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104 Kissing Tips to Be a Good Kisser & Make Them Want to Eat Your Lips!

If you’re insecure about your kissing techniques, look no further. We have all the kissing tips you need to know to be a good kisser!

how to be a good kisser - kissing techniques

The one thing that can really make or break your chances with someone new is the first kiss. That’s why you need to know how to be a good kisser.

Even though it may seem really superficial, many people decide based on that first kiss if they want to continue things with you or not. For that reason, knowing a few kissing techniques will help you to make the perfect first impression. 

Kissing is a pretty intimate thing. Most people play down the significance of pressing your lips to someone else’s but come on, it’s a pretty big deal! 

By knowing a few extra kissing tips, you’ll be able to wow your partner, whether you intend to stay with them forever or not! [Read: 15 types of kisses – Deciphering the truth behind their smooch]

Why do we kiss? 

Everyone just takes kissing for granted. If you like someone and are physically attracted to them, then it’s a given that you want to kiss them.

But biologically speaking, why do people kiss? In a nutshell, we do it in order to test if someone would be a good mate for us.

The exchange of tactile, olfactory, and postural information might trigger unconscious mechanisms that guide us in deciding whether or not we should continue with that person. [Read: How to make out and 22 secrets to leave anyone moaning in your arms]

It might even tell us about our kissing partner’s level of commitment or genetic compatibility.

What is in a kiss?

A romantic kiss is the first sign that someone is really into you. It’s the confirmation sign that takes away all the confusing thoughts of “does he/she like me or not?” 

But what makes someone a good kisser? And how do you tell if the rest of their kisses are going to be great? [Read: Should you kiss on the first date? A guide for girls and guys to plan it right]

The first kiss can be a make-or-break deal because what do you do if they’re a terrible kisser? Do you stick with it and hope they improve? Think that you can teach them your preferred way with a little instruction? 

Also, did you know that people are more likely to remember their first kiss than their first sexual encounter?

Of course, it’s fun to try, but a great kiss is the benchmark of pleasure, so it’s not something you should be cutting corners on! [Read: The major first kiss red flags that can lead to a toxic relationship]

It can be a terrible letdown when you finally get to that first knee-trembling kiss moment. They’re moving closer, they’re leaning in, and they’re finally going to do it! 

And then… yeah, nothing. A poor kiss can be worse than no kiss at all.

What does science say about how to be a good kisser? 

Researchers tend to study everything under the sun, and kissing is no exception. So, what has science found out about kissing? Here is every interesting fact that you would ever want to know. [Read: Foolproof kissing tips for a perfectly sexy smooch]

1. Kissing is intimate

You might think that sex is the most intimate thing two human beings can do with each other, but some people find kissing just as intimate – or even more so. 

For example, sex workers never kiss on the mouth because a kiss requires a genuine desire and/or love for the other person. 

2. First kisses are important

The first kiss is important if two people are going to develop a romantic relationship.

One study found that 59% of men and 66% of women didn’t pursue a relationship or even broke up with a person because they were a bad kisser. [Read: First kiss tips – 29 secrets to make the first smooch sexy and irresistible]

3. People always remember their first kiss

You would think that the most memorable moment in someone’s sexual or romantic history would be when they lost their virginity. 

But science says it’s not. Instead, people remember their first kiss the most vividly. Many people can recall up to 90% of the details of their first romantic kiss.

4. Kissing frequency correlates to relationship satisfaction

How often a couple kisses each other is directly related to how happy they are in the relationship. Which came first – the chicken or the egg – isn’t as clear. [Read: 16 secrets to a perfectly happy relationship]

In other words, does a couple who is happy kiss more? Or are they happy because they kiss more? Either way, kissing correlates to happiness.

5. Kissing matters more to women than to men

Women are more focused on men’s hygiene and teeth. They also use it as a way to assess a potential mate or monitor a long-term relationship. Kissing is important to women before, during, and after a sexual encounter.

Men, on the other hand, view kissing as a step toward sex. They were much less picky about kissing and much more interested in a women’s facial and bodily attractiveness. [Read: How to understand the differences between men and women]

Why is knowing how to kiss essential in a relationship?

While it’s not a requirement, learning how to be a good kisser will benefit your relationship in the long run. You kiss your partner whenever you feel happy, you want to make them feel loved, or whenever you want to make love.

So essentially, improving your kissing skills will make your relationship more intimate and more pleasurable.

You might not even realize that your partner or date could be shying away from intimate acts with you because of your poor kissing skills. They usually don’t tell you to avoid hurting your feelings. [Read: The perfect first kiss – 22 tips to make it oh-so-amazing!]

If you’re a newbie in the dating world, it’s normal not to have the best kissing skills. It takes a little bit of practice, but you’ll get there eventually!

How do I know when to kiss someone? 

It’s normal to feel a bit nervous or awkward when you want to kiss someone, but you don’t know if or when you should. 

First, you should “test the waters.” You can do this by moving closer into someone’s personal space and gauging their reaction. [Read: 33 subtle signs to know when to kiss a girl and time the moment right]

If they react positively, then you will know that there is some level of trust or expectation from them. And this is an unspoken gesture of acceptance.

One way you can do this is to brush their hair away from their face. This is an intimate gesture and gets you close to their face.

If they pull away from you, then that’s not a good sign. However, if they smile and seem to enjoy it, then that could be your green light to go in for the kiss. [Read: Turn offs for women – 25 things guys do that girls absolutely hate]

Ultimately, however, just go with your gut instincts. If it feels right to kiss someone, then it probably is. If you’re not sure, then hold off until you are.

The five different types of kisses

You might assume that a kiss is just a kiss, but it’s so much more than that! There are different types of kisses you need to know about. So, when learning kissing tips, know which type of smooch you’re going for! 

