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60 Secrets to Make a Woman Orgasm & Master the Art of Making a Girl Cum Hard

Wondering why women don’t orgasm as easily as men? Want to know how to make a woman orgasm? Here are the secrets to make a girl cum every single time!

how to make a woman orgasm - secrets to make a girl cum

One of the biggest insecurities a person with a female partner can have during sex is not knowing how to make a woman orgasm. After all, isn’t that the point of engaging in sexual activity – other than procreation, at least? 

Everyone should be able to finish and be satisfied at the end of having sex, but there are just some people out there who don’t know how to make it happen. 

For whatever reason, they’ve never learned how to make a woman orgasm, and it’s probably costing them a few FWBs.

Why do some women struggle with orgasm?

Guys can orgasm so easily. All it takes is just a little stimulation, and they are ready. But for women, it’s very different. In fact, some women really struggle to have an orgasm. [Read: The ultimate guide for achieving mind-blowing shaking orgasm]

If you have wondered why this is, there are a lot of reasons. Some of them include:

1. Not interested in sex in general

There are some women who just aren’t that interested in sex. They could take it or leave it.

Whether they are asexual, perhaps experienced abuse in their past, or just naturally have a low libido, they just aren’t excited about having sex at all.

2. Doesn’t think partner is interested in sex with her

Believe it or not, there are also men in the world who don’t have high sex drives and aren’t that interested in sex either. [Read: Don’t want to have sex? 16 reasons and ways to make sex feel exciting again]

Perhaps the woman feels like she has to beg her partner to have sex with her. In that case, she is not in the right mental or emotional state for an orgasm.

3. Not sufficiently aroused or stimulated during sex

As you will learn later, women don’t orgasm as quickly as men do. A lot of men think that it should be as easy to give her an orgasm as it is for him to have one. But that just isn’t the case.

So, if she is not sufficiently aroused or stimulated, it won’t happen.

4. Does not enjoy sex with a particular partner

Maybe when you started dating her, you were in great shape and had a hot body. But now you’ve let yourself go and gained a lot of weight. As brutal as this is to say, maybe she lost attraction. [Read: 20 signs you’re not attracted to your partner and how to spark it up again]

Or maybe she’s dating a guy who she likes but doesn’t find particularly attractive. And it could also be that the sex isn’t good for her.

5. Experiences pain or irritation during sex

Some women find having sex painful – especially if they recently lost their virginity. Also, they have to be sufficiently lubricated.

If they aren’t, the sex will be dry and irritate her genital area. And that is not the right physical state to achieve an orgasm.

6. Sex is rushed

A lot of guys are so eager for penetration and their own orgasm that they forget about the woman’s pleasure.

Most women need a lot of time for their bodies to get turned on in order to achieve an orgasm. So, when sex is rushed, they just can’t get there. [Read: 15 sexy ways to have the best quickie every time]

7. Self-conscious about her body

There are a lot of women in the world who hate their bodies. It doesn’t matter if you think she’s smoking hot.

If she doesn’t think she is, then she won’t feel comfortable or confident enough in bed to relax enough to have an orgasm.

8. Medication or medical condition interference

There are some medications that can interfere with women having orgasms. So, you might want to check to see if she’s taking any. Also, there are some medical conditions that could prevent her from having one too.

9. Stress or anxiety

A woman has to be in the right mental and emotional state in order to have an orgasm.

So, if she is stressed out by work, chores around the house, raising children, or even relationship problems, she won’t be able to have an orgasm. [Read: How to help someone with anxiety and not say or do the wrong things]

10. Self-conscious or embarrassed

Not all women are wild in bed. Some of them are quite conservative and are self-conscious or even embarrassed, and that prevents them from orgasming. They might think it’s uncomfortable to have a man watch her come and be in that vulnerable position.

Understanding female orgasm

Of course, you know you won’t get a woman to orgasm through luck alone… right? So, that’s why you first need to understand the female orgasm. 

Did you know that 90% of female orgasm issues come from “performance anxiety?” This basically means that girls need to be in the right headspace to have that big O. 

