A writer isn’t born, but created out of experiences. No lack of subject matter, my life reads more like fiction than anything that could have been imagined in the head of a storyteller. While being in the throes of caregiving for my husband, who subsequently died at the age of 35 from pancreatic cancer, I found my voice telling the world of his challenges and documenting the fallout of those he left here after he was gone. Relationships are very complex things and don’t come with instruction manuals. All we can do is to try to find consensus, ask for opinions and help from those around us, and always listen to what our inner voice tells us is right. We are all in it together for a reason, drawing strength from others is sometimes the only way to survive. I hope I help someone out there to not only survive but to thrive the way countless of strangers and loved ones have helped me. Relationships can be hard, heart breaking and desperate, but they are also the things that make our hearts soar, give our lives meaning and pull us through unimaginable circumstances as we make our way through this journey. As the love of my life has told me many times, peaks and valleys Jules, peaks and valleys.

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confusion of love

Confusion of Love: 20 Riddles to Make You Wonder Why Love Is So Weird

Relationships are complex. In fact, we might as well call them love riddles! Love can feel like a plague of riddles that no one has the answers to.

Julie_Keating by Julie Keating

Mansplaining: What It Is & 25 Ways to Spot a Prick Who Likes to Mansplain

What is mansplaining? Not all men may want to condescend, but if he explains something to a woman in a condescending, patronizing tone, he’s being a dick.

Julie_Keating by Julie Keating
I hate my wife

I Hate My Wife: 20 Valid Scenarios & What You Need to Do As a Man

Marriage is hard. Sometimes, you’re going to dislike each other. It’s normal! If you often feel like saying ‘I hate my wife’, you’re not alone.

Julie_Keating by Julie Keating
does my wife love me

Does My Wife Love Me? 23 Signs You’re Still the Man of Her Dreams

If you are wondering, does my wife love me, then you’re probably worried. Here are some signs you can look for to figure out whether she’s still in love.

Julie_Keating by Julie Keating
how to tell when a guy is jealous

How to Tell When a Guy Is Jealous: 25 Hints He Just Can’t Hide

Guys can be a mystery, and girls often wonder what goes on in their heads. If you’re curious about how to tell when a guy is jealous, here are some hints.

Julie_Keating by Julie Keating
raised by narcissists

Being Raised by Narcissists: 18 Harmful Ways It Affects Your Life

A child being raised by narcissists will almost certainly end up showing signs of narcissism themselves. If not, low self-esteem is a given.

Julie_Keating by Julie Keating
why we fall in love

Why Do We Fall in Love? 15 Reasons, Some Fate & a Mix of Science

Why do we fall in love really? Have you ever wondered what makes us desire someone, romantically and sexually, and what keeps it alive? Find out here.

Julie_Keating by Julie Keating
contempt in relationships

Contempt in Relationships & How to Stop Subtly Disliking Each Other

If you feel contempt towards your partner, it means you resent them and you’re starting to really dislike them. Does contempt in relationships mean the end?

Julie_Keating by Julie Keating
stay at home wife

Stay at Home Wife: 18 Reasons Why Her Life is So Perfect & Enviable

Being a stay at home wife used to be looked down upon, but times are evidently changing. Come and look at the essential reasons why they’re so great!

Julie_Keating by Julie Keating
Greaser Girl

Greaser Girl: 16 Reasons Why Being Bad Can Feel So Darn Good

Is it more fun to be a greaser girl? Not caring what anyone thinks and flying by the seat of your pants? Sure as hell sounds like it!

Julie_Keating by Julie Keating