How to Be More Attractive to Women & 72 Traits that Make You VERY Desirable

If you want to be more attractive as a man, then you might have to change a lot about your look. Here is the full guide to becoming hotter for the ladies!

How to Be More Attractive to Women - what makes a man attractive

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that goes for everyone. What one girl deems to be attractive could be totally different from what her friend thinks is hot, or even what she thought was attractive a few years ago. 

Women’s tastes change over time so it’s very likely that what makes a man attractive to a woman now isn’t the same as what it was in the past. That’s fine – we change and evolve!

It’s also true that sometimes men only look good on the outside and end up being rather crummy on the inside. There are plenty of well-groomed idiots out there!

So, it’s important to realize that attractiveness doesn’t always mean the way a man looks, sometimes it’s about how he acts and how he holds himself. Sexy doesn’t always amount to a truly attractive man. [Read: 25 biggest dating deal breakers for women]

Is it possible to become more attractive? 

You might not think that it’s possible to become more attractive. And while it’s not possible to do things like change a lot of the genetic features you were born with *short of cosmetic surgery*, you can do things to make yourself appear more attractive.

These things don’t even have to be anything drastic. Doing things like keeping your beard short, brushing your teeth, having better posture, or dressing nicely will go a long way with the ladies. [Read: 60 perfect traits to be a good boyfriend that’ll make you better than best!]

So, don’t give up hope. A man can definitely become more attractive to women, and we’re going to show you how! 

Can we become more attractive to everyone?

The answer to this question is yes and no because it depends on how you define “attractive.” If you define it as cleaning yourself up and looking your best, then most people will think you look better that way because slobs don’t look so great.

But if you define “more attractive” in the sense that all women will suddenly find you sexually attractive just because you cut your hair and wear different clothes, well, the answer is probably no. [Read: What turns a girl on? 52 traits to turn girls on sexually and emotionally]

You see, sexual attraction and chemistry are highly individualized. What one woman finds attractive another woman may not. 

Believe it or not, some women don’t find Brad Pitt or George Clooney attractive. And some women find unconventionally attractive men more attractive than these movie stars.

So, you can’t help if a woman finds you sexually appealing or not. All you can do is look and act your best and let the chips fall where they may. [Read: How to make a girl want you, desire you, and think of you sexually]

Why it’s challenging for most men to attract women

The dating game shouldn’t be so hard, don’t you think? But that’s not the reality for most guys. They can’t quite figure out what they’re doing wrong. They look around and see other guys getting the girls, and wonder why they aren’t.

Well, many components go into attracting women. And most of them are not what you might think. 

The bottom line is, in today’s day and age, you have a lot of competition. Think about it. Before dating apps, guys would have to attract women in real life. [Read: How to sexually attract a woman – 15 steps to max your desirability]

They would have to meet them in a bar, at school, at work, or through friends. And let’s face it – there were a lot fewer options *for both men and women*.

But now, women have endless men at their fingertips – literally. With a swipe here and a swipe there, a woman can be talking to many different men in a matter of minutes. 

The world is not what it was in your parents’ or grandparents’ era. The competition is stiff, so that’s why you need to up your game to stand out. [Read: 20 things women look for in a man before falling for him]

Many components go into attracting women, and most of them are not what you might think.

Tips for men to dress in a more attractive way

One of the first things you can work on to be more attractive is how you dress. This is a big part of how someone looks. So, if you’re not the most fashionable guy, here are some tips for you.

1. Be true to your own style

You should always be true to yourself. However, that doesn’t mean that you should look like a slob. Choose nice, clean, new fashionable clothes. You don’t have to wear suits all the time, but you should have a distinct style that fits your personality.

2. Wear comfortable clothes that make you feel confident

Comfortable clothes can also be fashionable, so choose some that make you feel confident. [Read: 40 secrets and easy hacks to look rich and dress like you’re rolling in cash]

There are a lot of styles that are just as comfortable – if not more so – than jeans and a t-shirt. The point is that you should both look and feel good when you’re wearing them.

