grab a blanket and some cushions, a bottle of wine maybe, and some snacks. Lay down and enjoy each other’s company, checking out the stars. Who knows, you might see a shooting star you can make a wish on! This is one of the couples’ activities that fits in the ‘very romantic’ category, that’s for sure. [Read: 30 romantic and fun things for couples to do at home with zero boredom]

5. Learn a new language together

Choose a language you’ve both always wanted to learn how to speak and go for it. Download an app and practice together. If you want to make things a little naughty, you can learn a few bedroom-related words and whisper sweet nothings in another language! 

6. Go on a day trip somewhere local

Depending upon your current lockdown rules, why not go out for the day and enjoy a little sightseeing together. Keep it local so there isn’t a huge amount of travel that could make you both tired. Seeing something new together is one of the best couples’ activities out there. 

7. Talk, like really talk

How often do you get to sit down and have a real conversation? Probably not that often. We’re all so preoccupied with work and the million other tasks we need to do, that we forget to communicate with our partner. Out of all the couples’ activities, having a real conversation is one of the most valuable and will certainly help you to bond. [Read: 30 very naughty questions for couples to keep the sexy spark alive]

8. Take a dance class together

Dancing is a fun activity, and there are countless different types of dance out there. Why not join a class and learn together? It’s exercise, it’s sexy, and if all else fails, it will be funny!

9. Or, just go out dancing

If you don’t want to learn a dance in a class, you could go out dancing together and just enjoy some music and let your bodies sway in time! Who knows, if the music is a little sexy, it could lead to another of the most well-known couples’ activities!

10. Do some volunteering together

Doing a good deed helps you to feel good and lifts your mood, so when you do that with your partner, you’re both going to reap the benefits. You could head to a local charity and help out or go to a food bank, the list is endless. 

11. Go to the zoo

Who doesn’t love a day out at the zoo? It’s a chance to pretend you’re kids again and enjoy watching the animals and joking around. Choose a sunny day and head out there for a date day. [Read: 20 very unconventional date ideas are will be loads of fun]

12. Play ‘never have I ever’

Have a few drinks, make yourself comfortable in the living room, and enjoy a fun-filled game of ‘never have I ever’. You might learn something brand new about your partner and you’re sure to find yourselves laughing more than once. [Read: Conversation games – 15 ridiculously funny games for a great time as a couple]

13. Go to a comedy show

Laughter is seriously bonding, so it makes sense that going to a comedy show is one of the best couples’ activities around. Choose a good quality show, perhaps on that has dinner included, and you can make a real night of it. 

14. Go on a long hike

Being outdoors in the arms of Mother Nature is something that everyone loves, and it’s also very calming. That makes it a great activity for lovers to do together. Put on your comfortable shoes, some sunscreen, and a grab a bottle of water. Head out into the hills, the local forest, or anywhere there’s a hiking trail, and enjoy!

15. Go clothes shopping together

This one could go either way, but if it works, it’s one of the more obscure but fun couples’ activities to try. It hinges on you knowing your partner well and understanding their style. You never know, you might end up with a brand new wardrobe out of it! [Read: How to dress rich – 38 tips to effortlessly look like you’re rolling in cash]

16. Coffee and cake, just because

There is never a bad time for coffee and cake, so meet up in the middle of the day and enjoy sharing a piece of cake *or have one each as a much better suggestion* and enjoy a coffee and a chat. Even if you live together, meeting up at a time when you would normally be working or running errands helps to make things feel fresh. 

17. Try horse riding

If you’ve never been horse riding before, now is the time! Head to your local stables and enjoy spending time with these majestic animals, and each other, of course! Trying something such as this together is a bonding experience and it’s also giving you the benefit of plenty of fresh air and nature. 

18. Have a whole day in bed together

Is there anything more relaxing? Clear your calendars, turn off your phones, and enjoy a whole day doing nothing in bed. Well, you could do something, but that’s up to you! You can even call in for pizza, rather than cooking for yourselves. The ultimate in laziness and enjoyment. [Read: What is pillow talk? How to do it right and perfect your romance]

19. Go bike riding together

If my earlier suggestion of horse riding was a little too high octane for you, how about bike riding? You can hire bikes and helmets, and head off around the local countryside. You can stop mid-point and enjoy a picnic too – it’s a great couples’ activity to try. 

20. Put some flat packs together

Perhaps it’s just me, but I find putting flat pack furniture together very therapeutic! This is a good couples’ activity for those who’ve just moved in together or who are already living together and want to spruce up the space. Buy some new furniture and work together to create the look. [Read: 20 ways to feel confident when you’re having a very low self-esteem day]

21. Bedroom role playing

If things have become a little stale in the bedroom, don’t worry! You can easily spice things up with a spot of role playing. You can buy costumes online if you want to, or you can just use your imaginations – let them run wild! [Read: Top 50 kinky ideas that are worth trying at least once in your lifetime]

22. Check out some history

There is something very rewarding about heading to a local place of history and enjoying it with someone close to you. This could be a museum or a historic site close to your home. Really immerse yourself in times gone by and you’ll appreciate what you have right in front of you. 

23. Learn how to give massages

Learning how to give really good massages is a fantastic skill, and it’s something you can practice on one another. You can check out videos on YouTube, head off on a day course, or learn via a home course. 

24. Make some cocktails

If you’re still in lockdown, you can learn how to make cocktails at home, but when things change you can still make cocktails before you head out or simply when you want to chill in the house. It’s also fun to learn together.  

25. Visit a farmer’s market

There is a reason why visiting a farmer’s market is one of the most coupled up things you can do. Food is a sensual thing when done right, and sampling different treats and enjoying time out in the open is a great and fun thing to do with your lover. 

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How many of these couples’ activities have you done before and how many do you want to give a try? Sometimes, making the effort to shake things up is much harder than actually doing something. So just pick one of these activities, make the effort, and you’ll see that everything only gets better and more romantic from there!

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