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How to Eat a Girl Out: 81 Oral Sex Tips to Eat Pussy & Tongue Her to Bliss

Do you know how to eat a girl out? Use this cunnilingus guide to eat pussy and you’ll make her moan in ecstasy every time you get your head down there!

eat a girl out - Cunnilingus- give a girl oral sex

When it comes to knowing how to eat a girl out, most guys just don’t have a clue. Well, at least until some girl tells them exactly what to do down there!

To most guys, eating a girl out is just a waste of time. Why please her with a tongue when you can just use your dick, right? 

And to others, going down on a girl for a minute is another way to get her wet enough to penetrate her. But seriously, going down on a girl doesn’t have to be seen as an optional part of foreplay.

Think of going down on a girl as one of the most, if not THE most, powerful ways to make a girl orgasm and have a much, much better sexual experience with you.

You do want to please and satisfy her, don’t you? [Read: 17 sexy foreplay moves that’ll leave any girl feeling really hot and horny]

How to eat a girl out in a way that’ll make her want to scream

You might think that knowing how to eat a girl out doesn’t require any skill at all. You just go down, stick your tongue out, and watch her enjoy herself. 

The truth is, though, that doing so will get you almost no response. In fact, she might just make you stop.

There’s a lot more to eating a girl out than you might think. It takes time, skill, and practice in order to do it right and make her want you like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. [Read: Female confessions – the feeling of oral sex for women]

If you don’t put in the work, you won’t please her.

How to enjoy eating a girl out and going down on her

Before we get to the steps you need to keep in mind, let’s get this out of the way. If you want to make sure your girl enjoys your tongue works down there, you need to actually enjoy pleasuring your girl down there. [Read: How to pleasure a woman – 16 moves that’ll work every time]

Don’t just dip your tongue in and slide your torso back up to her face with an accomplished grin. Get down there, get comfortable with your face in between her thighs, wrap your arms around her legs or butt, and work your magic. 

Think of oral sex not as something you need to do to arouse her, but as a part of sex that’s meant to be enjoyed, just like undressing a woman, fondling her breasts, or sliding down her panties.

When you learn to relax your mind and see oral sex as a way to excite your girl and enjoy the act yourself, you’ll see that every time you have sex with your girl, or just about any girl, you’ll be sure to pleasure her beyond words.

 Every. Single. Time. [Read: 16 ways to get your girl to give you head and like it]

How long should you eat a girl out?

Every guy wants to know this, and honestly, there’s no real answer. But there’s a time limit that most guys and girls agree on – 15 minutes. Now 15 minutes can seem like a lot, and there’s every chance your tongue would get sore too!

If you can survive going down on a girl for longer than that, you’re a star. And if a girl pushes your head down for longer than 15 minutes, she’s just being greedy.

How long do you have sex for? That’s subjective, and likewise, oral sex is subjective too. Some girls absolutely love it when a guy goes down on them. [Read: 18 awesome sex tips for men to make any woman crave more!]

And for some girls, penetrative sex feels way better. So go down on her and come up for air now and then and watch her face. If she’s writhing about in ecstasy, go with the flow. If she’s staring at the ceiling with a vacant expression, use the tips below!

Where most guys go wrong when eating a girl out

Since you’re here reading this, you must want to be good at doing this. So, you need to know where most guys go wrong when eating a girl out.

1. Don’t use the alphabet

There’s this long-standing idea that if you don’t know how to eat a girl out, you just need to recite the alphabet from A to Z in your mind and roll your tongue the way you’d say the alphabet when you’re eating a girl. [Read: What does it feel like to be eaten out?]

Not that this high school advice doesn’t work, most guys take it way too seriously. Instead of enjoying going down on her, many guys look at this part of sex as a serious chore that needs total focus. 

And what’s meant to be a real turn-on, turns into a total mood killer for both partners!

2. Be consistent

If you’re not consistent, then the magical feelings that a girl feels when you eat her out will come and go. [Read: Amazing types of female orgasms all girls can experience in bed]

Orgasms can be stopped before they happen, and you don’t want to do that. Just keep going and she’ll come eventually.

3. Listen for feedback

Set your ego aside and listen to what she says and the sounds she makes. If she squirms as if something hurts, then stop doing that and ask her if she’s okay. You can even ask her what feels good and then keep doing that.

4. Food is a bad idea

It might sound pretty erotic to use food while you eat a girl out, but just don’t. Sure, it might make her pussy taste better, but it can cause a yeast infection.