3. Follow the latest trends while keeping it classic and sophisticated

If you’re a guy who is clueless about the latest trends in clothing, that’s okay. Just do a little research online and you’ll figure it out. Aim for a blend of classic ways of dressing with some new, hip trends that will show that you care about how you look.

4. Upgrade your looks with high-quality customized clothing

If you have the money for it, make sure that you get high-quality clothes if you can. It is easy to tell the difference between something cheap and something more expensive. [Read: How to dress to impress a girl and get more than just a second glance]

Plus, if it’s high quality, it will last longer too. Usually, cheap looks cheap.

5. Become more fashionable by wearing key accessories like watches or sunglasses

So we have stressed how important your clothes are to become more attractive to women, but don’t forget about the accessories too. You might want to try watches, bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses, scarves, or even ear piercings if you want.

6. Enhance your style with elegant long coats and turtlenecks

You might just be used to wearing your hoodie or an old jacket, but step out of your comfort zone here too. [Read: The alpha male – 65 traits of a real alpha man and true secrets to be one yourself]

Try longer, more fashionable coats that show that you are full of style. Turtlenecks also make you look like you just jumped out of GQ Magazine

7. Get well-fitting suits for cold and warm weather

The ladies love a man in a suit. Suits are sexy and it makes you look like you are sophisticated, well-cultured, and successful. So, get some more of them and make sure they fit you perfectly. Also, have several around that are appropriate for each season.

8. Build total black looks

Black is a classic color and can also be very sexy. So, if you get some pants, shirts, and jackets that are all black, you will be very noticeable. [Read: How to be a bad boy – wild *and legal* bad traits women love]

Plus, it’s easy for you because you don’t have to worry if the colors match because, well, you’re only wearing black.

9. Combine plain clothes with more original garments

You might want to get some visually interesting shirts, jackets, or pants. Patterns can be very interesting and also make you stand out.

However, don’t wear a head-to-toe patterned outfit because it will look too busy and will be an eyesore. Mix in some plain and original pieces with them too.

10. Keep your shoes clean

You might not think that anyone notices your shoes, but they do. And women love shoes, so don’t forget about making them fashionable. [Read: The omega male and 15 traits that make him better than the alpha male]

Keep them clean, too. Don’t go around wearing your ratty old gym shoes with mud on them. That’s not attractive.

What makes a man attractive? The most important traits women look for

While what makes a man attractive certainly comes down to personal opinion, there are some general things with which most people would agree on.

Let’s check out some of the most common answers to find out what women look for, more than anything else, in a man.

1. Has a purpose

Whether it is his devotion to a career, or how he volunteers his time after hours, when a man has purpose and dedication, it is unbelievably attractive. [Read: 20 things you need to have to be a real man]

2. Can fix things

It’s not that we don’t want to be self-reliant because most women value independence, it’s just that when a man can fix things, it is incredibly sexy, and not to mention, economical.

3. Cares about his family 

A man that takes responsibility and cares for his family – whether it be elderly parents, a sibling, or a misguided relative – shows maturity and love, and both of those are definitely attractive.

4. His hands

Maybe it’s because they can fix, create, and provide great pleasure. [Read: Subtle hand gestures to make your date fall for you]

5. Has dreams and follows them

Goals in life are crucial if a person wants to amount to something and make a difference. There is nothing sexier than a man that knows what he wants and pursues it with a fiery passion. 

6. Has class

Chivalry is not dead. A man that has class – not “swag” – is completely gorgeous. He opens doors, wears pants at the waist *not halfway down his ass*, and tells a woman how lovely she looks. [Read: Chivalry is dead only because men are getting lazy]

7. Isn’t afraid to communicate how he truly feels 

Women don’t really want the strong, silent type – it’s too damn difficult. What a woman find attractive is a man that can tell her exactly what he needs and wants, and how he is feeling. [Read: Pillow talk – conversations in bed that’ll make her love you more!]