1. The goodnight kiss 

The goodnight kiss is about making a lasting impression that will leave a mark on your date’s mind. It’s the perfect mix of passionate and gentle so that you give your date a taste *pun intended* of what’s to come while still leaving them wanting more. It has to be done at the right moment to avoid any embarrassing misunderstandings.

This is one of the kissing techniques to master, for sure! [Read: 29 secrets to having the perfect first kiss]

2. The private kiss 

This is the kiss that starts out in an intimate and private setting. You could say that this is the preceding kiss that leads to an intense make-out session. 

There are sometimes a lot of awkward starts involved, but the end culminates with a sweet kiss that builds up to a passionate one.

3. The can’t-get-enough-of-you kiss

This is the immediate make-out kiss. There are no preliminary chaste kisses involved. It usually starts off with two people colliding with each other to form an incomprehensible ball of desire. [Read: Ways to have the perfectly passionate kiss]

4. The surprise kiss 

Much like the can’t-get-enough-of-you kiss, this one is also fueled by passion. The only difference is that only one person knows that it is about to happen. 

It can happen in an elevator, while you’re quietly watching television, or even while you’re cooking.

5. The ultimate kiss 

This is the kiss that everyone has been looking for all their lives. It can also be called the “Sexy Kiss” because of the nature of its performance. [Read: Sexual foreplay – 26 lusty secrets to do it well and make them hot and horny]

It is a sensual and slow kiss that can leave a person shivering from head to toe. 

Everyone enjoys different kisses

The thing is, understanding what makes someone a good kisser is all about preference and opinion. We’re all different, and we all like to kiss and be kissed in different ways.

In addition, certain kisses fit certain situations. So, if you’re in a heat of the moment passionate embrace, the kiss needs to fit the bill. [Read: 30 different types of kisses, what they mean, and must-avoid smooch mistakes]

It’s no good being all soft and gentle when you’re about to rip each other’s clothes off! Perhaps what makes someone a good kisser is also about knowing what type of kiss to give at the right time.

Oh, it’s so confusing!

Do you think you’re a good kisser? Most people would nod their heads that they are, but you’ve never kissed yourself, so how can you be so sure? 

It’s a worrying thought that you might not be as good as you think you are. [Read: How to know if you’re a good kisser and become a much better one]

How to be a good kisser and leave them weak in the knees

Many people look at kisses in the movies and think, “why can’t I be kissed like that?” 

However, those kisses are calculated, planned, and even choreographed to look amazing and desirable. Wouldn’t it feel great to give someone a kiss that will make even the best on-screen smooch seem lame? 

What you have to remember is that some kisses just don’t work out straight away. That’s fine, you just need to figure out a little damage control in the heat of the moment! [Read: Foolproof kissing tips for that picture-perfect smooch]

Being able to laugh about it and try again always helps. 

The best kisses make your heart race, your knees weak, and definitely leave you wanting a lot more. Those kisses all have certain things in common. 

Master these kissing techniques, and you’ll be dolling out heartbeat-skipping kisses in no time. [Read: Make out session secrets – 18 sexy tips to make it way better and sizzle]

1. Choose the right type of kiss

It’s also about choosing the right type of kiss for the situation at hand. Some situations require fast and furious kisses, full of heat and passion. But some kisses need to be gentler and more reassuring. Some kisses need to move up and down the scale.

It’s about knowing which direction to go and not choosing the completely wrong pace. 

Let’s face it, if you’re thinking you’re about to get hot and heavy and your partner kisses you all soft and gentle without any change in pace, you’re going to wonder if you’ve got it all wrong! [Read: Drunk kiss – 15 types, levels of kisses, and the meaning of a drunk makeout]

Also, remember that a kiss that works for one person might not work for another.

2. Build up the anticipation

Ah, the knee trembler. The single best type of kiss. A good kisser builds up the moment until it reaches a crescendo. 

This can be through verbal language, body language, looks, winks, licking your lips, and a general atmosphere of ‘I’m going to kiss you in a minute.’ [Read: 28 subtle signs to know when to kiss a girl and time the moment right]

It creates a sense of anticipation that knocks the breath out of you when it finally happens. A good kisser, an experienced kisser, knows that it’s as much about building anticipation as the actual kiss.

3. Take the lead

Many people are afraid to initiate a make-out session, but why? If you know they want to kiss you and vice versa, then why not kiss them? Of course, if you try to kiss them and they dodge you, apologize and move on.

But pay attention to the signals. It could be that they’re too shy to make the first move. If so, they’ll appreciate your bravery. [Read: How to initiate sex and 25 seductive ways to take the lead in bed]

4. Make sure the kiss is wanted

This is one of the most important kissing tips out there. Gauge the other person’s reaction to your proximity throughout the evening. If they shy away when you get closer, maybe you should reconsider going in for the kiss. 

If you’re finding that they’re moving closer and even initiating some contact between you, you’re probably safe.

5. Show them you want to kiss them by using ‘the look’ 

In order to give a perfectly sexy kiss, you need to start by prepping your partner. Stand still and look into each other’s eyes. [Read: Tips to master the art of flirting with your eyes]

It’s okay to blink. Just appreciate the moment and show everything you’re feeling through a smoldering gaze.

6. Pick the right time and place

Timing is almost as important as the kiss itself. If you mess up the timing, things can get awkward really quickly. 

The best time to lean in and smooch is when you have naturally drawn closer together. This is usually toward the end of the date/night when you are both feeling comfortable around each other. [Read: When to kiss a girl – 33 subtle signs to predict the magic moment]

7. Don’t overdo it with the setting

You don’t need to prepare a bed of roses or take your partner to a moonlit lake. All you need is privacy, a quiet environment, and a comfortable set-up. 

