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How to Let a Man Know You’re Not Out of His League

A lot of men shy away from asking out beautiful women assuming they don’t have a shot. Here’s how you can let a man know you’re not out of his league.

how to let a man know you're not out if his league

There are many reasons why we tend to think we aren’t good enough, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. If you’re currently into a guy, but pretty sure he thinks you’re out of his league, use these eight ways to let him think *and know* otherwise!

She’s Out of My League is a prime example of a guy liking a girl, but believing she’s way out of his league. Just like this movie, so many of us go through life liking a guy or girl, but never letting them know. We fear they are too good for us, and we aren’t worthy. The belief someone is “too good” for you is something you should never, ever believe. Period.

8 ways to show him you’re not out of his league

It’s time to take a chance on all the missed opportunities you created out of fear. Start with the eight ways identified below to let the guy you like know you are on the same playing field.

#1 Be upfront and tell him. One easy way to combat any negative thoughts a guy might have about you being too good for him is to be upfront. If you know he likes you but hides behind his fear of being denied. Tell him you like him too, and there is nothing to be afraid of.

If he didn’t believe you before, he will now. There’s no “reading between the lines” when someone says the special words: “I like you.” [Read: 15 sweet ways to tell a guy you like him and win him over]

#2 Show him you’re more than your looks. If the only reason a guy thinks you’re out of his league is because of your good looks and appearance, then he really doesn’t have a good reason. Doesn’t he know that when we get older, looks fade, anyway?

However, many guys assume a girl is out of their league based on how they look. Take it upon yourself to let him know you’re so much more than your outward, physical appearance. Let him know what your interests are *i.e. reading, astrology, environmental issues, etc.* and your insides are even more attractive than your outside.

#3 Expose your flaws. We all love someone we relate to. If you think about your favorite book, song, or movie, it’s more than likely your favorite because you relate to it in one way or another. The same goes for people. We surround ourselves with those we relate to and understand us.

So, if you want to relate to your crush, let him know you’re not perfect by exposing your flaws. Sure, they may not be the sexiest, but that’s the point. You’re human. We all are. Embrace your snort-laugh or occasional acne flare-ups. [Read: 14 ways to show a guy you like him, and still be a tease]

#4 Initiate the conversation and ask him to hang out. Another great way to let the shy guy know you’re not out of his league is by initiating the conversation to hang out. You may not be the “man,” but it’s the twenty-first century. There are no right *and not too many wrong* ways to go about asking someone out. [Read: Do guys like it when women make the first move?]

#5 Initiate the conversation and ask him to be your boyfriend. Just like number four, this one essentially follows, after you two hung out a while and want to be exclusive.

If he hasn’t asked you to be in a relationship, but you’re certain that is the direction it’s heading in. It’s only dragging because of his insecurity, then initiate the conversation. Let him know you like him—so much so that you want to take it to the next level and be his girlfriend.

#6 Find out his interests and hobbies and take up one of them. Assuming your crush doesn’t just sit around doing absolutely nothing all day *because if he does, he sucks*, he probably has several hobbies and things that interest him.

For example, if he is big into photography, pottery, or cross-fit, one way you let him know just how much you like him is by taking up one of these hobbies. Not only will it allow you two to do something fun together, it also lets him know you like him so much that you tried something new. [Read: 11 signs he really likes you but is too chicken to admit it]

#7 Flirt and be touchy-feely with him. There are many situations when guys have no clue whether a girl is flirting or simply being nice. However, if they haven’t been living under a rock their entire life, they probably understand when girls do like guys, they will touch their arms or shoulders when talking to them.

It’s that little something extra girls tend to do when flirting with a guy to make them aware they are flirting. The next time you’re around the guy you like, instead of just laughing and smiling at him, gradually touch his shoulder or rub his right arm for a few seconds to let him know you’re interested. [Read: 30 subtle, obvious and really sexual flirting tips for girls]

#8 Compliment him and make him feel confident. The last way to let a guy know you’re not out of his league is about as straightforward as the first one we provided. Compliment him. If he has on a shirt you like, tell him you like it. If he got a haircut, let him know how good it looks. If his breath smells good, let him know that, too.

Be sure to compliment him regularly, causing his confidence to spike, and ultimately encouraging him to believe he’s very much in the same league as you, because that’s the truth. He is… he just needs to believe it.

[Read: Should you tell him you like him? 12 signs it’s time to do that]

Let’s stop being insecure, and living in fear for no reason—or for reasons we’ve created in our own heads. Instead, let’s start embracing how awesome we are—all of us.

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