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14 Sex Moves That Feel Good: So Easy and Yet So Mind-Blowing

Missionary position isn’t bad, everyone loves missionary position. But come on, you can try some other sex moves that feel good and will do the trick.

sex moves that feel good

You know the saying, good sex is hard to find. And at the end of the day, the connection you have with someone that you have sex with is important. But, even with an amazing connection, you need to know the right sex moves that feel good.

Of course, this isn’t going to happen overnight. In fact, it may take you a couple times to figure out what works for both of you. [Read: 10 often-overlooked sex moves you’ll love in bed]

The sex moves that feel good

Now, don’t go thinking that you need to open the book of kama sutra and try to make yourself into a pretzel. That’s not what I’m talking about when I say you need to know these 14 moves.

These sex moves may not sound overly complicated, but they’re not supposed to be. Though, they’re supposed to hit the right spots which are, at the end of the day, what you want. Trust me, these are the sex moves that feel good.

#1 The dry hump. I know you probably wonder why dry humping is on here, but have you ever dry humped someone with your clothes on? It feels great. Plus, there’s this extra naughty factor added to it when you have your clothes on. What makes it even hotter is when you forbid your partner to take anything off of you, it makes it more intense. [Read: All the dos, don’ts, and best positions for dry sex]

#2 Hovering above the skin. You want to do this with your mouth, don’t kiss them, instead, keep your lips hovering above their skin, preferably on an erogenous zone. You can breathe softly or heavily, either way, they feel it.

It stimulates the nerve endings and makes them more aroused. You can hold their arms above their head so that their hands can’t linger. [Read: How to withhold orgasms for the ultimate pleasure]

#3 Squat, don’t straddle. You can straddle, I’m not saying you shouldn’t do that, but you should try squatting. If you’re on top of your partner, instead of straddling them, squat above them. Both of you have better control and will move faster and higher, intensifying the feeling.

#4 Up and over. Okay, so, this is the missionary position, but I swear there’s a twist and feels amazing! While you’re in missionary position, you want the person lying on their back to bring their legs up and have them rest on their partner’s shoulders. If you can align the pelvis with the clitoris, it rubs against and creates more intensity and arousal.

#5 Clench that pelvic muscle. People tend to forget about their pubococcygeus muscle. I don’t blame them, especially with that name. This muscle is the same one that’s used when you’re stopping the flow of pee. So, if you ever tried to hold your pee, this is the muscle you use. But it comes in handy when having sex, during contractions, it squeezes around the penis which massages it.

#6 Oral sex for women. If you’re a guy, please do not forget to reciprocate and perform oral sex. If she can suck your dick, well, you can give back. The ladies won’t disagree with me on this one. So, fellas, I recommend that when performing oral sex, you run your tongue across the clitoris, mixing it up with up/down movements as well.

#7 Rough it up a bit. I don’t mean you two body slam each other into your bedroom wall, this isn’t WWE. But I do recommend that you rough it up a bit. I know romantic and soft sex is nice, but have you ever had a guy spank your ass? Or a girl bite your earlobe? See, this is what you need to try out. Throw a little passion into the mix, a little pain never hurt nobody. [Read: 14 wild ways to do it if you like it rough]

#8 The Cowgirl. Now, many of you may have already done this position, but it’s a favorite for many, so I need to include it. Cowgirl is when the woman straddles her man and either grind or bounces up and down. Now, you can mix up these techniques, but, I do suggest that you try to grind your clitoris against his skin, it’ll make you hit that orgasm is no time. [Read: 19 ways to own the cowgirl position and make it hotter]

#9 Sit on their face. That may have come across as a little violent, I’m not suggesting that you suffocate your partner. I just mean, sit on their face so that they can perform oral sex.

It’s the best position to get all your naughty bits taken care of, plus, it makes you work on your squat. They’ll be able to grab your ass, spread your ass cheeks for deeper penetration. I mean, the possibilities are endless. Plus, you come in their mouth which is pretty hot. [Read: All the reasons why girls feel awkward to sit on your face]

#10 Anal play. Yes, you thought I was going to forget this? Absolutely not! If you haven’t tried anal play, well, then, I’m glad you’re reading this because this is one of those sex moves that feel good, oh so good! The anus is extremely sensitive and full of nerve endings, hence, it’s the perfect spot to stimulate.

Use your finger and rub around the anus, playing with different pressures or use your tongue and circle around and in the anus. Either way, it feels amazing. [Read: 15 ways to impress girls who like anal sex]

#11 Light bondage. I say the word light because if you just start out, well, you’re not going to jump into the heavy stuff. Light bondage is when you tie someone up, handcuff them or spank them. It’s kinky but it’s not to the point that you gag them. People become aroused by submissive and dominant roles, so, this is a great way to release your kinky side while getting turned on.

#12 Surprise sex. This is a move which always turns people on. Of course, unless they had a horrible day and just want to crawl into their bed and die. We’ve all been there. But if you’re making dinner and your partner all of a sudden comes up to you and grabs your ass, it’s arousing. Now, these aren’t sex moves per se, but they lead to sex. Don’t stick to the regular sex routine, mix it up a bit. [Read: Shock and awe your partner with these naughty surprise sex moves]

#13 Doggy style. Now, we all know that doggy style is when you’re on all fours while your partner enters you from behind. But instead of keeping your head level with your back, rest your head on the bed while you arch your back with your ass in the air. Your partner will love the view and the penis will slide in more smoothly. [Read: 9 ways to make doggy style your favorite sex position]

#14 Mirror sex. You probably think only self-absorbed people have sex in front of the mirror, but it’s not true. It’s extremely arousing to watch someone fuck you, this is why they use the mirror. Basically, it’s like watching your own porno. You see your partner’s body, their reaction to you fucking them—what’s not to like?

[Read: 16 of the most exotic sex positions you must try out]

Okay, so you know the sex moves that feel good, you know what you need to do. Now, it’s just time that you practiced. I mean… practice does make perfect, right?

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