You can do this in your living room, bedroom, in the park, or before you say good night to each other on the porch. 

It’s not that important where you kiss a person. The important thing is that the setting feels right, if not perfect. As far as kissing tips are concerned, you don’t need to force the setting or try and overdo it. [Read: How to behave on a first date – 28 tips to impress anyone in minutes]

8. Move slowly

Too drastic of a move makes it hard to gauge their reaction and makes it difficult for you to change something if it’s not appealing to them. When you move in for the kiss, do so at a slow *but not too slow* pace. 

Easing your way into it builds anticipation, and that’s a huge factor when it comes to making it a heartbeat-skipping kiss. 

Kissing techniques aren’t all about doing anything fancy, it’s sometimes just about being able to read the other person. [Read: How to get a guy to kiss you when you want him to]

9. Start softly 

When your lips finally touch, don’t shove your face as hard as you can against theirs. Very gently and softly touch your lips to theirs. The softness will create a tenderness that will be unmatched. 

They will be asking *almost begging* for more.

10. Work up to it 

By this, we mean to put the idea in their head early on and work up to the kiss. Initiate physical contact *innocently* throughout the night. [Read: How to seduce someone with words and leave them weak in the knees]

Get closer to them as the night goes on, and set yourself up to give them that amazing kiss.

11. Hand placement is key

When you’re finally ready to move into the kiss, you’ll need somewhere to put your hands. It’s always awkward kissing someone without touching them in any other way. 

It reminds you of two little kids planting their first kiss on someone – sad and uncomfortable. [Read: How to kiss a girl for the first time and not screw up]

Kissing techniques don’t always come down to what you do with your lips!

When you go in for the kiss, put one or both hands on the sides of their face. If you only use one hand to grab their face, use the other to grab them by the waist and pull them in gently, so they’re that much closer to you.

12. Be aware of body language

Pay attention to their body language. If they’re pulling away, crossing their arms, or seeming like they’re keeping their distance, the kiss might have to wait. However, if they lean in and accept your kiss, gauge if they want more.

If they’re still lingering after you’ve given that first heartbeat-skipping kiss, lean in for another and carry it on, so it’s a little bit longer of a kiss. Only this time, make it a little more urgent and needy. 

Body language can tell you a lot about whether or not you’re doing a great job. It will lead to that amazing, unforgettable kiss. [Read: 15 secrets to make your first kiss really memorable]

13. Keep your eyes closed!

Just keep them closed. Don’t open your eyes unless your lips are not touching each other. It makes things awkward and uncomfortable if you catch them looking at you, too. 

And that can kind of ruin the moment.

14. Use a breath mint, please!

Bad breath = a horrible kiss. When all someone can pay attention to is how bad your breath is, it takes away from the rest of the amazing things you’re putting into your kiss to make it incredible. [Read: How to look after yourself as a woman – 19 ways to power yourself]

Just chew a mint or some gum shortly before the end of your date.

15. Keep your lips soft and kissable

Nobody wants to kiss dry, cracked lips. They’re very noticeable and uncomfortable. Keep your lips plump and soft with some Chapstick throughout the night/day. 

Do NOT “moisturize” your lips by licking them. This just makes them wet and gives them a slobbery quality – not good. [Read: 31 hot secrets to be beautiful and look and feel way more attractive in no time]

16. Keep your lips slightly parted

When you kiss someone, closed lips make it impossible to mold your lips to theirs. However, lips that are too open are just a gateway for slobber and too much tongue. 

Keep your lips slightly parted and soft- just enough so you can mold your lips to theirs.

17. Don’t use your tongue during the first kiss

At least not at first. The tongue should be something that is initiated by the other person.

Throwing in some tongue too early can be awkward and uncomfortable for the other person. [Read: 20 secrets to kiss with tongue and make them crave for a lot more of you]

What if they don’t want your tongue in their mouth just yet? Skip the tongue for now if you want to give them a heartbeat-skipping kiss.

18. Keep it short and sweet

Don’t drag it out for so long. A heartbeat-skipping kiss is one that is just brief enough for someone’s heart to actually skip a beat. It’s short, sweet, and simple, and, if done correctly, will leave them coming back for more right away. 

19. Don’t force it; let it happen naturally

If you’re finding that you’re struggling to make the kiss work and things aren’t coming together in the way you thought, then just leave it at that and don’t force the kiss. [Read: How to kiss a guy for the first time and leave him feeling turned on]

No great, knee-buckling kisses were ever made by force.

20. Just relax!

One of the most important kissing techniques most guys and girls completely overlook is this – just take a deep breath! 

In order to give a truly amazing, toe-tingling kiss, you need to be relaxed. The whole process of kissing someone should be as natural and relaxed as possible. [Read: The simple moves that will make every kiss of yours feel passionate and romantic]

If you’re calm and things happen naturally, the person on the receiving end of your amazing kiss will feel at ease, allowing them to enjoy it fully.

Your first kiss with someone new will always be a little nerve-wracking. If you don’t feel butterflies and slight nerves, you don’t like them that much! 

Use those butterflies to add to the passion when you kiss that special someone and give them a smooch to remember!

21. Connect mentally 

Even if you’re just looking to make out with someone at a bar on the weekend, having a mental and emotional connection will make them think you’re a better kisser than you are. And although that’s not really a way to become a better kisser, it still works in your favor. 

As far as kissing tips are concerned, it might not be the easiest, but it works. 

22. Linger a little after

After you plan a sweet kiss on their lips, let your forehead rest against theirs for just a moment. Then move away and smile at them. It’s a very simple move, but it creates a bond. 