Kissing, nipple sucking, butt-play, rubbing your penis against her clit without entering her, kissing and licking her neck, dirty talk – all of these are fantastic techniques that can get her in the right headspace. [Read: Fun and sexy moves to please a woman in bed every time]

Here are some more very important facts to help you understand the ins and outs of female orgasms:

1. Women achieve orgasm differently than men

Compared to the male orgasm, which is achieved in a simple and straightforward way, the female climax is complicated. Giving her an orgasm is not achieved by attacking her sweet spots alone. 

You need to prepare her by warming her up to the right level of arousal. Pay attention to her reaction to stimulation, and build on that. [Read: How to foreplay: The key to the best sex of your life]

2. Female orgasm requires rhythm

While knowing the right erogenous zone to touch, fondle, or kiss remains essential in leading her to climax, it is more important to pay attention to how you touch her fun parts.

Jumping between different paces, rhythms, or pressures won’t get her there. Instead, focus on being consistent.

3. Every female body is different

Even if you take pride in the fact that you’re one dashing Don Juan, the conquistador of the fairer sex, no single formula can be followed to guarantee an orgasm every time. 

Every female body is different from the other, and each prefers a different kind of approach to stimulation. [Read: 42 secrets to satisfy a woman in bed and make her wet just thinking of you]

Your ex may have liked sex a certain way, but that doesn’t mean your current partner enjoys the same things. 

Everyone likes different things. For example, if she’s not into the technique you’re using for oral sex, switch it up.

4. An orgasm is mental

Men and women aren’t that different. When a man isn’t aroused, it’s almost impossible for him to get an erection. If a woman isn’t aroused, she’s not going to get wet or orgasm. [Read: How to build sexual tension to the point where it’s out of control]

If she’s going to orgasm, she needs to be mentally in it. If she’s not enjoying herself, if she’s stressed, or if the position isn’t right, she’s not going to orgasm.

5. Be there for her emotionally – even when you’re not getting naked

A woman can really only orgasm when she feels comfortable and safe around a person. Men don’t really need that added emotional stimulation, so it can be hard for them to understand.

Just be there for her and be sweet to her, even when you’re not getting down and dirty. Tell her how you feel. Open up to her, and it’ll be much easier for her to reach completion when you are in the bedroom. [Read: 16 non-sexual touches to feel connected and loved]

Why communication in the bedroom is so important

You’ve probably heard by now how important communication is in a relationship, but what about how crucial it is for your sex life? It’s extremely important to tell your partner what you want and need in the bedroom for a lot of reasons.

First of all, all healthy relationships need a healthy sex life. Sex is an important way of connecting and bonding with your partner. 

If you’re not feeling fully satisfied, it could result in resentment and harmful feelings toward your partner. [Read: How to effectively communicate in your relationship]

So, how can you improve the level of communication in your relationship?

1. Tell her not to fake it

Women want their men to feel like they’re doing a great job in the sack, but if she feels like she’s taking too long or you’re just not getting her there, she may be inclined to fake it. 

This is a willing lover’s worst nightmare! Here you are, trying to learn how to make a girl cum, and there she is, faking it and making the whole process a lot more complicated than it has to be!

Keep the lines of communication open and tell her not to fake it with you. Reassure her that your goal is to send her into orgasmic bliss, no matter the time or effort it takes. [Read: 22 most common reasons why women fake an orgasm in bed]

This will put her at ease and help you avoid getting crossed signals.

2. Ask her what she wants

This is a really easy way to learn how to make a girl come. Just ask her what she wants before you try. If you can have sex with someone, you should feel comfortable enough to talk to them about sex and their needs, right?  

So, if you’re not sure what turns her on, just ask her. Why waste your time guessing while she lays there wondering what you’re doing? [Read: What does sex mean to a woman? What she feels and wants while having it]

Some girls may still be too shy to talk by this stage, but if you ask, she’ll be more likely to tell you. The next time you’re getting busy, just ask her what she wants you to do.

3. Listen to what she wants

After she’s been clear about what she wants, you actually need to do those things.

If she says she needs oral, then do it. If she says she needs certain positions, then do them.

