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The Sexy Ways to Tease Your Man & Make Him Want to F You Right There

Looking to get your man all geared up for later? Here are some foolproof hot and heavy ways to tease him and leave him wanting more.

tease your man and leave him hard

Some girls may be under the impression that men like to get right to the point when getting hot and heavy between the sheets, but the truth is that they like a little naughty teasing just as much as girls do!

Some say that the best way to tease your man is to withhold sex from him, but if you’re doing it for the sake of a “tease,” then just know there are much better ways to do so that give greater results. In fact, there are tons of reasons to build sexual tension in your relationship! For one, it gets both parties excited for what’s to come. It also gives you a chance to get creative with your sex life. And most of all, it’s a total thrill to take control of your man and lead the show!

How to tease your man and make him crazy for you

Teasing is mostly about doing something seemingly mundane, but with a sexy twist. It’s a promise for later and a way to keep him thinking about you all day. So whether you’re looking to leave a naughty note in his lunch or go full-on dirty girl at the office, there are plenty of ways to tease your man and leave him hard.

#1 Naughty texting. Texting is a great way to get him hot and bothered when you can’t actually be with your man. The most obvious way to get him all riled up is with a nudie pic – but with the dangers of naked sexting, sharing, and internet hacking, this may not be the route for you. Plus, it leaves little to the imagination. Instead of baring it all, tease your man with sensual texts.

Is he working hard? Tell him: “I hope not too hard. I want you to have plenty of energy for what I plan to do with you tonight.” Want to get a little more to the point? Try something more overt, like: “I got myself all wet thinking about you licking me last night. What should I do now?”

Or play a dirty game of “If you were here” with him via text. Start all of your sentences with “If you were here” and follow up with naughty sayings such as: “I wouldn’t be able to keep myself from groping you through your pants,” and gradually get dirtier from there, telling him exactly what you would do to him. Since you don’t actually have to speak the words, you may find it easier to lose your inhibitions, so go wild! [Read: 20 sexy texts to get him all worked up]

#2 Teasing him in public. If you’re feeling brave, this one is definitely exciting. The next time you’re out at a function or a wedding reception, make sure you give your man a subtle grind on the dance floor. Better yet, the next time you’re out with your friends at a restaurant, simply lean in to his ear when no one’s looking, and whisper “All I want to do right now is wrap my mouth around your c*ck.”

If you’re feeling brave after your brazen tease, reach under the table and give his package a little rubdown. Quickly rejoin the conversation with your friends, so they’ll be none the wiser. Remember not to get him too riled up during dinner, or you may just end up skipping out on the bill! [Read: 50 dirty things to say to your boyfriend in public]

#3 It’s all about your lips. Not those ones! The ones on your face, silly! My husband said that the first time he ever viewed me in a sexual way was when I was using my tongue to play with the straw of my cocktail. So by all means, ladies, flirt with your lips. When you’re out on a date with your man, make sure you’re making full use of licking your lips and using your tongue to caress your straw. Show him what he’s in for later.

#4 Surprise lunch strip show. Everyone loves a pop-in at work from their beloved, right? And he’ll especially love it when a great lunch is paired with some great fondling. Figure out when his lunch break is and show up with his favorite take-out. Let him know that lunch isn’t your only reason for coming. After his meal, give him your best lap dance as a sexy form of dessert. Make out like you were teenagers, and promise him there’ll be more waiting for him after work.

#5 Morning shower make out. Is he running a bit late for work? Drive him crazy and catch him just after he gets out of the shower right before he gets his clothes back on, and tell him how much you’re dying to get on your knees – and then do it.

Make him go wild by showing his member some much needed affection, but don’t give him the full monty just yet. Suck lightly and focus on licking the head and balls while you stroke him up and down. Remember, he doesn’t get a happy ending until he either A: gets home or B: relents to being super late. [Read: 9 hot blowjob secrets to drive him wild]

#6 Have a little taste. For those girls who don’t mind get a little, erm, personal with themselves, then this one is sure to get him hot. While you’re out in public, have friends over, or are otherwise entertaining, get into a nook of the next room where only he can see you and dip your fingers into your panties, lifting them back up into your mouth, so he can watch you tasting yourself – then give him a playful wink.

Remember, you’ll be fully clothed for this, so you don’t actually have to do the deed. Just let him think you’re being a naughty girl, and you’ll gain the desired affect!

Beware of blue balls

So pawing and licking and teasing your man is hot and all, but don’t take it too far! Being super stimulated with no release can result in something men affectionately refer to as “blue balls” – a buildup of pressure and stimulation that can make his testicles swell with varying levels of pain. Teasing is fun, but happy endings are way better! [Read: Everything you need to know about blue balls]

It’s one thing to be a sexy tease, it’s another to be a cruel one. So be the sexy tease your man has been fantasizing about with these tips. Have fun with them as you titillate your man, and then hopefully, he’ll return the favor!

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