Having that connection makes you a much better kisser than those who just pull away right after a kiss. [Read: Science of attraction – 17 things that are far sexier than looks]

23. Let them come back for more 

Don’t be the one to lean in for another kiss after the first. In fact, pull out of the kiss a little early. Give them a slow, smooth kiss, and then break away.

Let them come back for another. This is a huge sign they really liked the kiss, and it’ll make you seem like a better kisser simply because they’re the one going back for more. [Read: How to make a girl want you more]

24. The best kisses happen because of feelings 

Love is a significant factor, but it’s not necessary to give a kiss like this. You and your partner need to feel secure with each other. 

You have to like each other enough for this kiss to work. If not, you could just end up seducing your partner without feeling anything at all. [Read: Find out how to kiss a friend and get away with it!]

25. Know where to touch 

Common sense denotes that touching private parts can immediately destroy your chances for a second date. So, here are the common places you can touch to make your kissing technique better:

a. Hands 

By touching your partner’s hands, you’re establishing a feeling of comfort before you give them a kiss.

b. Arms 

The arms are a more personal space compared to the hands. It makes both of you feel more secure if you’re holding on to them.

c. Face 

A lot of articles and studies say that touching a person’s face can produce unparalleled feelings of attraction compared to other exposed parts of the body. Expect your partner’s heart to skip a beat once you do this. [Read: 16 ways to strengthen your bond through an innocent touch]

26. Be gentle

Allow your lips to graze theirs and apply the slightest bit of pressure. Not only is this universally liked, but it also builds sexual tension and allows for a more passionate progression.

There’s no reason to be rough and fast with the kiss unless you’re at a party. If you’re serious about knowing how to be a good kisser, be gentle in kissing them. Make them get lost in the softness of your lips. [Read: How to kiss passionately and romantically]

27. Make them want just a little bit more

This requires some self-control, but if you can do it, they’ll think you’re an incredible kisser. Sometimes it’s not just about how you kiss but how you don’t kiss.

Tease them a little and leave room for mystery in that kiss. This is how you leave them wanting more, and it’s that simple tease that also makes you a great kisser.

28. Let your lips read theirs

This might sound a little odd, but it works. By this, we mean to let your lips feel what they are doing.

Kissing isn’t just a one-person event. Kissing is a little bit like your lips are mimicking their movement and colliding with theirs. [Read: 19 types of gross kisses that’ll make you go “eww!”]

It’s what makes a slow, passionate kiss feel so good and magical. So, pay attention to your partner’s lips and let your pucker curve into theirs. 

Don’t force the kiss to do anything specific. The more you force it, the more boring it’s going to become.

29. Use your tongue sparingly

As we said above, don’t use your tongue in a first kiss. However, even when you do get to that point when using your tongue is acceptable, you should only use it sparingly. Tongues can make the kiss very erotic, but too much will be gross and unwanted.

So, before you can use your tongue, make sure you’ve at least made out a little bit before. Your partner needs to be comfortable around you. [Read: How to french kiss – 18 dos and don’ts of French kissing]

Also known as the French kiss, it takes a lot of courage, comfort, and practice to master this kiss. But if you do manage to pull it off, you’ll definitely become a very good kisser and give them the best kiss of their life.

Along the same line, you have to be careful with playful lip bites. Some people like a little bit of nibbling, while others don’t. [Read: Why lip biting is oh so sexy]

If you do it too hard or your partner isn’t into it, it’ll make things awkward, and that’ll make you a bad kisser in their opinion. 

But if you’re looking to up the passion and become a better kisser, grab their bottom lip between your teeth very gently and not for long.

It’ll leave your partner or date feeling so good that they’ll get lost in your kiss altogether! [Read: Turn offs for guys – 72 physical, dating, and sexual put-offs all men notice and dislike]

30. Practice

Practice makes perfect, right? The more experience you have, the less likely you are to fail at kissing. 

So, if you have a partner, just practice kissing them as much as you can. As they say, learning how to be a good kisser is a game of show and tell.

Not to mention, it’s always fun to kiss your partner as it keeps the happy hormones coming into your body! Keep kissing them, and you’ll get the hang of it eventually. [Read: Why you should get on board with being sex positive]

31. Stay away from garlic

And other smelly foods. We mentioned keeping your breath fresh and using mints, but if you eat strong-smelling foods like garlic, even a mint won’t help you.

If you know a kiss might happen, stay away from garlic a day or two before the big kiss. Not many people appreciate the smell of garlic second-hand.

32. Work the erogenous zones

Kissing is a full-body experience, and it involves more than just the lips. Your body is made up of many erogenous zones that are stimulated by touch. [Read: 25 secrets to seduce someone before the first kiss and turn them on while kissing them]

During a make-out session, suck their earlobes, kiss their neck, caress their inner thighs, and massage their scalp.

Those areas are where the most nerve endings are. Playing with these erogenous zones will make your partner even more aroused.

33. Feel the way they like to be kissed

There’s no textbook way to kiss someone. Some people like a lot of tongue action; others don’t. [Read: Gut instinct – what it is, how it works, and 30 tips to follow and listen to your gut]

To be a good kisser, you need to get a feel of how they enjoy being kissed. Your partner will also show you how they kiss, so pay attention.

34. Show some passion

Don’t stand there like a stick. If you’re aroused, show your partner. Touch them, get into it.

It’s okay to become a little wild when you are kissing, just as long as it’s mutual. If you want to have a passionate kiss, you need to give it your all. [Read: 28 sensual, romantic secrets to kiss someone passionately and deeply]

35. Be in the moment

The problem with many people when they kiss is that they’re planning the next five steps ahead. A make-out session doesn’t mean you’re going to have sex, and you should never assume that. 

Plus, by thinking about that, you’re distracting yourself from the moment, and you don’t want to do that.

If you want to know how to be a good kisser, be in the moment, and the kiss will be amazing.

