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    Okay, i guess you got the stuff about the men on point, but change a little for the women.The thing i strongly disagree in this is the ” always win NO MATTER WHAT”, let me tell you this, no women in their right mind wants to see a man win ALL the time , you need to be defeated at least once so no one will see how far your cockiness can go and how much pride you don’t want to loose & that you have a stick up your behind ,also every women would like to see the soft side of her man or A man(Now don’t get me wrong don’t get to soft,so that she’ll start thinking that your a sissy and if she stays with you eventually YOU’LL turn GAY).A few more tips ,please don’t overdue ”The Look” or it’ll be a major turn off, and don’t overdue the approach or ”Hero Walk” you can have the amazing posture and whatever,but just be natural with it.PLEASE.Take it from an actual girl ,please i’m pleading here .DON’T LET YOURSELVES DOWN.

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