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How to Tell if a Guy Likes You Through Texting: 15 No-Fail Signs

how to tell if a guy likes you through texting

If all your communication with a guy is through your phone, it’s hard to know if he likes you. This is how to tell if a guy likes you through texting.

With the world of technology at the forefront of pretty much everything, many spend all day communicating with others via texting only. This makes it really hard when you’ve spent so much time talking to a guy only through electronics. But this guide can tell you all about how to tell if a guy likes you through texting.

Technology can mislead us sometimes. You can read into their texts in the wrong way. This just makes analyzing how he feels that much harder. You may think you know how he feels only to be very, very wrong.

Why is it so hard to know someone’s feelings through texting?

There’s a reason you don’t know how he feels based on his texts alone. Texting hides a lot of how someone really acts and what their personality is like. Sure, you may know what they find funny, but you can’t know them completely through texting alone.

Texting a guy is like only getting half of everything he ever says. You never hear their voice and how they meant something to sound. You only ever get the words and maybe an emoji that you read in your own way. This makes it hard to truly get to know someone. [Read: Totally crushing? Must-know secrets to text a guy you like]

How to tell if a guy likes you through texting

If you’re worried that you’ll never be able to tell if he likes you through texting alone, don’t be. Even though you may not be able to tell how he really acts through just a few texts, there are little clues that indicate he has feelings for you.

It might take some time for you to recognize some of these clues, but once you do, you’ll have no doubt when it comes to knowing how he feels about you. These different ways tell you if a guy likes you through texting.

#1 He’s quick to reply. If you don’t have to wait more than a few minutes for a reply from him, then he likes you. Most guys—at least most of them in my own experience—aren’t as big into texting as girls are. So, if he makes an effort to be by his phone, it’s because he wants to talk to you. [Read: Does he or doesn’t he? 30 guaranteed signs he really likes you]

#2 His responses are lengthy. When you get texts from him, are they short and simple? Or are they long and filled with information to keep a conversation going? If they’re short, he’s not into you.

If a guy sends you a long text message it’s because he wants to talk to you about the topic. He makes a lot of effort to keep the conversation going to keep talking to you—because he likes you.

#3 He asks personal questions. If you notice that he’s been asking deeper and more personal questions about who you are as a person, he definitely likes you.

Guys don’t pay attention to those certain details without a reason. If he’s asking about your life goals, it’s because he wants to know if you two are in sync.

#4 He texts you right away in the morning. If you wake up to a “good morning” text from him, then it’s almost certain that he likes you. Guys don’t bother with good morning texts unless they have a very good reason to do so—which is to get you to like them, too. [Read: Does my guy friend like me? 15 signs he’s crushing on you]

#5 He texts you before he goes to sleep. Just like the good morning text, if you haven’t been talking to this guy much during the day, but he still manages to send you a “goodnight” text before you both drift off to sleep, he likes you for sure.

#6 He compliments you in his texts. Is he calling you funny, cute, or even smart when he’s texting you? Then he likes you. These are all compliments he’s trying to dish out to win your approval. If you’re looking right past them then you could be confused about his obvious feelings. [Read: 15 ways to tell if someone likes you without asking them]

#7 He sends flirty emojis. Guys aren’t huge on using emojis just to get a point across… unless that point is he likes you. If he’s sending wink emojis, heart eyes, or even the heart emoji in general, then he likes you.

By sending emojis he’s trying to be obvious about the fact that he likes you without actually saying so.

#8 You never get a double text—unless he forgot to add something. You know how it’s advised that you don’t send him multiple unanswered texts? Well, guys know the same rule and probably use it so they don’t annoy you.

If you only get one text at a time and he’s patient in waiting for your response, then he likes you. He does this so you don’t think he’s needy or annoying. [Read: 12 common texting habits of girls that push guys away]

#9 He initiates the texting conversations. Is he always the one to start the conversations? If he’s seeking you out, it’s because he likes you. Guys just don’t go around texting someone first that they don’t want to talk to.

#10 He finds random things to talk about. Have you ever noticed he goes off on a random rant whenever the conversation seems to be trailing off? This is a big sign he likes you purely based on the fact it’s his attempt at not letting the conversation die. He doesn’t want to stop talking to you.

#11 He asks about your day—and genuinely cares. If he’s texting you throughout the day wanting to know how work is going or what you’re up to, he genuinely is interested and likes you.

#12 He talks about himself. Now, a lot of people may get the wrong idea by this. If he’s talking about himself, how can he possibly care about you? However, this could mean that he likes you.

If he’s talking about himself and mentioning his hobbies, likes/dislikes, and goals, he’s basically telling you who he is, and letting you decide if you like him. It’s like he’s showing you everything he offers you because he likes you. [Read: How to flirt with a guy over text – 11 naughty tips that count]

#13 He texts about hanging out or says stuff like, “if I was there…” If he mentions wanting to hang out or says stuff like, “If I was there I would…” then he likes you. He’s putting the idea of the two of you together in your mind because it’s already in his.

#14 He talks to you about his *minor* problems. Does he come to you with some minor issues of his? Say he’s having trouble at work or in school and is a little stressed out. If he’s going to you for support or advice, then he likes you.

He values your opinion and thoughts on his situation and is comfortable enough with you to let you see his more vulnerable side. Something that proves he likes you. [Read: Texting etiquette: 20 unwritten rules of savvy flirting]

#15 He says he likes you. This is an obvious one. So many girls just don’t take it seriously because it was “over a text.” He might just make a comment like, “I like you, you’re funny,” and you may not even realize how serious he is about it.

Pay attention! If he says he likes you, then he does. I mean, he literally spelled it out for you.

[Read: Does he really like me? 18 signs to decode his body language]

Guys are pretty obvious about their feelings if you know what to look for. With these 15 ways  on how to tell if a guy likes you through texting, you’ll never have to sit in wonder again.

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