Don’t ignore what she needs most because she won’t get off, and she’ll be annoyed you didn’t listen. [Read: Ways to be a better listener in your relationship]

How to make a woman orgasm: Give her an orgasm she’ll never forget!

By giving a woman an orgasm, you’ll be pleasing her in ways that’ll make her want to keep coming *excuse the pun* back to you for more. 

Not only is this important for your sex life, but it’s also important in your relationship if you have chosen to remain monogamous.

The truth is that women are much harder to get to reach climax than men. Most women take an average of 20 minutes to reach completion after penetration, which doesn’t even include all the foreplay that needs to take place beforehand. [Read: 14 amazing types of female orgasms all girls can experience in bed]

If you’re looking to make a woman orgasm but just aren’t sure what you’re doing wrong, here’s how to find out. We’ve compiled a list of these foolproof, and not to mention fun, methods on how to make a woman orgasm and leave her wanting more.

1. Make sure she is relaxed and stress-free

The most important thing men need to know about how to make a girl come is that she needs to be relaxed. She can’t be tense and stressed. Guys can get off regardless, usually, but women are much different.

Since a huge part of the woman’s orgasm is mental, she can’t be focusing on the things that are stressing her out. [Read: How to give a relaxing and sensual massage]

If she’s tired, stressed, or even just burdened by a lot of thoughts, she may have difficulty reaching orgasm. So always see to it that she’s well-rested and in a good mood when you have sex.

If she’s not, then do something about it. Give her a massage, a body rub, a mild drink, or cook her a good meal to help her wind down and relax.

2. Get her to trust you

Since the female orgasm is emotional, she needs to be able to trust the person who’s making her come fully. [Read: How to build trust in a relationship and learn to be loyal and loving]

If she thinks you’re hiding something or if she just doesn’t trust you in general, it’ll be harder for her to get off. So, focus on showing her how committed you are, and it’ll be easier for her.

3. Make preparations of your own

Take a shower to get yourself trimmed, groomed, and smelling nice. Little details help prompt arousal. 

Wear those butt-hugging jeans you know she likes or the cologne she raves about. Either one makes her wild. On the other hand, failing to take a shower or brush your teeth throws her off… even if you managed to get her to bed. [Read: How to prepare for sex – 20 things you MUST do to enjoy it way more]

4. Set the mood well in advance

Don’t just walk in the door and try to hop on her! Set the mood far in advance. Text her that morning and tell her how much you want her and keep the anticipation building the entire time. 

You’d be surprised at how much anticipation can lead to the best sex *and orgasm* she’s ever had.


We can’t stress enough how important foreplay is to get your woman off. The road to female orgasm is a long and scenic route. [Read: The step-by-step guide to satisfying a woman in bed every single time]

If a woman doesn’t receive any foreplay, it takes her much longer to reach an orgasm because she hasn’t been stimulated in any other way.

You have to spend at LEAST 10 minutes on foreplay before getting to the main event. Doing everything from fingering her to oral should be enough to arouse her and make her want the real thing.

Don’t be so eager to pass through foreplay and head straight to penetration. [Read: Foreplay done right: The art of really turning her on]

If you want her to orgasm, her vagina needs time to “warm up.” Have a steamy make-out session, caress her body, and kiss her erogenous zones.

Make sure you indulge her with lots of foreplay until she wants no more.

6. Use gentle, circular motions

Contrary to what porn leads you to believe, direct and aggressive stimulation of her clitoris and nipples are not pleasurable and may be painful. [Read: 48 sexy secrets to have better sex and explore new things to try in bed]

Remember, these areas are home to thousands of nerve endings, which make them very sensitive to any form of stimulation.

If you want to help her achieve a good orgasm, use slow, gentle, circular movements of your finger or tongue. 

This action causes her to build sexual tension from the sensation of “almost touching” her sweet spots, which she releases later when she orgasms. [Read: How to eat a girl out: 15 secrets to making her scream]

7. Take it slow

Yes, you may want to give her a good orgasm, and you want to give her more than one, but you don’t want to rush things. Some men make the mistake of asking their partners, “are you coming?” way too often during sex.

