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90 Sexy & Dirty Would You Rather Questions to Make Anyone Horny AF

Looking for dirty would you rather questions that’ll make both of you horny AF? Try these questions—they’re guaranteed to leave you aroused in no time!

sexy dirty would you rather questions

Would-you-rather questions are a fun way to pass the time and have a few laughs along the way. But do you know the key to guaranteeing a fun evening? That’s right, it’s asking the right questions. This game can be rather revealing, insightful, and very truthful so long as you know how to play the right way. And with just a few dirty questions, you can find out more about your partner while arousing them at the same time!

So, how exactly do you play the game properly? What are the best sexy, dirty, and downright titillating questions to ask your partner? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

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How Dirty Would You Rather Questions Can Help You Communicate

While you may think this is just a game, asking your partner dirty questions can actually do so much more for you than you think! Once you get past the giggles and the blushes, talking about sex can have a real healing impact on your relationship.

For starters, it can do wonders for your sex life. Maybe there’s something lacking in the bedroom that you feel too awkward to talk about. Or maybe nothing is necessarily wrong, but the spark in the sheets has naturally fizzled out over time. Asking your partner dirty questions can be the platform that you both need to air your sexy laundry.

Even if you’re happy with your sex life, healthy and honest communication can never be a bad thing. You might just learn something new… and exciting! [Read: 42 secrets to communicate better in a relationship and ways to fix a lack of it]

And with all that communication comes greater intimacy, a stronger bond, and a better relationship overall.

The Big List of Dirty Would You Rather Questions to Turn Each Other On Like Never Before

The next time you and your lover have some time on your hands, ask each other these dirty would-you-rather questions.

Either way, your sex life will get better, your relationship will feel more secure, and both of you will feel a lot closer and more connected.

1. If both of us were playing sexual truth or dare with other couples, would you rather watch me make out with someone or would you prefer making out with someone? [Read: 87 best dirty truth or dare questions for a wild and sexy night]

2. Would you rather cheat on me with your ex or with someone you’ve never been sexually intimate with before?

3. Would you rather watch porn with me or read an erotic novel out loud while touching each other?

4. Would you rather be an occasional flasher and discreetly show off your body to an attractive neighbor, or a voyeur who peeps at a sexy neighbor when they’re undressing?

5. Would you rather have sex with the lights on or the lights off?

6. Would you rather cheat on me or bring another person of your gender into bed with us?

7. If you had the choice, would you rather have morning sex or night sex? [Read: Morning sex – how to wake up to great sex and 16 reasons it feels so good]

8. Would you rather pay for sex or get paid for sex?

9. Would you rather give an oral or get an oral?

10. Would you rather have sex while someone attractive is watching you, or would you want to watch someone have sex in front of you? [Read: Sexual voyeurism, the horny rush, and naughty ways to enjoy it as a couple]

11. Would you rather be on top or bottom while having sex?

12. Would you rather have sex with me in front of your closest friends or circulate our homemade sex video online with our faces blurred?

13. Spit or swallow?

14. Would you rather have a sensuous evening where our only way of communicating is through interpretive dance or where we can only speak in sultry song lyrics?

15. Would you rather have period sex or a golden shower where you let me pee over you? [Read: Period sex – 73 sexy tips to try it, myths, and reasons why you may love it]

16. Would you rather abstain from having sex with me for one full year because you’ve been cursed by a magical spell, or would you have sex with five friends in a week to break the curse and resume having sex with me? Name the five people you’d have sex with if you choose to break the spell.

17. If you were invisible for a whole day, would you rather watch people undressing or run your hands over people’s clothed bodies?

18. Would you rather give up on a promotion or sleep with your boss to get the promotion? / Would you rather give up on a promotion or ask me to sleep with your boss to get the promotion?

19. Would you rather get amazing oral from me now or have good sex this weekend?

20. Would you rather go skinny dipping with your friends or with my friends?

21. If you were single, would you rather have occasional one-night stands or one fuck buddy?

22. Would you rather have a threesome or hear about your friend who had a threesome? [Read: 57 signs and rules to have a threesome and the best three-way tips and positions]

23. Would you want to be spanked in bed, or bring food into bed?

24. Would you rather have sex once a fortnight with me and no one around, or have sex every other day but with someone in the room who watches us?

