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How to Create Sexual Tension with a Guy So He’ll Make a Move

Guys can be pretty clueless sometimes and that means you’ll want to know how to create sexual tension with a guy so he’ll finally make a move.

how to create sexual tension with a guy

For some guys, they’re so overconfident they think every girl wants them to make a move. For others, they have absolutely no clue when a girl even likes them. They’re both really frustrating but clueless guys are probably even more difficult to deal with than cocky ones. Which means you’ll want to know how to create sexual tension with a guy so he’ll actually make a move.

Because otherwise, how will he know? If you like a guy who’s really unaware that he should make a move, you need to thicken the air between the two of you so he gets the hint. But that’s not quite as easy as it sounds.

Why are some guys just so completely clueless?

There are very few men who can tell when a woman likes him and the exact moment he should make a move. A large majority of guys have been told to wait for permission and they thought that means to wait until a woman tells them what to do.

While they always need permission, it doesn’t have to be as obvious as that. So these guys don’t actually know how to read the signs that a girl wants him to make a move. Instead, they sit back and wait for her to tell him, which doesn’t often happen. [Read: How to show a guy you actually like him]

How to create sexual tension with a guy so he’ll make a move already

One way to get a guy to realize you want him to plant one on you is to create sexual tension. When there’s tension between the two of you, he’ll start looking at you in a sexual manner and, when you want him to make that move, that’s exactly what you need.

When he sees that you’ve made a point to draw him in sexually, he’ll understand what you want him to do. But making that sexual tension grow naturally can be a little difficult. Luckily, we can help.

#1 Close the distance between the two of you. You need to get close. Sexual tension can’t be created from far away. You need to be able to get close and really build a bubble around the two of you.

So just scoot up closer to him. If you’re sitting too far apart, make up an excuse and get closer. This can most easily be done if you just get up to use the restroom and come back to sit right next to him. It’s not as noticeable and you’ll be able to get a lot closer than if you just scooted over a bit. [Read: How to get a shy guy to like you and ask you out]

#2 Turn on your flirtatious charm. Flirting is essential. If you’re not even flirting with someone, how can you show them you like them? A guy needs to know you’re into him and the best way for that is flirting.

Once he sees that you’re trying to flirt, that sexual tension with skyrocket. It’ll be like a switch turning on. Sit close and start making some flirty moves and he’ll definitely sense that you want him to go for it.

#3 Draw attention to your lips. Your lips are more powerful than you think. If you can get a guy thinking about your lips, he’ll think about kissing you. When he’s thinking about kissing you, the sexual tension will increase significantly.

You can do this easily by biting your lip or even just touching your lips casually while resting your hand near your face. Now matter how he starts thinking about your lips, it’ll be enough to create sexual tension. [Read: Why lip biting is scientifically really sexy]

#4 Laugh at his jokes. Guys love to think they’re funny. If they notice you laughing at their jokes, they’ll think you like them. And when they think you like them, they’ll immediately start thinking about you in a more intimate way.

Those thoughts will automatically change his behavior to be more sensual. He’ll start leaning in closer, flirting with you a lot more, and eventually, it’ll lead to him making a move.

#5 Lower your voice. Not only does lowering the pitch of your voice increase the sexual tension but being quieter does, too. It gives the space between you a sensual vibe and requires him to move in closer to hear you. When he’s that close to you and you’re speaking in such a low voice, it thickens the air with that sexual tension and he’ll make a move in no time. [Read: How to be seductive and turn him on]

#6 Initiate physical contact. Touching someone in a suggestive way will definitely make them start looking at you sexually. If you just can’t seem to get a guy to understand you want him to make a move through flirting or any other means, touch him.

You can easily make this sexy by sliding your hand over his thigh when he makes a joke. This placement is really forward and it’s a move that should definitely be in your arsenal if you want to know how to create sexual tension with a guy.

#7 Flaunt what you’ve got. Guys are very visual. If you want to get that sexual tension rippling through the air, show a little skin. You don’t have to dress provocatively to do this, though. Just unbutton the top of your blouse, hike your dress or skirt up a little bit when you sit and show them what you’ve got. When they get sight of all you have, they’ll definitely want to make a move. [Read: How to get your boobs noticed without looking trashy]

#8 Give him a compliment that feeds their ego. Compliments go a long, especially with guys. Give him a compliment that’s a little sexier and will play right into his ego. Mentioning that he has amazing lips is one way to get sexual tension built.

#9 Let the naughtier jokes out. It’s okay to let your naughty side out if you want a guy to make a move. You just want to be careful not to take it so far he thinks you just hop into bed with everyone. Make a, “that’s what she said,” joke and give him a wink. He’ll take that suggestive behavior and understand that you totally want him to make a move.

#10 Confess your feelings. If you actually like the guy, tell him. It can be as easy as saying, “I really like you,” after he just made you laugh from a joke. It’s simple, but it’s a great way to know how to create sexual tension with a guy. Sometimes all he needs is the hint that you like him and he’ll go for you. [Read: 15 sweet ways to tell a guy you like him and win him over]

#11 Lean in and whisper something in his ear. This is a very flirty, very sexy trick to create sexual tension. Not only does feeling your warm breath on his ear perk up all his sexual senses, but that maneuver is fairly obvious that you totally want him to make a move. [Read: How to get any guy to kiss you when you want him to]

#12 Just make the move yourself. Some guys just won’t pick up on any clues. Unless you want to come right out and tell him to kiss you, you might have to just go for it yourself. So give these tips a try and if they don’t work, lean in yourself and plant one on him.

[Read: How to finally get your dream guy to make a move on you]

Knowing how to create sexual tension with a guy is something women should learn how to do properly. If you want a guy to make a move and see you as more than a friend, follow these tips.

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