This pressures her and creates difficulty in achieving orgasm. So, don’t rush and take it slow. 

This helps you conserve your stamina and maintain your rhythm as you pleasure her into an orgasm. Sit back and enjoy how she writhes under you during foreplay. [Read: 18 sex tips for men to make her crave a lot more!]

8. Use your fingers

AKA, don’t skip foreplay. You can’t go straight from making out to slipping yourself in her. It won’t work that way. 

After making out with her, start using your fingers on her. She needs to be stimulated internally and externally before she can be ready to come. [Read: How to finger a girl and make her orgasm]

9. You can never go wrong with oral

In order to learn how to make a girl come, you need to learn to LOVE oral. Most women can’t actually get off through g-spot stimulation and rely on clit stimulation to get off. And the best way to do that is through oral.

You’ll have to practice this a lot in order to learn what she likes and needs. Many women need different amounts of pressure and focus on certain areas in order to get there. Take your time and remember what she responds to best.

10. Watch and learn

One way to figure out what she likes is by watching what she does to herself. Then, mimic those actions. [Read: 17 sexy foreplay moves to get any girl all hot and bothered]

She’s not going to touch herself in a way she doesn’t like. Look at her movements, and you’ll get an idea of how she likes things in bed.

11. Get to know her body

Want to know how to make a girl cum? Start by getting to know her body. For example, do you *really* know where the clit is? Many men still don’t! 

Have a sexy doctor session and start exploring her body… slowly. Spread her legs and touch her everywhere. What does she react to? [Read: Clitoris stimulation – Easy moves to do it just right]

You may even want to watch your lover masturbate to see exactly where she likes touching herself. 

It will also tell you how wet she keeps her clit, whether she uses insertion or focuses mainly on the clitoris. Also, try to notice if she appreciates extra touching *nipples, breasts, butt-play* or if it just distracts her.

12. Read her body language

A woman’s body language gives away everything. [Read: How to arouse a woman – 15 moves that work anytime, anywhere!]

A lot of women won’t tell you what to do because it can be an awkward topic to cover for some. She might not be able to tell you what she needs, but her body will. 

Arched backs and big moans are a huge indication that you’re moving in the right direction. Also, focus on her breathing, the sounds she’s making, and the way her body responds to your touch. 

If you’re starting to work your way around her sweet spots, pay close attention to her reactions. Often, when a woman likes what you’re doing, she’ll moan louder and claw into the sheets. [Read: Lusty signs of sexual attraction to keep an eye out for]

If she’s just lying there, reactionless, it could be a sign you’re doing something wrong and need to change strategy.

Reading a woman’s body language during sex is almost as important as remembering the foreplay. You’ll learn pretty quickly what she likes and what doesn’t do much if you’re paying attention.

Master this, and you would have learned half the secret behind knowing how to make a woman orgasm. [Read: 40 interesting, fun quotes about the female orgasm]

13. Focus on her clitoris

If you want to give a girl an orgasm, educate yourself on the female body. And focus on the clitoris. Most women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. So, when you have sex, pay extra attention to the clit.

The clitoris is the most important part when it comes to making a girl cum. 

75% of women who have orgasms do so only when the clit is being stimulated, whether they’re receiving oral, digital, or penetrative stimulation *keep in mind that 20% simply don’t orgasm at all!*.

You’ll have to stimulate her clit in order to really get her going. In fact, most women who can’t reach climax during sex admit that it’s because they don’t get the clitoral stimulation they need.

You can do this while you’re in her by using your hand on her as you’re going at it. Make sure to adjust your speed and pressure until she’s responding positively. [Read: Sexy ways to please her clit and leave her satisfied]

Whether you’re going down on her, using a vibrator, or thrusting inside her, your fingers *or vibe* should always be hounding her sweet spot with your touch. 

This is a surefire way to guide her to cum’ville.

14. Don’t pull the clitoral hood up right away unless you want her to have painful sex. 

It may seem like revealing the clit from its little hiding place would lead to greater pleasure, but it doesn’t – at least not right away. [Read: Clitoris stimulation – Sexy ways to please the clit]

In fact, it really hurts and feels like uncomfortable hell. The clit will let you know when she’s ready to have her hood pulled up. How? She’ll get engorged and reveal herself!