8. Takes care of women in bed

A woman finds it very pleasing when a man cares about her needs in bed. A real man doesn’t just pump, shoot and roll over, but instead works on making a woman very satisfied before calling it a night. [Read: Things guys do that make a girl want to fake it in bed]

9. Has manners

Knowing how to address a senior, behave properly around a mother, and eat without resembling a troll is always appealing to a woman.

10. Confident, but not cocky

Confidence is so hot, but a man with a Kanye-sized ego is not. A man that knows he is good at something, but doesn’t always feel the need to preach, is what a woman really wants. [Read: The subtle differences between a confident and arrogant man]

11. Likes to laugh, and makes others laugh 

Laughing has been proven to make people live longer, happier lives. If a man can make a woman laugh and laugh along with her, that is a double win. [Read: A guy’s guide to make any girl smile, laugh, and like you instantly]

12. Can admit to his mistakes

We’re talking about small mistakes like getting lost and big mistakes like forgetting birthdays. If a man can admit to his wrongdoing and acknowledge that he is only human, that is very appealing.

13. Intelligent 

A Ph.D. isn’t necessary, but a man that can hold his own in whatever topic he is passionate about is so attractive. Also, books are always sexy.

14. Isn’t afraid of commitment 

Women are tired of hearing that the reason we can’t find an amazing relationship is that men are afraid of commitment. That’s bull. [Read: Subtle signs you’ve got the fear of commitment]

A man that isn’t afraid of saying, “Yes, I will be yours, and I promise to stay yours until we agree otherwise,” is the most attractive.

15. Does surprises 

This isn’t just pulling surprise birthday parties or coming home with flowers. This is being able to pull out amazing maneuvers that leave a woman feeling like she is capable of anything and everything.

16. Culinary skills 

Feeding a woman can be the gateway to her heart. If you can provide a woman with a delicious meal, she will undoubtedly find you irresistible. 

17. An amazing dad

Being a parent takes an absurd amount of time and energy, and if a man is willing to change disgusting diapers, endure sleepless nights, and play dress up, that is totally alluring to a woman who wants kids. [Read: Signs the guy you’re dating will be a great dad]

18. Is motivational

Maintaining inspiration is often tough at times when life has got you feeling down and out. When a man can motivate a woman to continue to pursue her dreams, it is definitely an obvious plus.

19. Isn’t afraid to grow

A person shouldn’t stop trying to improve themselves and the world they live in. Life is a continual learning process and a man that can celebrate that is more appealing than one that is set in his age-old ways. [Read: How to improve yourself – 16 powerful secrets of self-improvement]

20. Owns his nerdiness 

Memorizing an entire series like Star Wars, or being obsessed with video games is completely fine, as long as a man can own it. And of course, as long as it doesn’t consume too much of his time and energy to an unhealthy point.

This shows how genuine you are, and you can also spur on some deep, intellectual conversations that women just fall for.

21. Can cuddle

Being embraced by a protective, loving, real-life teddy bear is one of the most comforting things in the world. If a man can provide that, he is instantly attractive to a woman *keep in mind time and place, of course*. [Read: The surprising benefits of cuddling and how it makes your life better]

22. Doesn’t mind taking out the garbage

The little stuff seems small but truly counts. If a man can help out with minute tasks such as dishes and share life’s load of responsibilities, they are more attractive than any supermodel.

23. Fun to be around 

Life should be lived to the fullest, and that means having as much fun as possible. We are here for a good time, so if a man can have fun with a woman, he is completely charming. [Read: 50 cute and sexy things guys do that girls adore!]

24. Environmentally conscious 

We are part of our environment, and a man that acknowledges this and cares for the world around him is almost too sexy to handle.

25. Loves animals

Let’s be honest, a guy who loves animals and openly shows it is super-attractive. That’s why we all go ga-ga over a hot guy with a puppy in his arms!

26. Loves a woman the way she is 

Women have to deal with enough self-doubt from the world around them, and the last thing they need is a man telling them they should change X, Y, or Z. [Read: Prince Charming traits that make a girl swoon!]