36. Focus on your partner

If you want to have a good kissing experience, you need to pay attention to your partner. They’re not a robot; they’re a person with feelings and emotions. [Read: How to initiate a kiss that’ll make them remember you forever]

If you decide to nibble their earlobe or lick their neck, pay attention to how they react. Everyone is different; if they enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll notice right away.

37. Be honest with the kiss

If you’re not enjoying kissing them, don’t be afraid to say something. Okay, you don’t need to say, “I don’t like kissing you,” but you can stop and suggest trying it again. You’ve never kissed them before, so this is as new to you as it is to them.

38. Be confident

All good kissers are calm and confident that they know what they’re doing—even if they’re also a little jittery inside. [Read: How to kiss a guy well – 21 moves to arouse him with your very first kiss]

Being mindful of how you carry yourself is always attractive and a major turn-on, and you can channel this to your kissing skills to impress your partner.

Even if it’s your first kiss, you can still channel confidence by practicing beforehand and by moving your lips smoothly. Trust us, when you are confident and really into it, your mouth and lips will have a mind of their own.

To be a good kisser, just feel the moment and don’t ruin it with your insecurities and fears. [Read: How to be confident – 28 life hacks to transform your future forever]

39. Less is more

If you don’t know what to do, it’s best to stick to the idea that “less is more.” You don’t have to create fireworks with your mouth or use your tongue like you’re twirling a cherry stem. Even if you know every kissing trick in the book, you don’t really have to try it all at once.

You’ll just end up making your partner feel like you’re giving him or her some oral detailing.

Try to stick to the basics as much as you can, and just make the sensations turn you and your partner on. Start off small, and this could even give you the most intense and intimate feeling ever. [Read: How to tell if a guy likes kissing you and is turned on while kissing]

40. No hickeys, please

Kissing doesn’t have to feel like you’re vacuuming your partner’s mouth, so don’t go for the hickey. It’s not romantic, and it’s far from pleasurable. Remember, pro kissers don’t give their partners hickeys, not even on those hidden body parts.

First of all, it’s tacky, and second, you’re not teenagers anymore.

41. Use a little pressure

There is nothing worse than thinking that you’re kissing someone, but you’re not sure because they’re barely making contact. [Read: Kissing chemistry 101 – How to kiss someone for the first time]

A good kisser gets the pressure just right, varying it according to the moment. Perhaps they start off gentle and fleeting, but it builds in pressure as you get more into the moment.

42. Vary your speed

Speed in kissing is important too. You don’t want to go too fast and leave the other person with a neck ache from trying to keep up, but you don’t want to go so slow that they get bored, either. 

Just like the pressure point we just mentioned, it’s about choosing the right speed for the moment and varying it accordingly. [Read: How to make out – 22 secrets to leave anyone moaning in your arms]

A good kisser knows to slow down when things might be getting too heavy or speed up when things start to pick up the pace.

43. Avoid the washing machine

Think back to your first kiss when you were young. Was it a little like a washing machine on a spin cycle?

A big part of what makes a good kisser is avoiding the washing machine move and going for something altogether more subtle! [Read: How to kiss with tongue and the secrets to make you a makeout star]

44. Too much saliva is never a good thing

Another problem is too much of the wet stuff. A good kisser doesn’t flood your mouth with their own saliva and instead keeps it more about lip and mouth movement and caresses than swapping oral fluids.

45. Don’t be predictable

A good kisser doesn’t kiss the same way every time, they know that they need to mix things up a little and keep it exciting.

This alternating technique method means that there is a different kiss for every situation and a sense of exciting anticipation before every kiss. [Read: The 15 types of kisses and how to decipher the truth behind each kiss]

46. End the kiss with a little passion 

To end the kiss, you have to put a bit more pressure – pain-free pressure – on the kiss before slightly sucking on your partner’s lower lip and then gradually moving away. 

This is a sexy type of kiss that could lead firmly toward full-on making out!

47. Leave them wanting more

The final step in learning how to be a good kisser is to leave them wanting more. Stop a few seconds before you really want to, and you’ll leave them open-mouthed and desperate for you to kiss them again. [Read: Sexy ways to turn a guy on with just the first kiss]

Smile in a slow and sexy way, and they’ll be desperate for the next time you meet.

Signs you’re a good kisser

Now that you know how to be the ultimate good kiss, what are the signs that you really are? There are ways to know, and here they are.

1. You’re in sync with him or her

You know that things are right when your kissing partner feels in sync with you. If they’re not pulling away or feeling awkward, then you are definitely doing something right. [Read: The perfect first kiss – 22 details that’ll ensure you have the best smooch]

2. You don’t kiss everyone the same

No one likes it when there is monotony – even in kissing. So, if you are the kind of person who likes to mix things up, then you are probably a good kisser. You don’t just mix it up with the same person, you do it differently with everyone you kiss.

3. You don’t bite or suck on the upper or lower lip

Some people think that biting or sucking on someone’s lips is unique and makes them good kissers. But that’s not true.

Most people don’t like the feeling when someone does it to them. So, if you refrain from doing that, then you are on the right track. [Read: 22-second date tips and rules to get to know each other and fall harder]

4. You keep your tongue to yourself after the age of 25

Sure, people like to French kiss – especially when you are younger. But as you get older, many people don’t like to start off that way when they first kiss someone. So, keep your tongue to yourself at first if you’re over 25.

5. You use lip balm!

Everyone likes to kiss moist, supple lips. Kissing someone with dry lips is like kissing sandpaper. So, if you’re conscientious about using lip balm on a regular basis, you will make your kissing partners happy.