25. Would you rather have kinky sex or romantic sex for the rest of your life, if you could only pick one?

26. If you have a perfect first date with someone and the sexual chemistry is sizzling, would you rather end the date with a hug, or would you end the date with sex if they suggest it?

27. Would you rather watch girl-on-girl porn or guy-on-guy porn to turn yourself on?

28. Would you rather go down on me for two hours or kiss a coworker you find attractive?

29. Would you rather have sex with my best friend or your best friend *of the opposite sex if you’re straight*?

30. When we’re having sex, would you rather talk about your secret crush with me or fantasize about it secretly in your mind? [Read: Mutual fantasize – how to fantasize and talk about someone else while you’re having sex]

31. If you get a massage in a secluded room and no one could see you, would you rather get it from an average-looking person of the opposite sex who discreetly brushes their hands around your privates often or a very attractive person whose hands don’t go anywhere near your underwear?

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32. Would you rather send a sexy text or a sexy nude?

33. Would you rather have sex for exactly 5 minutes and have a quick-but-average orgasm, or have sex for a minimum of one hour to have an explosive orgasm? Just remember, if you stop before an hour or your partner finishes before you, you don’t get to orgasm.

34. Would you rather be in a relationship with someone who is always submissive in bed or always dominating in bed?

35. Would you rather whisper your fantasies in Klingon or Elvish during a steamy night?

36. Would you rather catch me wearing your underwear for fun or wearing a superhero costume under my regular clothes?

37. Would you rather reenact a scene from “50 Shades” or “Pride and Prejudice”?

38. If you had to choose an aphrodisiac, would you rather it be oysters or chocolate-covered strawberries? [Read: Aphrodisiacs and food hell – a lover’s guide to eating well]

39. Would you rather engage in a flirtatious game where we can only touch each other using our lips, or a teasing game where the first one to laugh owes the other a sultry favor?

40. Would you rather have a quick smooch in a crowded subway or a long passionate kiss atop a ferris wheel?

41. Would you rather walk in on your parents playing a game of strip poker or have them walk in on you?

42. Would you rather get a naughty gift from me on your birthday in front of your family or have me whisper something inappropriate in your ear at a very inappropriate time?

43. Would you rather find out I have a secret book on ancient erotic techniques or a manual titled “Love like a Pirate”? [Read: How to have spiritual sex and experience sexual pleasure beyond orgasms]

44. Would you rather have a passionate moment inside a house of mirrors or on a floating gondola?

45. Would you rather find out I’ve bought you lingerie or a fun costume for our special night?

46. Would you rather role-play a classic love story or a sci-fi romance?

47. Would you rather share a steamy dance in the rain or under a waterfall?

48. Would you rather surprise me with a flirty note hidden in my lunch or with a risqué picture? [Read: Boudoir photography – what it is, 47 tips, best poses, types, and how to make it hot]

49. Would you rather play a round of naughty charades or a game of “pin the kiss on your partner”?

50. Would you rather sneak a kiss *or a feel* in a photo booth or behind a waterfall?

51. Would you rather get a spontaneous serenade from me in a crowded mall or a private dance in our living room?

52. Would you rather go for a romantic getaway in a forest cabin where the wildlife is a bit too friendly or a beach where the sand gets… everywhere?

53. Would you rather have a dinner where every dish is an aphrodisiac or where everything is shaped like a heart? [Read: Cooking as a couple – romantic tips and date ideas to have fun together]

54. Would you rather engage in a tickle war or a game of sensual hide and seek?

55. Would you rather be captured by a love pirate or rescued by a passionate knight?

56. Would you rather send me a voice note of you singing a love song or a video of you doing a sultry dance?

57. Would you rather have spontaneous sex in a blanket fort or in a treehouse?

58. Would you rather join the mile-high club or the “diving deep” submarine club? [Read: What is the mile-high club – is it on your sexual bucket list?]

59. Would you rather play a flirty game of twister with glow-in-the-dark paint or with feathers and ticklers?

60. Would you rather find out that I’ve written a passionate song about us or a fairy tale where we are the main characters?