A man that loves a woman for who she is, and not what she looks like, or what job she holds is a beautiful thing.

27. Owns his appearance 

Yes, women would love to have a chance with Ryan Gosling or Chris Evans, but in reality, women aren’t that interested if a guy is super-hot or not. Women usually opt for more attractive men for flings. 

However, when it comes to serious relationships, they’re not interested in finding the hottest guy in town. It’s far more about personality. A guy who is comfortable in his skin is very attractive.

28. Can laugh at himself

We know that a sense of humor is one of the things on the list that makes a man attractive, but women also appreciate a guy who isn’t so up his own ass that he can’t laugh at himself occasionally! It’s disarming and fun to be around. [Read: 15 types of humor and how it affects relationships]

29. Shows kindness 

Though the bad boy may look appealing, they’re not long-term partner material. Instead, when women want to settle down, they look for altruistic men who are interested in helping others and doing good things.

30. Hygienic

So, appearance does matter, but probably not to the extent you’re thinking. Guys don’t need to wear the latest brand names or have an expensive watch to seem attractive. 

But women are looking for men who are well-groomed and hygienic. No one wants to date a stinky man. [Read: 15 super simple ways to keep yourself sexy at any age]

31. Facial hair – or not 

Beard or no beard? Many men wonder if having a beard affects their interactions with women. Well, having a beard or no beard is largely based on personal preference. 

So, facial hair can make a guy attractive, but it can also act as a repellent. A woman might find a bearded guy super-hot, but her friend might dread kissing a guy with a beard.

32. Always on time

Apart from manners, a guy needs to be punctual and on time whenever he’s supposed to meet a woman. Women love punctuality and hate lateness! [Read: Proper social etiquette – rules that redefine modern manners]

When it comes to what makes a man attractive, it’s the basics that often trump the things you would imagine to be far higher up the list.

33. Good listener

Men are often teased about their poor listening skills. But, if you’re wondering what makes a man attractive, this is one trait that women are looking for in a partner. 

Women want a man who’ll actively listen and provide input when needed, a man who talks is an attractive man! After all, a woman doesn’t want to feel like she’s communicating with a wall. [Read: 19 ways to be a much better listener in a relationship and read their mind]

34. Makes others feel safe 

Women want to feel safe. We’re pretty sure everyone wants to feel safe around their partner. This is something to prove to a potential partner. 

Does this mean he needs to look like the hulk? No. This isn’t about muscle mass. It’s about giving a woman the feeling that you can protect her. That’s attractive. [Read: Key differences – protective boyfriend or controlling boyfriend?]

35. In touch with his feminine side 

Many men are terrified of connecting with their feminine side, but this is what women are looking for in a man. 

Women want a partner who’s well-rounded, empathetic, and kind. Sure, women like the idea of being with “a man,” but you can’t be alpha all the time. It’s exhausting.

36. Can live independently 

No woman wants a mama’s boy. Yet so many men are unable to cook and clean for themselves. A man who lives independently is an important trait women look for in a man. [Read: Important habits you need to be more independent]

And it’s pretty hot to come home to dinner. Women are looking for a partner, not a fully grown man-child.

37. Appreciates women 

No, we’re not talking about a Casanova type of guy. But an attractive man is someone who appreciates and respects women. Have you ever seen a man with mommy issues? It’s not attractive, and if anything, women stay far away from those guys.

38. Can just be himself

No acts, no pretenses, just a normal guy being himself. That’s what makes a man attractive to most women. It’s a comfortable feeling being around a man like this and that’s always sexy. [Read: 50 really cute things to say to a girl you like]

39. Can be dominant 

Dominance is absolutely not about subjugating women. It is about being strong enough mentally and physically to take care of your girl. You can be dominant by taking charge whenever the situation calls for it.

40. Has enough resources and money 

Not all women are attracted to fat bank accounts. What they want is a man who has the ability and capacity to earn an income. 

