A writer isn’t born, but created out of experiences. No lack of subject matter, my life reads more like fiction than anything that could have been imagined in the head of a storyteller. While being in the throes of caregiving for my husband, who subsequently died at the age of 35 from pancreatic cancer, I found my voice telling the world of his challenges and documenting the fallout of those he left here after he was gone. Relationships are very complex things and don’t come with instruction manuals.

All we can do is to try to find consensus, ask for opinions and help from those around us, and always listen to what our inner voice tells us is right. We are all in it together for a reason, drawing strength from others is sometimes the only way to survive. I hope I help someone out there to not only survive but to thrive the way countless of strangers and loved ones have helped me. Relationships can be hard, heart breaking and desperate, but they are also the things that make our hearts soar, give our lives meaning and pull us through unimaginable circumstances as we make our way through this journey. As the love of my life has told me many times, peaks and valleys Jules, peaks and valleys.

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ignoring a guy

Ignoring a Guy: Why This Works So Well & How to Use It Right

Do you think ignoring a guy would make him desire you more? Almost always, yes! But here’s when you should use it, and make him chase and obsess over you.

Julie_Keating by Julie Keating
Ophiuchus traits

30 Ophiuchus Traits That Make It One of the Most Awesome Signs!

Who knew? There is a 13th sign of the zodiac called the Ophiuchus. If it is making you re-evaluate, take heart. Ophiuchus traits are pretty awesome!

Julie_Keating by Julie Keating
fun questions to ask your boyfriend

30 Flirty, Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend & Learn His Secrets

Sometimes asking silly questions can help you to get to know each other better. Not sure where to start? Try these 30 fun questions to ask your boyfriend!

Julie_Keating by Julie Keating
be careful who you trust

Be Careful Who You Trust: 15 Ways to Recognize the Backstabbers

Trust is very fragile, and once broken, it’s difficult to piece back together. To avoid the broken pieces, be careful who you trust in the first place.

Julie_Keating by Julie Keating
wifey material signs

Wifey Material: 25 Clear Signs She’s More than Just Dating Material

Not everyone is someone you want to wake up to every day for the rest of your life. Look for these qualities to know if she’s wifey material.

Julie_Keating by Julie Keating
girlfriend is ignoring me

Why Is Your Girlfriend Ignoring You All of a Sudden? How to Fix It

Most women are not good with confrontation. When bothered, we have a tendency to clam up. So, if your girlfriend is ignoring you, this might be why.

Julie_Keating by Julie Keating
Martyr Complex Martyr Syndrome

Martyr Complex: How to Recognize Signs of Martyr Syndrome in You

Do you see yourself as a martyr who lives to keep others happy? The martyr complex sounds like a grand idea, but it’s not as altruistic as it sounds.

Julie_Keating by Julie Keating
twin flame signs

Twin Flame or Soul Mate: 17 Twin Flame Signs to Tell Them Apart

Twin flames are the mirror image of us. Often mistaken for our soul mate, here are all the twin flame signs so you can recognize them.

Julie_Keating by Julie Keating
dating someone with depression

Dating Someone with Depression: 14 Warning Signs You Can’t Ignore

Before making assumptions about your mate’s feelings, consider the fact that you may be dating someone with depression, and they have no control over it.

Julie_Keating by Julie Keating
how to tell if a guy doesn't like you

How to Tell If a Guy Doesn’t Like You: 12 Signs to Reveal the Truth

One of the hardest things to do is acknowledge when he is sending you the “I don’t like you signals.” Here’s how to tell if a guy doesn’t like you.

Julie_Keating by Julie Keating