15. Find the G-spot and keep at it

Women can orgasm in two different ways, but if you want her to finish by penetration, finding the G-spot and staying on it is a great way to get her there fast.

It’s there. All women have one. You just have to locate it and then find the positions that work best to hit it. [Read: 15 things women really wish men knew about the female body]

Generally speaking, the women’s g-spot is on the front wall of her vagina, a few inches in. However, you can’t always feel it if it’s not stimulated. Fingering and turning her on a ton will help you find it.

Not all guys are huge and can hit the G-spot from every position. For those of you who are on the average or even smaller end, you’ll have to find a position that allows for maximum G-spot stimulation.

16. Find other sensitive spots and stimulate them

Knowing her sweet spots or erogenous zones helps you give her an orgasm easily.

Of course, you’re already familiar with the clitoris, vagina, and nipples as highly sensitive erogenous zones, but there’s more to the list than you can imagine. [Read: Fun and fascinating facts about breasts]

The female body has a whole lot of areas, which may seem harmless, but tend to shudder in response to a touch or kiss. 

These erogenous zones can be quite different per individual, so know which part of your partner’s body aches for your touch. [Read: Sexiest hot spots to kiss a woman and arouse her]

17. Use lubrication

Whether you’re having penetrative sex or using your hand on her, you’ll want to slather her clit with lube. 

This feels great, creates less effort for you, and also prevents the clit from potential bruising/painful swelling on the clit from rough, dry rubbing. [Read: How using lubes in bed can actually make your sex life so much better in no time]

Even if she’s super wet, you should use lube. You don’t want things to get painful or uncomfortable for her. 

And lube is what makes everything run smoothly. No matter how turned on she is, just use lube.

18. Female-friendly positions

Some positions are just better than others when it comes to giving a woman an orgasm. [Read: Full body orgasm: How to achieve the highest level of ecstasy] 

So, focus on positions like woman-on-top, doggy style *great for rubbing the clitoris with your hand*, or having your partner sit on you.

You can also try dry humping or positions like the Coital Alignment Technique *CAT* missionary. 

For this position, get as far above her as you can in missionary so that your pelvis is grinding against her clit while you penetrate her *or the cowgirl position *grinding, not bouncing* will definitely do justice to her special spot while you go at it. [Read: Different sex positions to add a bang in bed]

19. Use some toys

Not all women can finish with just another person doing the work. Some women need the help of vibrating toys. 

So, if your girlfriend is having a hard time cumming *or she just wants to have a little fun!* try bringing a vibrator into the bedroom. No, you don’t have to buy an 8” rabbit vibrator to satisfy her sweet spot.

Instead, try grabbing a simple Pocket Rocket vibrator with your strongest batteries, lube it up, and use it on her clit while you enter her. [Read: Must-have couples sex toys for naughty first timers]

All women are different when it comes to vibrators, but your best bet is always going to be to combine penetrative intercourse with a vibrator on the clit. The two of these sensations combined are basically like magic.

However, don’t surprise her with toys. But if you ask and she agrees, bring them out and incorporate them. Many women need sex toys to help them achieve an orgasm. 

And don’t fear the toys. Just because you can’t make her finish on your own doesn’t mean you’re not an exceptional lover. Some women just take more work, and toys make it a lot easier to orgasm. [Read: Must-have couple’s sex toys for naughty first timers]

20. Keep things interesting by surprising her

Unpredictability is a mega turn-on for women. You can’t just stick to the same old routine and expect her to be able to orgasm.

Be spontaneous and surprise her. You’ll find that she finishes much easier when she has adrenaline pumping through her veins.

21. Don’t change positions too frequently

A lot of people want to keep things interesting by switching positions. The problem with that is that a woman’s G-spot isn’t being stimulated for a long enough time for her to finish. [Read: 15 common types of sex toys that singles and couples must know]

You can definitely try new positions but stick to one long enough to finish her off.

22. Don’t be selfish

It’s easy for a man just to pop in, finish, and roll over.