They need to be able to pay for themselves. Women don’t like slackers, freeloaders, and losers. It’s that simple. [Read: How to be a sugar daddy – what a girl expects and what you should know]

41. Eloquence

In order to become the perfect partner, a man should be able to talk his way into anything – mainly a woman’s heart. You need to be opinionated, but not be an ass about it. 

You need to communicate, but not be one-sided. Be respectful and try not to offend the woman you like. It’s not about what you say to a woman. It’s how you say whatever it is that comes to your mind.

42. Has social standing

It helps if you have a lot of friends. It means that you are likable. Women like knowing that you aren’t an extreme introvert. [Read: 15 things women look for in a man before falling for him]

A woman will also judge you on the friends that you keep. Just make sure that you make time for both her and your friends.

As a man, how do you make yourself more attractive to women?

Now that you know what makes you likable, how can you acquire these charming traits? It’s easy once you put your mind to it. What you’ll need is a bit of effort and a lot of ingenuity.

1. Look good

The start of your relationship will be determined by the first impression. You need to look good and feel good.

No matter what you look like, if you know and feel that you look good, she will wholeheartedly agree with you.

We won’t tell you what to wear or how to fix your hair. A makeover doesn’t work for everyone. So, here’s what you should do: shower, shave, wear clean clothes, brush your teeth, and smile.

Confidence is key! Be confident in the way you walk, talk, and act. Attraction is 10% physical appearance and 90% emotional appeal. [Read: 49 secrets to impress a girl in the first minute and signs she’s already impressed!]

2. Smell good

Perfumes aren’t specifically known to elicit pheromone production, but smelling good can still give you extra points. 

Invest in a bottle of cologne that can make women swoon. The best-smelling men get women to think about them long after the date is over. [Read: 46 BIG first date tips and rules for men to charm her and make her fall for you]

3. Wear appropriate clothes

You know where you’re going on the date, so dress appropriately for it. If it’s a five-star restaurant, wear a dinner jacket. Or if it’s a movie, wear a clean shirt. If you’re going to a play, wear a collared shirt. Just make sure that you know the appropriate attire for every event and setting.

4. Give her your wholehearted attention

We’re not saying that you should kneel before your date and worship her like a goddess. Just listen to her while she talks and make the appropriate responses when prompted. Don’t monopolize the conversation. [Read: 62 smooth, sexy pickup lines, tips to use them, and get super lucky with girls]

Give her some insight about who you are and find out more about her as well. Do it while texting, while emailing, and while commenting on her posts – but keep in mind that a woman will be more attracted to you if she spends time with you in person.

5. Make eye contact

Eye contact can boost hormone levels, whether you’re looking at a man or a woman. It creates a semblance of connection and can also show that you are not afraid to express how you feel. 

It also shows that you’re willing to let your guard down and women love men who are confidentially vulnerable. [Read: How to make eye contact while making sure you don’t look creepy]

6. Don’t be afraid of physical contact

Hold her hand while she’s getting out of the car. Touch her waist while you go inside a restaurant. Touch her arm when you laugh at something funny. These little things can elicit feelings of intimacy, even if they’re just innocent brushes of skin on skin. 

Just make sure that she’s open to the gesture because some people are easily ticked off when you invade their personal space. [Read: 16 non-sexual touches to make you more connected]

7. Be available 

Some guys think that being aloof and playing hard to get can make a woman more attracted to them. In reality, this tactic rarely – if ever – works. So, if you genuinely like a person, you should make yourself available to them.

8. Be spontaneous

Being spontaneous for the person you like is about breaking out of your normal patterns. It isn’t about generating shock and awe. It’s about putting a smile on a person’s face when they least expect it, [Read: How to sweet talk a girl – 19 smooth ways to melt her with words]

9. Make the first move 

If you want to know how to be more attractive to women, you need to know that being comfortable enough to initiate things shows that you are confident and a leader—two qualities that women hugely admire. [Read: 15 reasons why the overly nice guys always end up losing the girl]

Whether it comes to setting a date, starting a conversation, or making a move—initiate things!