So, you don’t want to take that chance and make her miserable, do you? [Read: Nom-nom no-nos – 17 foods to avoid before having sex]

5. Do not imitate porn

You might be a big fan of porn, but that’s not real life. Don’t expect to eat a girl out like a porn star. She definitely won’t expect you to, and she might even find it quite strange if you try to pull some odd moves on her.

6. Do not be too rough

Remember, a woman’s private parts are sensitive – especially the clitoris. [Read: Aggressive sex – 17 wild ways to do it right if you like it rough]

You might think she likes it rough and that it gets her off more easily, but that’s not the case for all women. So be gentle and ask her if she’d like it rough or not.

7. Do not try to replicate sex

Eating a girl out is not the same as having sex. Of course, you know that, but don’t try to replicate it. Sure, you can finger her, but save the big stuff for when you actually have intercourse, not when you’re eating her out.

8. Do not rush

There is a time and place for everything. Generally speaking, you want to go slowly when you eat a girl out.

However, sometimes having a quickie is fun too. Assess each situation accurately and decide which one is best. [Read: 15 sexy ways to have the best quickie every time]

9. Do not make orgasm the goal

Of course, girls love achieving orgasm just like guys do. But that shouldn’t be the only goal. Most girls enjoy the process of being eaten out, not just the end result. So make it an experience and she will enjoy it a lot more that way.

Understanding her anatomy

Before you learn how to eat a girl out the right way, it’s helpful to understand the female anatomy. Here’s a quick look at the highlights. [Read: 60 secrets to make a woman orgasm and master the art of making a girl cum hard]

1. Clitoral hood

The clitoral hood is a fold of skin that surrounds and protects the clitoris. It also covers the external shaft and develops as part of the labia minora and is similar to the foreskin in male genitals. It protects the clitoris from friction.

2. Labia minora and majora

The labia majora are the fleshy outer lips on either side of the vaginal opening. This is where women grow their pubic hair.

The labia minora are the inner lips. They sit inside the outer lips but can be varying in size. For some women, they extend beyond the outer lips. [Read: How to squirt – 22 squirting orgasm secrets to make yourself or a girl squirt]

3. Urethral opening

The urethral opening sits just in front of the vaginal opening and is where urine comes out. The urethra begins at the bottom of the bladder and extends downward through the muscular area of the pelvic floor.

4. Vagina

The vagina is a muscular canal lined with nerves and mucus membranes. It connects the uterus and cervix to the outside of the body. It allows menstruation, intercourse, and childbirth. The vaginal opening is located between the urethra and the anus.

5. Anus

The anus is the opening where the gastrointestinal tract ends and exits the body. And yes, the anus is where everyone poops from. Circular muscles called the external sphincter form to hold it closed. [Read: Analingus – a walkthrough and total guide to eating ass like a champ]

6. G-spot

The G-spot is also called the Grafenberg spot. It’s located about an inch or so inside the vaginal opening on the upper vaginal wall – closest to the belly button. It’s sexually sensitive and swells slightly during arousal and feels raised or bumpy.

7. A-spot

The A-spot is a pleasure point that is located deep inside the vagina between the cervix and the bladder. It’s about 2 inches higher than the G-spot. Some refer to it as the “female prostate” because it’s in the same location as the prostate.

Can STDs spread when you’re eating a girl out?

Now we need to cover one more important subject before we leave you to your own devices. [Read: How to avoid getting STDs]

Yes, STDs can spread during oral sex. These include chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, HPV, HIV, and trichomoniasis. 

The best way to protect yourself is to ensure hygiene and to use a dental dam. Make sure you throw the dental dam away after use and use a clean one the next time. 

Also, never give oral if your partner has open sores or cuts down below. [Read: STDs 101 – the most common types and their symptoms]

Two techniques for eating a girl out

Believe it or not, there are two techniques you can try when you eat a girl out – the pancake and vortex techniques.

1. Pancake technique 

The pancake technique is very pleasurable for girls. What you need to do is stick your tongue out and relax it. Your tongue should be flat and wide.

Next, use your head to direct the tongue on her clitoris. Slowly move your neck up and down. [Read: Full body orgasm – the secrets to experience one and what it feels like]

This prevents you from getting too tired too fast because you’re moving your head, not your tongue. It’s a very comfortable position.

2. Vortex technique

The vortex technique requires you to be gentle and lightly suck on it. As sensitive as the clitoris is, sometimes just licking doesn’t do the trick, so that’s why you should try sucking on it.

Or, you can suck on the clitoris hard and then release it slowly. You could also lick the clit while it’s in your mouth.