6. You know how to relax

It’s no fun to kiss someone who is feeling nervous and awkward. So, if you are able to relax and enjoy your kissing experience, your partner will definitely be more into kissing you too. [Read: How to stop overthinking – secrets to go from overthinker to relaxer]

7. Remember that it doesn’t matter if you have thin lips and they have full lips or vice versa

A lot of people are insecure about the size of their lips. They might think they are too small or too big. But don’t worry about that. 

Remember, a person is kissing you because they like you and are attracted to you. They’re not worried about the size of your lips.

Are you a bad kisser?

A lot of people worry that they are bad kissers. Would someone tell you that you are? Wouldn’t that be awkward? You could just be living your life as a bad kisser and not even realize it. [Read: How to know if a kiss meant something real – 16 signs it wasn’t just a hookup kiss]

The problem with that is the person you’re kissing. Everyone likes something different. While some people adore a wet and messy kiss, others like something simple and understated. 

Your ex could have thought you were the most amazing kisser, but your next partner could be less than impressed.

Instead of worrying about being a bad kisser, try to focus on the person you’re with. See what they like and go with the flow. [Read: When to kiss a girl – 20 subtle signs to predict the magic moment]

Add more tongue or be a little rougher if someone seems to like that, but if not, pull back and be gentle. You need to be able to read body language if you want to be a good kisser.

What makes a person a bad kisser?

A bad kisser is someone who has no idea how to please another person’s mouth with their own. They might even think they’re an all-star. Little do they know they are slobbering all over you, ruining the mood, and probably turning you off. 

Not just that, but a bad kisser is someone who does not consider other extenuating circumstances like location, mood, and their partner’s disposition. [Confession: Memories of an embarrassing first kiss]

And, what’s worse? This could be you, and you may not even realize it. So, watch out for these signs of a bad kisser from your own mouth as well.

1. Dry lips

Kissing with dry lips can be a problem because it can hurt. It also causes bad breath. Aside from that, a dry pair of lips does not look enticing at all. Plus, if those dry lips are chapped or cracked, this could lead to bleeding. Not cute.

2. Slobber

This is the biggest complaint about bad kissers. Certain medical conditions can sometimes cause overproduction of saliva, but some kissers think it’s better to lube up their mouths while kissing! [Read: How to make a kiss more passionate and romantic without overusing saliva]

Saliva is an occupational hazard when kissing, but too much saliva can very well drown you and your partner in shame.

Sure, lubrication is essential during some aspects of intimacy, but two mouths together are doing the job just fine. There is no need for excess spit. If you need to wipe your mouth after kissing someone, it is a clear sign of a bad kisser.

3. Biting

Yes, it’s sexy at the right moment. Too much biting, however, can ruin a good make-out session. It can hurt, and it can also make your partner uncomfortable. [Read: 27 sexy ways to give a hickey, what one looks like, and love bite must-knows]

Only do it with consent or in private. You shouldn’t be biting someone’s lip after a few pecks or in public.

4. Breathing and gasping

You may have a cold or a nasal problem, but breathing heavily on a person while kissing is a turn-off. Gasping for air as if you’re drowning is also a big no-no. 

If someone is trying to catch their breath, it isn’t just a sign of a bad kisser but could also warrant a doctor’s appointment. [Read: How to tell if a guy likes kissing you and is turned on while kissing you]

5. Making weird noises

Sometimes moaning can make a kiss better, but exaggerating your moans of approval can kill the mood, especially when you’re in public. A bad kisser moans and groans, and it can be awkward.

6. Bad breath

It’s possible that you had too many onion rings or you have an undiagnosed stomach problem. Either way, a kiss won’t get a chance to start if your partner can smell your breath from across the room. 

Your mouth is close to your nose and smelling something foul is unpleasant when you’re trying to get intimate. [Read: Is your boyfriend a bad kisser? How to pucker him right]

7. Rhythm

Slow and sensual is good, so long as it doesn’t bore your partner. A rapid-paced and passionate kiss can also be good if it doesn’t feel like your partner is in a race. Don’t rush it or be too dull if you want to avoid being a bad kisser.

8. Width of your mouth

There are different ways to access another person’s mouth with yours.

Some people open their mouths so wide that they look like they’re eating their partner, while some keep their mouths so tight that it seems like they’re saving their tongues for marriage. [Read: 15 types of kisses and the meaning behind each smooch and peck]

9. Tongue movement

No one has ever really given a proper tutorial about how to move your tongue while it’s in another person’s mouth. 

That makes it exceedingly awkward for some people to refrain from doing things with it, like darting it in and out, using it to clean their partner’s teeth, or even using it as a sword to keep the other person’s tongue at bay.

Doing any of these things makes you a bad kisser. [Read: 15 secrets to tongue kiss and arouse anyone in seconds]

10. Teeth bumping

It happens to all of us once in a while, but if it happens a lot, it means that you are trying to shove your jaw into your partner’s mouth. This can hurt and damage your teeth and ruin the ambiance with the clacking noises it makes.

11. Talking

You’re kissing. The conversation about where the relationship is going should be discussed after you make out. 

Some people think it’s sexy to say sweet nothings while kissing, but it usually turns into a distraction that kills the mood and turns into a really bad kiss. [Read: How to know if you’re a good kisser and become a really good one]

12. Not paying attention to your partner’s cues

Remember, kissing is a two-person deal. It’s not just you doing whatever you want whenever you want. So, you have to be in tune with your partner’s cues. 

If they close their mouth, then close yours. If they go in for the tongue, do the same. Or maybe they need to catch their breath – let them.

13. Wrong head tilt

You might be overthinking the kiss, which also might lead to you tilting your head the wrong way. Kissing should be more instinctive, like knowing when you’re hungry. [Read: 15 secrets to make your first kiss your partner’s most memorable one!]

