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Should You Sext? Study Shows Why You Should Start Now!

Does sexting seem too racy for your relationship? Think again, because studies show that it can actually benefit your relationship in more ways than one!

sexting study

If you’ve ever felt conflicted on whether or not to send that dirty text, it’s possible that you were scared out of your wits by this news.

We’re absolutely sure that you can do better than that and have enough sense to do it in a private setting. And if you think it’s not your cup of tea, you may change your mind once you find out how it can actually help improve your relationship for the better!

Sexting in the modern age

If you own a mobile phone and are using it for more than just phone calls, then you may be familiar with the concept of sexting.

This is when you text a person suggestive statements about what you want to do to them in bed and sometimes, you may even add an eggplant emoji or two. It’s the same idea as cybersex, without the cameras, but with the option of sending a boob or dick pic.

The best part now, is that people are even using emojis, which can sometimes give sexting a bit of lightheartedness to keep the pressure off.

There’s no common format to how people sext, but the idea is pretty clear these days. People want to talk about sex and have sex. It’s not surprising that they’d want to do it at the same time, albeit through words and tiny pictures of bananas. [Read: 7 naughty sexting games to have fun all night long]

How many people are sexting?

According to research that was presented at the American Psychological Association’s 123rd Annual Convention, more than 8 out of 10 people admitted that they engaged in sexting.

Out of 870 participants aged 18-82, 88% admitted to sending explicit content to their significant others at one point or another.

What does this mean, you ask? Well, it seems that people are more open to the idea of sexting their partners these days than ever before. But the question remains, why is it so popular? Admittedly, sex is a driving force in society today. There are both negative and positive implications to the concept, but the truth is that many people like having sex *and you won’t need research studies to back up that claim*.

Sexting, on the other hand, is a decidedly new concept, even if texting did start in the late 90’s. Sending naughty texts probably existed back then, but people are more willing to admit to it now. [Read: The guide to start texting and warm your way into sexting soon]

What’s so great about sexting?

Sexting is simply a watered-down version of dirty talk. You use it to arouse your partner and give them a glimpse of what they can look forward to. Other than that, it could also be a way to urge them to send you titillating *I’ve always been bothered by that word* texts and photos in return.

But what exactly do you get out of it? Is it a reasonable substitute for actual sex or foreplay? Is it necessary in every relationship, even when you do have sex regularly? [Read: 50 dirty things to say to your boyfriend while sexting]

6 exciting things the new research has showed us about sexting

Here’s what the researchers found out:

#1 According to the same study, 75% of the participants were in committed relationships with their partners.

It seems that people in committed relationships see sexting as an acceptable way to show affection. It’s also possible that they see it as a pre-emptive form of foreplay.

Judging by these findings, it’s reasonable to think that couples see it as a normal part of their relationship. This could mean that they don’t see it as a way to spice things up, rather it may be what’s keeping things spicy for the couple.

#2 Those who sexted more were more satisfied with their relationships.

People who sexted regularly seem to see their relationships as happier and more satisfying. Some would assume that only people who saw each other less were more inclined to sext, but that doesn’t really account for the majority of the participants.

It could also be because sexting more often boosted a couple’s intimacy levels. Sexting, although fun and sexy, can leave you vulnerable, which translates to being more open to your partner. [Read: 25 must-follow relationship rules for happy romance]

#3 Single people who sexted reported lower levels of sexual satisfaction.

Anyone can sext, but those who are single may be less inclined to feel the positive effects of texting. They’re more likely to sext casual flings or brand new dates, which may prevent them from putting any weight on the intimacy sexting presents.

#4 People who sexted more saw their partner as fun and carefree.

It seems that the majority of the participants don’t see sexting as a serious form of communication. Most are using it for the purpose of increasing their sexual satisfaction, but rarely do they think that it’s a way to build a deeper connection.

#5 Those who aren’t very committed associated sexting with relationship satisfaction.

This means that those couples are just starting out in their relationship, who aren’t single per se but don’t identify as “very committed” yet think that sexting plays a huge role in terms of their relationship satisfaction.

It could very well be because they are not yet admitting to a strong sense of commitment, and they may feel that sexting is a way to keep things going. If that’s the case, then stopping the activity may risk ruining the relationship. [Read: 9 stages in a relationship all couples go through]

#6 Those who identified as very committed didn’t see it as a factor at all.

On the other side of the fence, people who identified as “very committed” don’t think that sexting is what keeps their satisfaction levels high.

That’s understandable considering these people feel a lot more strongly about their partner on a different level. This means that sexting occurs, but it doesn’t necessarily have to mean that the only reason why they’re happy is because of sexting.

How does this apply to you?

That depends on how you see sexting. Do you want to do it because you want to try it? Or do you want to see if it can improve your relationship?

No matter what your reason is, it’s best to do this with a person you really trust. Sexting is still a very personal record of what’s going on in your mind, so make sure you’re doing it with someone that is not likely to use it against you. [Read: 20 dirty questions to sext a girl and leave her wet]

If you’ve never done it and want to see how it goes, you can ask your partner if they’re willing to go for it. For people who just started dating, it could be a way for the two of you to build more intimacy outside of the bedroom.

Seeing as that those who are not very committed see it as a positive in their budding relationships, you may want to see how it can do the same for you and the person you just started seeing. [Read: 20 naughty sexts to send a guy and leave him wanting more]

For the existing couples who feel very committed with their partner, you can still use sexting as a way to make things a little hotter. That’s not to say that it will improve an already thriving relationship, but it never hurts to try new things.

If you and your partner are experiencing problems, sexting may help, but only if the problem is related to intimacy and sex. If you’re dealing with something else, you may want to hold off on the sexting for now.

[Read: 20 dirty sexts to start a naughty conversation right now]

If you learned anything from this feature and the study, we hope it’s that you and your partner shouldn’t write sexting off. In fact, sexting may be one of the little naughty adventures that could keep the excitement alive in your love life!

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