For the best results, try them all. And don’t forget to maintain a constant pace or build up a rhythm. [Read: How to satisfy a woman in bed and make sex really exciting]

How to eat a girl out and make her scream – The tips every guy needs to follow

Eating a girl out is a specific skill that some people just don’t have. Fortunately, this skill can be taught and, with practice, you’ll be making her scream in no time.

If you really want to please your girl as you’ve never done before, these tips on how to eat a girl out will leave you with all the information you’ll need to make her scream.

1. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself

The problem with sex today is people put so much pressure on themselves to please their partners. If you’re enjoying the sexual experience with your partner, the odds are, they are as well. [Read: Fingering techniques to make her orgasm]

If you’re stressed out about going down on your partner, take a deep breath. Eating a girl out isn’t going to win you an Olympic medal. It’s sex, it’s supposed to be fun and light.

Seriously, get out of your head. It’s not about you, it’s about her. Sure, you’re probably worried that you’re not doing it right, whatever. 

Listen, if she’s really not feeling it, you’ll be able to tell by her lack of enthusiasm. [Read: How not to be nervous before having sex with someone and just enjoy it]

2. Educate yourself 

The guys who know how to eat a girl out the best are educated about it. If you’re not sure where the clitoris is, before you stick your tongue down there, you should Google it. 

Educate yourself about the vagina before you start exploring. [Read: Clitoris stimulation – sexy ways to please the clitoris]

3. It’s all about the brain

For women, sex is less of a physical thing than it is mental. If you want to turn her on when you’re down there, it takes more than just rubbing her pussy until it gets wet. 

It’s about turning her mind on. So, if you turn her on mentally, the rest follows.

4. Set the scene ahead of time 

Build the anticipation. There’s nothing hotter than getting a text from a man saying that he’s going to please you as you’ve never been pleased before. [Read: 20 dirty questions to ask a girl and make her wet]

It doesn’t matter if you’re at work or at the gym. When you get that text, you’re going to be in the mood.

Build up the anticipation beforehand. Get her mind and body ready for what you have to offer, and you’ll be surprised at how pumped she’ll be to receive what you have to give her.

5. Hygiene – for both of you

It’s no secret that there’s sometimes a smell down there. By design, the body has scent glands in the genitals, just like in the armpits. Your balls have the same thing. 

But society has a lot more jokes about smelly pussy than about sweaty balls, so don’t be surprised if she feels somewhat self-conscious when you go down on her.

It’s fair for you to expect her to be clean, just as you should be if you want a blowjob. Take a shower together before sex to ensure you’re both spotlessly clean and smelling like roses. 

If it’s an ongoing problem in your relationship, it’s okay to nicely tell her she needs to focus more attention there. [Read: 16 ways to get a girl to give you head and really enjoy it!]

For your part, keep a clean shave or soft, conditioned facial hair. Stubble can be extremely irritating to her soft skin.

6. Remove your ego 

Your goal is to make her orgasm, we know. But if that’s all you’re thinking about, you’re actually taking away from the moment. 

So, leave your ego at the door because you need to focus on making her feel good, not achieving your personal goals when eating a girl out. [Read: The types of vaginas that make up all the vaginas in the world]

7. Make her feel relaxed and comfortable

Some women have had bad experiences with receiving oral sex. Try to make her feel comfortable. Focus on foreplay in the beginning, as that gives her time to relax her mind. 

Let her know she can relax and that’ll ease her mental state. It takes a little longer for a woman to orgasm, so she may be feeling self-conscious because of that.

If she’s not mentally relaxed, she’ll have a hard time reaching an orgasm. [Read: Tips and tricks to give her oral sex like a pro]

8. Tease her

Women like to tease men in bed, so don’t think you can’t do it back. If you want to know how to eat a girl out right, have fun with it and tease her, making her want you even more. 

When you’re just about to go down on her, start kissing her on her thighs or stomach. It’ll drive her crazy.

9. Keep her underwear on

We know what you’re thinking – how are you supposed to get to the good stuff if it’s covered up? [Read: Sexiest hot spots to kiss a girl and really arouse her]

Well, licking and sucking through her underwear can be extremely arousing, and the feel of your tongue through the material will drive her crazy. 

As she gets really turned on, remove her underwear and go to town with eating your girl out. 

10. Use your breath 

Warm breath on a very sensitive clit is a serious turn-on, so when you’re using your tongue, don’t forget to allow your breath to do some of the work too. [Read: 19 foreplay sex games for couples to get naughty and horny in minutes]

11. Be patient

Great oral sex starts well before your face finds its way between her legs. Good foreplay, when done right, is key to getting her warmed up and ready. 

A guy is like a light switch, you’re either up *turned on* or down *turned off*. Women are more like a rocket launching: a complex set of systems activated in the right order will eventually turn her on.