It’s a reaction you have to another person you are attracted to. So, you should probably be tilting your head in the same direction as your partner *both to your right sides or both to your left*. But don’t think too much, just go with it.

14. You start right out with the tongue

When you’re passionate, it’s understandable to go right in for the tongue action. But subtlety can be sexy too. 

You can’t just blurt out extremely personal information when you meet someone, right? You have to work your way up to it. So, it’s the same for kissing, too. [Read: How to French kiss – 18 secrets to melt anyone with your deep kiss]

Just let your physical chemistry go with the flow. Be natural, and don’t use too much force with the tongue.

15. Not using your tongue

On the flip side, if you never use your tongue, that’s boring. Closed-mouth kissing is not very romantic. This is not the 1950s movies anymore. It’s the 2020s! 

So, if you avoid using your tongue because you’re not sure how to do it, just try opening your mouth a little and see where it takes the two of you. [Read: 20 secrets to kiss with tongue and make them crave for a lot more of you]

Kissing requires collaboration between two people, so you can’t anticipate everything.

16. Stiff or awkward arms

You definitely don’t want to have awkward arms when you kiss someone. How weird would it be to kiss someone who left their arms at their sides? Very!

So, put your hands on the person’s hips, neck, or cradle the back of their head in your hand. Whatever makes you feel more passionate about the kiss.

As long as you’re not making the other person uncomfortable, you’re okay. [Read: How to make out – The subtle secrets that’ll leave anyone moaning in your arms]

17. Go lightly on the lipstick/lip gloss/Chapstick

The reason you’re kissing is that you want to get closer to that person. And while lipstick, lip gloss, or Chapstick might make your lips more visually appealing, it’s not very much fun to kiss someone with a bunch of goop on their lips. 

Your partner probably doesn’t want to have a sticky strawberry-flavored lip balm taste in their mouth. 

18. Backing away from your kissing partner

If you are flinching, backing away, or squirming during the kiss, that’s not attractive. It almost sends the message that you’re not really sure if you want to kiss that person. [Read: What makes someone a good kisser? The most important qualities that make one]

So, make sure you lean into the other person and embrace them. Don’t give off body language that makes them think you want to run away.

19. Don’t hurry it up

A lot of people might just kiss so they can get on to the “main event” *sex*. So, they rush and hurry their way through a kiss. 

It’s almost like they want to get it over with so they can get to something more exciting. But a good kisser is immersed in the kiss and lingers in it for as long as necessary. [Read: How to make out with a girl for the first time and make her love it]

20. Don’t laugh or giggle

Maybe you are kissing your best friend for the first time, and it’s a little weird *but good*. Don’t giggle or start laughing about it. That’s not very sexy and might actually be quite a turn-off. 

You want your partner to know that you are passionate about them – not that you think it’s a joke to be kissing them.

How to know if you’re a bad kisser

People who think you suck at kissing don’t usually tell you. It would hurt your feelings, and obviously, if they’re kissing you, they don’t want to make you feel bad. [Read: How to kiss with tongue – 20 tips to make you a make-out Maestro]

But that can also make it difficult to know if you’re skilled or if you suck face like a fish. Here are some signs you’re a bad kisser:

1. People end things after you’ve kissed

Have you ever been dating someone, and everything was going great up until that first kiss or make-out session? After that, they dump you and don’t really explain why.

The reason behind this could be because of your kissing skills. All it takes is one kiss for a person to know whether you’re able to give some lip action or not. [Read: Clear and sneaky signs you’re about to get dumped]

2. They avoid kissing you

This reason probably sucks if you’re in a relationship, but it happens. 

Does your partner only ever give you little pecks on the cheeks, and they don’t really like making out with you? This might be because they like you… but not your kissing.

Don’t take it too personally; it’s not the end of the world just because you’re awful at it. Like we said earlier, you can always learn how to be a good kisser! [Read: Is kissing on the first date a yes or no?]

3. Nobody’s ever told you that you’re good

Someone who’s a good kisser will be told they are. Your significant other will get really happy and just tell you how great you are.

If you’ve had a few flings and dates, but nobody’s ever directly told you that you’re a good kisser, then start thinking about why. Maybe it’s because you’re pretty average at it or not that good.

4. You feel like you’re bad

If you just have a feeling that you’re not good based on past experiences or partner reactions, then you might not be. [Read: Feel like a failure? 23 truths to stop feeling defeated and find your way]

However, keep in mind that we all have tendencies to downplay our skills – especially if we have insecurity issues. After all, nobody criticizes us as severely as ourselves.

5. You’ve never kissed before

Before you rode a bike, you weren’t very good at it. The same goes for kissing. While some people may be naturally great at it on their first try, that’s certainly not the norm.

You really shouldn’t feel bad if this is the case, as it doesn’t mean you can’t be exceptional at locking lips with someone in time. [Read: How to kiss a friend accidentally and get away with it]

You’re awful at kissing on your first try – that’s okay! You’ll get around as you learn how to kiss.

How can you fix being a bad kisser?

The key to becoming a good kisser is being aware of what your partner likes. You should also note where the kiss is happening and in what circumstances.

Are you in a relationship? Is this a first date? Are you about to have sex? Giving the perfect kiss is about being prepared and making sure that the timing is right. [Read: What does a forehead kiss mean?]

It is easy to be a bad kisser, but changing your technique to match your partner is vital, and incorporating these tips will help.

1. Brush your teeth

You don’t have to do it before you kiss. Just make sure that you do it before you meet up with your partner so that you won’t have coffee or garlic before a makeout session. No one wants that.

2. Drink some water

No one also likes to kiss a person with a dry mouth. Not only can water moisturize your lips, but it can also help lessen the taste and smell of what you just ate. Stay hydrated in general, but especially before a kiss. [Read: Benefits of exercise on your mind, body, and libido]

3. Wear some lip balm

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, run some lip balm over your lips before a kiss. It can make your lips supple and smooth, and using one with flavor can give your kiss a little slippage. 