The problem with this is that it’s selfish, and the woman almost never orgasms this way. You have to think about her first, and then once she’s done, you can finish yourself.

23. Use your words

Most men want to know how to make a woman orgasm, but they don’t understand the secret power of their own words.

Women respond to verbal stimulation almost as much as they do to your physical touch. [Read: How to dirty talk – 36 sexy tips and 55 examples to turn anyone on with words]

So don’t just go to town on her and be silent. Tell her what you like about her, how much she turns you on, and exactly what you want to do.

These compliments and encouragements will drive her nuts and turn her on even more, making reaching orgasm much easier for her.

24. Last longer

Sorry, not sorry. This is essential. Women take far longer to reach orgasm than men do. It’s just anatomy. [Read: 20 moves that’ll help you last way, way longer in bed without any difficulty]

But men need to learn how to hold off from coming until their woman does. Either that or they need to know how to finish her off afterward.

You can prolong your orgasm easily if you just pull out and go down on her for a minute or so until you’ve relaxed. 

You can also masturbate the day you know you’ll be getting some and practice lasting longer and longer each time. [Read: 20 ways to easily last longer during sex]

25. Try new things

Don’t go for the same moves you always do. If your girl isn’t finishing with them, then why repeat them? It’s important for both of you to try new things in the bedroom because you never know what you’ll both like.

You could do something that she didn’t even know she would like. So switch it up and try some new moves every now and then.

26. Show her that you’re enjoying yourself

It might take a while to learn how to make a girl come, but it should be a fun experience. Show her that. [Read: How to talk dirty to a girl and not turn her off]

She needs to know that you love trying to get her off, and you especially love when she actually comes. This will help her relax and not feel so selfish when it’s taking her a while.

27. Don’t forget the rest of her body

Her genitals are not the only places that can be stimulated to turn her on. Her breasts and nipples can play a huge part in getting her off.

Focus on sucking, squeezing, and even biting them. So long as it seems like she likes it, it’s fair game.

28. Take care of her first and always finish last

As mentioned, the road to female orgasm is a long road. Meaning it requires patience and stamina on your part. Giving her an orgasm can be difficult if you feel spent from having one of your own. [Read: How to satisfy a woman in bed and make sex amazing]

Always take the lead and work your way through her first when you’re still full of stamina and endure the long process of getting her to climax.

29. Mind her kinks and tastes

Every girl has her own little bedroom kink that surely turns her on. It increases your chances of providing her with a good orgasm if you play along with her tastes. 

There’s a whole repertoire of these fetishes, so it is up to you to find your individual partner’s tastes. [Read: How to be better in bed: 16 passionate ways to blow their mind]

Some ladies are turned on by dirty talk, others by rough sex, others by using toys, and still others by role-playing—and those are just the common ones. The possibilities are endless!

30. Use a little dirty talk

Who doesn’t like a little dirty talk? It’s pretty hot when your partner is telling you dirty things. 

But test the water first and make sure she enjoys dirty talk because not everyone does. Start with simple compliments and work your way up. [Read: Sex god secrets – How to make a girl cum every single time]

31. Patience, patience, patience…

Do you really, really, really want to learn how to make a girl cum, but you think your lady-love’s feeling impatient? Trust us, she’s absolutely loving the journey, and the fact that you want to make her climax so badly is a major turn-on. [Read: 18 sex tips for men that’ll leave all women craving for more]

Just make sure you’re not putting any pressure on the situation. 

If nothing else, remember this sage advice: the clit is a lot different than your penis, and the fastest way to ensure your girlfriend never comes is to start getting frustrated or impatient about it. [Read: Foreplay moves every guy MUST use to make a girl cum]

If you’re thinking about her climaxing, trust us, she’s thinking about it 10x more, and nothing will put a stop to her orgasm faster than the pressure to have one. It’s normal for the clit/vagina to take a lot more time to get there than the head of a penis.

We’re talking anywhere from 15-40 minutes. This is completely normal. Yeah, it kind of sucks, but what sucks more than the time it takes is being with someone who doesn’t bother to get you off. [Read: Goofproof moves to make a girl squirt in bed like she’s peeing]

So instead of getting upset with her or yourself, just enjoy the wild ride to cum-town! 

