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26 Secrets for Men to Take a Good Selfie & Look Totally Cool and Photogenic!

Sick of taking selfies that just look wrong? Want to learn how to look great on camera? Check out our guide on how to take a good selfie for guys!

how to take a good selfie for men

After just a few minutes of swiping through a dating app, it is painfully clear that men do not know how to take a good selfie.

They just don’t seem comfortable on camera. Their poses look awkward, they’re squinting or grimacing, or they just look plain goofy. Of course, we get it. Taking a photo of yourself can feel awkward and shallow.

However, it doesn’t have to be so hard. A selfie is no more serious than any other photo. Nowadays, selfies are what draws people into our social networks, or even into our romantic lives. They are a small window into who we are. With a well-taken selfie, you can show everything a potential partner needs to know about you – instantly!

That is a lot of pressure for one photo. Once you pick up on how to take a good selfie, it won’t be so terrifying. It can even add to your confidence, by showing you what an awesome guy you are.

So, how does a guy take the perfect selfie? Here’s our ultimate guide to selfie-taking for guys. [Read: A photographer’s guide to taking a sexy picture]

Why men don’t know how to take a good selfie

When we say men, we, of course, don’t mean all men. Have you seen Chris Evans’s Instagram? It’s wall-to-wall selfies.

Clearly, some guys have no problem at all taking flattering pictures of themselves and posting them online for all to see. Those guys can make you feel even more insecure if you’re not a confident guy.

But, there is a reason you came looking for this feature. Whether you feel weird taking selfies or think your selfies always come out wrong, you are probably right.

Sorry, but it is true. We do not want to judge men or anyone on a simple selfie, but with the way online dating and social media are nowadays, selfies say a lot. [Read: How to take a good selfie every time you snap a photo]

So, why do most men not know how to take a good selfie? Often, it’s because theyre trying too hard. Do you pose and make serious faces when your mom takes a photo of you and your sister? No. And that’s why it’s your most flattering photo!

From what we’ve seen, a lot of men tend to put on a persona or give off a vibe in selfies. It seems like men are trying to impress other men with their selfies. They don’t want to be seen as feminine or vain so they make a face that says “cool” rather than “happy.”

Sure, not all selfies men take are to attract someone romantically. But even your aunt and grandma will prefer to see your next selfie looking like the real you, and not like a version of you trying too hard to impress. [Read: The best and worst ways to present yourself online]

Why you need to learn how to take a good selfie

When you are about to take a selfie, what are you thinking about? How your hair looks? Or how the lighting is? Maybe you’re worrying about what you’re going to have for breakfast tomorrow?

Whatever it is you’re thinking about, it’s making you look dumb in your selfies. Instead, think about the expressions and poses you could be using to make your selfies stand out.

Before getting into the nitty-gritty, let‘s think about the selfies you’ve seen. Statistically, selfies that show someone smiling are swiped right *or liked* about two times more than selfies making any other face.

When you see a girl on Instagram post a selfie smiling, that smile affects you more than a duck face or a serious look. [Read: How to comment on a girl’s picture on Instagram and get a response]

Even if you don’t think so, it is proven. Smiles are contagious. They are responded to more positively. So, go into your next selfie happy and having fun rather than putting on a show or acting a certain way that just doesn’t feel like you.

A selfie should look how you look. It should feel like someone is looking at a still of how you are, not how you want to appear or think you should appear.

That’s why it’s so important to know how to take good selfies. A good selfie shows the best version of you! [Read: 30 effective tips to help you win at online dating]

What girls want to see in a selfie

When you swipe through a dating app, you’re bombarded with photos of guys standing in front of cars. You see selfies of guys trying their best to look serious, when in fact they look unattractive and creepy.

The rare selfie of a guy smiling or making a funny face is refreshing, intriguing, and attractive. Most women would rather see a guy being himself and having fun, rather than trying to impress.

And when guys do post those serious selfies and pictures in front of cars, it seems like they are trying to impress other guys rather than a potential love interest.

Are you asking your guy friends for help picking dating app photos? Next time, ask a female friend for her advice. [Read: Why a girl best friend is a real gem]

The do’s and don’ts of how to take a good selfie

Hopefully, you see where we’re coming from when we say the best way for a man to take a good selfie is to be comfortable and avoid trying too hard.

But along with those tips, here are some more helpful hints to guarantee your next selfie will get all the Instagram likes and the right swipes when online dating.

1. Do practice

This does not mean you take 200 selfies before finding a good one. It means you should get used to seeing yourself on camera. You can find your lighting, sure, but also get used to the idea that you are taking a selfie and own that.

Once you are comfortable taking a photo of yourself, the whole thing will feel much more normal. Remember: you’re not shallow, and you’re not self-obsessed.

