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60 Playful Sex Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend & Read Her Dirty Mind

sex questions to ask your girlfriend

Most men are slow to admit it, but we tend to be sexually curious. So, maybe you have a lot of sex questions to ask your girlfriend too.

Sometimes guys worry their sexual inquiries might be taken the wrong way. But, believe the fact that girls also enjoy those intimate conversations. So, tee up those sex questions to ask your girlfriend, because she is happy to answer them.

Having the occasional sex Q&A is a healthy practice for a relationship. It is an exercise in honest communication and allows partners to get to know each other intimately, along with their kinks and sexual fantasies they might be hiding.

Most agree that asking and getting those sex questions answered can turn both parties on. So, guys, no need to be embarrassed. Make your list of sex questions to ask your girlfriend. Time to ask away!

What types of sex questions to ask your girlfriend?

#1 The quality of your sexual “performance.” Admit it or not, you’re always itching for her feedback on your performance in bed. We also know that women are careful not to break this kind of information on their man to protect their ego. This is not something she’ll share unless you ask.

#2 Her kinks and fetishes. Essentially, a man wants to know the things that turn your girlfriend on. This information is pretty valuable because it helps improve the quality of your sex life by adding a bit of flavor suited to your girlfriend’s tastes. [Read: 12 signs you have a slutty girlfriend and need to be proud of it!]

#3 Her sexual fantasies. Now for these questions, tread carefully. Sexual fantasies are one thing women guard. These are somewhat extreme sexual kinks that turn her on or she would like to try but wouldn’t dare declare it openly. They possess a weird or wild aspect that normal people would be shocked if they knew.

#4 What she thinks of your own kinks and sexual fantasies. Of course, you have your own kinks and sexual fantasies that you might be hiding in the closet. Take the chance and ask her what she thinks of it and whether she is open to try or experience those fantasies of yours. [Read: 20 hot sex ideas to blow your lover’s mind in bed]

Just remember: For you both to enjoy a sexual question and answer session, ask your questions in a respectful manner. Even though she is your girlfriend, there might be some topics that she won’t want to discuss.

Mind the words you put in your question, and no matter what the response, accept it as it is and don’t  judge! Sex questions may also have the potential to bring unsavory memories, so in case the conversation takes a weird turn, let it go and move on. [Read: The most important traits that make up a good boyfriend]

Sex questions to ask your girlfriend

#1 What was your first time like? [Read: 15 true stories of losing your virginity]

#2 When did you first learn to masturbate?

#3 What stuff do you usually masturbate to?

#4 How would you rate yourself as a kisser?

#5 Do you like sleeping naked?

#6 Do you get horny when you’re drunk?

#7 Have you ever made out with another girl?

#8 What part of a guy’s body turns you on the most?

#9 How would you describe the ideal foreplay? [Read: 13 steamy foreplay techniques that’ll make you irresistible]

#10 How must a first date go for you to immediately have sex with a guy?

#11 Have you ever had sex with someone and you almost got caught?

#12 Do you watch porn or read erotica? What theme is your favorite? [Read: How porn could save your relationship]

#13 Have you ever considered going to a nudist beach?

#14 Would you dare wear lingerie that I picked for you?

#15 Have you ever been in a threesome?

#16 What do you think of having a threesome?

#17 Have you ever sexted anyone?

#18 How would you feel if I asked you to pose naked for a photo shoot?

#19 Are you a breather, a moaner, or a screamer?

#20 What’s the weirdest thing you’ve used as an improvised sex toy? [Read: The best homemade dildos for when the moment strikes unexpectedly]

#21 What’s the weirdest situation that you found yourself feeling very horny?

#22 Which of the things we do during sex do you love the most?

#23 Would you consider being tied up during role play?

#24 Which guy friend will you have sex with if given the chance?

#25 Have you ever done or thought of having sex with an older man?

#26 What is your favorite sexual position?

#27 What do you feel about the size of my penis? [Read: The 13 types of penises that women either love or laugh at]

#28 What’s the first sex toy you ever bought?

#29 What do you feel about other people watching us having sex?

#30 Would you ever consider doing it with another couple in the same room?

#31 What’s the part of your body that you like to be kissed or licked?

#32 Do you like getting spanked during sex?

#33 Do you prefer me doing long slow thrusts or rapid aggressive pumping?

#34 How would you want to be seduced?

#35 Does dirty talk get you aroused? [Read: How to dirty talk with a girl without turning her off]

#36 What do you feel about watching a couple have sex?

#37 Of all your sexual encounters, which one is the wildest?

#38 Of all your sexual encounters, which one was the weirdest or funniest?

#39 Have you ever thought of incorporating food during foreplay?

#40 If given a chance to have sex in a secluded place, what kind of place would you prefer?

#41 Have you ever been in an orgy? What’s the closest thing to an orgy you’ve ever found yourself in?

#42 Have you ever had a naughty dream about a family member?

#43 What do you feel about making an amateur sex video?

#44 What’s the sexiest dare you’ve ever agreed on doing?

#45 Have you ever hooked up with someone from a party?

#46 Do you prefer being the dominatrix or the submissive one during sex? [Read: BDSM tips and tricks for the curious first timers]

#47 How do you feel about anal sex? [Read: How to enjoy anal sex – The secrets to a painfree experience]

#48 What’s the most random, non-sexual thing about a man that turns you on?

#49 What’s the dirtiest sexual fantasy that you always have but didn’t have the courage to try?

#50 What’s the sexiest compliment ever given to you?

#51 How would you describe your ideal penis?

#52 What’s your favorite sex toy in your possession?

#53 What’s the most number of times you’ve had sex in a day?

#54 What’s the most number of times you’ve orgasmed during sex?

#55 Which of your sexual partners has given you the best orgasm so far?

#56 If I were to let you do anything to me for one night, what would you do?

#57 Would you ever agree to swinging with another couple? [Read: How to ease your partner into a swinger lifestyle]

#58 How would you feel about having sex with another man while I’m watching? [Read: 50 wildest kinky ideas worth trying at least once]

#59 Do you enjoy having sex in the shower?

#60 What’s one sexual fantasy that you wanted to try the most that you’re hesitant to tell me about?

[Read: How to talk about sex without sounding like a pervert]

How has it been so far? A little awkward? A turn-on? But admit it, the right kind of sex questions to ask your girlfriend can be an exciting and refreshing experience. Your relationship and sex life both see the benefit.

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