If you don’t get it this time, no biggie, you’ll just try-try again, and she’ll love you for it *not to mention the reciprocation for all your hard work is definitely worth it!*

Ways to spice things up and make her orgasm more quickly and easily

If your girlfriend is a little kinky, you might want to try to spice things up a little bit in the bedroom. This might help her orgasm more quickly and easily. Here are some things you can try. [Read: 25 most common porn myths most people still believe]

1. Use a blindfold

When you deprive someone of one of their five senses, such as their sight, it can make them focus more on the other ones. 

The one that she’ll focus on more is touch since she can’t see anything. So, this might make her focus more on the sensations you are creating in order to make her come.

2. Use handcuffs

There are some women who like being dominated or constrained, too. So, you might want to try some handcuffs.

This might turn her on to be submissive to you. And if she’s more turned on, then she might orgasm more easily. [Read: Naughty sex – 17 wild and playful moves to excite anyone and go crazy in bed]

3. Use a vibrator

As we mentioned earlier, using toys such as a vibrator is a great idea. Almost all women can orgasm if a vibrator is placed on their clitoris.

Sure, you can use it internally too, but clitoral stimulation by a vibrator is a surefire way to get her to come fast! 

Positions to make a girl orgasm super fast

You can also try different positions to see which one makes her orgasm the best. Here are the best ones you can try:

1. Advanced doggy

Everyone knows what the doggy style is – the man entering the woman from behind. But there are a lot of variations on this position, too. [Read: Ways to make doggy style your favorite sex position]

You can try the leapfrog, fire hydrant, standing wheelbarrow, or spooning. Do some research and try them all out and see what works best for her.

2. G-spot missionary

In order to reach her G-spot in the missionary position, you can do a couple of different things. First, the missionary add-on. For this, wedge a pillow or something similar under her lower back. This props her up so that you can stimulate her G-spot.

Or you can try the reverse missionary position. This is the opposite, with the man on the bottom and the woman on top lying close to his chest.

The angle of her body and her control of the movements will trigger her spot for an intense orgasm. [Read: How to achieve a G-spot orgasm – a couple’s sexy guide to ecstasy]

3. Girl on top

This is better known as the cowgirl position. The man lies on his back while the woman straddles him with her legs on her knees. This gives her control of the movements, and she can also stimulate her clitoris in the process.

What to do after she has an orgasm

Now that you gave her the ultimate gift of an orgasm… what now? What should you do after she has an orgasm? Here are some things you can do.

1. Cuddle her afterward

After a successful orgasm, when she’s lying spent and basking in the afterglow, snuggle close to her, give her a kiss, and caress her body.

Her nerves still fire those feel-good chemicals, so her sweet spots will be more sensitive than ever. [Read: How to cuddle someone – a guide to snuggle up and feel the love]

Giving her kisses and caresses is a way of “massaging” her nerves to be more receptive to your touch. In this way, your touches feel better for her than normal.

2. Kiss

While you’re cuddling her, don’t just lay there and do nothing. You can face each other and kiss as well. Just because the main event is over doesn’t mean you can’t linger and kiss her softly and lovingly.

3. Smile

You want her to know that you had a good time having sex with her, right? So, be happy and smile. She wants to know that you enjoyed yourself and are attracted to her. [Read: What is pillow talk? How to use it and some cozy conversation ideas for bed]

And she also wants to know that you want to have sex with her again. Do this by appearing happy and smiling.

4. Laugh

If you are in the middle of smiling and chatting with each other, keep the mood and atmosphere light. Joke around and have a little fun with each other. There is no need to be so serious! 

5. If she can handle it, go for another orgasm again

If she enjoyed the first round of sex, why wouldn’t she want to do it all over again? She might be a little sex machine, and if she is, ask her if she wants to do it again. That’s the beauty of female orgasms – they can do it multiple times and have no limits.

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Knowing how to get a woman to orgasm can mean the difference between getting laid a lot and having a terrible reputation, not to mention low self-esteem. These tips on how to make a woman orgasm are just what you need!

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