This will make you a lot less of a bad kisser if you’ve got that reputation. 

Also, don’t overdo it. Too much lip balm can make things messy and too slippery. One coat should be just fine. [Read: How to kiss a guy well – 21 secrets to arouse him with your very first kiss]

4. Pop a mint

It sounds cliché and can make you look like you are prepared for the kiss, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Your date will thank you for it. 

Just be sure to go with a mint, not gum. That can get messy and even cause choking. Chew a mint before you toss tonsils, and you will not need to worry about your bad breath. 

5. Make sure that you have privacy

You can give your partner a light kiss when there are people around, but try not to make out in front of an audience. [Read: How to get a girl to kiss you and make the first move to make out with you]

If you must do so, make sure that the people around you won’t mind in the least. A bad kisser isn’t just someone without the skill but also without common sense. 

And if you are a bad kisser, others will be able to see that, even without kissing you. Don’t give your kissing partner a bad physical experience, and don’t embarrass them. Keep your makeout sessions private.

6. Make sure that they want to kiss you

Don’t force yourself on someone who’s not in the mood to kiss you. Get a feel of how your date may respond before you dive in for a kiss. [Read: 23 signs he wants to kiss you and how to tell the exact moment when he’ll try]

Whether you’re a good kisser or not, no one wants a surprise kiss. You can ask first or slowly lean in and see if they meet you halfway. 

Read the room. Read their body language. It isn’t too hard to tell if someone wants to be kissed. And if they pull away, do NOT, by any means, try again.

7. Start gently

Give your date a light peck on the mouth before moving forward. If they reciprocate, you can start moving your lips to a rhythm that doesn’t seem awkward for both of you. Being a better kisser is about reading the situation. [Read: How to make out for the first time ever and enjoy every moment of it]

8. Swallow your spit

Don’t pass it on to your date. If you’re nervous, take a few gulps so that you won’t have a whole gallon of drool in there. Also, take breaks for swallowing and breathing if need be. 

It is so much better to just pull away for a moment than drown your kissing partner with your saliva. This is definitely something a bad kisser does and not something you will do from here on!

9. Match your rhythm

You’re not the only one in control here. Try to get in sync with your partner instead of grappling each other with your mouths. [Read: First kiss red flags – What you can learn about someone who doesn’t kiss you well]

Different situations call for different kissing speeds. Know what feels good for both of you, and always be aware if anything feels awkward. 

If you’re saying good night at the end of the date, kiss slowly and sweetly. You are saying goodnight, not “come inside.” 

If you are making your way into the bedroom, you can pick up the pace and the pressure to show more intensity and passion. [Read: How to be a good kisser without experience]

10. Breathe through your nose

Don’t worry. You won’t asphyxiate because of a kiss. If you can’t control your breathing, stop and relax for a bit before continuing the kiss. 

11. If you must make any noise, do so when you’re in a private setting

Also, do it when you’re in the heat of the moment instead of when you’re giving a good night kiss. A sweet hum is nice, but you should save the moaning, groaning, and heavy breathing for behind closed and locked doors.

12. Bite gently

If you want to nip on your partner’s lips, do it for a second only. Don’t do it the whole time.

Biting is just an accessory to kissing. It’s not an integral part of it. You don’t want to make them bruise, bleed, or pull away, saying ouch. [Read: How to make out with a guy and secrets to make him explode in his pants]

13. Don’t open your mouth wider than necessary

If you want to use a little tongue, go for it. Just don’t include your teeth and gums in the mix. You don’t have to open your mouth excessively to French kiss a person. 

Just open it wide enough for your tongue to moderately move into your partner’s mouth. [Read: 29 foreplay sex games for couples to get naughty and horny in minutes]

14. Keep your tongue in check

Don’t use patterns that you read about in magazines and click-bait articles. Use your tongue correctly by making it move in harmony with your partner’s. 

See what works best for both of you instead of trying to ram your tongue down their throat. 

15. Be quiet

If you must talk, do it after. If dirty talk is involved, take a moment to say what you want instead of mumbling it in your partner’s mouth.

Words are sexier when they can be heard clearly. Plus, when you talk during a kiss, it makes it seem like you are more interested in having a conversation than getting down and dirty with the kiss.

Remember that if someone really likes you, they won’t care if you’re a bad kisser

The thing with kissing is that you can easily improve with practice. Sure, you want to impress a person right away with your kissing skills, but even if they’re not up to par, that person won’t mind if they truly like you. [Read: Signs of a bad kisser and how to fix it]

If anything, they’ll be willing to practice with you and even tell you what they like. So keep in mind that if you’re trying to learn how to kiss better for someone in particular, getting them to like you first will lessen the need for it. 

Put simply, we all worry that we’re bad at kissing, but by learning some useful kissing tips and techniques, you’ll be able to kick that care out of your mind.

These kissing tips will make you a smooch master!

The kissing tips you’ve just read are sure to give you confidence because now you know what to do. But, perhaps the most important tip of them all isn’t on this list – to follow your instincts. [Read: How to be more masculine – start listening to your instincts]

You can learn all about kissing techniques, but the truth is that there is no solid right or wrong way to kiss someone. We all like different things! 

However, the tips and tricks we’ve mentioned will keep you on the right lines and stop you from veering towards slobber-street. 

[Read: How to make out with someone for the first time and do it well]

Well, now you know how to be a good kisser and what to avoid doing. Everybody wants to have that knee-weakening, heartbeat-skipping kiss. By following these kissing techniques and tips, you’ll be the one to give them a kiss they’ll never forget.

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