Diving straight in, especially with dry fingers, can be quite painful to a woman. The foreplay will bring some natural lubrication to her vagina and establish a trusting and comfortable mood. [Read: 25 hot ways to make a guy go down on you and signs to tell if he likes it]

Work your way slowly down her body, paying close attention to her breasts. Even once you’re there, kiss her inner thighs and slowly get closer to her lips. 

This teasing will build her anticipation and get her ready for what’s next.

12. Enjoy her body

Heat things up in other regions first. Don’t just skip right to her lady bits and get to work. [Read: Nipple play – 26 ways to focus on a girl’s breasts and make her orgasm]

You want to make sure you’re getting her whole body on edge before ending your journey down there. Kiss her passionately, kiss her neck, feel her up, and make her know you’re about to get to work.

13. Play around her pussy

As we said, you don’t have to dive right into her pussy. You can use what’s around it as well. Her legs, ass, and lower stomach. 

They all play a part in turning her on. While you’re eating her out, grab her breasts or inner thigh. [Read: Foreplay moves every guy needs to do to their ladies]

14. Go slowly

Make your way down, slowly, and don’t ever hurry up. This part is very important because it helps to build that anticipation. 

You want her to be as turned on as possible because it’ll be that much easier to please her that way. So, move slowly, kissing and licking your way down her body until you finally get there.

15. Know her magic button

And by “magic button,” we mean her clit. If you don’t know where this is, then we have bigger problems than just your inability to give her oral. [Read: 32 sexy foreplay ideas for women and moves to leave her wet and waiting]

Find a diagram of a woman and locate the clit and then FOCUS on it. Knowing how to eat a girl out the right way is pretty much ALL about her clit.

16. Make sure your fingers are wet first

If you want to finger-fuck her, don’t do this with dry fingers. She may be wet, but it’s just a nicer feeling when you don’t have something rubbing inside you. 

Lick your fingers or even better, get her to lick your fingers. It’s hot, and it gets that task completed efficiently. [Read: Magic fingers – the sexual art of using your fingers the right way]

17. Kiss her pussy

Kiss her pussy lips. Start by kissing it softly and then with more intensity. 

You can then use your tongue to separate the lips and start licking her. You can use your hands to spread her legs wider. But don’t be too rough, do this part with some grace.

18. The right flick

We all know how much girls love vibration in that region, and that’s because the repeated movement of the clit is what gets women off. [Read: What does a vagina feel like? 35 pussy facts and descriptions from men]

So, try to recreate that motion by using your tongue to flick it back and forth and up and down. She’ll go nuts for this!

19. Apply pressure

Ladies also need pressure in order to get off. So don’t just flick your tongue around, but press down on her clit with that powerful tongue of yours while moving it back and forth as fast as you can. 

This will best recreate that powerful vibration feeling girls love so much. [Read: Tips and tricks to give her oral like a pro]

20. Use your lips

Your tongue isn’t the only thing that you can use to get a girl off. If you really want to make her scream, you’ll use everything your mouth has to offer, and that includes your lips.

Kiss that area. Use your lips to pull on her clit. Get creative with how you use your mouth. Your lips are an important part of making her finish, so don’t think that it’s all about your tongue.

21. Take a quick break for dirty talk! 

Don’t be afraid to break away and ask her how she likes what you’re doing. If you’re doing everything we’ve been telling you to so far, she should be gasping for air and unable to answer. [Read: How to dirty talk – 36 sexy tips and 55 examples to turn anyone on with words]

This will not only give you a chance to catch a little breather, but it’ll also help you to adjust your methods in order to please her just the way she wants.

22. You have hands

Just because you’re eating her out doesn’t mean that you can’t use other tools to get her off while you’re down there. So, don’t just leave your attention down below.

You have hands, and you can reach them wherever you want! Reach around to her butt or reach up to her boobs and play with them a little bit.

By stimulating multiple regions, you’ll be able to please her in more ways than just her lady bits. You’ll have her practically overwhelmed with pleasure and sensations. [Read: Sexiest hot spots to kiss on a woman and arouse her]

23. Try something new 

There are countless positions where you can try to eat her out. Don’t limit yourself to just one spot, because different positions can feel a lot different to her. Try them all out and then hone in on the one that gets the best feedback.

24. Go fast, go slow

Don’t just go hard for the entirety of your time eating her out. Switch up your tempo by going slow, then speeding up. 

