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Sexual Wish List: 16 Naughty Deeds to Help Build Your List

We all have a bucket list, but do you have a sexual wish list with naughty bedroom activities? I don’t blame you, I have a naughty bucket list too.

sexual wish list

When you were a kid, you probably wanted a bicycle or a Barbie for Christmas – you know, vanilla dreams. Those were good times. But now, you’re older and you know what’s really going on in the world.
16 things that need to be on your sexual wish list
That’s right, you don’t want a bike anymore, you’re looking for more extreme gifts – ones that you can cross off your real wish list. Some write their lists down, while others keep them locked deep in their hearts and vaginas.
Well, it’s time to dust off that list and update it. Here are the 16 things that need to be in your sexual wish list.
#1 Out in the great outdoors. Ignore the bugs. What’s more important is that you’re having sex under the stars and in the open air. It’s sexy as hell. Think about it – you’re out in the wild like two animals, naked, raw, getting in touch with the land.
Okay, you’re probably not reconnecting with the dirt, however, you’re outside in the elements. Who knows what could happen! Maybe a raccoon will steal your clothes, or maybe you’ll fall asleep in a field.
#2 Sex video. There’s some terrifyingly hot about watching yourself have sex. I know that you want to know what you look like when you’re getting downright dirty. Why not make a video of yourself and your partner? Just make sure to delete it. Don’t make copies. [Read: How to spice up your sex life in 30 sexy ways]
#3 Threesome. This is on almost everyone’s sexual wish list, whether they admit or not. It’s on many people’s sexual wish list. This is such a common fantasy, so why not make it come to life?
There’s something thrilling about having sex with two other people. I mean, there are so many possible combinations, okay, there’s four combinations. But still, trying one of them is a dream coming true. [Read: The threesome invite – How to make the amazing happen]
#4 Public sex. People want to explore sex outside of the bedroom. The bedroom is great, but it’s a classic place, it’s the place to have sex. If you get caught having sex in bed, well, that’s expected.
But what about in a car, or in the bathroom at the supermarket? Yeah, no one’s expecting you to be having sex in there. What if someone knocks on the door? Or walks in? Yeah, now that’s thrilling. [Read: 15 risky places to have sex and get your adrenalin racing]
#5 Dominate. Almost every girl wants to experience having their man in a position where, well, they have no control. Whips, handcuffs – he needs to be in a place where he gives himself to you. He obeys your every wish while you’re playing dominatrix. It’s fun, and your man will get the opportunity to see your wild imagination.
#6 Stranger sex. Although the rational thought of having sex with someone you really don’t know can be terrifying, people are actually really turned on by anonymity. Now, to do this sexual fantasy, you don’t need to grab someone off of the street.
You can have fun by having you and your partner dress up as someone else – gets wigs, different clothes, different personalities. Meet at a bar and then, well, go home with this “stranger.” But remember to stay in character. [Read: The sexual role play guide for beginners]
#7 Up the butt. Lots of people love anal sex. Don’t get discouraged by your one friend who told you it sucks and not to put it on your sexual wish list. It doesn’t – they just didn’t know what they were doing. Anal sex is a fantasy for many people, but, like your friend, they don’t know how to do it. So, read up on it the first time. But after that, go wild.
#8 Boss/employee sex. You may not want to hear this, but a lot of people have sexual fantasies of sleeping with their co-workers. Hopefully, your partner is self-employed. But if not, you can always dress up in your work clothes and recreate the scene.
Having sex with your boss is a power move, and I know your partner has no problem acting out that character. [Read: Tips to keep in mind when you date your boss]
#9 Up in the air. I’m not a part of the Mile High Club, are you? I know, it’s time we joined. If you’ve already crossed off public and outdoor sex from your list, congratulations. So, why not get this one out of the way?
Having sex in an airplane is, well, exhilarating. The thrill of being caught in the bathroom is so intense because you really have nowhere to run to other than your seat. And plus, who wouldn’t want to try having sex thousands of feet up in the sky?
#10 Mutual masturbation. Watch your partner masturbate. Let your partner watch you. But don’t touch each other. Watching each other masturbate is extremely intimate and sensual even though you may not think it is.
You’re watching them watch you, as they touch themselves – and all they’re thinking about is you. You also get to see what turns them on and how they touch themselves. It’s very hot. [Read: Sexy benefits of masturbation]
#11 Playing with food. Whipped cream, anyone? Using food during sex is a great way to enhance your sexual experience. You can make your partner try to find where you hid the Skittle or make them lick the whipped cream from your breasts. Use whatever food turns you and your partner on, and just have fun with it.
#12 Lights, camera, action! Is there a scene from a movie that really turns you on? Maybe the clay wheel scene from Ghost? If that made you sweat, which it probably did, why not act it out with your partner? Dress up as the characters, and just act out the scene.
To be honest, you probably won’t even make it through the scene – it’s amazing how quickly you get aroused from it. [Read: Hot sex ideas to blow your lover’s mind in bed]
#13 Spanky-spanky. With a firm hand to the ass, man oh man, I’m a done woman. People love a kinky smack to the butt. Physically, it arouses us. But there’s also the taboo part of it. You don’t even have to use your hands!
You can have a collection of butt-spanking utensils like a spatula or a wooden spoon. You can even dress up as a naughty teacher with a paperback book. Yeah, that’s one hell of a fantasy.
#14 Group sex. This may not be on everyone’s list, and fair enough. There’s a lot going on in group sex, but if you’re into threesomes… why not add in an extra person? This is a great opportunity to be able to explore your sexuality in a safe place. [Read: Types of wild sex parties you can have at home]
#15 Uniforms. Women like police officers and firemen for a reason. Helloooo… they look so hot in their uniforms. Get your man wearing a uniform and the minute he walks in the door, it’s off. This is a huge fantasy for both sexes as there’s just something about a uniform that makes our pelvises jerk.
#16 Off to the strip club. Believe it or not, many women like going to the strip club with their men. Your partner is getting aroused by the stripper, but he can’t touch. But, who can he touch? You.
It’s that safe space if you’re not comfortable with a threesome. Plus, you guys can both get lap dances, which is pretty sexy if you ask me.
[Read: The girl’s guide to strip clubs and female strippers]
Now that you have some new ideas for your sexual wish list, it looks like it’s about time to try them out. You better start crossing these things off.

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