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12 Science-Backed Clues to Know If a Guy Likes You for Sure

Are you interested in knowing if the guy you like likes you back? Don’t settle for obvious signs. Watch and wait for these secret clues to know for sure.

know if a guy likes you

We’re all guilty of trying to guess whether a guy likes us or not, but wouldn’t it be better if we knew, without a shadow of a doubt, the guy we’re eyeing is really into us?

It would save us all from a load of heartbreak and can also give us that extra push we need to make the first move. But how does one know if a person truly likes them? Isn’t saying so enough?

Weeeellllll, not really. People lie all the time and it’s more disconcerting when they lie about their affection for you. Some guys will lie just to get you into bed, while others think it’s what you want to hear. [Read: 10 clear signs he’s faking love just to sleep with you]

But we’re better than that, right? We want to know whether or not we’re dealing with someone genuine. We need to feel this person out, rather than take their statements at face value. We need to look beyond the faà§ade and see what’s really going on in their heads.

Unfortunately, honest-to-goodness mind-reading is not an option. On the other hand, we have science backing us up.

How do you know if a guy likes you?

Men are simple, but they are also complex. They want to convey one thing with their bodies, but their mouths tell a different story.

Their appearance can give you a glimpse of what they want you to see, but it’s not enough to tell you about the things they don’t want you to see—one of those being how much they like you.

Most men think showing interest is limited to flirting, but women don’t just want the confirmation of initial attraction. They want to know if a guy is willing to go beyond witty banter. They want to know if you’re really into them and not just looking for a stroke on your ego.

What are the clues that tell you if a guy likes you?

#1 It’s the way they look at you. Researchers found when a person is thinking thoughts of love and infatuation as opposed to lust, they focus more on your face rather than on other parts of the body.

Do not mistake this for the times when a guy looks deeply in your eyes. Most players know that this is an effective method to hook women in. The trick is to watch how long they fixate on your face or eyes. If their eyes keep wandering somewhere else, it might mean they are more concerned about lust or they could be easily distracted, which is also a bad sign. [Read: 20 signs of attraction in the very first conversation]

# 2 The way they say your name. Addressing a person using their name throughout a conversation can elicit feelings of attraction; however, it can also be a sign that a person likes you.

If you notice, people who are guarded and don’t want to initiate a conversation will refrain from using your name as much as possible. People who like you will try to use it as often as possible to feel closer to you and to get used to the idea of addressing you on a more personal level.

#3 He slows it down for you. Not the pace of the relationship, although helpful sometimes. This is about walking pace. It is scientifically proven that average men and women have different stride lengths because of their anatomical dispositions. Most women have to walk faster to keep up with a male counterpart because of their shorter legs.

A study shows when a guy likes you, they’ll forgo the dominant walking gene and make an effort to keep to your pace. According to the research, the men will slow down for their lovers. Friends will meet each other halfway, men will increase their speed together, while women will slow down with each other. [Read: 25 surefire signs that tell you if a guy likes you]

#4 He is attracted to you—magnetically. Metaphorically, that is. Men and women who are attracted to someone are unconsciously drawn to face that person at all times. This means they inadvertently place themselves facing the person they like without noticing it.

Aside from being a clue to find out who likes you, it is also a way for you to make someone like you more. The primitive signal you are giving out because of your focused attention can elicit a response of attraction. [Read: Is he falling for you? 18 body language cues he just can’t hide]

#5 His voice changes when he talks to you. No, he is not impersonating Vin Diesel. People’s voices unconsciously change when they are talking to a person they are attracted to. Both men and women used lower-pitched voices when they talked to a person they liked.

Must be a Jessica Rabbit thing, but it does give you an idea on whether the conversation might lead to something else. Just make sure you find out what their normal pitch is before you assume anything.

#6 He starts acting like you. Relax. You’re not playing for the same team. I’m talking about mannerisms, initial reactions to position changes and orientation. A study showed when two people of the opposite sex *this might work for the same sexes as well* start to develop the same mannerisms within a few minutes or hours of talking to each other, they like each other.

Simply saying, when you lean back, he leans back. When you take a sip of your drink, he takes a sip of his drink. Take note he isn’t aware of what he’s doing. He’s just adapting to your rhythm without realizing it because he’s starting to take a liking to you. [Read: 20 unmistakable signs your friend is crushing on you]

#7 They start grooming in front on you. Preening and grooming is a mating ritual as old as time. Once you see your beau touching up in front of you, while still trying to get your attention, he probably wants to impress you. If he does it in front of the mirror and fails to wait for your attention immediately after, he might just be concerned about how he looks in general.

#8 They look into your soul. The windows to your soul, that is. This is crucial because people who refuse to make eye contact tend to be guarded and reluctant to show their feelings. Those who maintain eye contact usually want something from the person they’re looking at. [Read: 10 subtle eye contact flirting moves that always work]

#9 He thinks you can be a good secret-keeper. This is a more reliable marker if you and your crush are in a non-platonic setting. That’s because this also works for people who can become your friend.

People tell secrets to those they trust or those whose trust they want to gain. If a date likes you, they will feel comfortable enough to tell you a secret.

#10 He thinks you’re a comedian. Even when you’re not. Studies show when a guy likes a girl, he will laugh at everything she thinks is funny—even when it’s not. And rest assured he is not faking. He really thinks you’re funny… because he likes you.

#11 He tries to look dominant and powerful. Men, sheesh. As with most of the male mammals in the animal kingdom, men are no different because of their tendency to push for the alpha male position. This is especially true in the presence of the female specimen they’ve chosen to become their mate.

#12 Your gut will tell you. There’s nothing more reliable than a person’s gut. Take yourself back to the day you met this person or the day they started interacting with you.

When you thought about them liking you, were you confident about the feeling? Or did you doubt it immediately? Whichever came first seems to be the most likely truth because of the growing research on gut and luck.

[Read: 30 subtle, obvious and really sexual flirting tips all girls need to know]

Still, any bad feeling should be acknowledged and any good feeling should always be looked at with a critical eye. Once you do, you will finally find the answer to the question, “Does he really like me?”

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