2. Don’t show off

Don’t be cocky. We said to be comfortable and own the fact that you are taking a selfie, but don’t take that as a free pass to look like a douchebag! [Read: How to make a girl like you without even telling her you like her]

Trying to look “cool” or impressive is not the way to go about it. Making a connection is how you get someone’s attention in person, so keep that as the goal when taking a selfie. You want to connect with people who see this photo, not intimidate them.

3. Do smile

Not as if you are taking your third-grade school photo, but as if you are just happy and in a good mood. Smiling doesn’t mean you say cheese and show your teeth from ear to ear. That’s a grin, not a smile. Totally different.

Just try and look how you would if you saw someone you were attracted to, came across an adorable puppy, or spent the day with your grandma. You know, natural and happy.

4. Don’t wear sunglasses

We can’t tell you how many guys on dating apps have five selfies of them in sunglasses. Does this make any sense? No! The whole point of a photo is to see what someone looks like. If you’ve got sunglasses covering half of your face, you’re not showing your face.

If your endgame is to meet someone, they will see what you actually look like eventually. So at least have one selfie of your face.

Sure, if you are at the beach, show off those Ray-Bans. But not when it comes to dating apps. [Read: 15 things guys do that are a big turn-off for girls]

5. Do be in the light

There is zero point in taking a selfie when you can barely see the outline of your face. Maybe you are not the most confident in your looks. But posting a selfie in the dark only magnifies those self-doubts.

You might be scared of rejection or that someone may not be attracted to you. But the whole purpose of a selfie is to show yourself! So stand in front of a window. Let the sun shine. Natural daylight or evening light is the most flattering.

Posting a selfie that is bright and shows that you are comfortable in yourself and not ashamed of your looks. [Read: How to start a conversation over Snapchat in a fun and flirty way]

6. Don’t be creepy

Do guys know when they look creepy in their selfies? Or do they think they look sexy?

Either way, stop with those serious faces. You either look creepy or like you have a stomach ache. Trying to look sexy in a selfie is like trying to smell good at the gym. Not possible.

Just be you. Your selfie should look how you look. You should look at it and think, “yup that is me.” You should not look like you are making a face.

If you feel uncomfortable snapping that picture, people will feel uncomfortable looking at it. [Read: How to not come across as creepy to a girl]

7. Do have decent quality

With new-age technology, there is no excuse for a blurry or pixelated photo. If your selfie is so blurry that nobody can tell what you look like, there is no point in using that photo. It is not artsy or mysterious.

Posting a selfie where someone cannot see you makes it look like you are hiding something. The only other explanation is that you are taking selfies on a flip phone. Get with the times, seriously!

8. Don’t selfie and drive

This should be obvious. But you’ll still see countless men *or should we say boys?* posting selfies while they are driving, and on highways no less. Not only is this insanely dangerous and stupid, but anyone with any sense will not find you attractive or clever.

9. Do own it

You are taking a selfie. Sure, it is silly. Sure, it is super millennial. And sure, it is a tad shallow. But if you are ashamed of the fact that you are taking a selfie, that‘s going to come through in a photo.

Do you know what people say about a photo being worth a thousand words? Well, you want those words to be positive, not suspicious and uncomfortable. [Read: How to be comfortable with yourself and not give a f*ck]

10. Don’t over-edit

We know, you see people do it all the time. Instagram is full of selfies so overly edited that the subject looks more like a doll than a human. But just because it is common practice does not mean you should do it too.

Sure, you can enhance the lighting and blur a major zit, but you have pores, so don’t blur them into nothingness.

The whole point of Photoshop and Facetune is to make it look like you didn’t edit it, not like you have poreless doll skin. Own how you look and share that with the world.

11. Do avoid ugly shadows

This is part of getting the right lighting setup. You need bright, natural light that shows the best side of you. However, if you get the lighting right, you might still have problems with pesky shadows covering parts of your selfie.

Avoid ugly shadows when you’re taking a selfie. Make sure the whole of your face is visible and you don’t have a big black blob over half of it. [Read: 20 hot guy rules for men that will guarantee instant hotness!]

12. Do set the mood with the perfect pose

Is this a selfie that you took to look fun and playful? Or do you want to seem defiant and bold? If you’re going for the latter, you’ll want to pick a perfect pose that sets the mood and expresses your real personality.

If you’re a confident person, stand proud. Come to think of it, you should always stand proud. Always proudly adopt the perfect pose that suits you. We’ll explain more about poses and expressions later.

13. Do capture a great angle

Have you ever seen those gross front-camera selfies? The ones that look up from below, and make even the skinniest guy look like he’s got a huge double chin? You definitely don’t want to look like that. So, capture your selfie from a good angle.

Everybody has a “good side” – a certain angle or view that makes them look their best. Find yours, and make sure your selfie always shows it. [Read: Social media pests – the most annoying social media users that make you want to scream]

14. Do make use of your phone’s camera features

Do you know if your phone has a portrait mode? Nowadays, most phones have a special mode that’s designed to make you look good in selfies.