You can apply a little pressure, and then apply even more before softening up again. Variety is key to getting her off. [Read: 48 sexy secrets to have better sex and explore new things to try in bed]

25. Tell her how much you love it 

This is something that not many guys think about, but it makes a huge difference. Girls have insecurities about guys eating them out, and if they don’t think you like it, they won’t like it, either.

Make it a point to inform her how much you like pleasing her and how much fun you’re having. 

This will relax her and allow her to let go and truly enjoy the experience instead of feeling insecure about it. [Read: How to talk dirty in bed – dirty talk examples]

26. Ask her what she likes

If you really aren’t sure what she likes and what she doesn’t, just ask her. Don’t be shy! This can be done in a really sexy way if you lean in close and whisper, “Tell me what you want me to do.” 

This puts the ball in her court, and you’ll learn exactly what she likes and wants. It will allow you to really focus on those things so you can eat her out like a pro. [Read: 15 things women wish men knew about the female body]

27. Stay down, just a while longer

If your girlfriend’s a good one, there’s a chance she may grab your head and nudge you to come back up at some point *because she knows you’re probably tired, and she’s awkward*. 

But instead of coming right back up, stay down for just a while longer! Let her know you’re enjoying it so much that you don’t want to come up. 

It’ll make her feel great, and she can enjoy your tongue without wondering if you don’t enjoy eating her. [Read: More tips on how to be a cunnilingus pro once you know the basics]

28. Listen to your partner’s reactions 

It’s the best way to see if you’re doing it right. You can tell when someone is inauthentic when it comes to them enjoying getting their pussy eaten out. If they’re wildly screaming, there’s a good chance they’re faking it.

If they’re silent, you’re probably not hitting the spot. But this is when you switch it up and try something new or ask them where to go. They’ll let you know what spot to hit.

29. Don’t forget about the anus

Anal play isn’t taboo anymore. In fact, more and more people are openly talking about anal play and how enjoyable it is

If you’re new to the world of anal play, relax. No, it’s not dirty, just make sure you and your partner are clean before sex—suggest a sensual shower together.

If you’re fingering or going down on her, lubricate your finger with either lube or spit and gently rub it around her anus. 

You’ll feel it relax when this happens, you can slowly insert a finger into her anus and hold it there. Then, slowly move it in and out—it feels amazing. [Read: She likes anal? 15 ways to impress a girl who likes backdoor fun]

30. Not every woman is the same

You may think that the way you eat a girl out is the best way and it may be for one woman, but for another, it doesn’t do anything for her. 

So, you can’t have tunnel vision when it comes to eating a girl out. You need to understand that every vagina is unique, so don’t be surprised if you switch up your method.

31. Build the tension

Women need time to get turned on. The vagina is like an oven. Yes, she may be turned on, but she needs some time to warm up. [Read: 20 ways to build sexual tension with a girl and make her thirst for you]

 So, when it comes to knowing how to eat a girl out the right way, really take your time and don’t rush eating it. 

Enjoy the moment, enjoy making her squirm and moan while you’re down there, and build the tension up so that all she wants is for you to fuck her.

32. Don’t forget the good ole labia

Don’t forget the labia, aka the vaginal lips. Many guys just bypass them altogether, but she’ll love it when you pay attention to them as well. [Read: Massaging your partner to orgasm]

Do firm, slow, fat licks up and down the labia to help stimulate the vagina. Start from the bottom of her vagina and lick all the way up to the clit. But don’t do any pointy tongue-licking yet.

33. Make sure to suck

Speaking of your lips, you can also use them to apply a kind of pressure girls aren’t used to feeling down there—suction! Suck and pull on her clit and watch her go crazy for you.

Now don’t be a vacuum and try to rip them off of her but suck on them. Switch it up from licking to sucking, and find your own groove. [Read: Pussy tease – how to be a charming guy who seduces in slow motion]

34. Really get your face in there

Listen, if you really don’t like doing it, then don’t do it. Women want a guy who’s really going to get in there and eat their pussy like it’s lunch. [Read: Moaning in bed – 15 sexy reasons why girls moan and gasp during sex]

When we see a man passionate about licking us, that’s what turns us on.

It’s the same thing when a woman is giving you a blowjob. The ones that really love sucking your dick are your best experiences.

35. Let her sit on your face

You can eat a girl out while she’s on her back or when she’s on all fours, but the best way to get right in there is if she sits on your face.

She’s in a squatting position, so her vagina is more open and ready to take on a licking.

36. Mix up the positions

If she’s into anal play, eat her out while she’s on all fours or when she’s laying on her stomach. You’ll be able to eat out her ass while fingering her or vice versa.