10. Be positive 

Both men and women are drawn to positive things. So, do your best to always have a positive outlook. This includes having a positive image of yourself and finding the good in undesirable circumstances. [Read: How to be more positive – 24 steps to a happy and dramatic life shift]

11. Have a lasting impact 

You probably assume that by showing up, women will just come to you. This is so wrong. Whether you’re just trying to play it safe, trying to be nice, or just plain lazy, stop it.

Strive for impact all the time. Crack a memorable joke, come up with a witty one-liner, or simply dress to impress, just make sure the ladies remember you in a good way. [Read: The right way to make a girl laugh and like you instantly]

12. Master the slow smile 

Instead of your quick and eager smile, practice putting on a slow grin. This is because women find slow-smiling guys more trustworthy. Therefore, they may warm up to you far easier as they see that you have a more genuine smile. [Read: How to be a happier person – 20 joy-filled steps to change your life]

13. Befriend a baby 

Are you comfortable around babies? Whether you pass by a baby on a stroller in the park or your officemate brought her little one to work, stop by and play with the babies. You can melt any lady’s heart just by smiling, cooing, talking, and playing with these munchkins. [Read: How to think like a woman and get the girl you like]

14. Flaunt some battle scars

Okay, this isn’t for everyone, but when it comes to attracting women, you should know that many women find men with a little scarring on their faces more manly compared to polished, unblemished guys. 

They see scars as a sign of some danger you have gone through, therefore upping your masculinity and attractiveness. Scary? [Read: What is masculinity? 19 really manly traits women hope to see in you]

Well, it can be. But it’s definitely masculine as well. Don’t have a scar? Don’t worry. Move on to the next item on our list.

15. Learn a few recipes 

Once you finally score a date, ditch the restaurant game and cook for her instead. 

Women dig men who create wonders in the kitchen, and it helps to be a pro in at least one recipe that will surely win her over. Make it good. [Read: 21 things you do that’ll make her adore you a lot more]

16. Be social 

This doesn’t mean regularly posting on social media or posing for your selfies. Being social is all about being around people. Spend time with friends, go out and make new friends, and actually be that guy that people want to hang out with.

17. Lend a hand

If you’re wondering how to be more attractive to women, try to donate blood, volunteer for a cause, or be part of your community outreach. 

Being a selfless man is a very attractive quality. [Read: What do girls find attractive? 25 traits that make you irresistible]

18. Work out 

Men who work out are attractive. You might be thinking it’s because of their bodies – but this is only sometimes the case.

In reality, a man who works out is a man who has discipline and dedication. By working out, you’re setting goals and following them through. That kind of mindset is more attractive than your physique. [Read: 26 Secrets to get motivated to work out and exercise your way to a better life]

19. Pay attention to her – not your phone

People have gotten kind of rude in recent decades. Since the advent of smartphones and social media, too many people *including men* tend to use technology as a barrier between themselves and other people. 

So, when you’re with her, put your phone away and pay attention to her. When you’re away from her, use your phone to stay in contact so she can feel connected to you. [Read: Phubbing – what it is, 18 reasons why we phub, and ways to stop it ASAP

20. Be unique

In the world of online dating, women think all guys are the same. Or they think that men only want one thing *sex!*. 

So, you need to be different while still being yourself. Things like writing a quality dating app profile or sending her respectful messages will go a long way in attracting women.  [Read: 104 kissing tips to be a good kisser and make them want to eat your lips]

That’s because you will stand out above the crowd with your communication. It comes down to being a class act, which is not how most men behave.

It’s easy to assume that you need grand gestures or go out of your way to be likable to women.

But the truth is, it’s almost always the small details, like your behavior and your manners, that will make you stand apart from the rest of the men.

[Read: Body language attraction – 58 male and female signs and how to read and use it]

Many guys think that learning how to be more attractive as a man is a lot of work—like they have to be rich, successful, and famous. Of course, being at the top of your game helps, but the important thing is to simply be the best that you can be!

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