It’s not going to give you the airbrushed doll look, don’t worry – it’s not a filter. It just makes sure the brights are brighter, and the darks are darker, so your features really pop.

15. Don’t forget your flash

Of course, be careful that you don’t look like a hostage victim. Flash can have a really nasty bleaching effect if you don’t do it right.

However, if you’re taking your selfie at night or in a dark room, a flash can be a crucial part of learning how to take a good selfie.

If you do use flash, make sure it’s only as a last resort, though. Natural light is always the best light to be taking selfies in. But if you have no other option to stave off the shadows, don’t forget the flash.

16. Don’t forget to pay attention to your background

There are certain things you should never take a selfie in front of. Firstly, words. Imagine you’re standing in front of a sign. Whatever that sign says, your viewer will connect it with you. So, stay away from anything that could sound rude!

Secondly, don’t take a selfie in front of a background that’s the same color as your clothes, hair, or skin. All that’ll do is make you blend in. And nobody takes a selfie for any reason but to stand out! [Read: 17 things you shouldn’t do on Instagram when you have a girlfriend]

17. Do choose a flattering color

If you want to know how to take a good selfie, you need to know which colors suit you. There are some easy rules you can follow if you know a little about the color wheel.

Always pair colors from opposite ends of the color wheel if you want everything to look complementary.

If you have red hair, wear green to bring it out. Or stand in front of a blue background! If you have blue eyes, go for an orange background. [Read: Real life – my boyfriend likes other pictures on Instagram]

18. Do hold your furry loved ones

Aw, puppies! Or kitties, if you’re a cat person. Girls love cute pets, and they’re a great way to set up a conversation. I

f you take a selfie cuddling your beloved furry friends, you’ll catch more attention and have something to talk about when you start chatting.

However, make sure you don’t make your pet the center of the selfie. Remember, this isn’t their Insta feed. If you have made them an account, we won’t judge! But this is your moment to shine, so make yourself the focal point of your selfie.

19. Do lean against a wall

Don’t know what to do with yourself? Lean against a wall. Sometimes, all you need for support is good old bricks and mortar. Leaning on a wall makes for a clean, solid backdrop that’ll make your selfie pop. So, find a sturdy wall and get leaning!

If you really want your selfie to stand out, pick a wall with a cool color, a bright pattern, or even some graffiti. [Read: Why millennials suck – how the selfish “me” generation was created]

20. Don’t only take one shot

As any photographer knows, shots don’t always come out perfectly the first time. So, make sure you always take multiple photos.

Use the burst function on your phone, or click the button a couple of times. That way, at least one of your selfies will turn out great.

21. Do review your work and reshoot

It’s always good to experiment. So, always review your work after a selfie session, and take additional selfies in a fresh pose or light to see what works best. If you don’t try different things, you’ll never learn what works.

So, be experimental with your selfies. Try a new pose or a different expression. Of course, not all of them will work. But that’s why your phone has a delete button! You don’t have to post anything but your best selfies.

Picking the perfect expression

We talked before about picking a perfect pose that sets the mood and expresses your real personality.

If you’ve followed our dos and don’ts, you’ll probably have gathered a couple of different pose ideas already. Leaning against a wall, cuddling a pet, and standing proud are all great options.

But what do you do with your face if you want to take a great selfie? Most of the time, your face is the focus of a selfie. [Read: The worst online posts that will turn off potential partners]

So, here are our top five best expression ideas. Master these, and you’ll truly know how to take a good selfie.

1. Look away from the camera for a subtle, thoughtful look

This one can look dreamy, mysterious, and thoughtful if it’s done right. Don’t eyeball the camera, instead, soften your gaze by looking into the middle distance.

This is a less aggressive pose, so it’s perfect if you’re a more subtle and thoughtful guy.

2. Stare into the camera for a confident or flirty vibe

If you’re brave enough, look directly into the camera. It’ll catch your viewer’s eye and show them that you’re a serious, confident guy who means business. This one is definitely not for the faint-hearted. [Read: 17 new dating app terms and their meanings for easy online dating]

3. Smile or raise an eyebrow to show off your charm and positive energy

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: a smile is scientifically proven to make you look more attractive. So, wear a smile to show you’re a sunny, positive guy. You can even raise an eyebrow if you’re a little cheeky.

4. Squint or smirk a bit for a more mysterious look

Squinting narrows your eyes, and makes your brows look heavier. This gives you a more manly, rugged look. If you want to look like a mysterious, masculine guy with a secret, try a little smirk too.

5. Go for a ridiculous or goofy look to demonstrate your playfulness

Are you a joker? If you’ve always been known as the class clown, you need to get your sense of humor across in your selfies. So, try a goofy look that’ll make your viewer laugh.

[Read: Attention seeking behavior – why some people go looking for validation]

Men, if you take one thing from this list of do’s and don’ts for how to take a selfie, it should be, be you. Your selfie should show yourself, not anyone or anything else.

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