61. Would you rather be the star of a romantic reality show or participate in a love experiment hosted by Cupid?

62. Would you rather receive a bouquet of roses with a flirty note or a single rose delivered every hour for an entire day?

63. Would you rather reenact the pottery scene from “Ghost” or dance like Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in “Dirty Dancing”?

64. Would you rather have a spicy night based on a fortune cookie’s suggestion or decide our activities with a roll of naughty dice?

65. Would you rather be challenged to seduce me using only movie quotes or song lyrics?

66. Would you rather get relationship advice from Christian Grey or from Mr. Darcy of “Pride and Prejudice”?

67. Would you rather find out I have a sultry playlist named “For Our Ears Only” or a secret drawer labeled “For Our Nights Only”? [Read: 15 common types of sex toys all singles and couples must know about]

68. Would you rather be seduced with Shakespearean dirty talk or futuristic alien flirtations?

69. Would you rather play a game of naughty scrabble *where every word scores in more ways than one* or a game of strip Jenga?

70. Would you rather be covered in edible body paint or sparkling body glitter for a passionate night?

71. Would you rather be teased with a feather or with an ice cube during foreplay?

72. Would you rather attend a secret masquerade ball where every mask hides a flirtatious intent or a retreat where couples communicate only in sensual sign language?

73. Would you rather discover I’ve been taking lessons in erotic pottery or sensual sandcastle making?

74. Would you rather indulge in a passion-filled night on an iceberg *with plenty of warm blankets, of course* or inside an active volcano’s cave *with air conditioning, obviously*?

75. Would you rather have me whisper naughty haikus or sultry sonnets in your ear? [Read: Sexy words – 23 seductive words, do’s, and don’ts to make dirty talk sound erotic]

76. Would you rather try passion-boosting potions from a sultry sorcerer or get relationship advice from a lustful leprechaun?

77. Would you rather find out I’ve commissioned a steamy mural of us in a hidden room or a passionate portrait that hangs behind a curtain in our living room?

78. Would you rather have me serve you breakfast in bed wearing nothing but whipped cream or wearing nothing but strategically placed fruits?

79. Would you rather play a game of sensual Simon Says or steamy Marco Polo *in the dark*?

80. Would you rather have a surprise “bedroom circus night” with me or a “tropical temptation night” where the dress code is coconuts?

81. Would you rather explore an adult toy shop together while pretending to be innocent first-timers or seasoned experts giving advice to others?

82. Would you rather write a naughty bucket list together or a sensual travel map with spots marked for intimate adventures? [Read: Vacation sex – 30 secrets and checklist to have a naughty, wild time in paradise]

83. Would you rather role-play as two explorers discovering the “island of pleasure” or as two scientists researching the “anatomy of arousal”?

84. Would you rather receive a book of erotic coupons from me or a calendar where each month has a spicy challenge?

85. Would you rather have me recite a dirty limerick written just for you or sing a sultry song I’ve composed?

86. Would you rather be tempted with a striptease inspired by the roaring ’20s or the futuristic 3020s?

87. Would you rather play a game of “capture the naughty flag” or “hide and seek the pleasure treasure”?

88. Would you rather find out I’ve trained as a geisha to enhance our evenings or as a gladiator to “conquer” the bedroom?

89. Would you rather partake in a passionate pillow fight where every hit has a sultry consequence or a steamy scavenger hunt where every find leads to a delight?

90. Would you rather have sex with me now, or later tonight? 😉

Would You Rather… Ask One of These Questions or All of Them?!

You may be familiar with would you rather questions, but have you ever imagined using them to better your relationship?

Well, by using the right questions, both of you can explore your sexual minds and understand each other’s wants and sexual desires a lot better. [Read: Married sex – 38 sex ideas and naughty tips to spice it up and stay passionate]

The next time you’re playing a game of would you rather questions, don’t just ask them gross or hilarious questions. Instead, ask questions that are sexy and dirty, and yet, very revealing about their attitude towards sex and intimacy. Keep the atmosphere light and easy, have a laugh with each new question, and you’ll know more about your lover’s sexual side within the next fifteen minutes than you’ve ever known before!

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Just try these 90 dirty would-you-rather questions with your partner over the weekend or over text late at night. The naughty answers will definitely be enlightening, and not to mention, pretty arousing too!

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