You can bend her over the sofa, eat her out while she’s standing, or lick her while she’s sitting in a chair. There’s really no bad position when it comes to eating a girl out. [Read: The yummy checklist to eating booty like a boss]

37. Lips on lips on lips

Another tip to give a girl oral sex is to focus on her lips. This is the point where most guys *those who can find it, anyway* go straight for the clitoris, but it’s not time yet. [Read: The hot and easy ways for men to get way better in bed!]

After kissing her inner thighs, give soft kisses on her outer lips. Reach one arm under her leg and around her stomach. Let it rest on her pubic hair.

Part her outer lips with your tongue to expose the inner lips, and kiss them softly. By now they should be wet, or at least moist. 

Slide your tongue over them, going up one side and down the other a few times, and suck very gently on the sides of the lips. [Read: The sexiest hot spots to kiss a woman and really arouse her]

38. Under the hood

Give a few more slow licks from above the perineum to just under the clitoris. Finally, give another lick, but don’t stop at the top – keep it going up and it will lightly graze her clitoris. 

Do this six times, then again but on the seventh, pull your tongue back before it reaches the clitoris.

The clitoris is all about rhythm, but at the start, giving a steady rhythm like this, then breaking it is a great tease. [Read: Amazing types of female orgasms all girls can experience in bed]

You will feel her body push towards you trying to get the touch it was just becoming accustomed to. Repeat this for about a minute – six full licks followed by one lick that pulls away at the last second.

Clitorises can vary greatly between women. Some are quite big, others tiny. But they’ll always be in the same place, so it’s just a matter of knowing where to look. As it becomes more stimulated, it will swell and become more prominent. 

With the hand you wrapped around her leg and placed on her stomach, pull back slightly on the skin just above the hood and the clitoris will become more exposed. [Read: How to finger a girl – 21 delicate moves to make her squirm and orgasm]

39. Ride the rhythm

Some women like hard pressure applied with the tongue to the clitoris, while some need a lighter touch. With more experience with the same woman, you will understand her needs better, but if you’re not sure, listen to her cues.

Try different motions to see which ones she likes best. Up and down licks and circles around the clitoris work best. Some women also like side-to-side motion. It’s okay to switch things up, just be sure to keep the rhythm.

Your tongue and jaw will get tired, at least until you are giving oral sex on a regular basis. When you need a rest, take her clitoris between your lips and give it a mini-blowjob. 

This will drive her wild. [Read: The man’s guide to lasting longer during sex without any difficulty]

40. Have a long oral session 

Even if you managed to give your partner an oral orgasm before, it is practically impossible for you to replicate the exact conditions of the moment you gave her the orgasm.

Female orgasms happen after she releases that build-up of sexual tension from your lip work. This build-up tends to be a long process. There’s no shortcut around it. [Read: Sexy ways to please the clitoris]

Therefore, prepare yourself by keeping your stamina going and adopting a comfortable position in order to avoid getting a stiff neck when it’s underway.

41. Try a blindfold 

Blindfolds help minimize external stimuli, making her less distracted from your chomping face and more focused on the sensations coming from her lady parts. 

When it comes to eating a girl out, it’s not ALL about the tongue! [Read: Blindfold sex – sensual ways to use blindfolds in bed]

42. Lock your eyes

Don’t assume that you need to keep your eyes down and get on with the job. Look up and watch her facial expressions. You could even encourage her to look at you. 

Locking eyes is extremely sexy and makes the experience even more intimate than it already is. [Read: Eye contact during sex will take your orgasm to the next level]

43. Light touches like a feather 

In addition to avoiding direct contact with her pleasure place, it also helps if you use very subtle and light touches on her lady parts.

Light touches like a graze of the tip of your tongue give her anticipation and tweak her clitoris to be more sensitive in order to feel your tongue better.

It’s like tricking prey to get out of the den for capture. [Read: Sexy ways to please the clitoris]

44. Use toys

Now, you don’t have to use them right away. We suggest learning how to work your tongue and fingers first, and then you can step it up. But using a vibrator is a great way to amp it up. 

Plus, women take an average of 20 minutes to climax from oral sex, so unless you have outstanding stamina, throw in the vibrator to prevent jaw cramping.

45. Think of it like a movie 

Cunnilingus is like a movie? Huh? Well, you know, they start out slow, you’re getting to know the plot and characters, then there’s some drama, and it ends with a finale. That’s what you want. 

Start off slowly, and then build up the momentum, increasing the pressure and speed. [Read: Where to kiss a girl]

46. Don’t reenact porn 

Porn is porn for a reason. Don’t try to be a cunnilingus porn star, so just admit that you’re not one. 

Let this moment be intimate and sexual, not like you have a camera in your face for 15 minutes of fame. When learning to eat a girl out, just be yourself, not someone you’ve seen in a porn movie. 

47. Think of what YOU like

When you receive a blowjob, you don’t want the girl to bite your penis. So she doesn’t want you biting her clit – it’s sensitive. [Read: Crucial moves you need to do to turn your girl on]

Treat her clitoris like your penis when you are eating her out.

48. Try breast/nipple play 

Many women become extremely aroused when you play with their breasts, especially the nipples. So, why not throw that in when learning to eat a girl out? 

All you need to do is reach up and play around a little. She’ll be writhing with pleasure before you know it. [Read: Nipple play – 26 ways to focus on a girl’s breasts and make her orgasm

49. Know her orgasmic symptoms

If this is just a one-night stand then you probably won’t have time to see her orgasmic symptoms. You might, but you won’t have to remember them. 

But if you’re with a girl for a couple of months, learn what her symptoms are, such as leg trembling, and nipples erect. Every woman is different. [Read: What does a pussy taste like? Different people tell it like it is]

50. Learn to sustain the pressure when the time comes 

One problem that arises is that the guy fails to keep his tongue in motion due to fatigue by the time she’s about to come. Remember that when you find the sweet spot, keep stimulating her button until the end, and don’t even dare to stop. 

If you do, you’ll end up with a very frustrated girl!

The last few seconds prior to orgasm is the decisive moment so you need to endure and sustain until she finishes. [Read: What does a vagina feel like? 21 confessions from men]

This is why it helps you to get into a comfortable position, and be mindful of her reactions to know if she’s about to come or not.

51. Don’t just quit after she orgasms

Her mind is still very much in the orgasm. So, don’t just stop and end the show. Keep going for a little bit and then you move on to the next sex position or see where she wants it to go.

As long as she’s not super sensitive, she may be able to come again pretty soon afterward. Listen to her reactions and avoid direct contact with the clitoris straight afterward – slowly build back up to it.

The key to eating a girl out the right way is patience. [Read: 46 secrets to sexually arouse a woman mentally but not make it obvious]

Oral sex positions to take things to another level 

Cunnilingus techniques aren’t all about what you do with your tongue, the position she’s in can also play a huge part in her pleasure. Just like regular sex positions, positions for eating a girl out matter too. [Read: What does an orgasm feel like?]

1. The Kivin Method 

This method means that your partner lies on her back and as the giving partner, you lay on your side and approach her vulva from there. This position gives more vulval stimulation and may be more comfortable for you too. 

2. Oral sex from behind 

Imagine that you’re having sex in the doggy-style position. She leans over, and you approach her from behind, licking upward. This position gives her a totally different sensation from what she may be used to. [Read: Ways to make doggy style your favorite sex position]

3. Face sitting

You lay down and she squats over your face. You then eat the girl out from your chilled-out, laid-down position! 

The plus point here is that she can move up and down to get the extra sensation she may need. 

4. Oral on your knees

The regular blowjob ideal is a woman kneeling down in front of the man, right? Well, what’s stopping you from doing the same? [Read: Attention men – things you must do more often]

Get down on your knees as she stands – and worship her vulva and clit as she deserves!

5. Sitting down oral 

This position gives her more comfort and allows you to really get into the heart of the action. 

Here, she sits on a chair, the kitchen table, or a living room chair, with her legs draped over the sides. You then lean down or kneel, whichever is more comfortable, and go for it. 

6. Pillow method

As she lays down, place a pillow under her hips. This will lift her pelvis up toward you and make it easier for you to get to the parts that matter. [Read: Pillow humping – how to hump a pillow and the naughty ways to do it]

Benefits of eating a girl out

Some of you may be rolling your eyes because you don’t see the point in eating a girl out when you can just get right to the sex and please her that way.

But you might not be pleasing her as much as you think if you’re just getting right down to business.

Girls need foreplay. They take a lot longer than men to get off and tend to enjoy foreplay to get things rolling and make the big O even better. [Read: 18 pussy eating moves between her legs that will blow her mind]

What do vaginas smell and taste like?

The taste of a vagina can vary throughout the month due to a woman’s menstrual cycle. It might even taste something that she ate recently. [Read: What does a vagina taste like?]

But the vagina is naturally acidic which balances the bacteria inside it. That acidity can translate to some flavors that are relatively strong. Some people describe it as a metallic or penny-like flavor. Others call it a “battery” taste.

It might be more likely to taste metallic right after her period ended because small amounts of blood might still be in and around the vagina. Blood naturally has a metallic taste because of its iron content. [Read: Foreplay done right – the art of really turning her on]

A vagina can also taste salty or sour sometimes. If a woman sweats, that can leave the vagina tasting salty. A sour taste from sweat isn’t unusual either, and it’s not a sign of anything bad.

The smell of the vagina can vary a lot too. For example, it can smell tangy, fermented, coppery, sweet, like bathroom cleanser, or skunky/fishy/rotten.

As long as a woman doesn’t experience any unusually strong scents like it’s rotten, it is perfectly normal. [Read: Intense orgasms checklist – moves to guarantee one all the time]

Do you enjoy eating a girl out? 

There’s a huge difference between a guy who likes doing it and one who feels like he has to do it. Don’t be the latter. Guys who eat a girl out, well, are guys who actually love pleasuring their partners. 

If you’re not ecstatic about eating a girl out, you don’t have to do it. No one wants someone who’s going to do a half-ass job.

Why are some men reluctant to eat girls out? 

Believe it or not, some guys just don’t like going down on women – much to the woman’s chagrin. So, what are some of the reasons that hold them back? Here are a few. [Read: 16 moves to drive her wild]

1. He is insecure about his own body

As strange as it might sound, some guys don’t like going down on women because they think that she will feel obligated to reciprocate. 

Now, that would sound amazing to most guys. But some men are insecure about the size of their package or how it looks. 

Another reason he could be insecure is that he doesn’t know how his body will react when he’s giving oral sex to the woman. [Read: Weird penis – freaky behaviors that are totally normal]

He could be worried that he won’t get hard or she won’t get wet. And if that happened, they would be embarrassed.

2. Bad past experiences

A guy might have had an experience with previous partners that has caused him to dislike giving oral sex at all. 

It could be anything from how the women smelled, to being worried about being judged that they’re doing it wrong. [Read: Awkward signs you’re having bad sex with your lover]

There can be a lot of pressure on guys to perform well during sex. This can leave some of them scared to mess up or make any mistakes. 

And if he happens to have a perfectionist personality, this could be especially problematic for him.

3. He feels used

Maybe a guy’s nature is to be a “giver” in all areas of life. And if that’s true, then that’s not a bad thing, right? Well, it could be. [Read: The most arousing erogenous zones for women all men should know]

Maybe he has been with women who always demanded oral sex and never did anything to reciprocate.

After a while, he might have associated oral sex with being used or being subservient to a woman. For a man’s ego, it doesn’t feel good to be subservient. 

So, if he has always been the giver and never *or rarely* the receiver, then he might be resentful too. [Read: Sex tutorial – 20 things about how to have and enjoy sex no one tells you]

4. Deeply rooted traumatic experience 

No one really likes to talk about child sexual abuse but this could be an issue for a man who doesn’t live to give oral. 

He could have had some deeply-rooted traumatic experiences with oral sex when he was a child.

If he was sexually abused, he is also more likely to battle mental health challenges like PTSD *post-traumatic stress disorder*. [Read: 16 ways to use your tongue and blow her mind]

If this is true, then oral sex can be triggering for him. And he might worry that if he gives oral sex, he might be expected to engage in other sex acts that he isn’t comfortable with.

5. Selfishness

One very common answer for why a man might be reluctant to give oral sex to a woman is just that he’s downright selfish. [Read: Selfless love – 18 traits that set it apart from selfish love]

He could be a selfish person in general, or just in bed. But usually, what goes on in the bedroom is indicative of what kind of person they are outside the bedroom.

A lot of guys are just more concerned with their own pleasure instead of the woman’s. 

They are more preoccupied with getting their orgasm through sex and aren’t thinking about how much the woman is enjoying – or not enjoying – her sexual experience. 

6. He just doesn’t enjoy it

Finally, there might not be any underlying reason why a man doesn’t like going down on a woman. It could just be that he doesn’t like it. 

Everyone has different things that turn them on, and maybe giving oral sex just isn’t one of them for him. It might have nothing to do with the woman he is with, it’s just his own preference!

Now you know how to eat a girl out, what are you waiting for?

Far too many men are squeamish when it comes to giving a girl oral. But, if you’re happy for her to give you a blowjob, isn’t it fair to reciprocate? 

The truth is that most women can’t orgasm through penetration alone – and if you want to increase her chances, getting her hot under the collar beforehand is the way to go. You’ll seriously rev her engine when eating a girl out with these tips. 

What are you waiting for?

[Read: Goofproof moves to make a girl squirt like she’s peeing]

Now that you know how to eat a girl out, it’s time to practice. Make sure that your partner gives you their opinion on what you’re doing right and wrong. That way, you improve your pussy licking skills.

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